Brett Favre Made All The Kids Happy Today

Brett Favre and high school baseball team

Brett Favre can’t stay away from football. And you know what?


Well, maybe not the mobility, but the arm is still strong.

Favre swung by Traction Sports in Baton Rouge, where Atlanta Falcons cornerback Robert Alford and some other guys train, to throw some “interceptions,” on Wednesday. And that he did. He whistled one well wide of the target as well…


The football program at Traction is run by former LSU and Steelers safety Ryan Clark.

Favre also hopped on the bus with the Episcopal High baseball team, it what appears to be an impromptu, right place, right time sort of moment.

The dude behind Favre doesn’t look too impressed.

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7 Comments on "Brett Favre Made All The Kids Happy Today"

  1. Ace

    Ok. This was all about paid promotion for app ‘sqor’. He wears the shirt/hat on any photo op. Also episcopal paid big $$ to have him there- rich small private school. This wasn’t good ol’ boy Brett. Smh

  2. PF4L

    “The dude behind Favre doesn’t look too impressed.”

    That’s Jenn Stergers husband.

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