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Eddie Lacy is Working Out Again

Eddie Lacy is back. Kind of.

It appears Lacy has resumed working out to some degree after missing the majority of the 2016 season with an ankle injury (that the Packers probably caused).

Water training is typically the precursor to running and more heavy-duty training when an athlete has an ankle or leg injury of this severity. We doubt Lacy is at that point yet. The last we heard, he was still wearing a walking boot. That was back in January.

While there’s plenty of time for Lacy to rehab and get back in shape, the real question is where he’ll be playing next season. Lacy is a free agent coming off a major injury, who also has had weight issues.

We’d love to see him return to the Packers, but if he does, we suspect that will be via a short-term, low-risk contract layered with incentives.

Lacy would form a nice tandem with Ty Montgomery though, wouldn’t he?

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Kato February 22, 2017

    Who gives a shit? He is getting ready for a prove it deal to set himself up for big money, so then he can go back to being an unmotivated dude rolling in more cash than I will likely see in 20 years of working

  2. Ace February 22, 2017

    Please get rid of Eddie! He’s too lazy. Time to move on.

  3. PF4L February 23, 2017

    I want to root for this fucking guy, but he doesn’t let me. Loses some weight last off season (under threat) then puts it back on.

    Then show’s himself in a pool for 11 seconds. Of course…i question why he did this, what is he trying to prove?

    idk why, but i get this feeling, the Patriots come in, sign him up for 3 years for 7-8 million. They get, and keep him in shape. He rushes for 1400 yards a season and slimmed down, turns out to be an excellent receiver out of the backfield and scores 14 td’s a year. Has 2 SB rings by the end of the 2019 season.

  4. Unsupervised Child February 23, 2017

    If the Packers are smart, they’ll drop him like the dead weight he is.