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Troy Aikman Suggests Renaming Lombardi Trophy

If you didn’t hate Troy Aikman before, you probably will now.

The Fox broadcaster was making the media rounds at the Super Bowl on Tuesday, when he suggested that the NFL should consider renaming the Lombardi Trophy for New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

Yes, Troy. Grand idea.

We would just like to point out that the Super Bowl only existed for three of the years that Vince Lombardi was a coach. He won two of them, of course.

Had the game existed earlier, how many would Lombardi have won?

It’s a stupid argument. Anyone who suggests renaming the Lombardi Trophy is essentially doing so because Lombardi coached in another era.

Frankly, I now hope the Patriots lose this weekend.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Dave The Lions Fan February 1, 2017

    TBH, BB is coaching in a much tougher era simtrictly based on the fact that there is FA. There is a picture showing the roster turnover from the 2014 team to this 2016 team. Two years later, they are missing over half of their starting defense, have added 3 new WR’s and at least 2-3 starting O linemen are gone. Lombardi had the same guys every year. This NFL is much tougher to have sustained success. That’s why BB has been to about a fifth of the SB’s ever. He’s the greatest coach since the AFL-NFL merger and probably of all time.

    1. PF4L February 1, 2017


      1. Dave The Lions Fan February 1, 2017

        I meant to say strictly. BB coaches in a league that is much tougher to have sustained success. No doubt about it. Keeps losing star players every year and yet he has been to 7 SB’s and might win his 5th (as a HC). He truly is the GOAT

        1. Ferris February 1, 2017

          Maybe you should go blow him Dave…you need something better to do that spend your Lions fan time on a Packers site.
          Go talk to your other Lions fans about your team and all of it’s great coaches. And GMs…as Tony the Tiger would say…..Therrrrrrrre Great. Wait I forgot you have no friends and the hooker you paid to be your friend turned out to be a guy. The life of a Lions fan.

          1. Dave The Lions Fan February 1, 2017

            I have other teams to watch because, you know, my state isn’t second rate when it comes to pro sports (and that’s putting it nicely). You guys don’t really want to answer the question, do you? That’s because Wisconsin truly is irrelevant outside of the Packers. Since 1970, GB has won 2 SB’s. that puts at tied for 7th with a few other franchises. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! If you were born in 1970 as a Wisconsin sports fan, you’ve seen 3 championships. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! WHAT A BUNCH OF FUCKING HACKS!!!! Come to think of it, second rate doesn’t even sum up how much cock Wisconsin sucks. Well, at least there is next year for your Packers. God knows the Bucks and Vrewers aren’t gonna win shit. They get fucked every year!!! LOL!!!

        2. PF4L February 1, 2017

          My post wasn’t intended to illicit a response, it was clearly to say…you are a stupid fuck. Next time i’ll dumb it down enough for you to understand it.

          1. Dave The Lions Fan February 1, 2017

            PF4L, of course your name is PF4L. You wouldn’t be BF4L because the Bucks and Brewers get fucked every year. Nothing to actually, what’s the word, be PROUD of, unless seeing other grown men knock the shit outta those teams makes you happy.

          2. PF4L February 1, 2017

            Your anger is disturbing. Calm down. I told you i’d dumb things down for you. Smile, relax, deep breath…have a cookie.

        3. Ferris February 2, 2017

          Man Dave you have issues….I was at a Detroit GB game at Lambeau and a lot of Lions fans were really nice people.
          You however are an idiot, I will never respond to you again, you are the biggest loser I have ever encountered and I think you know that you are. My theory is you are extremely disappointed with your life, have no person to talk to and have mental issues. Have a nice miserable life, have fun commenting on a Packers site. I guess it’s the only pleasure you get.

  2. KILLER February 1, 2017

    In his defense I don’t think Troy was serious.

    That said: Aikman is a jerk and a homer for the Cowboys. A couple for instances are:
    1. Said he thinks the NFL was better off and all fans of all teams loved it more when the Cowboys were dominant. He thinks the Cowboys should be given draft and financial advantages (unlimited free agency spending) so they will be superior to other teams and almost always win… because, according to Troy, all fans of all teams want the Cowboys to beat them and regularly win super bowls. He thinks this is best for America because the Cowboys are “America’s team”.
    2. I remember in the 2009 greatest Brett Favre year ever for all time — when he played for the Vikings, set a personal QB rating high and defeated the Packers 2 out of 2 including a public night game humiliation in Green Bay — that for the Vikings-Cowboys game he called, in Minnesota with the Vikings favored, Troy said before the game that the Vikings would have to have a near perfect game and catch some lucky breaks to even have a CHANCE to beat the Cowboys. Of course, the Vikings then dominated the Cowboys much to Troy’s obvious discomfort.

    The thing with Vince Lombardi though is that he was a notorious grouch and poor sport. Is that really the NFL ideal? Of course, Belichick is also a grouch and is a cheat as well. So it really should not be named after either one.

    1. PF4L February 1, 2017

      Yep, Favre had his highest passer rating in 09 with the vikings (barely). He then followed it up with his worst season EVER. Karma has it’s own way. Karma gave Brett a sign in the end of 2009 NFCCG to retire. He should have listened.

      Yes, Favre beat the Packers 2 of 2 games in 09…..GREAT JOB!!!! Now tell the rest of the story Nancy…Who beat Favre twice in 2010, who then went on to win something the vikings never could? Who was also MVP of that winning Super Bowl?
      If you answered Aaron Rodgers to all of the above. Go upstairs, smile and enjoy a cookie!!!

