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Micah Hyde’s Departure: What Were the Packers Thinking?

Let’s admit it, few tears were shed by Green Bay Packers fans over the announcement that Micah Hyde had signed as a free agent with the Buffalo Bills. It’ a five-year deal for $30 million, with $14 million guaranteed.

But I keep thinking about it: the Packers are thought to be in desperate need of bolstering their cornerback corps. So they let a veteran entering his prime walk? Hyde has four years’ experience with Green Bay’s defensive system, is a very versatile player, a fine tackler, a playmaker, one who has improved every year, one who has been injury-resistant, one who has performed consistently and competently, and one who did not command a high salary. Hyde is not a shutdown cornerback, but it was proven in 2016 that the Packers need depth as well as a starter in the mold of a Sam Shields.

I’d like to ask Ted Thompson where he is going to find a replacement for Hyde.

Free Agent Cornerbacks

Given the Packers’ needs at cornerback, they are obviously looking at free agent prospects. Until Hyde was chosen, here are the top free agent CBs (and we’re not counting Sam Shields):

  • Morris Claiborne, Dallas, age 27, 4.43 40-yard dash, 5’11”, 192; 7 starts, 26 tackles, 1 INT, and 5 PDs
  • Micah Hyde, Green Bay, 26, 4.51, 6’, 197; 11 starts, 45 tackles, 3 INT, 9 PDs
  • Terence Newman, Minnesota, 38, 4.37, 5’10”, 197; 9 starts, 33 tackles, 1 INT, 8 PDs
  • Sterling Moore, New Orleans, 27, 4.54, 5’ 10”, 202; 12 starts, 44 tackles 2 INT, 13 PDs
  • Leon Hall, New York Giants, 32, 4.39, 5’11”, 195; 2 starts, 31 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 INT, 2 PDs

Just based on the above data, each of these players has one or more weakness: age, speed, size, etc. I would certainly argue that there is no one left on the free agent market who would be an improvement over Micah Hyde – and as the youngest of the six players, Hyde has the best long-term prospects.

Draft Outlook for Cornerbacks

The football gurus are saying it’s a sensational year for cornerbacks coming out of college. Pro Football Focus has forecast that seven CBs will be chosen in the first round and that 10 of the first 38 picks will likely be cornerbacks. But here’s the order in which PFF expects cornerbacks to be chosen: overall picks 7, 12, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 34, 37 and 38.

First round forecasts of this kind invariably turn out to closely mirror the actual choices. The Packers have the 29th pick in this year’s draft. See the problem? It’s very conceivable that other teams will have already chosen the top seven cornerbacks before the Packers’ number comes up. There appears to be a big drop off in talent between the top seven corners and the second-tier corners. If so, the Packers will be faced with missing out on all the top-tier cornerbacks and having to take a consensus second-round-quality corner with their first-round pick.

I can think of only one way out of the hole Green Bay has dug itself into: trade up to somewhere around selection 15 to 20.

Rob Born

I’m with Matt: “You gotta make those chunk plays!”



  1. MJ March 11, 2017

    Never fear! We can always find a former point guard that does it better.
    The Packers also pick at the NBA draft.

  2. Squeezy March 11, 2017

    5+ million for a nickel CB…….Punch yourself

  3. KILLER March 11, 2017

    Good article, good points. The Hyde situation really reminds me of the Casey Hayward situation. I’m not saying he will be as good a signing for the Bills as Hayward was for the Chargers. But both are viewed as slot guys and both played well and exceeded expectations for the Packers but, nevertheless, received zero interest from the team.

    Message sent? Come to us, exceed expectations, be a great team guy, do whatever is asked, make plays, and then… go away. Get.

    Even when it is an area of sore need!

    Nickel backs nowadays are starters. And, for many teams, it is their weakest area in a 3rd and 5 or more yards. A great nickel back is necessary for a great defense. This is probably why NFL.com had Hyde as one of the Top 25 free agents this year.

    NFL.com is sensible and wise. So are the Bills with this signing.

    This locks the Packers into taking a CB in round one, quite possibly a reach or just not addressing a crying need. Not wise.

    (I actually think they will end up taking an OLB to groom for when they release Clay(mation) Matthews).

    1. Ferris March 12, 2017

      Killer please explain to me why you comment so much if you are a Vikings fan? I will never understand. Is your life that boring and pathetic? Do you go out to Bears and Lions sites and comment? Do you comment in Vikings forums too? Did they ban you so you have to come here? No venom here I just want you to explain, in 30 words or less. That is beyond my limit for your posts I do not read them, I see your name and move on.

  4. PF4L March 11, 2017

    03/09/2017 at 5:24 pm

    Hyde’s only 26 and he’s on the up. No, the Packers shouldn’t have signed him to 30 mill, but here’s the thing……they should have made an offer before, and maybe he would have accepted it….ya never know if you don’t try. But isn’t that what is partly wrong with Ted? He doesn’t even try.

  5. Sanguine Camper March 12, 2017

    Hyde is too slow. He was a fixture on the other team’s highlight reel running 2 yards behind a receiver on a crossing route or getting burned by the TE. Brice will step in and be a big upgrade. He has speed and packs and punch. Losing Hyde will improve the secondary.

  6. Ferris March 12, 2017

    They should have signed Marcus Cooper before the Bears did. Someone in their front office was up past 5pm to watch Cardinals games and saw he has some talent.

  7. Cheese March 12, 2017

    How often does TT take first round talent in the first round? Don’t hold your breathe.. He’ll end up taking some guy no one has ever heard or that was suppose to go in the 3rd round because he thinks he’s a sneaky genius. Watch he picks two corners right away just like before after letting all of his guys walk.

  8. Packers fan March 13, 2017

    I will miss Hyde. He definitely was the only one on defense to contribute in the Cowboys game, other than that Perry pass deflection on 3rd down. Hyde stopped Witten from a touchdown and he also saw Prescott’s screen pass.