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Boy, Is Sam Shields Ticked Off/Conflicted

We’re just going to give you this post from former Green Bay Packers cornerback Sam Shields, who was released this morning, and then go through the list.

First of all, it looks like Shields is angry, as evidenced by the first emoticon and the first eight hashtags. The two interesting hashtags among those first eight are
#IWasGettingBetter and #AtleastLetMeRetireFromThePack.

First, yes, we’re sure you were getting better Sam, but these are the facts. Shields suffered the fifth concussion of his career in week 1 of the 2016 season. The playoffs are now over and he still has symptoms. It has been six months that Shields has been sidelined because of this concussion. That’s some serious shit! That’s not a guy you want walking out on a football field — forget the good of the team — for his own good.

Second, Shields suggests he’d have liked the opportunity to voluntarily retire, rather than being cut by the Packers. We would have liked to see that, as well. However, Shields said two weeks ago that he wants to keep playing. If Shields wasn’t going to offer to retire when the Packers called, which he probably wasn’t ready to do, then the Packers needed to make the call for him.

He’s right. It’s business. The Packers have Nick Perry to re-sign. This move helps create the cap room to do that.

The final 11 hashtags offer up a sort of back-and-forth about Shields’ intentions. We can only interpret #BouncebackShields as a sign that Shields thinks he’ll bounce back with a new team. Of course, that’s followed immediately by #ICantPlayWithAnybodyElse, which suggests he would only play for the Packers, and then #ImDone, which suggests he’s finished playing altogether.

That’s a gamut of conflicting emotions/statements.

We wish Shields nothing but the best, but it’s over man! For your own good!

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. icebowl February 8, 2017

    Sam was a great Packer, made alot of memorable plays. Sorry to see him go, I wish him all the best, but in this case I believe the team is doing him a favor – unlike Stan Humphries who recognized the impending danger associated w getying repeatedly concussed, it looks like Shields is not considering retiring.
    IT’S CUMULATIVE !Tons of research point to this being a serious step towards permanent brain damage. Concussions become more and more easy to get w even minor hits. See below.


  2. Cheese February 8, 2017

    They need to find some decent corners sooner than later. And I don’t mean develop some 7th round “gem” for four years so you can then pay him top ten money based on his “potential” and loyalty.

  3. PF4L February 8, 2017

    We’re going into our 7th season as Championship pretenders. If we have to rely on Ted’s player acquisition skills to obtain enough defensive talent in 1 off season to compete for a Super Bowl, we are fucked. It’s his player acquisition skills that got us where we are today isn’t it?

    Unless i’m shown different, other than Rodgers, we are fucked.

    1. MJ February 8, 2017

      You bet. We need almost an entire defense. And you need more than one draft and one offseason to alter a unit so drastically. Some assumptions: rookie pass rushers are not impact players, rookie defensive lineman are not impact players, but CBs/LBs/FSs/SSs can transition better to the NFL and contribute strongly from day 1.

      The best case scenario:
      -Randall and Rollins turning it around, like back to the trend they started as rookies. Another CB is added, to fill the CB3-4 along with Gunter (who is not a CB1, but was forced into that role).
      -Kyler Fackrell and J. Elliot become a heck of a pass rush (Matthews is better at ILB and we are losing Peppers and D. Jones) and we don’t expect a FA rusher, aside from our guy Nick Perry. Otherwise, our DBs would have to be able to cover for 8 seconds. Or we will need to blitz one or two guys every play.
      -Martinez, Ryan and J. Thomas keep improving (they are decent as they are now, but we want a championship-caliber defense, don’t we?).
      -We somehow get a good FS (maybe from the draft, maybe a FA). HaHa has no awareness, he became a good hitter more akin to run support, which is good, but we need a FS that plays FS, not SS.
      -Kenny Clark develops into a strong NT. His frame allows for more strength, and all players get bigger for their second season. Also, this guy’s structure can grow a little bit further, since he is 21, therefore, even more room for muscle. His play improved during the season, he may be a good starter for 3-4 years, and on the cheap.
      -Dean Lowry continues to develop. He showed flashes at DE, and will benefit from the aforementioned strength conditioning in his first full offseason.

      There it is… if planets align, our defense is fixed, and that’s barely considering this year’s draft class (only mentioned a FS and a CB). If on top of that we get a speedy linebacker, well, that would be a sight. So, if the planets in our solar system and also those in Alpha Centauri align, we get our championship winning defense!

  4. TyKo Steamboat February 9, 2017

    Nice #Money hashtag douchebag

  5. stickman February 9, 2017

    same old shit, different year