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Mark Murphy Calls Packers’ Season “Pretty Good”

Tackle David Bakhtiari called the Green Bay Packers’ season a failure. Coach Mike McCarthy called it a success. Team president Mark Murphy — not surprisingly — seems to agree with McCarthy.

“I don’t think it was a failed season,” Murphy said. “Disappointing ending, but I’d say it was a pretty good season overall. Winning eight games in a row. The first time we’ve won two playoff games, I think, since 2010. And getting in the NFC championship games two out of three years – it’s not the Super Bowl but it’s the Final Four of the NFL.

“It’s not easy to win a game in the NFL, let alone Super Bowls and playoff games. There’s a sense of pride in that. And I think the turnaround in the season, for me, gives me confidence in the organization and certainly the work of (general manager) Ted (Thompson) and Mike (McCarthy) that I think a lot of organizations at 4-6, I think it’s hard to keep things together.”

We’ve grown accustomed to these sort of statements from Murphy. He has consistently stated that making the playoffs is what he considers success. The idea being that you have to make the playoffs to have a shot at reaching the Super Bowl.

We, of course, disagree. You have to make the playoffs with a team that’s good enough to make the Super Bowl. You also have to get to the championship game, which the Packers were able to do this year.

However, we all know how that ended. They were completely outclassed.

Murphy also derided the idea that a Super Bowl win is the only measure of success.

“I hope it’s not to the point where you can only have a successful season if you win the Super Bowl,” Murphy said.

And again, we would say, if that’s your goal and you don’t reach it, then yes, you’ve failed. You were not successful.

So the Packers either need to set new goals or they need to be honest about what constitutes success. Or, they just need new leadership.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Empacador February 2, 2017

    Man, as much as I despise Elway, the man saw a bigger picture and got rid of John Fox which ultimately worked out for them.

    “They didn’t always agree. Elway had issues over the past four years with the way the team was prepared and its mental toughness. It was particularly disturbing the way the team performed coming off a playoff bye, with two stunning home playoff losses as heavy favorites in the past three years.

    “While we have made significant progress under Coach Fox, there is still work to be done,” Elway said in a statement. He will meet the press at noon Tuesday. “I believe this change at the head coaching position will be in the best interest of our long-term goal, which from day one has been to win World Championships.” Sound familiar?

    1. The other fat Mike February 2, 2017

      Who cares about Denver.

      1. MJ February 3, 2017

        Man, don’t be so short-sighted, that is an example of a different mentality, about not getting complacent. But yeah, we made the playoffs…

        1. Empacador February 4, 2017

          Thank you MJ. At least you understood what the message was.

      2. Empacador February 4, 2017

        You missed the point. Good job!

        1. Empacador February 4, 2017

          In case anyone is having trouble following along, the missing the point comment was directed at The Other Fat Mike. Sorry for any reading comprehension issues.

    2. Kato February 3, 2017

      How did that work out for them this year?

      1. MJ February 3, 2017

        Not too grim. They have a trophy to comfort themselves, and they draft higher this year. As for us, we got a nice division champions banner, and will draft number 29 this year.

        1. PF4L February 3, 2017

          Well done…some people need others to think for them. You should be thanked for helping out.

          In the last 4 years Denver has really struggled…..

          1) Been to two Super Bowls. Won one.
          2) Had 2 league MVP’s
          3) Won 2 AFCCG
          4) Won 46 games, lost 18. For a winning percentage of .718
          5) Playoff record of 6 wins and 4 losses, for a winning % of .600

          That’s how that worked out for the Bronco’s. Lets look at the Packers and the 3 stooges last 4 years.

          1) 1 league MVP (Rodgers)
          2) Lost 2 NFCCG
          3) Won 40 and lost 23, 1 tie, for a winning % of .625
          3) Playoff record of 4 wins and 4 losses for a winning % of .500
          4) 0 Super Bowls

          So, for you mentally challenged. that’s how it’s worked out for Denver.

          I doubt Elway sits in his office hoping he could be more like Ted Thompson.

          You’re welcome.

      2. Empacador February 4, 2017

        And you missed the point as well Kato. How did it work out for Denver after replacing Fox? You talk about PF4L’s crush on Rodgers, you seem to have a mancrush on McCarthy. Just saying. Don’t be an obtuse douchebag.

