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Letroy Guion Latest Packer To Run Afoul Of NFL’s Drug Policy

Ah, good. Another season will start with someone on the Green Bay Packers suspended for drugs. Defensive lineman Letroy Guion is the culprit this time around.

He joins a growing list of Packers who can’t seem to keep their drug use in check (or at least not get caught): Mike Pennel (twice), Datone Jones, Demetri Goodson, Letroy Guion (another time), Mike Neal. Geronimo Allison and former Packer Sam Shields will likely be joining this list soon, as both were caught with weed, last year.

And while Guion was suspended for weed the first time around, he’s now upped his game to performance-enhancing drugs. He’ll sit for the first four games of the regular season as a result. It looks like the Packers are using the suspension as an excuse to restructure the final two years of Guion’s contract.

According to a source, Guion and the team have agreed to restructure the remaining two years left on the three-year, $11.25 million contract. Guion had separate roster bonuses of $400,000 due later this week and on May 2, but it’s likely those have been delayed until after the suspension.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that will offer the organization much salary-cap relief. It’s probably more of an availability clause — if you stop screwing up, we’ll pay you.

The good news for Guion is it appears the Packers won’t be cutting him like they did Pennel.

They probably couldn’t if they wanted to, at this point.

The defensive line is short on experienced bodies, so add another position of need to the defense. Surely, the Packers expect 2016 first-round pick Kenny Clark to make significant progress in year two, but as we know, that doesn’t always happen. Just look at Datone Jones or Nick Perry. Hell, you can throw Ha Ha Clinton-Dix in there as well.

Ironically, for a guy who was juicing (or whatever), you’d think Guion would have had better numbers last season. He had 30 tackles, no sacks and knocked down just one pass.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Ferris March 8, 2017

    Ex-Viking dipshit. I’m sure he’ll go to the “I didn’t know I couldn’t take________________. ” Just like the “that’s not mine” when he had a pound of weed.

  2. KILLER March 8, 2017

    I’m shocked.

    So shocked.

    The last time I was this shocked the sun rose in the morning. Time before that the mail carrier (gasp) delivered some mail yesterday to my mailbox.

    Packers: #1 in the NFL in confirmed PED use and #1 in the NFL in suspected/probably PED use (Matthews, Peppers, etc.)

    I really wonder what the Packers record would have been the last few years if they just relied on athletic talent with no PEDs.

    1. Kato March 8, 2017

      How fucking stupid are you?

      1. Ferris March 8, 2017

        Second that…and the answer is very. Go away killer, make yourself useful and go collect some dead birds.

      2. KILLER March 9, 2017

        Facts are smart, not stupid. Using facts is smart, not stupid. Insinuating people are stupid for using facts is stupid.

        Quick, name a team with more players last several years with confirmed PED use. Actually, take your time….

        Well, I guess that could take… forever. Because you can’t, not truthfully, because there isn’t one. Same thing with strong indicators and rumors of PED use. No other team beats the Packers in these two concerns.

        Players take PEDs to avoid injury and stay on the field and get a competitive advantage — faster, stronger, etc. It is certainly fair to wonder how much lesser the team would have performed if so many players were not taking PEDS. And remember, most are not discovered as it is very difficult to catch a player taking PEDs. One player equated the odds of being caught as being equal to winning the lottery twice in a row. So, unless these players all had extraordinarily bad luck most likely the confirmed and rumored cases are just the tip of the actual iceberg.