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Packers Have a New Linebackers Coach

The Green Bay Packers have a new linebackers coach. He is Tim McGarigle.

McGarigle coached linebackers at Illinois under former Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith. His official title with the Packers is defensive quality control – linebackers coach.

If you’re informed, you’re probably asking two questions.

1. Don’t the Packers already have a linebackers coach?

Yes, they do. His name is Winston Moss. He used to just coach inside linebackers, but when Kevin Greene left in 2013, Moss was given duties over all linebackers.

2. Why the hell didn’t they just rehire Kevin Greene?

We have no idea. Greene was just hired by the Jets to coach outside backers last week.

Greene is a fiery guy and McGarigle is described as the same. McGarigle played at Northwestern — shout out to my boy Pete Bothe! — and is the FBS career leader in tackles, with 545.

Another question might be, is this the end of Moss with the Packers?

That’s an answer we don’t have. You’ve seen the performance of the linebackers since Greene left in 2013. Maybe the best thing you can say about that is Clay Matthews was moderately successful in converting from an outside linebacker to an inside linebacker.

We don’t expect Moss to be let go — he’s an assistant head coach as well as having that linebackers coach title. However, maybe McGarigle will be able to get more out of this group.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.


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  1. Cheese February 6, 2017

    “Hey Greene, we don’t need another linebackers coach.” What do they do? Go hire some random linebackers coach. Fucking idiots..