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Game, Set, North: Packers Still Own Lions

We weren’t quick to dismiss these Detroit Lions, but let’s be honest. They are the Detroit Lions and we are the Green Bay Packers.

The Green Bay Fucking Packers!

It looked like we were going to lay down or go away or whatever other unthinkable thing during the first half of this game, which closed with the Lions up 14-10.

But not on this roll, not on this streak, right?

Not this motherfucking offense.

While the Green Bay Packers’ defense continued its complete shitdickery — and we’ll never win a championship with this clown show — the offense and Aaron Rodgers showed up in the second half.

They showed up with 21 points. They showed up with two Davante Adams’ touchdowns. They showed up with Geronimo MF’ing Allison.

Aaron Rodgers was 27-of-39 for 300 yards, four touchdowns and nary a pick.

Did our boy stake his claim to the MVP?

We really don’t care. The last time a regular season MVP won a Super Bowl was longer than I can remember.

I HOPE that turd Matt Ryan wins the MVP. We all know the Atlanta Falcons aren’t going anywhere in the playoffs.

I hope Rodgers doesn’t get shit and then what will happen? His fragile ego will be bruised and he’ll go out there and torch everyone in the playoffs.

So let’s bring it on.

We’re division champs again.

Who gives a shit?!?!?!

Only Mark Murphy, that Alfred E. Neuman-looking status quo-loving fuck.

The division is nice, but we don’t raise banners for shit like that. The Vikings do.

This is about the playoffs. We’re in and as the No. 4 seed, we’ll get a game at home.

Another one and done won’t suffice though, will it?

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. PF4L January 1, 2017

    Collinsworth was trippin all over Capers schwanz, calling him a wizard…here’s what really happened.

    The Lions were ahead in time of possession by 5 minutes at 1/2 time. by the end of the game the Packers won T O P by over 8 minutes. Meaning they picked up 13 over the Lions just in the 2nd half. Capers wasn’t a wizard, the Packer offense ate clock and kept Detroit off the field.

    1st quarter was seriously flat, but slowly and surely the offense stepped up, great performance.

  2. Big Gay Clay January 1, 2017

    Did anyone see Spriggs get injured on the final drive?

    1. PF4L January 1, 2017

      Yea, the play was sort of over, then Spriggs ran around a couple guys to get to the play, then someone sort of fell on him, hard to tell how, or what was injured, it just seemed like he collapsed. I kept replaying it, i didn’t see anything.

      1. Big Gay Clay January 1, 2017

        Hopefully he is ok. We should have kneeled the ball instead of running a low yardage fb dive. It was senseless. Now we’re down 2 RT

        1. AutPackGo January 2, 2017

          Couldn’t agree more, imho completely meaningless play. Kneeldown would have saved one time-out (doesn’t Buffoon love to save time-outs ;) ), milked the clock down to about 10 seconds and prevented Spriggs from getting injured. (looked like helmet2helmet from DET #91)

          1. PF4L January 2, 2017

            Yea, i saw the helmet to helmet, but it was pretty soft, so i didn’t mention it. I mean it was kind of a stationary play. Will be curious to find out what happened, but with the Packers. I’m not counting on being told. More worried about Rollins.

  3. Chad Lundberg January 1, 2017

    Is Geronimo Allison the next Jarrett Boykin? Would hope not, guy could save us a draft pick, and we need those to get some new corners. Besides that, this team is on a roll.

    1. PF4L January 2, 2017

      Last 2 games he’s had 8 catches for 157 yards and a 17.4 average. It seems he punched his ticket with Rodgers last night. He gets open, and gets YAC.

      Speaking of which, in the believe it or not category. Richard Rogers actually had some yards after catch.

  4. Bob January 1, 2017

    So worried about the Giants. I still have nightmares about the horrible things Eli Manning and Plaxico Burress did to us in the playoffs. OBJ is faster than Burress and our secondary is worse now than it was then. Hope we can dominate the Giants and put those demons to rest.

