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The Table Has Not Been Run: Packers Thrashed By Falcons

Run the table was a nice notion. It was nice when the Green Bay Packers had to use it to make the playoffs. It was potentially historical when you threw the playoffs into the mix.

It turned out to be an eight-game run. Not 10, as we all were dreaming about.

What derailed the run?

The exact thing we said would derail the run. The Green Bay Packers’ defense.


I thought the Packers’ defense would step up in this game. I thought the Atlanta Falcons’ defense wouldn’t. My feeling was that out of this contingent — Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers, Mike Daniels, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix — someone would step up and make plays.

Big plays.

And that’s what the Packers would need to win this game.


I won’t go into how these clowns could have helped the Packers and didn’t. The bottom line is the same bottom line that we always talk about at this point, when the season ends…

The Packers’ defense just isn’t good enough.

That isn’t a question. Is it about players?


But since the Packers won the Super Bowl after the 2010 season, what has been the narrative?

Why couldn’t the Packers win in the playoffs?

Was it defense?


I’m not going to be presumptuous and call for a change. That’s mostly because I know a change just isn’t going to happen.

But you probably watched the game and you saw what happened.

The Falcons possessed the ball nine times. They scored on seven of those drives. Only one of those seven scoring drives ended in a field goal.

The Falcons basically came out and said, “These assholes can’t stop us, so let’s just have fun!”

And that was the case.

The Packers needed to win with Aaron Rodgers, which means they needed to win by scoring copious amounts of points.

They were derailed by fullback Aaron Ripkowski’s early fumble. That was a drive that would have made it 17-7.

Instead, it was 17-0 and soon, 24-0.

I have personally stated that I believe Atlanta to be a second-rate town and, largely because of their fans, to have a second-rate football team. I won’t back off that for a second.

And what I know to be the truth hurts all that much more.

Our Green Bay Packers were thrashed by that second-rate outfit today. Not by accident…


The Packers were outcoached and they were outmanned.

Matt Ryan, the clear league MVP right now, threw for 392, four touchdowns and no picks.

That ho-hum clown came out and was Aaron Rodgers. And this game was never competitive.

If the Packers would have gotten stops, maybe…

But these are the Green Bay Packers…

Green Bay Packers Football: Defensive Stops? Psssch….

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Xlvordie January 22, 2017

    Mathews =shit
    Clinton dix=shit
    Randall= worse than shit
    Adams= just slightly better than shit
    Capers =shit
    Mccarthy = arrogant shit head

    Pf4l= dumb annoying shit turd who spends too much time on this site

    1. PF4L January 22, 2017

      AWE :(

      1. Xlvordie January 22, 2017

        Didn’t take you long to comment……..

        1. PF4L January 22, 2017


    2. Kato January 22, 2017

      Lolz. I hate the packers so much

  2. Xlvordie January 22, 2017

    Cook sure looked jermichael finley out there today. The drops atleast.

    1. PF4L January 22, 2017

      Stay in school kids.

  3. Go pack January 22, 2017

    While not a shocker, it’s still sickening to know another season of Rodgers was wasted away. If the pack only ends up with one title with him that’s a damn shame. I know it’s not easy but damn I can’t help but look at what Brady has done. Hell even Pitt has done well with Big Ben. When we lose Rodgers we’re gonna be in hell and we just keep finding ways to piss seasons away.

    Yeah the missed kick and fumble were huge and injuries played a part but damn that d. So many other teams and games I watch I see good physical games and big stops. With our d I see constant third and long conversions and no pressure. Our guys go wide and qbs can run or throw to anyone. Other teams collapse the pocket and more often than not third and 11 they can get off the field.

    I know changes won’t take place but can they at least change d coordinators? And not an I house guy. Get a guy that can motivate these bums.

    No gronk and looks like Brady will be back in a super bowl. I could sit here and vent all day about one thing or another. Bottom line is this sucks already. We deserve better and so does Rodgers. Teams like Seattle and now Atlanta have come up from the bottom to the super bowl and here we are stuck in the same place. What makes it worse is as much as I hate them, Dallas is gonna be a force. Their d is the weakness and you know Jerry will do whatever he has to do to improve it. Teams like Atlanta and Dallas are only going to get better and the window is closing on Rodgers and jordy. Getting this close and adding in the Seattle collapse hurts.

    How I wish we could have a decent d that isn’t giving up chunks of yards and letting guys run wide open. Now it’s into the long offseason and watching teams improve as we bring in more young guys and possibly lose some key guys in Lang and Hyde.

    1. icebowl January 22, 2017

      Thompson’s a friggin Zombie….They’ve got Wolfe’s kid to jump in to replace TT…Dont know about succession for Capers….

      They definitely need new training staff… these guys seem to be injured (non contact) more than any other team….

      I suspect Peppers will be gone along with Starks, Janis, Michael….

      Matthews hopefully better after surgery. I think Lacy’s contract is up – gonna cost big bucks to keep him…

      Montgomery needs to go back to WR. Get a legit back as FA or engage Ripkowski more – that dudes a stud – felt bad about his fumble….

      They draft 29th – gonna need ready-to-play D help – They’ll need to get active in FA market if that cheapskate TT goes away to build a team around Rodgers – he ain’t getting any younger. I’m sure a few f you guys have already scoped out FA options….

      1. Jack Janski January 23, 2017

        Right on, Icebowl. They must address the secondary AND they desperately need a premiere pass rusher. With no pass rush an average QB will pick any secondary apart. Get serious about the running game. Secure a damn good RB somehow!!!!! I know Rodgers has a few more good years in him but for Christ’s sake they better start thinking about grooming a decent back up QB to take the reins a few years from now.

