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Well, I didn’t have a hell of a lot to say in the way of analysis on Sunday, primarily because I was in disbelief. The Green Bay Packers did indeed dispatch the No. 1 seed Dallas Cowboys though, didn’t they?

All week long, the Dallas contingent was whining about how they weren’t getting any respect, pointing out that they were the No. 1 seed, that the Packers didn’t deserve the hype and that they were the superior team.

Well, what do you have to say now?

Great regular season, Cowboys!

Let’s get it rolling.

He Continues to Amaze

Aaron Rodgers didn’t have his best game on Sunday, but he was amazing nonetheless. Rodgers threw his first pick since November 13 against Dallas. It was what you would call an inopportune interception, as it came following a Micah Hyde pick of Dak Prescott. The Packers were up 28-13 and had a chance to really stomp on the Cowboys’ throat had they scored on that possession. Apparently, Rodgers just wanted to save his heroics for later on. Obviously, the legacy only grew with the final throw of the game to Jared Cook. The Cowboys were able to contain Rodgers at times, but not for four quarters. He was an assassin out there on Sunday. A stone-cold, emotionless assassin. I’ll tell you the stats, but they don’t matter — 28-of-43 for 356 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. What matters is no one can stop Aaron Rodgers right now. Maybe here and there, but not for an entire game. And it doesn’t even matter who’s on the field with him. No Jordy Nelson? No problem. To put it simply, this isn’t a great football team. It’s a football team being carried by the play of a guy who simply won’t be denied.

Cook Makes A Difference

One thing that we had somewhat overlooked leading up to the game was the fact that Jared Cook didn’t play when these teams first met. To put it simply, I thought he’d catch some balls, but I didn’t consider him a potential game-changing factor. Well… wrong! With Nelson sidelined, Cook was Rodgers’ guy. He finished with six catches for 104 yards and touchdown, in what was probably the best game of his lifetime. The final catch along the sideline was masterful. That ball was actually out of bounds where Cook caught it and he managed to have the body control to drag both of his feet to keep it inbounds. Jared Cook probably earned himself a new contract on Sunday.

Defensive Playmakers? Not Today!

Last week, we had talked about getting difference-making plays from Packers’ supposed defensive playmakers. That if they gave the Packers one big play, that should be enough to win. Obviously, the guys you look to are Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers, Mike Daniels and Nick Perry. Well, Perry turned in a couple of plays. He had a sack and knocked down a huge third-down throw. Those made a difference. The other three guys? I would say their performances ranged from nondescript to downright embarrassing. Daniels would fall on the former end of the spectrum with three tackles. Old man Peppers would probably fall in the middle. He had just one tackle. Matthews would most definitely fall on the latter end. He had just one tackle and didn’t sniff the quarterback as far as I recall. Plus, there was the attempted takedown of Ezekiel Elliott when Elliott spun around and left Matthews with pretty much nothing but air. That was embarrassing. We actually had a discussion on Sunday about when the Packers can get rid of Matthews. The answer is, his bloated contract has two years remaining on it, but the Packers could release him after next season and not have to eat any dead money.

Ice in His Veins

Let’s not overlook Mason Crosby. The job he has been doing for the Packers is outstanding. First, two kicks from 50-plus yards on the road in a playoff game, the latter for the win from 51 as time expired (the first was from 56). That alone is pretty amazing. Here’s something that is even more amazing. Crosby hasn’t missed a field goal in the postseason in 23 consecutive tries. The guy is automatic right now.

Brice Steps Up

The Packers lost safety Morgan Burnett in the first half. They had to turn to undrafted rookie Kentrell Brice at safety after that. I won’t say Brice had a great game. I would really have to look at the tape again to review. However, what I did notice is he brought a physical presence out there that neither Burnett or Ha Ha Clinton-Dix bring to the table. Brice was flying around and hitting people. Hard. He finished with a team-high seven tackles and also knocked down a pass. That was a big stage and Brice handled it well. The Packers look like they might have something special down the road with this guy.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Chad Lundberg January 16, 2017

    A great GREAT win today! Every time we go to Jerry’s World amazement happens! I was on the edge of my seat in the last quarter!

    I’m really trying not to be the sneezling weasel of this group, I’m really not. But our DB’s HAVE TO play better going forward!!! Had Morgan Burnett stayed healthy, that play that Brice made would have been a pick.

