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Breaking Down Mason Crosby’s Phenomenal Streak

Anyone who watched the Green Bay Packers beat the Dallas Cowboys must know that kicker Mason Crosby extended his own record, to 23, for most consecutive field goals made in NFL playoff games. When doing the most pressure-packed football maneuver, and in the most pressure-packed games, Crosby is the best kicker there is.

The streak began in the 2010 postseason (the year 2011, actually), when Crosby made the final two of three kicks against the Atlanta Falcons, and then two games later made his only kick in the Super Bowl victory.

He followed up with two made field goals in the 2011, 2012, and 2013 postseasons, then seven in the 2014 playoffs, four in the 2015 playoffs, and three so far in the 2016 playoffs.

Along the way he’s made two kicks from 19 yards or less, five from 20-29, seven from 30-39, seven from 40-49, and two from 50 or more yards. Those last two kicks came against Dallas on Sunday – from 56 and 51 yards.

Crosby was an All American when playing for the Colorado Buffaloes, prior to being drafted in the sixth round in 2007. Count this as one of GM Ted Thompson’s earliest draft successes… and don’t let the gray hair fool you – he’s only 32.

Rob Born

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  1. Chad Erik Lundberg January 16, 2017

    I remember how for 5 years I thought this guy was a dud and not worth keeping. He failed to gain a season with above 80% kicking field goals. He was too mediocre and for the longest time I thought the Packers should just cut him. He had one half-decent season in 2011 But Then followed that up with an abysmal 2012 season with the lowest kicking percentage in the NFL at 62%. to make it worse Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson refuse to ever give them any competition to make them have to fight for his job. Every other player has to compete for their job so why can’t kickers have to compete? It wasnt until the 2013 offseason that they finally made him fight for his job.

    I have my problems with Mike McCarthy but I gotta give it to him on this one for sticking with his man. Holding onto Mason Crosby since 2013 has been a godsend for us. He’s been one of the best kickers in the NFL over that span and he also has one of the strongest legs.

  2. Howard January 16, 2017

    I know kickers are just suppose to do their jobs, make the kick and keep their mouths shut. I just want to say great job Mason. Keep up the streak.

  3. TyKo Steamboat January 19, 2017

    His whole career… he has made like 3 game-winning kicks?

    He ranked 32 of 32 in 2012 at the kicker position.
    he sucked in 2008/09 too

    Probably the league’s 3rd or 4th best kicker after Justin Tucker, Dan Bailey & maybe Matt Bryant now…