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Packers Aren’t Shying Away From Super Bowl Talk

We’re not really crazy about mentioning it. The Green Bay Packers aren’t there yet and we’re all well aware of the limitations that could prevent them from reaching it.

That is, the one and only goal. A Super Bowl win.

The Packers will need to get by the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship game to get there. Obviously, everyone realizes that, but while we are hesitant to talk about it, the Packers do not appear to be.

“How do you not think about it? We’re 60 minutes away from being there again. It’s obviously on our minds,” quarterback Aaron Rodgers said Wednesday.

Who would have thought this would be the case when the Packers were 4-6? We had pretty much given them up for dead.

Hell, they didn’t look much different than a rotting carcass at the time.

And then they started winning, which Rodgers says changed the mindset.

“When you go through rough stretches and you’re not playing great, confidence can waver. When you get to this point, when you’ve reeled off a bunch in a row, the mindset changes from, we’re going to be competitive to we’re going to win. That’s very dangerous,” Rodgers said. “The expectation changed as the confidence grew.”

The question is, is that dangerous for the opposition or for the Packers?

When you feel like you’re going to win, you can become overconfident. Just ask the Dallas Cowboys.

Rob Born

Smart drafters don’t select the best available players, they fill a team’s positions of greatest need.



  1. Chad Lundberg January 18, 2017

    I’ve never coached, and I’ve never been coached, but I do have a rule about this. When it comes to extreme emotions, such has having compassion for humanity for example, it’s OK to have an abundance of it. It’s not OK to not discipline your emotions. Some people are so heart-broken over the evils of humanity that they actually think part of the human race ought to be wiped out. A little extreme example, but you get my point.

    The Packers need to use this kind of excitement and energy as a means to fuel their practice and their study of film. Discipline it and use it to help your chances of winnings, don’t let it become a distraction. Remember when McCarthy got all the player’s fingers sized for rings? I thought that was one of the coolest things I’ve ever heard him do.

    1. PF4L January 19, 2017

      I guess you say it’s cool because they won.

      But let me ask you, what was it, if they lost?

      1. Adam January 19, 2017

        You can literally apply that same question to… anything. So by that logic is it worthless to do anything inspiring, because what if it doesn’t work out?

        The point is it did work out, and that makes it a great story.

        1. Kato January 19, 2017

          You can except for McCarthy. Or for anything you have an irrational hatred for. Gay people, ect.

          1. PF4L January 19, 2017

            So i’ll assume by the non answer. If they lost, he looks like a moron.

            That’s what i figured.

    2. Kato January 19, 2017


      1. Abe Frohman January 19, 2017

        maybe…maybe not. When Shawn Slocum tells guys NOT to touch the ball – it should be Jordy’s ball and then that moron TE tries to grab it and fumbles it, I don’t know how that’s on the coaches. If HHCD decides to contest that 2 point conversion rather than watching it, I don’t know how that’s on the coaches. When Hawk gets torched on a fake field goal, I don’t know how that’s on the coaches. That was his ONLY key on that play. And that’s just the Seattle game 2 years ago.

        If I find fault anywhere, it’s with TT’s absolute refusal to address large holes on the roster with players other than released and/or undrafted cheap free agents. When was the last time we had a D that could win a game for you – 2010?

        1. MJ January 19, 2017

          What about the runs for no gain just to burn time? Gaining one first down could have been the difference. Why put the game in the hands of the defense, when they have been on the field for a long time? That IS on McCarthy, his conservative play after getting the lead led to the series of unfortunate plays by the defense and ST. What about the awareness? Sherman was playing with his arm on a sling! How come you do not punish them by running at him and having Nelson hit Sherman to take him entirely out of the game?

          1. Abe Frohman January 19, 2017

            is that play calling or execution? I didn’t love the result of Montgomery losing 5 yards, but Spriggs whiffed on pretty much everything. In fact on that play, I was hoping for a Rodgers bootleg to the opposite side away from the overload.

            Or did perhaps Rodgers change the call at the line of scrimmage? I don’t know. How do you know what the play call was?

        2. Kato January 19, 2017

          Nope. MM’s fault no matter what. FIRE HIM!

          I really hope the packers are up by 3 with 3 minutes left in this game and McCarthy decides to go aggressive and throw the ball, resulting in incompletions and the clock stopping. Then the packers punt, the falcons take the ball down the field and score a TD. It will be fucking glorious. Then it will be “McCarthy was an idiot and too aggressive!”

