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Packers: Three Contracts to Gain More Salary Cap Space


Let’s pretend for a moment there’s a possibility that the Green Bay Packers will actually go all in and, in addition to re-signing their most important free agents, actually go after some outside free agents.

They created some additional salary cap flexibility by releasing cornerback Sam Shields ($9 million net gain) and running back James Starks ($1.5 million net gain), last week.

As it stands today, they have approximately $41 million in available cap space, which ranks them 12th in the league.

When you think about it, you can see how that might quickly evaporate, however.

Nick Perry is about to cash in, likely in the $10-per-season range. Jared Cook? Let’s guess $5 million per season.

Let’s throw in Eddie Lacy, Don Barclay and J.C. Tretter for a total of $7 million per year. Plus, you’ve got restricted and exclusive rights free agents and a draft class. The rookie salary pool will be a little over $5 million. It’s just a guess, but let’s say the two non-unrestricted free agent classes total $4 million (a low estimate).

That leaves around $10 million left. With the Packers, you have to factor in that they’ll want to save some of that money to extend a player during the season. Can you add any decent free agent pieces with what’s left over?

Of course, but probably not a difference-maker. Or, if so, only one of them. Where can the Packers gain more salary cap space?

From these three guys.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. nugs February 14, 2017

    signing Lacy would be a foolish mistake.

  2. Kato February 14, 2017

    Hard pass on Barclay. That guy can be found in the bottom of the draft or UDFA. Good luck getting Cobb and Matthews to restructure. The defense is in need of a rebuild, sure approach Matthews with a renegotiation/restructure, if he isnt on board, cut him. We don’t need to be overpaying players on possibly one of the 5 worst defenses in the NFL

  3. MJ February 14, 2017

    I still find it amazing that we are always close to the cap (though always on the correct side), whereas crappy team can make signing after signing. The fine line between “paying our own guys” and overpaying?

  4. stan February 14, 2017

    To win the Super Bowl will require a ” team effort “……every player has to be willing to restructure or compromise or they won’t be hoisting the Lombardi trophy.

    1. MJ February 14, 2017

      It’s a bit tricky. You have some guys getting their first shot (and maybe their only one) at a multi-million dollar contract. I would agree that guys that have been around for more contracts may get trophy hungry and accept a lower pay from a contender, but how many stay in the league that long? Occasionally I hear a veteran stating that he wants “to play for a contender”.

  5. PF4L February 14, 2017

    First of all….The Packers can’t ask Rodgers to restructure for lower cap #’s. They have no right to ask. When the Packers decide to use all resources, use all their cash, to field the best team they can. Then they can ask Rodgers to help.

    But until that time, if i’m Rodgers, i’d tell them to kick rocks.