      Favre’s high passer rating of his career. Is basically a ho hum average year for Rodgers.

      BTW Nancy….Can you tell us more about the vikings 5-0 run?

      Do the vikings get invited to the White House for that?


  3. PF4L February 1, 2017

    As for the story, i give no fuck what Aikman says about this. Lets get real for a second. The Super Bowl trophy was named the Lombardi Trophy. And it will stay that way, so who gives a fuck.

    He was probably trying to get a 1 on 1 with Belichick, so he went deep and failed.

    1. Savage57 February 3, 2017

      The single, only, exclusive reason I want the Falcons to win this Super Bowl is it will reduce the pool of teams that have never won a Super Bowl by one, thus increasing the relative suckitude of the Vikings and the Lions and their mouth-breathing, troglodyte fans.

      If you can’t get behind that worthy idea, you just might need to re-examine your priorities as a Packers fan.

  4. PF4L February 1, 2017

    Here’s another fun fact: If you took the vikings and the Lions, went back 50 years, combined all their Super Bowl rings, Rodgers still has more.

    1. Dave The Lions Fan February 1, 2017

      Here is a fun fact: Your state is only relevant in pro football. Everything else is shit. I had to enlighten Ferris about this in a prior post. When the Packers lose, what do you ducks even do? I live in Boston, so you can imagine that being a Celtics, Red Sox and Bruins fan gives me plenty to watch. How about those Bucks and Brewers!!! Two irrelevant fucks, just like the state of Wisconsin!!!! Fuck yeah!!!

      1. Ferris February 1, 2017

        Hey Dave here is a news flash. Nobody cares about basketball, baseball or hockey. So go watch those teams and stay away. You really enlightened me dipshit…I now know exactly how pathetic you are.

        1. Dave The Lions Fan February 1, 2017

          That is literally the exact response I thought I’d get. You don’t care about them because they are irrelevant. That’s something that only a pathetic moron would say. “We live in Wisconsin and every other team outside of the Packers sucks fat cock and can’t win shit, therefore we don’t care.” So pathetic

      2. PF4L February 1, 2017

        AWE…the Lions fan is mad. :(…Our State is irrelevant huh? Is that why so many people from illinois and Michigan leave their shithole and drive here to vacation and have fun?

        So let me get this straight Mr. Angry.

        You live in Boston, you support the Celtics Sox, and Bruins, and you’re a Lions fan?

        No wonder you’re angry, you’re too stupid to be a Patriot fan.

        1. Dave The Lions Fan February 1, 2017

          Wow, you get people from Michigan and Illinois vacationaing to your state. That’s great. You can finally to talk another person face to face that knows what a winning baseball, basketball and hockey team looks like. Again, you guys aren’t irrelevant. You’re a college sports town. Second rate at best

          1. PF4L February 1, 2017

            So let me get this straight Mr. Angry.

            You live in Boston, you support the Celtics Sox, and Bruins, and you’re a Lions fan?

            No wonder you’re angry, you’re too stupid to be a Patriot fan.

  5. Dave The Lions Fan February 1, 2017


    The Pats are my backup team. Because the Lions constantly lose, I am constantly rooting for the Pats come playoff time. Just never really got hooked on them as my main team.

    1. PF4L February 1, 2017

      Your bandwagon….oops, i meant, your back up team?

      So, let me get this straight….You are a Lions fan, unless they lose, then you become a Patriots fan?

      And then you come in here and you try to come off as some authoritative figure over other teams fans?

      In honor of Packer fans, non bandwagon NFL fans……..GO EAT A DICK

      1. Dave The Lions Fan February 1, 2017

        They aren’t my “bandwagon” team. When the Lions lose I normally pull for the Pats because almost all of my friends and family are Pats fans. You’re jut salty about everything dude.

        1. PF4L February 1, 2017

          When the Lions lose, then you are a Patriots fan. I think i got it now, it took while, my bad.

          So what you are saying is, your almost always a Patriot fan.


          1. Dave The Lions Fan February 1, 2017

            I root for them to win. I don’t buy their gear or get invested. I simply hope they win when they play and the Lions are out. Wouldn’t expect a guy from Wisconsin to understand that tho. You also never answered my question. What DO you Packer fans do when they get bounced nearly every year before the SB? Do you watch other teams from Wisconsin get fucked by the rest of the league or do you masturbate to highlights from “the good ol days” in 2010? If you can read this, please, give a ducking answer. Lol

    2. Big Gay Clay February 2, 2017

      People have back up teams? I feel sorry for you Dave. You seem like a nice guy just don’t have any guidance…

  6. TIM THE PACKER FAN February 1, 2017

    Dave, go play in traffic. You really have no life.

    1. Dave The Lions Fan February 2, 2017

      Another Packer fan who, guess what, won’t answer the question.

  7. icebowl February 1, 2017

    Stoopid Aikman talk

  8. HammerOfTruth February 2, 2017

    Aikman is right. Different league much tougher than it use to be. Bigger faster better than it ever was. There was 13 teams back then and OL were 225lbs. Belichick would have crushed Lombardi in scheme.

  9. Boston Dude February 2, 2017

    OK I’m from Boston too. Um Dave please shut up you are giving us true sports fans from Boston a really bad name. Get out of your basement, wash your hands, and get ready for momma’s dinner. Your initial take was acceptable…..but then your meds wore off.