    1. I Steal Fish January 1, 2017

      I understand where you are coming from man. But to be honest, I am glad as hell, honestly even excited that we get the Giants coming to Lambeau again. It is time for McCarthy and Rogers to get this fat, stinking, hairy monkey from new york off of their backs. It’s time to replace the shitty playoff memories with the Giants in Lambeau we have the grave where they belong. Tell them to bring their asses on. We got this man.

    2. ab January 2, 2017

      Agree, I almost thought we’d rather take a road game at seattle. But obviously you can’t think like that, you just have to win the games ahead of you, and right now this team is looking good at the right time.

  5. Kozak January 2, 2017

    WTF do you guys think Capers should do with no fucking corner backs left?
    Getting off the field without a touchdown every possession is a fucking miracle.

    1. PF4L January 2, 2017

      He should resign

    2. Kato January 2, 2017

      His defenses have been mediocre at best with health at CB

    3. MJ January 2, 2017

      How do you explain Hayward now leading the league (or close) in picks? Maybe his scheme is not well suited for the abilities (and weaknesses) of our own guys.

      1. Big Gay Clay January 2, 2017

        Letting Hayward walk for a measly 5 mill a season was a mistake. I didn’t like it when it happened and I sure as hell don’t like it now.

    4. Empacador January 2, 2017

      Maybe he could switch it up by using a 4-3 defense. He has a bunch of converted, better suited for 4-3 defensive players to pull from to generate some semblance of a pass rush without resorting to blitzing someone out of the secondary. It would be like when Mickey changed Rocky from southpaw. Keep the teams guessing. Who else saw the 2 FB set coming? LOL!

      1. Empacador January 2, 2017

        Reading through the rest of these comments, how about this. Maybe the Packers could take a page out of the Patriots playbook and use, I dunno, say Janis and Cobb in the secondary. Since Janis apparently can’t catch, and Cobb is making a shit ton of money, why not press them into duty? They can’t do any worse than what the Packers are rolling with currently.

        1. Empacador January 2, 2017

          Hell, at this rate McCarthy, the highly successful NFL coach we all know and love, might just be on the cutting edge of being a trendsetter. Before you know it, he could single handedly become responsible for bringing back the 2 way player! Sometimes more, as in specialists, isn’t always better. I think any number of players would shank a punt as well as Schum. A team could carry 15 DBs if they had some of these guys doubling positions up like in the old days. The scary part is I say this only half kidding.

          Imagine the confusion placed on opponents, even if only done to give a look, that would drive opposing coordinators sick because they have no film of these looks/personnel packages. Baffle them with bullshit, have them decide what is truth and what is fiction. Eventually information overload leads to analysis paralysis. Burning timeouts that could be used for challenges, maybe mandatory running time off the clock towards the end of a game when an opposing team’s player gets hurt and they have no more timeouts. There are any number of ways for McCarthy to start exploiting rather than BE exploited.

  6. PF4L January 2, 2017

    Aaron Rodgers was 27-of-39 for 300 yards, four touchdowns and nary a pick.

    Did our boy stake his claim to the MVP? – Monty

    Now….he’s “our boy” again huh?….lol

    Thatta boy….,time to get back on and start slurpin on Rodgers ball sack again.

    For those of you who lost faith and jumped off the Rodgers bandwagon to shit on him. There isn’t any getting back on again, you gave up your seat.

  7. PF4L January 2, 2017

    With the way the mid-season losing streak happened. The Packers now running the table and winning the North.

    As far as the playoffs are concerned to me, the Packers are playing with house money.

    1. Kato January 2, 2017

      If the packers win the super bowl it will be because of Rodgers. With as bad of a defense this team has, Rodgers would have to have the greatest postseason a QB has ever had. Which isn’t out of the question. His receivers are decent and this is the best offensive line he has ever had. That group is absurdly underrated. David Bahktiari does not get enough credit, he was quite possibly the best LT in the NFL this year.

