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Jordan Rodgers Has Questionable Opinions on Football

Jordan Rodgers, brother of Aaron, Bachelorette winner and airer of family drama is also a sports talking head. He parlayed his notoriety into a college football gig on ESPN. The leader also decided to give Jordan a radio show, which started airing this week.

The youngest Rodgers boy decided to kick things off with a bang — with some questionable opinions on football — and he got raked for it.

First, here’s the statement.

I mean, I don’t know. There are things I don’t like about both of those quarterbacks, but Cam Newton does have an MVP to his name and I frickin’ doubt Kirk Cousins is ever going to sniff one of those.

I’ll take Aaron Rodgers. How about that?

Of course, Aaron wasn’t part of this conversation.

Internet people jumped all over JRodge for this statement, of course. JRodge did not back down. Instead, he fired back.

I think my favorite part of those comments is the assertion that Cam Newton is a dummy — “Comes down to mental capacity, cam/panthers run a cfb offense.”

Rodgers is suggesting the Panthers run a college offense. I don’t know the answer, but maybe that’s why they sucked donkey in 2016 after their Super Bowl run the year prior — defenses figured out how to stop their supposedly simplistic offense.

Nonetheless, it looks like we’ve got the next Skip Bayless on our hands here. HOT TAKES FOR ALL!

I really want to hear Jordan talk about Aaron’s game sometime.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. PF4L February 22, 2017

    Interesting….Here’s the deal, i don’t really care about any parties involved.

    Don’t care for the make up wearing, teased hair, twink sissy boy known as Jordan. Don’t care for the over rated, emotionally crippled man child known as Cam. Don’t really care for the “you like that! bs. Win something first, then crow about it if you have too.

    But….I agree with Jordan, i’d take Cousins. Even though Cousin’s only has 2 full seasons playing.

    I’m not sure how Cam goes to the Pro Bowl 2x completing under 60%. Having a a passer rating in the 80’s for both of them.

    Kirk beats Cam at almost everything, passing %, td/int ratio, yards, ypa, PR, QBR.

    It’s not even that Cam is a sniveling, whining, crying lil pouty bitch who doesn’t know how to act like a man, even when cameras are on him. Although it doesn’t help.

    Here’s the clincher, why nobody should want Cam Newton……
    It’s the Superbowl….Panthers have the ball, down by 6 points, 4:16 left. Cam has the ball stripped, it’s anyone’s ball!! Cam see’s it, starts to go….oops, stops, jumps back AWAY from the ball, while the Bronco’s recover to ice the Super Bowl. As a teammate, fan, how do you let that shit slide, seriously?

    That is your big, strong 6′ 5” 250lb self proclaimed Super Man!! Too scared to go after the ball and risk injury. (his words)

    At crunch time in the Super Bowl. NO MAS says Super Man!!

    Who the fook wants this guy “leading” your team?

  2. Pack Attack February 22, 2017

    Yes sir. Always liked cousins. Even back when he played for m. state

  3. Ace February 22, 2017

    Why is this guys opinion newsworthy? Bomani shut him down. He’s been quite ever since. Go back to your hidey-hole little bro.

  4. KILLER February 24, 2017

    Well, he supported his argument with good, relevant, and legit statistics. He has right to his opinion and… in fact… IT IS HIS JOB!!

    Statisitics aside, you look at Cam and he does not go for the fumble he lost, he whines about refs (like Aaron), he has no leadership (like Aaron), has poor sportsmanship (like Aaron), and he has terrible style of dress as per his post game press conferences. So, yeah, not only is his opinion legit and reasonable, I’d even go so far as to just go ahead and say he is right that Cousins is a better QB than Newton.

    But what is really going on here? Mordecai (who is actually both Monty AND PF4L), is trying to drag down Jordan in order to prop up Aaron. Aaron’s estranged brother must be de-legitimized in order to make Aaron’s ostracization of him and the rest of Aaron’s family, somehow less reprehensible.

    After all… an armed robber who murders is bad… uuuuunleeeeeees… he robs and murders the evil Sheriff of Nottingham and his men.

    There is your “Mordecai” agenda = Vilify Jordan to sanctify Aaron.

    1. PF4L February 24, 2017

      It’s shocking……That nobody, not one single person, (including family members) that has come across you in real life, has killed you.

      You must take great solace knowing that murder is illegal.