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Earlier in the week, Troy Aikman — the idiot that he is — suggested that the Lombardi Trophy should be renamed… for Grumblelord himself, Bill Belichick.

Troy Aikman can kiss our ass.

He can kiss Dave Robinson’s ass too.

We love Dave Robinson.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Dave The Lions Fan February 3, 2017

    I love how nobody ever answered my question about what Packer fans do once the team (inevitably) loses. On a serious note, I really do want to know. What I think right now is that you just talk the Pack up until next season and then go farm, but maybe you watch the embarrassments that are the other sports teams in Wisconsin. Please, to all Packers fans on this website, if you are a REAL sports fan, answer me this question.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK February 3, 2017

      So, Dave lives in Boston. I guess a “transplanted” Michiganite sp? I am assuming that you went to HS there, graduated then left for college, correct? Otherwise, why else would you support them? So, who gives a fuck where you live Dave. You are still a Lions fan! I also do not live in Wi. Where I live, there is plenty to do. IN FACT, Dave, whatever I want to do, I can do where I have lived for the last 25 years. All you need is the desire, the time and sometimes the money. I would venture to guess that where I live I CAN DO MORE THAN YOU CAN at any time within a 35-mile radius! You cannot claim that at all. So does this 1 up me from where you are? As you suggest with some of the guys from Wisconsin on this thread when comparing? But I am a Packers fan as well. Graduated from High School in Green Bay, then immediately left for college in another state, and have not been back that much since. It is a fine state for the most part, just too damned conservative and overly propagandized . . . It actually used to have an excellent college system and was also considered quite progressive . . . Not anymore, it has become Alabama North. Until the younger adults wake the fuck up, it is going to get real ugly there, until they realize how inculcated and fooled they have become . . . just like the clusterfuck in the Packers hierarchy. Same old shit year after year! Nothing fucking changes! That is a god damned shame! But I support the Packers regardless. Partially because it reminds me of a great place and time when/where I was growing up, and also because of my family. So, Enjoy Boston as I enjoy the west coast. It is great to cheer for your home team! Go Pack Go! The Lions? nah.

    2. Tucson Packer February 4, 2017

      I have two kids and am heavily involved in my kids Scout troop. Both my wife and I have full time jobs and are, currently, going through buying our first house. People do people things, Dave. What I can say that I do NOT do, is go to other team’s blogs and post my biased opinion there because I am mature enough not to need to start crap with other people over the internet to entertain myself.

  2. Pack Attack February 3, 2017

    I go on and live my life like a normal person. Take a hint fucktard.

  3. Nick February 3, 2017

    To Dave, I was born in NJ, I have been a Packer fan for 46 years, I am devastated when they lose and the season is over but I have a lovely wife beautiful kids and a grandson,Life goes on.

  4. PF4L February 3, 2017

    As if for some reason his moronic question deserved a response.