  2. Cheese February 2, 2017

    Just stop it with the whole “it’s hard to win in the NFL, so we’re just happy to go one and done” bullshit. It’s hard to win when your GM has no accountability, flops on all of his first round pics, and only does half of his job.

    1. Kato February 3, 2017


      1. Empacador February 4, 2017

        Yeah, because McCarthy is untouchable right Kato? Good thing we are blessed with that fuck. Blame Thompson for EVERYTHING, and bench Rodgers. Yeah, embrace that shit. Again, let’s see your boy go anywhere else and be successful. Ain’t happening. No matter how much you believe it. In fact Manziel is openly lobbying for a job. Let’s see fat Mike bring him in and work his magic, since he is such a vital part in QB development. He is the QB whisperer…

  3. MMTTDCSUCK February 3, 2017

    As long as there is a waiting list for season tickets, packed houses each weekend and brisk sales for merchandise there will be no “great effort” to make larger changes period. Plain and simple, this is a CASH COW. Until Rodgers leaves, there is NO REASON to change much, because he is that good. So until the team goes back to the 70’s and 80’s level of play; there will be NO drastic changes made. What will happen, is that this fucking clown Murphy will allow TT, DC and MM to stay put and ride off into A. Rodgers sunset. They will then place a “sacrificial lamb” in as head coach until the new GM builds it back up to competitive again . . . but that, as we know from history could take decades. Unless the “RUMORS” about TT “the Frugal GM” are true, this will happen. They believe that if it is “not broken” (waiting list, packed houses, and brisk sales) why fix it?

    1. PF4L February 3, 2017

      Ok….You’re 1st sentence, epitomises the mindset of the 70’s and 80’s. WE ARE THERE RIGHT NOW. The only difference is we have a magician at QB just about to enter the 4th quarter of his career.

      Just recently…Murphy said….
      When asked about Rodgers’ “all-in” comment, Murphy said. “We all want to win, and he really wants to win as well.”

      “Hopefully we’ll continue to win. But you don’t want to put so much pressure on him or the team or the organization that we have to win this year. Our goal every year is to win the Super Bowl. We’ve been very fortunate to have a legitimate chance every year to compete at a high level.”

      (If the goal is to win the S B every year, how could you put more pressure on the team than that?)…..You simple minded fuck.

      However, Murphy said he would never tell Thompson to be more active in free agency in order to “win now.” Rather, he said Thompson knows he has “all the resources he needs.”

      1) Murphy doesn’t have the balls to tell Ted anything.

      2) I would then ask Thompson if he believes that Ted has been using all the resources available to him.

      To that…Murphy would sing and dance and rattle off Ted’s occasional free agent signings. As if that proved his statement correct.

      To that i’d ask him pointed questions he’d want no part of, after squirming he’d reply that he leaves all the football operational duties to Ted, and doesn’t 2nd guess him and that he has to go.

      1 hour later i’d be in a Oneida County holding cell waiting to see the judge for bail.

      Like i’ve said before, i’m biding my time until we get people back in power that take winning seriously.

      Right now were barely better than Bree’s and the Saints. 2 organizations that rely on and require the QB to carry the team. 2 high production QB’s with shit defenses and no urgency.

      1. MMTTDCSUCK February 3, 2017

        My points are in agreement with your sentiments. My message however, was that Rodgers IS the ONLY factor that separates this Organization FROM the 70’s and 80’s. It is all about profit . . . fans? fuck em . . .

        1. icebowl February 3, 2017

          Valid point MM

    2. icebowl February 3, 2017

      Spot-on M……
      Organization hit by Complacency – the American disease…

      Happened to the auto industry (Asia took over), steel, solar cells, appliances…. the list goes on….

      Murphy is just one in a long list of too highly paid, poorly skilled CEOs…

      1. MMTTDCSUCK February 3, 2017

        Amen Icebowl!

  4. Nick February 3, 2017

    They were successful winning the division,they were successful getting to the NFC championship game,they failed getting to the Super Bowl.If the ultimate goal when the season starts is to win the Super Bowl then the season was a failure.Mark dirt Murphy is an idiot.

    1. PF4L February 3, 2017

      He’s so simple minded he contradicts himself and has no clue he’s doing it.

      When you’re in over your head like he is…it’s called “winging it”.

      1. icebowl February 3, 2017

        Exactly !
        ….and getting paid alot to do that….