      1. PF4L January 2, 2017

        Super Bowl? Kato….it’s going to get tougher than the Lions. The Lions are last years Redskins. One and done.

        IF….a miracle happened and we got to the Super Bowl against New England. I actually like that match up for the Packers. But the Patriots defense is VERY good. That would be tough sledding.

  8. ferris January 2, 2017

    Anyone else see that shank punt at the end that went like 10 yards? Is it really that hard to kick a football? They practice it right? Has any team had the punting woes of this team ever? The Detroit punter hit high kicks that seemed to never come down and that idiot punter can’t kick it 40 yards.
    With the CB injuries may be another one and done year but at least I’m not a Lions or Vikings fan.

    1. MJ January 2, 2017

      Yeah, unless we score like 53 points a game, we could be looking at another one and done.
      Defenses play better during the playoffs, so maybe ours gets inspired and we make a longer run, who knowns.

  9. MMTTDCSUCK January 2, 2017

    The First Half the Pack seemed very tight. The players finally loosened up at the end of the half. Aaron Rodgers continues to impress after his less than characteristic start ( Personally, I was worried. I thought the stress of carrying the team had created the “yips” in him . . . ). The dude is on fucking fire, and seeing much more of the field again. What bothers me is the lack of discipline and the occasional inability to get the plays into Rodgers in a timely fashion. The amount of penalties was strange. I seem to recall that this may be one of the officiating crews that calls the games too tight. In contrast, I did notice the Lions O line holding constantly, but the Pack got a few as well . . . The second half was nice to watch. The offense was clicking for most of this half. The defense is struggling at times getting to the QB, but the injuries to the secondary are bad. Gunther seemed to make some great plays again. Randall is a liability and needs to figure it out. I believe that Brice may be a good find. Hopefully the DB’s will feel better next Sunday, they will be pushed by the Giants more than average WR’s. A good win.

  10. Howard January 2, 2017

    Hate seeing all the injuries last night. Hopefully everyone it fine including but not limited to Rollins.
    The thing about injuries is other guys need to step up. Has anyone really missed Cobb the last three weeks? Jordy in the slot and Allison as a wideout I believe has made the team more explosive. Cobb will be needed but someone has stepped up and made the offense better.

    The defensive backs missing last night are probably rated the lowest in the NFL. There are backups on other teams better than they are. Rollins and Randall are beat constantly. Who knows what the team has with Makington? Some of that is the scheme. Some of that is on the individual. Except for going prevent, the defensive backs using safeties as corners played fine with a basic get up on your guy and stay in his face defense. Maybe it is time for change. If nothing else the opponent may not have any tendencies to look at with a fresh look. Making the defensive backfield calls more simple with a get in the receivers face scheme may help this team. Nothing can make this defensive backfield worse than it currently is.

    The two injuries most concerning are Bulaga and Spriggs. It is frightening to see Barclay in the game at all let alone as an offensive tackle. Barclay that close to being on the field can derail a perfectly fine offense in quick fashion, and this offense is the main cog in the team moving on.

    1. PF4L January 2, 2017

      To me Adams, has arrived. Montgomery may or may not stay at rb next season. To me the jury is out, i think he’s getting beat up pretty good, will have to see how that all plays out. Keep in mind, Ty still hasn’t even gotten like 12-15 carries in a game. and his blocking needs SERIOUS work. Allison “looks” like the real deal. They sign Cook for a couple years. At Cobbs salary, he very well could be trade bait, i have no idea. But i haven’t heard anyone say anything like..” Gee, Cobb is out, were probably gonna lose”.

      Very much agree with your last paragraph, but i get nervous with either Spriggs (at this point) and whenever Barclay is in. I’m still not totally comfortable with Taylor.

    2. Empacador January 2, 2017

      You are absolutely correct with your concern Howard. Barclay is the new Marshall Newhouse. Nickname is “Turnstile”. Specializes in the Lookout block, as in “Lookout, here he comes again”.

