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Fountain Of Knowledge Ted Thompson: We Need More Backs

It is not lost on Ted Thompson that the Green Bay Packers need more running backs.

Although, we pretty much expect any and everything to be lost on that walking corpse. Sometimes, Big Ted wows us by dropping the knowledge, such as he did at the NFL owners’ meeting, on Monday.

“We need some more guys,” the GM told reporters at the NFL annual meetings on Monday. “We’re a little short in a couple of areas. So from a personnel standpoint, we’ve got to get some more bodies. But we like the guys that we have, it’s just that we’d like to get some more.”


Well, what about signing Adrian Peterson, as it has been repeatedly rumored that you’re interested in doing?

“We don’t talk about players that are not on our team. We never have. We never will. It doesn’t serve a purpose, I don’t think.”


That’s the sound a sheep makes, which I find infinitely more interesting than listening to Zombie GM try to string words together.

But yes, the Packers do need running backs.

Their running back roster currently consists of Ty Montgomery, Christine Michael and Don Jackson. The Packers have one 100 percent legitimate NFL running back in that mix — Montgomery.

That’s not to say those other two guys can’t make the roster or be legit running backs, but it’s a questionable prospect.

The Packers will need to draft a back or sign someone like Peterson to round out the group. They’ll also probably bring in an undrafted rookie or two.

Coach Mike McCarthy obviously wants a two-back system and that means two No. 1-type backs. The Packers don’t just need more bodies, they need another top-of-the-line option.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Ferris March 27, 2017

    Has Teddy slept in the past 5 years? He reminds me of Kiki Vandeweghe with that sunken in face, pale skin and unspectacular front office career. He looked clueless at press conferences too. I just realized they are both vampires.

  2. Kato March 27, 2017

    Sure. I think CB and OLB are way more pressing. Aaron Rodgers can work a viable offense without a bellcow back.

  3. Howard March 27, 2017

    You need just a running back! HA what you need to do is….
    Start by wiping that fucking dumbass look off your ghostly white fucking face. Then you and ginger gap tooth can get us a fucking Super Bowl team. A fucking Defensive end, a fucking Inside linebacker, a fucking running back, two fucking outside linebackers, three fucking offensive linemen, and four Fucking corner backs! And For your info Ted we really don’t care for the way you and the ginger left us in the middle of several playoff runs with fucking tickets for a fucking team that isn’t fucking there. And we really didn’t care to fucking go through another fucking season and another fucking NFCC losing playoff game to have you smirk in our fucking faces. We want a fucking Lombardi…right…fucking…now.

  4. Empacador March 28, 2017

    You ever wonder if Larry Mccarren would like to beat Ted’s ass for what he is doing to the Packers on Defense? Here’s a guy who lived a dream with Lynn Dickey, Lofton, Jefferson and Coffman, only to see it all pissed away by those “stellar” defenses of the late 70’s and 80’s. Ted should take notes but he probably doesn’t know who any of those guys are.