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Packers Haven’t Reached Out to T.J. Lang

We figured it would play out this way. There were signs of it before the 2016 season even began. The Green Bay Packers do not value right guard T.J. Lang.

Lang is on his way toward free agency and it appears, at least thus far, that the Green Bay Packers have no intention of re-signing him. Although he wants to return, Lang said he hasn’t heard a word from the Packers since the season ended.

We first began to suspect the Packers wouldn’t re-sign Lang just before last season began. During the much-talked-about divorce with left guard Josh Sitton, it came out that the Packers told both Sitton and Lang they would not be a priority for new contracts.

The subsequent release of Sitton, despite his lengthy resume, showed how little the Packers value the guard position. Sitton’s replacement, Lane Taylor, played well enough during the 2016 season that the regime’s stance was validated.

The situation with Lang ultimately comes down to money. The Packers have now invested heavily in the tackle positions. Paying three players on your offensive line top dollar decreases your financial flexibility elsewhere. Lang will get a top dollar offer on the open market and the Packers likely feel that they can’t afford to give him that kind of money.

Besides that, they clearly also feel they can plug just about anyone in at guard and they’ll be just fine.

The question is who that might be. Although he was a tackle in college, 2016 second-round pick Jason Spriggs isn’t getting into the lineup at that position. He’s an option. Don Barclay and J.C. Tretter are also options, if they’re re-signed.

The Packers are looking to go cheaper at guard and that means we’ve probably seen the last of T.J. Lang.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Ace February 13, 2017

    I know my opinion will be hated but I will be okay w/him going. He doesn’t take care of his body and the countless injuries. He’s a tough player but when getting paid millions, you gotta work during off season. Bottom line is…its business.

  2. KILLER February 15, 2017

    Sitton’s release did NOT show how little the Packers value the guard position. He still had a year left on a very affordable contract that Sitton signed with, guess who, the Packers. Unless you are trying to say they never planned to live up tot the contract no matter how well Sitton played? That certainly could be as TT and friends are cowardly lying scum. Could be part of it.

    But the crux of the biscuit here is that Sitton’s release showed how petty, vengeful, mean-hearted, and controlling MM is. Sitton spoke his mind in answering direct questions with polite truth. Truth to MM is like sunlight to a vampire.

    They even put out word through the back channels of Packer lackey press that Sitton was a “cancer”. Not true according to all his teammates but, uh, what do they know, huh? They would not know if cancer was growing on them so they better shut up while MM gives them radiation therapy.

    Besides the endorsements of his teammates there is more reason to believe the “cancer” claim was a filthy lie. Sitton had been there his entire career. People don’t suddenly become cancers and people are not cancers for years and then suddenly the coach realizes it. You don’t time it to cut the guy last week before the regular season! That is economically vicious! That is petty and vengeful. A total scumball move.

    But, hey, he was such a “cancer”, I guess if they had not cut him the Packers would have been a 7-9 team…..

    Oh, and the team’s stance — to be petty and vengeful and low-minded and mean-hearted — was in no way validated by Lane Taylor’s play. One, no he did not play as well as Sitton. Two, there can be no validation for petty, mean-hearted, low-minded, vengeful upon the innocent behavior. None. Never. Not possible. Even if Taylor had turned out to be a pro bowler like Sitton currently is.

    Mordecai (Monty) you have done it again! Twisted and spun the truth into something else. Well, a lie.