  4. PF4L January 22, 2017

    Congrats to the Falcons.

    Fat Mike has now been in two NFCCG since 2010.

    Both being losses and an embarrassment.

    All told, FAT MIKE has coached the Packers in four NFCCG’s. He has a .250 winning percentage. But, he’s a highly successful NFL head coach. Just ask him.

  5. Danforth Cuntingdon-Smythe January 22, 2017

    This ass-raping and face-fucking was exactly what the Packers needed and deserved. But during the regular season. Somehow this team won eight straight and made it into the playoffs.

    I just have this gut feeling that because the team somehow turned it around, Fat Mike, Ted, and Capers will get another shot next seasons with the same result next season. If we had not made the playoffs, guaranteed these clowns would have been fired. Ted made a a few good picks but-

    Justin Harrell should never have been drafted given his injury in college. Only one player from the 2011 draft is still on the team; most of them are out of the league. Jerel Worthy was a waste in the second round. Khryi Thornton in the third? Richard Rodgers was sixth round talent taken in the third? Datone Jones has been underwhelming. Who saw Randall going in the first? Simply put, TT has not drafted well and hasn’t supplemented with free agency as much as he should.

    And Fat Mike and Capers. Fat Mike is 1-3 on Championship games. That loss in Seattle is on him. He pussed out and only when we needed to tie did he get aggressive as AR moved the team into field goal range in 50 seconds. Capers simply needs to go. How can he defenses consistently give up 400-500 yards and expect to win.

    This triumvirate has taken the team as far as it can, and it is time to move on. They cannot get the job done. Possibly the most talented QB in history can’t do it by himself. He isn’t going to lead a scoring drive on every play – which is what is required given the shower of shit which is this defense coached by Capers and supplied by TT.

    1. PF4L January 22, 2017

      “Dom Capers is a highly successful NFL Defensive Coordinator, he’s my guy, lets give him a few more years. Now, don’t ever question my defense ever again!!” – Fat Mike

      1. Fritz fm WI January 22, 2017

        It wasn’t Dom Capers fault. MM put the banged up defense out there against a punishing offense from the opening clock tick. DC also put away the blitzing plan fairly early when it was clear it couldn’t work after the first couple of scoring drives. because the D just didn’t have the weapons healthy and suited up for this game to be an opportunity for such a D… but the D plan did produce a couple of early turnover chances during the first half, which was the best chance for the D to make big play/s. the ball just didn’t bounce our way, and the pressure on our D, (thanks to a flying scoring start by Atl since the opening Kickoff) to get a turnover was also a factor in blown chances (aka “choking” playmakers; both on the ground (easy fumble recoveries) and air (dropped interception).

        1. PF4L January 22, 2017

          It’s not Capers fault, it’s Fat Mike’s fault because Capers is still here with his complicated defense. Plus TT isn’t blameless.

          1. Danforth Cuntingdon-Smythe January 22, 2017

            A-fucking-men! Capers’ defenses have consistently given up 400-500 yard games. But Fat Mike is responsible for this, by not telling Capers to adjust his schemes and/or by not firing him.

      2. Jc January 22, 2017

        Defense wins championships.
        Enough said. If something isn’t done then forget about winning.

  6. Disposable_h3ro January 22, 2017

    Typical Capers defense. Overrated “playmakers” and overrated coordinator. Rodgers played like ass due to being down early and MM calling a shit game. No hurry up? WTF? Pathetic. No worries though, status quo…

  7. Fritz fm WI January 22, 2017

    i have been ranting about the statistical results when McLardie wins the opening coin toss then passes the initiative over to the other team (because that is what other elite coaches do; e.g. Lovie Smith). But doing that in this situation, a NFC ch. game on the road against an aerial defense that’s been handed an opportunity to jump out to a lead and get their fans noisy and fired up in a shootout playoff game, thereby putting extra pressure on the O to keep pace, was just NUTS. and the MM playoff losses are highly correlated with that, and the overall W-L record in such situations is just as bad statistically. And when they ever win the toss in overtime, will they defer then? we’ll have to wait and see, as MM has never won the toss in OT, and has never won a playoff game in OT either. but just a guess: he wouldn’t defer THEN! no way; would he?????

    1. Fritz fm WI January 22, 2017

      correction to my above initial post: aerial “Offense”, not aerial D…

    2. Ferris January 23, 2017

      This is one intelligent comment mixed in with loss fury. He should have taken the ball, like Belichick did against Pittsburgh, and he ALWAYS defers when they win the toss. But in the playoffs they win the toss and take the ball to get the first points on the board. If you are the Ray Lewis Baltimore Ravens you defer, I guess Mike thinks this defense could stop a top offense for some reason.

      1. Empacador January 23, 2017

        No, I believe his philosophy is they will score before the end of the half, and then come out in the second half and score again. I guess when you can count on scoring every time that’s a good game plan.

  8. MMTTDCSUCK January 22, 2017

    A great run, but the expected result. That fucking McGlurpy shit the bed before we even played one fucking down. Defer the kickoff to Atlanta? the best offense in the NFL? at their house? How about giving the ball to A. Rodgers right off the bat? the hottest QB1 in the NFL! Score a TD then have Atlanta be forced to play from behind right away! They are not used to playing from behind! That could have been the psyche out that we needed! So instead this mother fucking BUFFOON decides that we should start out trailing instead? . . .