    We need Jordy Nelson back. Our offense can’t afford to stall again in another game like that. Had he been playing there would have at least been a 25 point lead. We were absolutely rocking the ball for the longest time there, but when we stalled, man it frustrating! If it were regular season, I would be saying that, but our remaining opponents are the Falcons and Patriots/Steelers. Steelers are the team that would be looking for a little payback.


    But MM and DC have GOT to crack down on the D’s ability to play better this week. Cowboys can run on anybody, but the Falcons can pass on anybody. We will have to score at least 40 points this week if they can’t play better.

    1. PF4L January 16, 2017

      Bringing up poor secondary play doesn’t make you a sneezling weasel Chad. It makes you a knowledgeable Packer fan.

      Never bringing up the weak area’s of your team, doesn’t make you popular and well liked, but it will make you look like a non thinking sheep where getting into the playoffs is deemed a successful season.

      Keep on keepin on brother. Bleed green.

  2. Kato January 16, 2017

    I am not ready to jump on the “Brice is special train” yet. Just one game. I am about done with Clay Matthews. This is the highest paid defensive player on the team. You expect him to make some sort of impact. He hasn’t all year save for maybe 3 games all year including this postseason. He is borderline mediocre

  3. Howard January 16, 2017

    I know when discussing play makers you are probably describing the big dollar defensive guys. Hyde’s plays were key in keeping the Cowboy point total down. Hyde had the biggest impact as a defensive playmaker in this game.

    1. PF4L January 16, 2017

      31 points is keeping the point total down?

      Makes me wonder what you would consider a low point total against the Packers when we play the Falcons.

      1. Howard January 16, 2017

        Well if it wasn’t for the INT. The Cowboys would have had at least three more points. Tell me how that would have played out.? So add 3 to 31 equals 34. Add 7 to 31 equals 37. I think it is obvious on the defensive side Hyde was the playmaker that made the difference in point total. Not saying it is Fucking great. Jesus Fucking Christ you know that I think this defense is shit. I have only wrote it for months.

        1. Howard January 16, 2017

          38 not 37. I think the best point total we can hope for against the Falcons is 31 and that is only if the Packers do not double Julio if he is injured.

          1. PF4L January 16, 2017

            Sorry, didn’t know you were gonna spin out.

            “You have to double Julio, even when injured, better safe than sorry.” – Dom

          2. Howard January 16, 2017

            No need to apologize. The way this defense plays hits a nerve with most of us including me. This defense can fuck up another Lombardi. It is a damn good thing the offense protects some of the defenses many deficiencies.

            I hope Capers did not say that? I thought doubling Jones while injured in the last game was one of the reasons the Pack lost.

          3. PF4L January 16, 2017

            The quote from Dom, is my highly witty sarcasm. In a sad, honest sort of way.

            With all due respect…Telling someone like me that Rodgers and the offense overcomes the deficiencies of the defense is like trying to explain to Warren Buffett how to make money. I’ve only been explaining that in detail for years.

            The crime isn’t the need for the offense to carry the defense.

            The crime is that the ruling order and mechanics of the defense have been almost virtually unchanged for 6 seasons, but somehow we expect different results.

            You are right, it impedes the opportunity to reach and win the Super Bowl. Which is why i believe because it’s a problem that’s continuos, i contend it borders on derelict of duty.

            Which in turn is why i also believe, that Rodgers is TT’s and MM’s meal ticket (in their mind). evidence to that end points to slow, to absolute non action of improving deficiencies. Whether, coaching, talent, or philosophies.

            The same problems that plaque the team today, plagued them all the way back to the 2011 season.

          4. MMTTDCSUCK January 16, 2017

            Pf4l, I would take that back to 2010. They nearly blew the fucking SB game. I have been screaming for MM and DC’s heads since the 2010 SB. I knew they were over rated after that game. They have NOT proven me wrong since . . . Those two CHOKE after they get a lead going into the fourth quarter. The worst schemes and coaching errors’ I have ever witnessed year after year without being fired.

          5. PF4L January 17, 2017

            The defense was pretty tight in 2010.

            My concerns flourished in 2011 when the defense went from 5th, to 32nd in the league. I mean…how does that happen, in one season.

            Of course my angst heightened, because we blew a great chance. That 2011 offense was among the most prolific in NFL history. the offense averaged 35 points per game. That’s almost unheard of.

