Blake Martinez Wants Packers Involved In eSports

Blake Martinez

I’ll be honest right off the top. While I am aware of eSports, I could totally care less. I also don’t get how sports is relative at all. Competition, sure, but we’re really stretching the definition of sports, aren’t we? Unless the physical exertion part of that definition can involve only thumbs.

But whatever! I would still tell you Tetris is the greatest video game ever, followed closely by Super Tecmo Bowl. What the hell do I know?

Green Bay Packers linebacker Blake Martinez is big into eSports. So much so that it sounds like that’s his main focus after, presumably, football.

Although you could argue that maybe he should have given less of his attention to eSports and more of it to football in 2016. Then maybe we wouldn’t have had to watch Joe Thomas continually get plowed over.

When Martinez wasn’t playing games, he was apparently watching other people play them.

That aside, Martinez says he wants the Packers to get involved with eSports at the organizational level.

“I think it is awesome how much sports and eSports are meshing together. I knew it would happen sooner than later, because every professional sports player plays video games of some sort and the competitive aspect always catches the eyes of the real sports players. I think soon the NFL will get involved, and it is my mission to be the one that gets that to happen as soon as possible. During the next session out in Green Bay I want to speak to our president about sponsoring a team in the near future.”

That seems totally up Mark Murphy’s alley, doesn’t it? Bet The Murph is a huge gamer.

We’re sure Murphy would listen to Martinez, but the linebacker is overlooking one important thing. With the Packers, the money only flows in. It doesn’t flow out. The Packers don’t exactly need the brand recognition that comes from paying for sponsorships.

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  1. Cheese

    If it has nothing to do with football of course Murphy will be all for it. He can put a giant E-sport (whatever that is) arcade right next to his amusement park and hotel. It’s not like he has anything else to do..

  2. ay hombre

    Send this guy out to Jeff Janis’ tree stand with a portable video game system. Then you’ll have two underachieving Packers focusing on what they truly give a shit about.

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