  11. Killer January 2, 2017

    Congratulations to the Packers on their win in an away game against a tough divisional opponent. Congratulations also on winning the division, of course.

    The Packers looked sunk and sinking faster around mid-season but managed to pull out of the nosedive. It really was just one thing: Aaron Rodgers. As Rodgers goes so goes the Packers. He got his mojo back and his focus. He is still a creepy arrogant messed up in the head poor teammate (and extremely poor family member) kind of guy but he has a great arm, great mobility. I personally would not want him on my team and would not be able to root for him. I root for good guys, not bad guys.

    As usual, I need to correct Monty on a few errors of perception.

    #1: “Did our boy stake his claim to the MVP?” This question is answered. The answer is “No”. Ask yourself this question: If Rodgers had more yards passing, as many or fewer interceptions, a better completion percentage, a much better yards per attempt, AND his team has more wins and a better position in the playoffs would you think it is fair and appropriate and right for that other QB to be MVP over Rodgers? I already know your answer to that is “No”. So, the real question is, are you a hypocrite? If you think Rodgers should be MVP then the answer is “Yes, I sure am a big hypocrite”. To avoid hypocrisy you must admit others deserve MVP more than Rodgers. 3 QBs have a higher QB rating than Rodgers (only including QBs who threw for over 3000 yards). Two of them have a MUCH higher rating. All three of them have more wins for their teams and a better positioning in the playoffs. In fact, 2 of the 3 QBs beat Rodgers in head to head match ups. It is like a Snickers bar — any way you slice it it comes up peanuts. Rodgers did well but not MVP well. This is actually a no brainer and it is a little disturbing I even need to address this with Monty. Monty is not known for fairness or honesty or intelligence but, still…. here he is insulting the intelligence of his fellow Packer fans.

    #2: This was not in the article but was in the blurb under the article’s title in the web site = “The Green Bay Packers still own the NFC North.” The correct word is “regained”, not “still”. I guess you forgot — typical selective memory — that the Minnesota Vikings won the NFC North last year. Funny how you like to mock that they took pride in winning the North and then conveniently forget that they won it when it suits you. To help you recollection — the Vikings came into Green Bay and defeated the Packers on their home field and win the division in 2015. Is it coming back to you now? But you compounded the error by using the word “own”. This is typically used when there is little or no competition. I’ll remind you it came down to the final game and, if you’d lost, you would not have won the division. Now, I ask you, if the Lions had won would you be saying that they “own” the division? See what I mean about hypocrisy?

    PS Monty also posts (even under his own articles) as PF4L. Very deceptive. Monty also writes articles under the pseudonym Mordecai Jones. I just think you guys, to be fair, ought to know the games Monty plays. This also helps him get more money out of his advertisers by deluding them that more people are coming to this site than actually are. Which, in my book, makes Monty a crook.

  12. PF4L January 2, 2017

    Congratulations are also in order for the vikings accomplishment Sunday of winning their 3rd game since Oct. 9th. against the 3-13 bears.

    This victory comes only 3 weeks after the vikings dismantled the 3-13 Jaquars.

    Viking fans are very grateful that Norv Turner resigned, allowing their powerful viking team to turn their season around.

    The Star Tribune also reports that viking fans are highly confident that next season the vikings can duplicate the success of this season and finish 3rd in the NFC North again next season.

  13. Empacador January 2, 2017

    Monty co-founded Total Steelers as well. He must have a lot of time between pretending to be multiple posters here, there, plus chasing broads.

    1. Howard January 2, 2017

      And might I add Empacador, pounding down a few drinks. :-).

      1. Empacador January 2, 2017

        Yeah, that too! I can’t believe I forgot to add that!

        1. PF4L January 3, 2017

          Plus, he must be doing well for himself. Have you seen the price of drinks at the Beverly Garland?

          Holy shit!