          6. MMTTDCSUCK January 17, 2017

            Here is an interesting article about Atlanta’s offense run by Shanahan. Some interesting points. Here is one observation from the author:

            “Unit success or team success doesn’t always confirm that a coach is doing good work. Take the Falcons’ opponents in the NFC Championship Game for example. Mike McCarthy has done everything possible to hinder the Packers chances. From running a rudimentary offense to retaining the often overwhelmed Dom Capers as his defensive coordinator, McCarthy is a big reason why Aaron Rodgers had to play historically well for the Packers just to make it into the playoffs.” enough said . . . I will repost this on a newer thread for more eyes to see it.

  4. PF4L January 16, 2017

    Rodgers interception was his 1st after throwing 24 TD’s. That’s a 24/1 interception ratio. I’ll forgive him.

    Rodgers streak is 2nd, as far as NFL records without a pick. Brady is 1st at 26 TD’s.

    Now, about this Morgan Burnett injury. If you have it on DVR. Replay it, a few times. What the fuck was he thinking!!?? Runs right into Gunter. Like he was straight up layin the wood on him, watch his eyes. that’s the 2nd time i saw that this season. The 1st if memory serves, was a go route up the sideline, Rollins in pursuit and behind the receiver (shocking). So here comes Burnett running full speed in support, runs smacks dab right into Rollins, takes him out as the receiver catches the ball for a 71 yard TD. Does Burnett close his eyes when he gets close?
    WTF is that shit? Watch it, seriously.

    Also, we better pray that Bakhtiari stays healthy. If anyone saw Spriggs do a faceplant in the turf after whiffing on his block, show’s you just how raw he is. Also, 2 many defenders coming in untouched to sack Rodgers. Montgomery really needs to block better. He also whiffed on a sack.

    Me not bringing up a problem, doesn’t make it go away. Yes, i’m talking about the defense. They gave up 429 yards and 31 points. The Falcons have a more potent offense than the Cowboys.

    Call me crazy, but i see that as a problem.

    We’ll probably do what we did yesterday and years past, and just hope Rodgers overcomes it.

    1. MJ January 16, 2017

      First one was Ha-Ha, taking out Randall or Rollins. Some defensive players are so good at tackling that they tackle friend or foe alike.

      1. PF4L January 16, 2017

        Yea, i wasn’t sure, but since Burnett showed me what he did, i figured he was a good guess…lol

        I lose my mind when i watch shit like that.

        1. MMTTDCSUCK January 16, 2017

          No, I believe Burnett took another guy out earlier this year as well. I sometimes question his choices out there.

  5. Gort January 16, 2017

    Mediocre is a linebacker who is in position (most of the time) and makes tackles, even though he rarely makes the spectacular play = A. J. Hawk.

    Ineffective is a linebacker who is often out of position, makes 1 tackle, made 1 spectacular play (against the Giants), and zero spectacular plays against the Cowboys = Clay Matthews.

    I would prefer mediocre to ineffective.

    1. PF4L January 16, 2017

      Damarious Randall….mediocre, or ineffective?

      1. Gort January 16, 2017


        1. PF4L January 16, 2017

          Good call.

    2. MJ January 16, 2017

      AJ Hawk made tackles after the runner had already gained 7yds. Does that reach the “mediocre” level?

      1. Gort January 16, 2017

        Hawk was a tackling machine. Nitschke was a superstar. Matthews is a TV commercial star.

  6. PF4L January 16, 2017

    On a positive note….

    Remember years ago what it felt like to have a strong offense, and a strong defense at the same time? The score was 21-3 and it dawned on me. ‘The defense is shutting them down other than the 1st drive. I was fucking pumped up thinking both sides of the ball were dominating.

    Now i kinda know what a Patriot fan feels like.

  7. Gort January 16, 2017

    For clarification, Hawk was a good linebacker in his prime. He became mediocre when age and mileage caught up with him and he slowed down.

    1. PF4L January 16, 2017

      ^voice of reason^

  8. Kato January 16, 2017

    The Bahktiari situation is worth monitoring. I fully expect him to play, but it is obvious something happend. Bulaga came up gimpy. Dan Quinn is an excellent defensive coach and has had Aaron Rodgers number before, and I fully expect him to challenge both tackles early. I also expect to see more Aaron Ripkowski this week, especially if there is any concern at all with Bahktiari. Rip is a lot better in pass pro than Ty at this point. The Falcoms have also been suspect to physical run games. I fully expect Aaron Rodgers to attack the safeties, the biggest weakness of the Atlanta secondary. That could mean a big role for Jared Cook once again. If Jordy plays in this game (which I am very skeptical of), I expect him to line up in the slot at least a dozen times to attack the middle of the field, where this defense is most vulnerable.