    1. PF4L January 22, 2017

      Especially with the Falcons record of scoring on the opening drive the last 7 games. But…you don’t question a highly successful NFL coach. GDI

    2. Fritz fm WI January 22, 2017

      thanks MMTTDCSUCK for the concurring note and seconding my condemnation of one of the most puzzling and troubling of the numerous McLardie coaching/strategy “quirks”. I have been ranting about the opening coin toss deferral (I would wonder what the outcry would be if he did that in OT but we may never get to witness it as he has won the OT coin toss at least 3x in playoff games but is O fer ? in such games) for at least the past five seasons, to the ridicule of packer hating trolls like “Al-Hombre” who hopefully has changed his identity and gone over to whatever west coast team’s blog site he really belongs to (my guess: shithawks).

      1. MMTTDCSUCK January 22, 2017

        Thanks FRITZ FM WI. Some of us on this website actually see the forest through the trees. McGlurpy continues to do the same witless things game in and game out. It really makes me question the cognitives’ of TT and Mark Murphy, are both of these ne’er do well’s mentally available? Or are they just “doin’ their thang” and letting him do his. Something in Green Bay must change quickly before QB1 is old and grey . . .

        1. Packers fan January 23, 2017

          McCarthy is like Tomlin. Both are poor game day coaches. Both make questionable decisions. Both are stubborn at making adjustments! Both benefited from Rodgers and Roethlisberger. Both are wasting their QBs primes. And both have one ring. Only reason Tomlin won that ring is because he had Cowher’s players! And neither will be fired!

    3. Kato January 23, 2017

      Are you kidding? It wouldn’t have made a difference. That defense is flat out bad.

  9. Vijay SwearingenV January 22, 2017

    For the last GOd dAmN timE!!!!!!! Players make plays! Fire Ted!!!!

  10. Gort January 22, 2017

    Lots of guts for Jordy to play today and play pretty well.
    Injuries took their toll again. Noticed Letroy Guion taking snaps on the O line late in the game.
    I put the blame on Ted. I’m sick and tired of top draft picks being described as raw talent with potential or a converted basketball player. We need to see football players (not projects) and preferably starters in the first and second round.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK January 22, 2017


  11. PF4L January 22, 2017

    When a reporter mentioned Nelson playing through his injury, Rodgers just about broke down. To me, that reaffirms that i didn’t think he should have been playing.

    To me, Fat Mike playing him was like sending the lamb out for slaughter. Just my opinion.

  12. Xlvordie January 22, 2017

    Pf4l, with all the time you spend on the internet you should have your own website.
    Until then you will be making “highly successful” comments on this site. In your own mind only.

    1. PF4L January 22, 2017

      AWE :(

    2. Fritz fm WI January 22, 2017

      hey i don’t agree with PF4L on this one, but he clearly went out of his usual way, and concluded his Post by stating that it is “just his opinion” give the guy some slack, as it is an indication that he is not entirely sure that he is making a correct judgement/assessment of a situation that is not only painful for all of us to witness, but is also of very limited available factual information to support more than a subjective (fan, not M.D.) opinion!

      1. PF4L January 22, 2017

        My opinion, based on personal injury regarding ribs. Broken ribs can cause internal injuries, bleeding, punctured lung, etc. My doctor could have been lying to me, but i doubt it.

  13. Bob January 22, 2017

    The big question on who is a better qb the talking heads all pick Brady. I don’t think this is the case. How many times has Brady had to carry the whole team on his back. Watching the AFC game and the d is playing very well. So ARod is by far the best.What a shame it has to be wasted on a DUM Capers defense.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK January 22, 2017


  14. icebowl January 22, 2017

    Atlanta was effectively playing Madden NFL 2017 on the beginner’s level in this game..
    Only thing GB won was coin toss, and then they promptly fucked up by deferring…

    #12 played valiantly for the first quarter and last half of the season… clock running on his career – he needs major help, mainly from a defense that is as porous as a sieve….

    Good news, Capers and Turner will be forced to retire, MM will be put on notice…

    Time to clean house, including training staff – has any other team has as many injuries ?

    1. MMTTDCSUCK January 22, 2017

      When the packers get rid of TT and Mark Murphy perhaps then we will see some hope for
      Rodgers. However this is very unlikely . . . These charlatans continue to ride his coattails into the (his) sunset . . . fuck them.

  15. PF4L January 22, 2017

    Game Summary
    Sacks FF Int.
    L. Gunter 0,0 0 0
    J. Thomas 0.0 0 0
    M. Burnett 0.0 0 0
    H. Clinton-Dix 0.0 0 0
    Q. Rollins 0.0 0 0
    M. Daniels 0.0 0 0
    J. Ryan 0.0 0 0
    K. Clark 0.0 0 0
    M. Hyde 0.0 0 0
    B. Martinez 0.0 0 0
    J. Peppers 0.0 0 0
    N. Perry 0.0 0 0
    L. Guion 0.0 0 0
    D. Lowry 0.0 0 0
    C. Matthews 0.0 0 0
    D. Randall 0.0 0 0

    1. MMTTDCSUCK January 22, 2017


      1. Packers fan January 23, 2017

        Once again MMTTDCSUCK Skip continues to destroy Rodgers and he even said this stupid tweet:
        “Put Tom Brady on the Packers and he doesn’t lose 44-21 at Atlanta.”

        It isn’t refering to BB!

        1. MMTTDCSUCK January 23, 2017

          Bayless is a sore loser. What a douchebag . . .

    2. icebowl January 22, 2017

      My nomination for best game summary:

      01/22/2017 at 3:29 pm

      On the brighter side……
      1) The defense held the Falcons under 500 yards

      2) the defense held Ryan under a 140 passer rating.

      3)The defense held the Falcons under 50 points.

      4) If you try to tackle Rodgers when he’s in a bad mood, he will rip off your fucking helmet, then punk bitch your ass.

