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Packers’ Injured Players Reportedly A Go

The Green Bay Packers’ three injured receivers — Jordy Nelson, Davante Adams and Geronimo Allison — plus safety Morgan Burnett — all listed as questionable on the injury report — will reportedly play in the NFC Championship game.

Barring any setbacks during pregame workouts, receivers Jordy Nelson (broken ribs), Davante Adams (ankle) and Geronimo Allison (hamstring), and safety Morgan Burnett (thigh) are going to be available, according to a league source.

Plenty of questions here.

Will they make it through pregame warmups?

If they do, how much will they be used?

Can they even be effective?

The biggest concern has to be Nelson because he has broken ribs. That said, neither Adams nor Allison practiced at all this week, while Nelson did so on a limited basis. Burnett was also listed as limited on the Friday injury report after not practicing Wednesday or Thursday.

Rookie Kentrell Brice stepped in for Burnett last week and, as you would expect, made some errors, but also delivered some nice plays.

At receiver, the Packers obviously have plenty of bodies now that they’ve added Max McCaffrey from the practice squad. They’re back up to their early-season tally of seven.

We doubt McCaffrey will be part of it, but it seems like a receiver rotation would be the prudent thing for the Packers to utilize on Sunday. Also, keep in mind, both of the Packers’ forgotten receivers — Trevor Davis and Jeff Janis — caught touchdowns the first time the Packers played the Falcons this season.

Hey, it’s the NFC Championship. If you lose, you’ve got all offseason to get healthy.

All hands on deck!

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Chad Lundberg January 21, 2017

    “We facing the Falcons”?
    “Yes sir”.
    “So… we need to score as many points as possible”?
    “It’s the Falcons, it could be a 45-45 game”.
    “So we’re gonna need help with out injured players”?
    “I would think so sir”.
    “Well that does it. I can’t bank our season on three limping, with one barely breathing, players. We need to get help”.
    “I’ll call James Jones right awa-”
    “Activate our secret weapon. Max”
    “You know. HIM”
    “What are you talking about sir”?
    “Trust me, this is our key to winning the game”.
    “…. I’ve got James on the line right now-”

    Ted gonna Ted.

  2. Chad Lundberg January 21, 2017

    In all seriousness, I swear to God, if we lose this game, I’ll demand TT’s resignation. I’ve never taken the position of demanding he be fired, overall I’ve always thought he’s a pretty good GM. When you hear that most other GM’s in the league actually highly respect TT, that says quite a lot. But I don’t think I can handle yet another year where he simply refuses to sign someone that can easily be acquired, probably for dirt cheap, can maybe help us right away, and may actually turn our fortune.

    I will NEVER let go of the fact that he could have gotten Marshawn Lynch for just a 4th round pick plus a little extra. I DON’T CARE THAT WE WON IT ALL THAT YEAR, THAT’S NOT MY POINT!!! The point is that he risked us not being able to run the ball on some very unproven rookie, that for all we knew, could get injured the moment he stepped right onto the field, and may have been ineffective anyway. But it’s also about how we didn’t have a run game for the next TWO YEARS, which arguably could have cost us another title, maybe even 2. Marshawn Lynch playing with us in the 2011 Divisional round against the Giants? We can arguably wiggle our way through their elite defense ans WIN. Hell, we would likely have gone 16-0, because the Tampa 2 formula would NEVER work! We had no run game to speak of in 2012. Maybe that’s not enough to win it all, but it damn sure would have helped. Defenses were constantly stifling us because all they had to do was have 2 deep safeties at all times. It took away our near invincible firepower. But the 3rd things is that the Seahacks would NOT have Marshawn Lynch. Sure, it’s possible they get a good replacement for him, but Lynch is a tackle-breaking type of back. playing with that offensive line means you have to do all the work, and there’s virtually no running back in the league that’s capable overcoming that problem. He was the very specific running back they needed work in their offense. Imagine the 2014 NFC Championship game. Lynch NOT wearing the SEA colors, instead Green and Gold. In fact, it’s likely the Seahawks would never have even gotten that far, and if it did, Packers would probably be hosting that game.

    I will also never let of the fat that he failed to resign James Jones in 2014. As amazing as our offense was that year, it still had a very considerable flaw. If you have a defense that can take out both Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb, the offense would completely stall, and the Packers had no means of overcoming that. They were able to use Davante Adams twice, but he was a rookie, and couldn’t be counted on consistently. Had James Jones played that year, we likely beat the Bills, and we would have had a considerably better chance against the Saints and the Lions. Let’s go back to the Championship game again. Nelson, Cobb, and Adams are all ineffective, and covered brilliantly. That Leaves James Jones open to make just one play. Just ONE. And it’s all we need to turn the game in our favor. We go to the fucking Super Bowl. Didn’t happen. All because Ted didn’t want to spare a couple million dollars.

    Ted, this all had better damn well not happen again. Packers should absolutely promote Elliot. Can’t take this shit anymore.

    Sorry to rant for so long guys. I’m just in shock how much the Packers staff is dedicated to lose lesser opponents year after year at all costs.

    1. icebowl January 21, 2017

      Lynch would’ve been one of the all-time Packer greats..

    2. Cheese January 21, 2017

      Excellent points.

  3. Ted Hawthorne January 21, 2017

    What? And spend those extra millions TT has in the bank? We need to save those for the future
    that never comes, right? Oh, yah, that future is here tomorrow–a SB berth. Gulp.

  4. Yolo7 January 21, 2017

    You fuckers will complain no matter what fuck you
    Don’t post this one either even though you have among other gems wanted wide receiver Adams to
    “Blow his brains out” . But hey it’s your website knock yourselves out.

  5. KILLER January 21, 2017

    I’m glad they are all playing. It eliminates excuses and egotism. If they had not played and the Packers won the numbskull fans (which is not all of them… but which are led by Monty) would brag they did it with one hand tied behind their backs. And if they lost? Oh, it was only due to the injuries, the Packers are really the better team. Now the injury factor, with Adrian Clayborn out is actually in the Packers favor.

    Take a win without added bragging or take a loss without the high-pitched whining so many Packer fans adore to indulge.