  9. Packers fan January 16, 2017

    This Packers team is so hot right now but do not sleep on the Falcons. Their offense is good as our’s and the winner will score more points.

    Skip Bayless is a jerk for these stupid comments about Prescott outplaying Rodgers.

    Packers defense needs to stop choking games away.

    Second time this year Rodgers bails MM out.

    And if GB goes to Houston it will be in spite of McCarthy, not because of him.

    1. Kato January 16, 2017

      Bayless is a troll, and terrible one at that. I hated his Chicago Tribune columns. Hell, even bears fans hated his shit.

  10. Empacador January 16, 2017

    What I don’t want to hear is anyone from the defense talking about how they can sleep at night after watching the tape, knowing they can correct their problems. How many times did the outside guys lose contain yesterday? Before the start of the game, when asked about the game by Erin Andrews, Mike Daniels using a Mike Tyson quote “Everyone has plan until they get punched in the mouth”. Shut the hell up and do it already. Maybe they can bring Woodson back as a motivational coach for the defense, because those guys are shitty.

    1. PF4L January 16, 2017

      Empacador…i agree 100%

      When i heard that Tyson quote from Daniels, my 1st thought was….tell us that AFTER you punch them in the mouth.

      The difference between those quotes, is that Tyson already actually did it (numerous times). Despite Daniels tough talk, were still waiting.

      But Daniels did have 2 tackles.

  11. Gort January 16, 2017

    I am starting to reevaluate my opinion of MM. I am starting to believe that he does pretty good with what are very limited resources at some positions. It is a tough assignment for a street free agent to match up against an all-pro, but injuries have forced that again. Yeah, a possible GOAT at quarterback goes a long way, but he is on the field about half the game. That position is very important, but football really is a team game. The Rodgers to Cook pass doesn’t mean shit if Crosby misses wide left. The Rodgers to Cook pass never happens if the defense allows Dallas another first down. Would you rather have MM again or 2 seasons under Ray Rhodes.

    1. PF4L January 16, 2017


    2. Kato January 16, 2017

      I completely agree. I mean, let’s be honest, McCarthy can be too conservative at times. In fact, if he pulls that shit against the falcons in this upcoming game, they will probably lose. They can’t afford to pull that shit against the best offense in the NFL. When they get up, put the hammer down.

      1. MMTTDCSUCK January 16, 2017

        I do NOT believe that the arrogant fuck McCarthy will do anything different once they are up. He is either OCD about his game and methods . . . or he is as dense as a post. Capers? Who the fuck knows?

        1. Gort January 17, 2017

          There are far worse coaches out there and there are far more bad candidates to choose from to fill a vacancy. Room for improvement in his performance? Always. He did get enough performance from a 6 and 10 team that had way more than 1 foot in the playoff grave and get them to playing for the George Halas trophy. At that 6 and 10 point of the season I was with you. If he didn’t have a candidate for GOAT at quarterback, this discussion might go a different direction. The team under his guidance never gave up. They did earn a spot in the NFC Championship game. The expectations going into the season were lofty. A myriad of injuries forced young and inexperienced players to learn on the fly. A lesser coach might have thrown in the towel. Good coaches find ways to win in spite of problems like that. Maybe we have a good coach.

    3. Kato January 16, 2017

      You can say McCarthy wouldn’t be successful without Rodgers. Yeah, maybe. But you could say that about Belechick. You can say that about Lombardi. McCarthy has the respect of his players, which is very evident. He is very confident in his program. Not to mention he has put together the best possible offense for Rodgers to succeed in. He has built in scramble plays in each play to take advantage of Rodgers athleticism outside the pocket. This is a timing based scheme, and a very precise offense to run. Next game, watch when he holds onto the ball and escapes the pocket. You will see offensive linemen peel outside. This is by design. The receivers have two different routes each play: the primary play call and the scramble drill. Those receivers are expected to be in a spot if Rodgers ad libs. This is all by design, and McCarthy is the architect. Look at all the other good/great qbs in the NFL that haven’t enjoyed the same success. Andrew Luck. Phillip Rivers. Matt Ryan. Drew Brees. I don’t think people appreciate how lucky we are to have McCarthy. While he has weaknesses, no coach is perfect.