      On the truthful side….
      1) The Falcons could have scored 60 points, and gained over 600 yards, if they wanted to.

      1. icebowl January 23, 2017

        5) At least they didn’t lose on the last play this time. They lost this game on just about every other play….

        1. MMTTDCSUCK January 23, 2017

          Good God, how true! . . .

    3. Go pack January 22, 2017

      How many on this list are first or second round picks ? Or guys ted chose mid round over other available lb. just mind boggling how horrible teds drafts have been. If Rodgers wasn’t around ted and the rest of these coaches woulda been gone Long ago. This isn’t simply coming from one loss. I knew this going into the game and have said all along, ted has to go. Like prime said “he can’t do it alone, he needs help desperately.”

    4. Cheese January 23, 2017

      Talk about running the table…. with zeros.

    5. Kato January 23, 2017


  16. Chip Kelly January 22, 2017


  17. Go pack January 22, 2017

    Damn I’m jealous of New England. One thing I was thinking about was these championship games have all been on the road. Even Rodgers mentioned this in his post game interview.

    All that means is we’re never good enough to host a game. Then again, with this d I doubt neon at home would make a difference.

  18. Go pack January 22, 2017

    This could have been Brady vs Rodgers part 2. Instead Rodgers will be watching on his couch.

    1. Go pack January 22, 2017

      Just like he was in 2014.

      With the talent around Rodgers, he’ll be lucky to get to one more super bowl before he’s done. Thing is, guys wanna come play with him and ted won’t get them. A lot of good hoarding that cap money did for this season.

  19. Bob January 22, 2017

    A couple of weeks ago they had a blurb on NFL network that this could be Capers last year with Greenbay. We can hope can’t we, can’t we.

    1. icebowl January 22, 2017

      I would think somebodys already cleaned out his office in Lambeau.

  20. Howard January 22, 2017

    I think everyone has said all that can be said about the game. In the NFL if you don’t improve every year you regress. What I want to hear is how the Packers are going to improve. I think I heard Rodgers in his press conference say TT do your fucking job or get the hell out of our way, otherwise I will be leaving as soon as possible.

    Well that is not his exact words but reading between the lines it sounded that way to me. ” I still feel pretty young. I think I have a number of years left in me. I can play at a high level. We just got to make sure we are going all in every year to win, and I think we can take a big step this offseason”

    I have a high level of confidence TT will not understand, care, or be awake to hear the GOING ALL IN EVERY YEAR TO WIN part. Hopefully TT steps down as I believe he will otherwise this could be an interesting couple of years till Rodgers contract is up. I can see Rodgers and MM working together. I cannot see Rodgers staying around if someone does not go all in this offseason. That means using free agency so TT has to go. Fire Capers as soon as tomorrow or Tuesday. That will be a good start.

    I would also suggest getting rid of Matthews before the new season starts. It may have a 4 mil dead cap hit but it frees up 10 mil approx. Is Matthews worth 14 mil a year? I don’t think so. I don’t even believe you could get a draft pick for Matthews, however maybe a Hollywood team would trade for him for name recognition (ticket sales) and Monty could confront him in a bar or on the beach.

    1. Go pack January 22, 2017

      Exactly what I was just going to post. Rodgers is great at making subtle remarks and this was another one. They have to try and get Lang and cool back and possibly perry and Hyde. They can shed peppers money along with shields. I would think they have to restructure or release Matthews and Cobb. They do not deserve that money and the team would be just fine without them. Those guys alone would clear up plenty of cap room. Looking to next season, Adams is probably the only major free agent so there’s not much need to save cap room. He said it best. Gotta go all in! Wake the fuck up ted or get the fuck out.

      1. Go pack January 22, 2017

        Year after year we see teams like sf. Carolina. Sea. Now Atlanta and next year Dallas improve and pass us by on the way to Super Bowls. It’s sickening that Rodgers is better than Brady but won’t be seen that way because Brady had a great coaching staff and a competent owner who gave him a decent d. They trade guys away, have injuries and still find ways. I’m jealous. Rodgers deserves better

        1. Packers fan January 23, 2017

          Anything can happen! After Carolina lost the Super Bowl to Denver, they struggled the next year! Atlanta might lose Shanahan and if they lose to the Patriots, that may happen! Everyone before the season expected the Cardinals to be a contender this year and look what happened, they struggled!

    2. PackAttack January 22, 2017

      110% spot on.

  21. Louis Pistoni January 22, 2017

    The Packers horrible pass defense finally caught up with them at the worst time, of course. It has been bad all year and today was the culmination. Every time they play a great quarterback and great passing offense they look like a high school team playng the pros. They need to revamp their defense and get higher level Dbacks/corners. They also could use more pass rush. The coaches are good, they can only do so much. TT please retire so we can get someone who wants to bring in high level. This is the source of all this. This team is playing with guys at the corners who might not make other team`s rosters.

  22. PackAttack January 22, 2017

    The 2016 Green Bay Packers — another year, the same sad ending. We’ve all seen this shit before and it’s all too familiar.

    Judging the 2016 season objectively, not by tonight, this team finished the season much how they played for the first-half of it — pathetic. Tonight, looked like the team that Tennessee, Washington and Indianapolis embarrassed. We saw this shit last year and the year before.

    I’ll echo McCarthy’s own words, “we don’t hang division titles banners around here, it’s about winning championships in Green Bay”. Well….Jesus Christ, it fucking should be. You have the best fucking quarterback not named Tom Brady and you’ve been to one Super Bowl with him in nine years. If that’s how you wanna measure success — it ain’t very fucking good.