        3. PF4L January 19, 2017

          The question of….when is the last time the defense won a game. Begs the questions?

          Who is ultimately responsible for the performance of the defense?

          Who has the authority to make changes to the defense, in any manner he so desires?

          If the defense continues to underperform, year after year after year after year hurting the team….Who is paid millions for the responsibility to make changes to correct it ?
          1) Capers?
          2) Mark Murphy?
          3) Elliot Wolf?
          4) Russ Ball?
          5) Ted Thompson?
          6) Mike McCarthy ..who is the only person actually in charge and responsible for the performance and success of all aspects of the team and his coaching staff.

          If you answered Mike McCarthy for each question. Please score yourself 100 and accept my apology as i wasn’t sure everyone grasped that basic knowledge.

          1. Abe Frohman January 19, 2017

            In ANY manner he so desires? MM doesn’t get to pick the players, does he?

          2. PF4L January 20, 2017

            I don’y know because i’m not privy to discussions between Fat Mike and the friendly ghost., but he does get to pick his defensive coordinator.

            That really isn’t that hard to understand is it?

          3. Abe Frohman January 20, 2017

            If you want to pick your one talking point and ignore everything else, then no – it’s not that hard to understand.

          4. PF4L January 20, 2017

            So we can agree that if McCarthy wasn’t happy with the defense, that if he wanted to make changes in the direction or philosophy of the defense, he has the power to do that.

            As Head Coach i’m assuming we can agree that Fat MIKE has full authority to terminate and replace any member of his staff.

            Then score yourself 100.

            Side note: Get ready to say goodbye to Capers very soon. But years too late. No super Bowl for us.

  2. Howard January 19, 2017

    I have indicated for a while the Packers would never fire MM for one losing season or not making the playoff after winning a Superbowl. That is not what teams that value continuity would do. It is not the Packer way. So for me the discussion about MM being fired is a waste of time. With that said I firmly believe MM was responsible for the debacle in Seattle. With all the problems that occurred in that game in all phases of the game including the loss of focus. That is on the head coaches shoulder.

    1. PF4L January 19, 2017

      So Howard, let me ask you…In the last 6 years, have you been satisfied with the defense as far as achieving the goal of reaching the final game, and winning it?

      If your answer was no…Do you think that at any point changes should have been implemented to improve the defense for the goal of getting to and winning the final game?

      We as fans also see the value continuity, Just not the kind of continuity that impedes our own set goals.

      1. Howard January 19, 2017

        If you want to get into the last 6 years and I am only going to discuss the last playoff game because as you correctly state it is the Super Bowl that matters. My belief is:

        2011 defense and offense lost that game. Look at the big plays allowed by the D and the turnovers by the offense.
        2012 defense lost game without question.
        2013 The offense was as much or more at fault than the defense. Rodgers for good reason coming back from injury was rusty. You can not blame that loss totally on the D. The defense played way better than could be expected without even considering injuries.
        2014 The entire team blew it. I think the defense played well. The defense was on the field to long because of the offense. The offense did not put up the points needed early and turned the ball over to many times or went three and out to often. You can not blame the D when they forced 5? Turnovers. I put the meltdown on MM.
        2015. The defense did what it always does when on the field to long they wilt down the stretch. The offense really did not have a good game and the defense could of helped by taking advantage of more turnovers when presented. I put the blame for 2015 totally on TT for not providing the offense with more weapons (receivers) that Rodgers could use and not providing a quality offensive line. Everyone knew before the season started the team had no quality backups on the line or proven receivers except Jones.

        So to get to your point about the defense. Personally I would prefer a 4-3 attacking defense with lockdown in your face corners. So that means I have never been thrilled with Capers. I would also point out if your going to run a 3-4 get some players that fit that system. That is on TT. When you discuss a team if honest you also have to admit the offense had some poor games also.

        We are all fans and some (me included) of us believe the season is a failure without a Lombardi. Some of us just see things different as to how to get there. The reality is we can discuss our perceived problems and argue our ways to fix the problems but we have no real ability to cause change. we can only hope for the changes we would like to see and hope the changes improve team and don’t make the team worse.

        So again it was a pipe dream for anyone to think MM was going to be fired after one year of missing the playoffs or having a losing season. I still believe TT will step down after the current season. Murphy is not going any place and you already know my feelings on Capers.

