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Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Takes a Shot At Dom Capers in Sam Shields Tribute

A scholar (or speller) he is not. However, Green Bay Packers safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is loyal, at least to former teammate Sam Shields.

Clinton-Dix posted a lengthy tribute to Shields on Instagram yesterday. There’s one part that’s pretty interesting.

?I only give respect when respect is due and Soulja ima miss ya. Thank you for showing me the game on the field and wit des Babies. Thank you for showing me what real is and being solid. Shields thank you for showing up every game and never complaining. Thank you for always stepping up to the plate at any giving time. Thank you for having my back. Thank you for lining up and playing whatever Dom capers called rather WE liked it or not you was all in. Thank you for being 1K and showing me what representing the G is all about and always remaining the same you told me stay down till my time came and it's here. I'll never look back or stoop down to fit in with nobody who ain't on my level I love you G dawg. As long as I'm in this league and you free up from the family and baby girls We hangin live the game you love through me. I'm gone get loose. God100 ENJOY YOUR TIME BRUDDA! S A L U T E S O U L J A 37 Cheesehead 4eva thanks for paving the Way STICK. #Samshields37 #God100 #Cheesehead #Gopackgo #MIAMI #SOTAMADE #SPEEDKILLS #100 #BRUDDA4eva

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“Thank you for lining up and playing whatever Dom capers called rather WE liked it or not you was all in.”

I think he meant “whether” WE liked it or not.

Players play and coaches coach. There’s good reason for that.

Nonetheless, it certainly isn’t good when players are open about the fact that they don’t believe in what their coaches are doing. Perhaps Ha Ha would like to jump on the fire Dom Capers bandwagon?

What do you say, Ha Ha?

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Phillthy February 9, 2017

    Man, we sure do miss veteran leadership in the secondary. No backhand talk like this would have happened when Woodson came into his own and stepped up to be that leader. One purpose, one heartbeat, one goal….one.

  2. Empacador February 9, 2017

    Maybe those clowns masquerading as a secondary freelance like the Viking secondary did against Zimmer. This can’t be good.

  3. Ferris February 9, 2017

    No job in this secondary should be safe including Ha’Sean Treshon Clinton Dix. Don’t call him HaHa until he plays better.
    Everyone but Burnett could be replaced. There is no way anyone could do any worse. Yet they still made the NFC Championship game. Draft DBs with every draft pick there have to be 4 players better than Randall, Rollins, Ha’Sean, and Gunter.

  4. Xlvordie February 9, 2017

    I’d like to give gunter another year but the rest csn kick rocks

  5. Zwoeger February 9, 2017

    I always have to smile seeing Randall making those Comedy Capers jumps when he thinks a flag should be thrown and then think well dom translates to stupid from Dutch.

  6. Xlvordie February 9, 2017

    ‘Rather’ you liked it or not Capers had you in position to knock down a 2 point conversion in the NFC championship game that likely would have secured a trip to the superbowl…you wiffed.

    You could have read the writing on the ball as it floated with a hang time longer than a Mastay punt and you fucking wiffed?!?!?

    1. PF4L February 9, 2017

      That was the moment when Ted started to value basketball players.

      Cue the circus music………

      1. Kato February 10, 2017

        LOL. PF4L, not being a smartass, I actually agree with you here. It’s a fucking joke

  7. Howard February 9, 2017

    If Dix is relaying or making any calls I can see why there are communication problems in the secondary. I thought Capers defense may be to complicated for the young players. After reading Dix’s comments I think Capers had better dumb this defense down several steps. Keep it simple. Run to the ball fast. Kick the shit out of the guys in the other color helmets, Knock the ball down or catch it if you can. Tackle the ball carrier. Go get em.

    1. ay hombre February 9, 2017

      Howard you’re the man but you ought to know better than that. Dom can’t and won’t dumb it down. He never has been able to while Coughlin’s Giants won one Super Bowl almost for this reason solely. They dumbed it down. I love it in theory…along with the chupacabra.

  8. Ken February 10, 2017

    some of the comments are more amusing and interesting than the article(s)

  9. BP 257 February 11, 2017

    Nice tribute to his friend and teamate. However, are any of these NFL players ever going to use correct grammar and syntax!