    One thing is absolutely certain, and this can’t be argued, the Green Bay Packers are the Cleveland Browns without Aaron Rodgers. Mike McCarthy and all his bullshit about being “a great established coach with a proven track record in the NFL” — is all because of Aaron Rodgers. Fucking period! And yet, once again, the organization has wasted ANOTHER year with the greatest quarterback of this generation because they can’t draft and develop talent anywhere else on the field.

    No human being on the planet can play in the NFL and dominant for sixteen straight weeks and carry a team completely on his back alone. And for the last six years Rodgers has been asked to do exactly that with little to no help anywhere else on the field.

    Truth-be-told. Mike McCarthy can’t and won’t be fired. Not only will the organization never do it — but there’s no one else worth a shit out there to hire (although McDaniel’s and Chip Kelly could probably do just as good with Rodgers).

    Dom Capers. This shouldn’t be a discussion. The “Dom Caper era” will be remembered for defensive meltdowns in the postseason and absolute ass kicking’s by sub-par talent (Colin Kaepernick comes to mind) — nothing else will be a thought. New York, San Francisco (twice), Seattle, Arizona, and now an embarrassing ass kicking by Atlanta will be all that Packer fans remember about old Dom.

    Ted Thompson’s time is officially up and it’s so fucking obvious I think he even knows it. Elliot Wolf — it’s your turn. How you can abandon this franchise to the point of absolute annihilation is beyond words. Thompson has run his course with poor drafts, ridiculous management decisions and utterly absurd reasons for sitting on his hands at critical points during the season. He’s failed, time and time again, to upgrade key areas on both sides of the ball which has colossally crippled Green Bay at the most important times (most notably on defense) and I’ll said it again — Aaron Rodgers is his saving grace, without him Thompson has nothing but a rap sheet full of mediocre drafts.

    Personnel wise. Can we move on from Clay “AJ Hawk” Matthews. He’s nonexistent these days. His time as a dangerous pass rusher and defensive enforcer are long gone. It’s not just a ‘bad season’ for Clay anymore, he’s noticeably slower and far less effective than he was 2-3 years ago. Julius Peppers, is just too old. Valiant effort but he just doesn’t have that “it factor” anymore.

    Clinton-Dix. Gunter, Randall, Evans, Burnett, Hyde and whoever else is in that atrocious defensive secondary. Sweet Fucking Jesus. I’m not going to sit here and rip these guys again and again — because we all knew it from Day #1 how horseshit these guys were (everyone does) but the absolute lack of playmaking ability and overall talent is mind-numbing. I’ll put 70% of the blame on the coaching staff because I know for a fact they can see how over-matched their players are — but it’s their responsibility to put them in schemes/situations to be effective. Putting Gunter 1-on-1 against Beckham, Bryant and now Julio Jones? It’s so insane…..I can’t even go there. I can’t even put into words how bad this unit is.

    Massive, absolutely massive upgrades, are required here in 2017 for the sake of sanity for Packer fans. And please — for the love of fucking GOD, do not draft another half-assed cornerback and “hope” he’ll be a legitimate shutdown corner against the likes of Dez Bryant, Antonio Brown, Julio Jones and Odell Beckham. For once, it’s time to sign a veteran defender who has experience and poise to guard the best athletes in the NFL. And if it requires releasing pieces of shit like Sam Shields — then so be it!

    The offensive line needs to get healthy for 2017. Some depth addition here would be nice, but this unit did a fine job in 2016. I wouldn’t mind seeing Elliot Wolf drat a LT/RT in the 3rd/4th Rounds in April. For the most part — much improved unit. Knock on wood for next fall.

    The receiving core was better. Jordy Nelson earned all the respect in the world from me. Guy is a true Green Bay Packer, playing through pain — that’s the way it should be. I’m proud to say he’s a Packer. Every Packer fan should watch his interview here: http://www.packers.com/media-center/videos/Nelson-They-made-plays-we-didnt/e6c2a778-fe89-42b6-9926-4ee5080f3710
    That’s the way you should be after a loss like this. Good for him, guy played his ass off this year and gutted it out. Adams was better (at times, not sold on him being a true #1). Cobb is an epic pile of shit — he clearly showed he has another level to his game but only goes to it when it’s convenient for him. I lost all respect for him over the last two years — he’s not quick, not fast, can’t beat man coverage, he’s not the electrical playmaker he fooled all of us into thinking he was back in ’14. Just and overpaid, over-hyped chump. Allison was a nice surprise — would really like to see Wolf go get another weapon for Rodgers this off-season — this core should be improved with outside help with Jordy Nelson aging and Cobb falling off the deep end in the regular season. Re-signing Jared Cook is a top priority. Having a legit tight-end is a must for any Aaron Rodgers led offense. Jeff Janis and Trevor Davis are total non factors. I’ll be honest — I wouldn’t mind seeing DeSean Jackson in a Green Bay Packer uniform next September — cut Cobb.

    Should be the same old shit for all us Packer fans this spring. Not many changes, no big signings, no real sense of urgency to improve a team that’s not 1-3 in NFC Title games under McCarthy. “fuck it — we’ll just role with Aaron and make him win us games and then when he retires we’ll find the next great QB”….it’s sad because that’s what’s really happening.

    1. icebowl January 22, 2017

      Excellent State of the team piece Packattack.
      Agreed on all points add to it that id like to see Lil Wolf take advantage of FA market more than TT…

      1. PackAttack January 22, 2017

        We need to make massive overhauls this off season. I don’t think this can be overstated any more than when Rodgers talked about going “all in” during his final press conference. I wonder who that’s directed towards?

        Few more notes…

        * I cannot believe Elliot Wolf didn’t go ahead with the San Francisco interview without some type of assurance that he would be given the opportunity to get the Green Bay job soon. Soon needs to be now!

