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How the Giants Lassoed the Cowboys Twice

The New York Giants are fresh in the minds of Green Bay Packers fans. We have a pretty good idea of how the Giants perform offensively and on the defense.

So how did the Giants get the best of the Dallas Cowboys twice this past season? Let’s take a look back.

Game 1 – September 11

In the first game of the season, the Giants escaped from Texas with a one-point win, 20-19.

In his first NFL game, quarterback Dak Prescott was ordinary: 25-of-45 passes for 227 yards through the air, 12 yards rushing, and a passer rating of 69. So was rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott: 20 carries for 51 yards, and two catches for one yard.

As the score indicates, it was an even battle. Dallas had 328 total yards, a dozen more than New York. The only major statistical disparity was that Dallas had over 13 more minutes in time of possession. The Giants managed only two sacks, but they also had the only turnover.

Tight end Jason Witten was the Cowboys’ top receiver, with nine catches for 66 yards. Odell Beckham Jr. led the Giants with four catches for 73 yards.

Eli Manning got the go-ahead score with his third touchdown pass to Victor Cruz. For the game, Manning had a healthy 110 passer rating.

The Giants’ defense, strengthened with some new free agent signings, held Dallas without scoring for the game’s final six minutes.

Giants coach Ben McAdoo got his first NFL victory by hobbling what turned out, over the course of the season, to be the Cowboys’ big three: Prescott, Elliott, and Dez Bryant (one catch for eight yards).

Game 2 – December 11

The Cowboys traveled north sporting an 11-game win streak. In a defensive battle, the Giants forced Dak Prescott into the worst outing of his short career. Prescott connected on only 17-of-37 throws, for only 165 yards, and he also gave up two interceptions.

Ezekiel Elliott fared a little better: 24 carries for 107 yards.

The Giants scored all their points in the third quarter and they held Dallas scoreless after its lone TD, 10 minutes into the game.

The leading receivers for Dallas were Terrance Williams (76 yards), Cole Beasley (41), and Witten (26). Dez Bryant was again held to one catch – giving him 18 total yards and one lost fumble for the two losses.

QB Manning had a mediocre outing: 17-of-28 for 193 yards. He was sacked three times, as was Prescott.

Rashad Jennings and Paul Perkins each had 15 rushes, and as a team New York ran for 93 yards in 33 attempts.

Odell Beckham was the game’s top receiver, with a 61-yard TD grab, and four catches for 94 yards in all.

The other stat that stood out was Dallas’ linebacker Sean Lee’s 18 tackles. Lee finished the regular season with 145 tackles, fourth best in the league.

The game was once again an even matchup – each team finished with 260 total yards.

Final Thoughts

The Giants owe both wins to a stout defense. They held Prescott to two of his three lowest passer ratings on the year, 69.4 and then 45.4.

Most noteworthy, they prevented big plays by stars of the Cowboys. In game 1, only one Cowboys’ pass completion was for more than 17 yards, a 21-yarder to a reserve tight end. Elliott’s longest run was for eight yards. In game 2, Elliott’s longest run went for 15 yards; the only pass completion of more than 18 yards was a 31-yard TD toss to Williams.

Not only was Manning not special in either game, he turned the ball over four times.

On Sunday, I’m ready to concede that a well-rested Elliott will exceed 100 rushing yards, and he might approach or surpass the 154 yards he had against Green Bay in October. I don’t think that will determine the outcome, however. The Packers’ defense needs to hold Dallas to under 30 points – and they only averaged 26.3 per game on the year, against mostly lesser opponents.

If the Green Bay defense gives up fewer than 30 points, I think Aaron Rodgers and his receivers, with or even without a strong run game, can top that number.

Rob Born

Smart drafters don’t select the best available players, they fill a team’s positions of greatest need.



  1. PF4L January 14, 2017

    “The Packers’ defense needs to hold Dallas to under 30 points – and they only averaged 26.3 per game on the year, against mostly lesser opponents.”

    Here’s the problem with that……

    When you believe one of the keys to a victory is holding your opponent under 30 points, You may have already lost.

    You are correct that the Cowboys averaged “only” 26.3 points per game. (which btw…is 4th highest in the league) against as you say…lesser opponents.

    But keep in mind, the Packers defense gave up 30 and 40+ points up 5 times. 3 times against teams not even in the playoffs, The other 2 teams were, Dallas, and Atlanta.

    It’s true that the Giants held Prescott to a 69, and 54 passer rating. something the Packers aren’t capable of doing.

    Final thought: Robster, you have written a lot of articles this week, with a lot of positive Packers viewpoints, analytics and metrics entering this Cowboy game and that’s all good stuff. But heres what i’m thinking…..

    How about, making a prediction on this game for the readers of your hard work? With all that insight, i’m sure everyone would enjoy to hear your opinion. What say you Sir?

    1. PF4L January 15, 2017

      Robster…please put on your big boy pants and make a prediction…..C’MON MAN! It’s not that hard, be brave.

  2. Deepsky January 15, 2017

    Last year the Packers offense was easily defended by bringing up a safety and playing contain on Rodgers. I suspect the Cowboys, who played contain in the earlier game, will do the same, especially now that there is no threat of Nelson downfield. Rodgers will be sitting there in the pocket way too long as there will be more pass defenders than receivers within 5 to 15 yards.

    The Packers can only win this game by taking having a patient running game and sending Cook long to take two defenders with him. I think Christine Michael needs to be a work horse.

    Capers had no answer for Prescott because he needs to see tape of a guy before he can come up with a solid game plan. I expect a better game plan plus a more stable secondary will prevent him from having 120 QB rating like in the last game.

    I fear the Packers will trot out Matthews and Peppers on the ends and the Cowboys run game will dominate them, so look for at least another 150 yard game from Elliot.