  3. PF4L January 20, 2017

    Maybe i wasn’t clear…..

    I was talking in general terms i believe, more of an over view. Which in an overview, the offense has been the strength, the defense has been the weakness. Not sure if you got around to replying to the 2nd question, but ok.

    As far as the right personnel to run the 3-4, we have discussed that for years. Mostly in the realm of fast linebackers. But the truth of the matter is, we rarely run a true 3-4 much anyway.

    I also don’t disagree with you on running a 4-3. Some of the players that were transformed into linebackers were well suited for a 4-3.

    During the 4 game losing streak, the pressure and National media was getting pretty heavy, it would have continued. McCarthy was starting to go off the rails with his head coach comment already. Imagine the pressure multiplying, and it would have. I don’t think it’s a given that McCarthy wouldn’t have left, maybe even on his own. Maybe through a new GM. But we can disagree.

    Lets revisit the defense issue soon, like in the next few days, or hopefully the next few weeks. Who knows, maybe the Packer defense will rule the Super Bowl as the reason the Packers won it. But i fucking doubt it.

    1. Howard January 20, 2017

      You and I have had this discussion before. From some of your comments to others I know you have a good memory. So you obviously know I have said the only thing that can save or protect this defense is the offense. In fact before the losing steak I indicated that even though this defense was ranked 13 it looked like it should be a bottom 15 team. I didn’t think it was going to go into the 30s but I knew the defense was based on smoke and mirrors and stated such.

      In regards to MM I indicated a long while back that MM would not be fired unless the team actually layed down on the field. In those same comments I indicated The better chance to see MM leave was for him to retire or TT retire and a new GM come in. That would still give MM one more year but with a new GM anything could happen with another poor season.

      I think we are closer to agreeing than what you think. I just can’t no matter what hope for a losing season to remove a coach. You may think that is wrong and you can have that opinion. I feel comfortable with my opinion on that subject. Here is hoping for another Packer win and I don’t care who rules, Offense, Defense, or Special teams. GO PACK!

      1. PF4L January 20, 2017

        There is a difference between hoping for a losing season. And being ok with an already losing season for the sake of the very possibility of change. When i got to this point, we had a sub .500 record.
        Losing is temporary, change is permanent. Nobody hopes for a losing season. Please don’t speak for me.

        If were gonna be honest, there wasn’t a living soul on earth who truly believed that we’d run the table, including Rodgers. Rodgers didn’t say we would, he said it could be done. Big difference.

        What that statement and the following wins did do. Is it shut up ignorant fans and writers whining that Rodgers wasn’t a leader. i don’t recall Fat Mike saying anything profound to jump start the team.

        1. Howard January 20, 2017

          Sorry didn’t mean to speak for you. If you did not imply or say that it would be good for the team to lose out for a coaching change then I apologize. One thing how do you know that MM did not say anything profound to the team behind closed doors?

          I think we are all going to have to hope MM does better because no matter if you or I like it or not Rodgers and MM are probably married till the twilight of their careers.

          1. PF4L January 22, 2017

            In McCarthys entire coaching career in Green Bay. How many players former or active, sing the praises of McCarthy.

            Besides Rodgers quips.

          2. PF4L January 22, 2017

            You know what the bottom line is Howard? It’s painfully simple.

            The bottom line is this. McCarthys own stated goal is getting to the last game, and winning it. Well guess what? It hasn’t happened for 6 seasons, this season included.

            We have Aaron Rodgers, but we keep the same failing upper management even though we watch our goals come up short, year in, and year out. Like a watching a continuous playoff losing loop.

            After this 6th year, he’ll finally get rid of Capers. which is just proof, that he should have done it some years ago. This team isn’t seeing improvement, if anything it’s been regressing under McCarthy’s watchful eye.

            But he still has that ace up his sleeve, he still has that lottery ticket, he still has that job security.
            Yes…..he still has Aaron Rodgers.

  4. PF4L January 20, 2017

    In the last 5 games…the Packers pass defense has given up 338 yards per game. You read that right, 338 passing yards per game. I doubt, that any team in the history of the NFL has given up those kind of passing yards and reached a Conference Championship game.

    But then again, they didn’t have Aaron Rodgers and the offense scoring an average of 34 points per game in those same 5 games.