        * Clay Matthews, Randall Cobb, Sam Shields, Nick Perry and Eddie Lacy can all walk IMO. How many of those guys are actual “difference makers” on a team that’s 3-13 with anyone but Aaron Rodgers as the QB? Aaron Rodgers is the only playmaker and “elite” player on this team. Jordy Nelson and a few members of the offensive line are the others who earn the title “untouchable” and constantly productive

        * TJ Lang and Jared Cook are priority re-signs in IMO because they help make Rodgers better

        * You CANNOT build a championship team, especially a championship defense, through the draft. Yes, you’ll get a “few” decent players but if you want “difference makers” and “game changers” (which this team craves) it’s time to hit up the FA market. I’ll say this about Ted Thompson’s last three drafts — the best player via Pro Football Focus, is Corey Linsley (5th rounder from 2014), Davante Adams grades out a close second (after putrid 2015 season). Still, those three draft classes rank bottom 10 in NFL efficiency rankings since 2014 — pathetic! Atlanta Falcons — surprise, surprise — rated #1

        * FA Class 2017. Give a hard look at A.J. Bouye (cut Shields, use his money sign him), closest thing to a shutdown corner available. You WILL NOT find a shutdown corner after the first 15 picks of the NFL Draft unless you trade up (that would be what going ‘all in’ means) – Marlon Humphrey is the only name that comes to mind. To be honest, would not mind seeing DeSean Jackson reunite with Rodgers — some won’t care for adding more weapons to Rodgers arsenal — I will. DeSean is still a deep threat who I’d gladly take over Randall Cobb

        * Fun Fact. Did you know Randall Cobb will be paid the same as AJ Green and Antonio Brown next year? Yep! You could get Cobb’s production (2015-2016) from anyone on the planet (e.g. Geronimo Allison)

        * You really wanna spice shit up and really add a dynamic element to this off-season. Go “all in” and sign LeVeon Bell. Fuck — that’d be nice. I’d even take old AP just piss off Vikings fans. Neither will happen in 1 trillion years under Thompson and truth be told I think Montgomery is a good bet to produce (if healthy)

        On a personal note. Our generation has been robbed of a Brady vs Rodgers Super Bowl twice now. It’s fucking disgusting that these two will never meet in a Super Bowl. The NFL and real fans deserved to see it and we’ll never get it. Fucking joke. Matt Ryan vs Tom Brady?? YUCK. By the way — Matt Ryan was a nobody before Julio Jones showed up and he’ll be a nobody after. If Matt Ryan plays for Green Bay, they are 6-10 and lurk near the bottom of the NFC with Sam Bradford and Jay Cutler lead teams

        1. knucklehead January 23, 2017

          “You WILL NOT find a shutdown corner after the first 15 picks of the NFL Draft…”

          1) Sam Shields (GB) went undrafted after being arrested for possession of marijuana and signed with the Green Bay Packers for a minimum contract and a $7,500 bonus.

          2) Derrelle Reavis (Jets) was drafted in the first round (14th overall) by the New York Jets in the 2007 NFL Draft.

          3) Brandon flowers (KC) was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in the second round (35th overall) of the 2008 NFL Draft.

          4) Antoine Winfield (KC/Queens) drafted in the first round (23rd overall pick) of the 1999 NFL Draft.

          5) Leon Hall (Bengals) was drafted in the first round (18th overall) in the 2007 NFL Draft.

          6) Charles Tillman (Da Bears) was drafted in the second round (35th overall) of the 2003 NFL Draft.

          -Just a few to show you and everybody that you are full of shit. Alcohol and rage mixed together make a fella’ stupid.

          P.S. Shields had a lot of good seasons for us dickhead.

          -Sourced and copied from Wikipedia (yeah I know, but for simple draft order they are ok to source;))

          1. Kato January 23, 2017

            Dick Sherman was a 5th rounder. Xavier Rhodes was toward the bottom of the bottom of the 1st round if I remember right.

          2. PF4L January 23, 2017

            Since when did anyone describe Shields as a shut down corner?

            That’s like saying Jay Cutler is a franchise QB.

        2. Packers fan January 23, 2017

          PackAttack it’s just like Lebron-Kobe NBA Finals! Never happened! And screw Skip Bayless for this stupid tweet “Put Tom Brady on the Packers and he doesn’t lose 44-21 at Atlanta.” Without Rodgers the Packers are da Bears or Browns! Period!

      2. icebowl January 22, 2017

        “We need to reload. I don’t think we need to rebuild; we need to reload. We got a lot of players who are young. … We just need to reload a little bit this offseason,” Rodgers said.

    2. Go pack January 22, 2017

      Well said. It’s sickening and just mind boggling how this organizations upper management fails to make any changes. These are the times we need a Jerry jones.

      Would be nice to see them do something like cut Cobb and shields and bring in djax and Maybe Rey trading for a guy like Joe Haden. Use the first round pick on a physical defensive guy. Unfortunately we know nothing will happen.

      Carolina will reload. Dallas will get guys for their d. Seattle will improve their o line and Atlanta will improve their d and stay explosive on o while we stand pat and bring in some undrafted talent to work with Rodgers.

      Don’t mean shit now but the schedule next year has Atlanta Dallas Seattle Pittsburgh Cincinnati Carolina. Not gonna be easy.

