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Sam Shields Wants to Keep Playing

One of the Green Bay Packers’ big offseason questions will be what happens to cornerback Sam Shields.

Shields didn’t play again after suffering his fifth concussion in week 1 of the season. On Sunday, he said he’s still dealing with headaches from that injury, but insisted he wants to keep playing.

“It’s just like some days tough headaches, some days it’s mild. It varies. I never know. I’m so used to it now, it’s normal. But it’s getting better. I’ll be back,” Shields said.

“I just love the game and I feel like I can get back out there and play. If not, not. Right now, it’s just day by day.”

Ultimately, the Packers may end up making the decision for Shields.

He has one year left on his contract, but the Packers would save around $9 million if they were to release him.

That will be a tough decision. Shields can play when he’s healthy, but the injury risk is significant at this point.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Howard January 23, 2017

    The Packer have to release Shields this spring. Once Shields is on an active roster for the first regular season game he is guaranteed his contract. The Packers save approx. 1 mil. If they release him before the new year starts. Sometime in the spring? If Shields wants to play again it would have to be under a new contract based on game day appearances and incentives for performance.

    1. Howard January 23, 2017

      And all that is based on if Shields ever gets released medically.

      1. PF4L January 23, 2017

        Of course he want’s to keep playing, it’s his career. Here’s the problem, you have concussion history. You say you still have ill effects from over 4 months ago. and i would argue you were overpaid to begin with.

        Shields is high risk for re-injury, for any team. Citing our secondary problem, if he was cleared i’d want him back under a new, down to earth restructured contract.

        This is a serious injury that has repeated itself. The Packers might take a different view than i do and release him.

        1. Howard January 23, 2017

          One thing I forgot about is the Packers did take Shields with them to Atlanta. That does send a signal they may not outright release him.

          1. Howard January 23, 2017

            Shit my finger hit send before I finished.

            No matter what the decision, to release or restructure it will be made before the roster and workout bonuses are due unless they are mutually agreed to extend.

  2. Shawn January 23, 2017

    Regardless of whether Shields really wants to play again, what he really wants is the $8 million on his contract next season. That isn’t happening. Can’t blame a guy for trying though.

    1. Cheesemaker January 23, 2017


  3. Zwoeger January 23, 2017

    I remember I once called Shields is a liability. Well next to Randall he looks like a superstar but doesn’t reload means that you leave out the empty shells? Okay there is something still in him but that hurts as he says.

  4. Empacador January 23, 2017

    “Playing” is the key word. We would have all enjoyed you playing rather than collecting a paycheck for services not rendered as well Sam.

  5. Gort January 23, 2017

    The key is his long term health. I don’t want him to live in so much pain that 10 or 20 years from now we hear about him in the news. There have been several players that committed suicide and there are countless stories about guys who can’t remember anything. Still having headaches? Maybe your body is sending a message. Take whatever injury settlement you can get. Still want to be part of the game? Maybe look at coaching or scouting. Some famous guy said something like football is not a contact sport, it is a collision sport. Dude, please quit while you can still remember your own name.

    1. PF4L January 23, 2017

      One guy who claims to have memory loss and is suing the NFL is Jim McMahan.

      Funny thing is, he can tell football story’s from decades ago down to the slightest detail hesitation free.

  6. Abe Frohman January 24, 2017

    Any guy that answers the door with a J in his hand when the cops come calling has some issues. Maybe he can’t clear concussion protocol because he’s baked.

    Pack will release him to free up the money. They can’t afford to keep him.

    Q: Does TT get some kind of award for “most money rolled over to the next year” Or “playoff team with the lowest cap number” What the hell is he saving it for?