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Odell Beckham Jr.: Going Out With a Bang

New York Giants’ diva Odell Beckham. Jr. went out with a bang this season, but not the kind he intended. We reported earlier that after the game he allegedly punched a hole in a wall at Lambeau Field, and followed that up by trashing their United Airlines plane on the way back to New York.

These were just the final antics of the 24-year old and his pals regarding their visit to the Fox River Valley on the weekend.

As if there was any need, teammate Dwayne Harris tried to inflate the Beckham legend even more as the game approached. “I’ve never really seen him this focused ever. Every day how he’s locking into this week has just been crazy. It think that’s kind of scary.”

Giants’ cornerback Janoris Jenkins – who calls himself “The Jackrabbit” – also contributed to the pregame buzz, with this trash-talking tweet aimed at receiver Jordy Nelson: “Its Game day! Welcome back to the Rabbit Hole Jordy.”

When the tweet began being deluged with responses, he quickly removed it.

Putting still more pressure on his tightly-wound receiver, coach Ben McAdoo indicated he was also leaning toward using the speedster on Sunday as the team’s punt returner. Instead, he did insert him as a kickoff returner. OBJ’s tally: two kick returns for a pedestrian 24 yards each.

Then during pregame warmups, Beckham and his fellow receivers strutted around the field shirtless, making everyone fully aware of their manliness and ugly tattoos.

#mindset #giantspride

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However, when it actually counted – during the game – Beckham’s line as a receiver was: 11 targets, four catches, 28 yards, and at least three horrendous drops.

As to whether the trip to Miami by Beckham and three other Giants receivers on Monday might have affected his play, OBJ was adamant it had not:

“There was nothing that could connect seven days ago to today and how we came out and played and executed. There’s just nothing in the world, it’s not realistic. I went throughout the entire week of practice fully locked in, you can ask anybody. I didn’t expect the game to go this way today.”

Maybe, maybe not, but who can deny that the controversial showboating and partying was a distraction throughout the week for the players and the Giants’ coaches and staff?

It was a long weekend for Beckham, but hardly the first time his actions didn’t live up to the hype. During the preseason, Beckham told GQ he was having premonitions of hoisting the Lombardi Trophy on February 5. “I get these weird divine feelings. They’re, like, so strong I can’t shake them.”

Yet another dream cruelly shattered by the Green Bay Packers!

Rob Born

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