      The only hope at this point is that ted steps down. That can be be start of major changes. Gotta think whomever takes over will notice the same shit we see and want to begin putting their mark on the team. If ted stays we get to go through the same shit next season. Many of these guys wouldn’t even be on any other active rosters but we kee trotting them out there. Put Rodgers on Cleveland and they are a contender. They may have more overall talent than we do just no qb. Look at the guys atl got from them (Gabriel and Mack). Prior is a free agent. Maybe get him over Cobb. It’s late and just rambling now but damn what a disappointment. Waited all week and all weekend was ready to go and then it was over before it started. Rodgers is already 33. Can’t keep saying next year. The years add up fast. Heart breaker after heart breaker and now this ass kicking and that’s 6 years gone.

      1. Packers fan January 23, 2017

        I hear TT could step down or switch roles for Wolf!

    3. Packers fan January 23, 2017

      PackAttack also McCarthy reminds me of Tomlin. Neither will be gone!

  23. icebowl January 22, 2017

    Tom Brady calls Rodgers great, “stays up to watch him play”….
    Afraid we may never see a SB with the 2 of them…

    1. Go pack January 23, 2017

      Crazy that Brady could have 5 rings in a couple weeks and he’s not done just yet. Meanwhile the packers with Favre and then Rodgers will likely end up with 2. Gonna look back on this period in the future and realize just how much of a failure this regime was.

      They do it with draft and develop but also with free agency. They took a chance on moss, Ocho cinco, Blount, Chris long, etc. Troy brown, welker, Edelman hogan. Don’t matter who they get it done and it all goes back to coaching and having a decent d. Put Rodgers on the pats the last decade and I’m sure he’d have as many or more rings than Brady.

  24. Cheese January 23, 2017

    As much as I want to make the most thorough and detailed bitchfest about this defense and upper management right now, I just don’t have the energy, time, or care to do so anymore because I’ve done it many times before and it’s all the same shit. I will try my best to mention what sticks out to me the most though.

    Who goes first, Capers or TT? The defense is garbage. EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. Do you blame coaching or the guy getting the players? I think it’s both. How many first round picks is TT gonna waste on conversion projects? Five years later Perry is finally starting to looks like an actual linebacker. Datone Jones who? How about we put a safety at CB and expect no drop off! The defense can’t blame this season on injuries because the only significant player who was out is Shields. How about a WR at RB? You know, because having only two RB’s on the roster at the beginning of the year is totally enough. Maybe we should bring back Raji and put him on the O-line for insurance. What a clown show. Free agency? Hahahaha, that’s a joke. Ted doesn’t sign anyone unless they’re off of another teams practice squad or they’ve been sitting around for weeks with no other offers so TT can nickle and dime them. Draft and develop forever! And if they don’t develop we’ll just draft more 7th rounders until one of them works! Or until Rodgers retires which is when we all plan on leaving anyway!

    No one flops in the play offs like the Packers. You want a record breaking day? Play Green Bay’s defense. Doesn’t matter if you’re a rookie or the back up quarterback for (insert team). You are guaranteed to hit some personal best or NFL milestone. Was it 181 rushing yards by a QB that Kapernick had? That will never be broken. Didn’t AP have over (or at least close to) 400 rushing yards against us in one season? As for the passing game, opponents can pull a guy off the street and he’s gonna put up over a 100 yards on the secondary. There has been games the Packers have won and I will see the stats for opposing receivers and think “holy crap, I didn’t even realize he had such a good game. How did he end up with 120 yards and two touchdowns?”

    This whole “jump out in the lead” and then shut everything down to go into prevent mode has got to stop. It’s absolutely maddening. Did the Falcons let up after they were up 24 to 0? Nope, and guess what…. They won! No shit! That’s what happens when you play a full 60 minutes. If that were the Packers you KNOW they would have blown that some how and made it into some high pressure situation. The only reason Crosby had to kick a game winning field goal at Dallas is because they blew an 18 point lead! Are you fucking kidding me?! If they would have lost that game I would have been so irate. Then again that brings us to the Falcons game, what did you expect from a team that blew an 18 point lead last week? Same thing with blowing a 12 point lead in 5 minutes with a trip to the super bowl on the line. It happens all the time. Get out to a big enough lead, turn everything off, and just hope the other team doesn’t catch up.

    Anyway I need to stop. Those were some funny game summaries by PF4L. I’m not sure whether to laugh or be totally disgusted. There needs to be significant changes for next year. Will they happen? I don’t know and I don’t want to think about it because I’m already sick of it never happening. Whatever..

  25. knucklehead January 23, 2017

    Oh man, we got another one of those. Usually after these losses I get really angry and sorrowful, but to be honest, after this one I just kind of felt bad for the Pack. Unfortunately, we have all kind of become conditioned to these championship losses.

    I really couldn’t and can’t understand why they didn’t run Michaels? That guy was ripping of terrific runs…?

    The identity of this team is starting to fade.

    Losing Shields turned out to be a really big deal.

    Several of you like to rip on Peppers, but he gave the Pack a lot of good football the last few seasons. It was fun to have him as a Packer.

    Mathews may be/is on a decline, shoulder taken into account.

    My boy Lacy, I’m 50/50 on. He’s a great player and back, but if he refuses to get his weight down, his ankles are always going to be giving out on him. And I don’t think the Pack can afford to throw big money at him now. I’d like to think he’d want to stay with us, but he’s got to look out for his future, so if he can wring 20 million out of another team I can’t really hold it against him.

    The secondary is really hard to figure out. They got destroyed by injuries starting with Shields…they went as far as they could with all those young guys in there. Randall and that other guy had great seasons last year and seemed to start really fading this year, hard to say how much of this was injuries. Some of you can’t understand that just because someone is on the field does not mean they aren’t injured.

    Just shouting for the Pack to replace everybody with big ticket free agency signings and blowing up the cap is not a sane answer. Just ask several perennially losing clubs in the NFL.

    Hard to say. Well I’m not going to let this one piss me off for two months like I did the Seahawks loss.

    And for those of you saying fire everybody, who the hell you going to hire? I’d like to see all you dips shouting this to come up with a detailed firing and hiring plan. Otherwise shut your pie holes.

    Every loss can not be attributed to a poor game plan when the other team simply out plays and beats the shit out of you.

    As true in football as in life.

    Well, I wish you all a good start to 2017 and here’s hoping for a better outcome next season.

    1. PF4L January 23, 2017

      Yes, don’t fire anyone, because …who we gonna hire? That’s why Cutler is still in Chicago, how did that kind of thinking work out for them?

      Yes, keep things the same, i’m sure that will yield different results.

      Randall and Rollins were not “great” last season. they had some positive moments, but also some very bad moments.

      Look at the Jaquars game with a healthy Shields. We held Bortles to what? 320 yards passing? It started early, with or without Shields.

      Lastly..it’s not our responsibility to have a detailed firing and hiring plan. It’s not our job. The Packers pay people millions of dollars to do that when needed. Maybe they should just do the fucking job they’re paid to do.

  26. stickman January 23, 2017

    The defense was the same before Shields and now the same after him. But we always have a lot of cap money. Packer`s buy land instead of players. Money talks & bullshit walks. Also, #42 & #21 suck. They tell #76 to stop being voice of the D. But Daniels is the kind of energy any defense needs. Spend some of the that cap money on buying out gm`s contract. We need a fresh start @ gm

    1. PF4L January 23, 2017

      Cap money is strictly player money. They don’t need cap money to buy a GM out.

      I personally wouldn’t go as far as saying #42 and 21 suck. Are they H O Famers? NO…But the Packers have far bigger problems than #42 and 21.

      I’d be a fool to argue that we don’t need a GM.

  27. Zwoeger January 23, 2017

    That was a relaxed watch this afternoon. Yesterday I thought it might be another bloodpressure challenging game. It worked out that within 5 minutes I went back to my relaxed state as in the first half of the season seeing and knowing we weren’t going anywhere.
    Disappointing how it all played out though.Kind of maddening actualy. No Super Bowl party for me at the Rotterdam Trojans clubhouse now.

  28. Packers fan January 23, 2017

    * Mike McCarthy = Overrated, the NFC’s Mike Tomlin. Both will not get fired!
    * Randall = bad
    * Rollins = bad
    * Gunter = Bad
    * Matthews = Overrated OLB! Not what he used to be!
    * Peppers = Washed up!
    * Dix = Only good secondary player on this team
    * Capers = terrible coordinator
    * Thompson = Your time is up bud! Thanks for a good run! Thompson did good things here but he also did not so good things! He drafted good players on offense but the defensive side of the ball, he sucks! Dix and Daniels are the good players he drafted! Time for Wolf or Dorsey to be GM and let Thompson go or switch roles!
    * Don’t blame Rodgers, blame the receivers. Jordy is the only player that showed up.
    * Bring Cook and Lang back!
    * And finally Skip Bayless, stop freaking saying stupid things about Rodgers. Do you not realize that Rodgers has been having subpar defenses each year? That tweet “Put Tom Brady on the Packers and he doesn’t lose 44-21 at Atlanta.” shows how stupid you are! The Packers without Rodgers are the Browns or Da Bears!

  29. PF4L January 23, 2017

    As much as it pains me, i nominate Packattack for best post of 2016. Posted after the Eagles win.

    11/28/2016 at 9:31 pm
    No run game — no fucking problem. Don’t need a run game to win —- didn’t need it in 2010 either. Don’t need it now.

    Mark my words…Pack continue to throw and use Rodgers like an MVP — they’ll run the table and finish 10-6. This offense is much better with Rodgers throwing 40-50 times per/game….look at the numbers!! He’s your NFL MVP if he keeps it up. Fuck the run game.

    Pack beat Houston — Brock Osweiler is ass
    Pack beat Seattle — That Seattle team who lost 14-5 to Tampa Bay this weekend, I’ll take Pack offense at home
    Pack beat Chicago — this is a gimme
    Pack beat Vikes — Sam Bradford? Hahahaha, ok
    Pack beat Detroit — in Detroit to win division and keep the Lions in the cellar of the NFL


    1. PF4L January 23, 2017

      It should be noted i gave him extra credit, because just weeks earlier he was stating that Rodgers was finished. So because he realized the error of his ways and hopped back on the Rodgers bandwagon, and because of my caring humanitarian nature. I gave him credit.

  30. Tucson Packer January 23, 2017

    So who do we play next week?

    1. PF4L January 23, 2017


      AFC–NFC Pro Bowl….that’s all i got

      1. PF4L January 23, 2017

        The difference this year, is it’s back to Conference format.

        lol……You won’t get to see Michael Irvin and Chris Carter trying to convince the players that the games important and they really want to win it.

  31. Dennis January 23, 2017

    After reading all of these post it occurred to me that maybe it isn’t all the players fault for not playing a good game. Case in point is Casey Hayward, he wasn’t that great in Capers d but goes to another team and lead the NFL in interceptions. So letting go of all of those players might not be the way to go. Maybe it’s the coaching that needs to change. It looks to me like the players aren’t buying into Capers schemes.

    1. Cheese January 23, 2017

      Good observation.

  32. Deepsky January 23, 2017

    This was less of a defensive meltdown than an offensive meltdown.

    We KNEW the Falcons were going to score a lot of points and if the Packers were to win it would have to be a last possession thing.

    The defense held up their end of the contract by being terrible.

    But the offense should have scored early and often, toe to toe.

    It seemed to me Rodgers and the offensive line were in a funk early on, Probably because of the flu.