      1. Empacador January 16, 2017

        McCarthy vs. Rodgers? Is this for real? This is some Skip Bayless level shit right here. I’ll take Rodgers 100 times out of 100 times. Just about anyone in the organization who is responsible for the football operations and has had any amount of longevity since Rodgers has been QB 1 should be thanking that man daily for covering all the warts he has been able to cover.

        McCarthy leaves the game when Rodgers retires or shortly after when the next QB is merely mortal and cannot cover for the shortcomings of McCarthy and co. any longer. The Packers win in spite of McCarthy, not because of McCarthy. I agree with the sentiment that 10 years from now we will all be thinking back fondly to these days. But not because of McCarthy, because of how good Rodgers was in spite of the handicap he was dealing with. The only highlight reels you will probably ever see of McCarthy on Youtube are his incredible choke jobs. Nobody is quoting McCarthy like Lombardi, except in jest.

        If anyone here thinks McCarthy is capable of doing what the Packers accomplish without Aaron Rodgers as his QB, I suggest you put down the bong, and go for immediate drug testing along with Skip Bayless because your shit is tainted, making rational thought suspect. Imagine if you will while hallucinating, Mike McCarthy coaching the Jets, Bills, Jaguars, Bears, Browns, etc. Is that man still a highly successful NFL coach? Rodgers can do things that can’t be coached. McCarthy is just a guy in the right place at the right time who found his meal tickets. Much like Barry Sanders, Aaron Rodgers is probably the best at his position I’ve ever seen. Can the same be said about Mike McCarthy? Holmgren was a better playoff coach as evidenced by his by winning at least one game in five consecutive postseasons (1993–1997) Holmgren joined John Madden (1973–1977) as the only coaches in league history to accomplish the feat. There’s your truth.

        But yeah, we are certainly lucky to be blessed with McCarthy. Were it not for McCarthy, Rodgers wouldn’t exist. All hail the great Buffoon! Remember this, if the Packers somehow get to and win the Super Bowl, guys like Trevor Davis, Makinton Dorleant, etc. get rings and crowned champions as well. How much credit should they get in the scheme of things?

        1. Kato January 16, 2017

          You completed misunderstood me. I did not say the packers success is solely because of McCarthy. Everyone knows that Aaron Rodgers is the largest catalyst for their success. A team does not win 65% of their games in the NFL just because of a QB though. That is fuckin ignorant and you are obviously oblivious of how hard it is to win consistently in the NFL. Many of you must have forgotten when Aaron Rodgers first came to the. NFL. He was a fairly raw player, especially fundamentally with footwork and his release. I forgot, who coached him and put him through those QB camps where he developed those fundamentals crucial for a QB to have success in the NFL? Who coached up Matt Flynn, a seventh round pick that probably overachieved? While Flynn is no Arod, he did have a lot of success in Green Bay. 480 yards and 6 TDs in one game. Nearly led Green Bay to an upset over the Tom Brady led patriots. Led the packers on a 23 point comeback victory in 2013 to keep their playoff hopes alive. But let me guess, McCarthy got lucky and stumbled into Flynn. This is literally the dumbest conversation I have ever been in.

          1. Empacador January 16, 2017

            No, literally the dumbest conversations are conversations regarding anything remotely involving the words “We are lucky to have McCarthy as coach”.

            Where did his teams finish when he was an offensive coordinator? What does his entire body of work look like? Let him prove how awesome he is without relying on Favre/Rodgers. See 2013 as a mirror into what that looks like if you need a refresher.

            Oh that’s right you already did that. And it was this same genius McCarthy that was “happy with his QB room” who didn’t want to re-sign the same Matt Flynn and get him up to speed so maybe the Packers could have won more during that putrid stretch of football. I saw the same games you did, no need for the revisionist history lesson.

            I didn’t misunderstand you. We can agree to disagree; you think McCarthy is the shit, and I think your ignorance is bliss. No offense.

          2. PF4L January 17, 2017

            Some fans learn quicker than others.

          3. PF4L January 17, 2017

            I thought i put all this to rest when i reminded someone……

            That no other head coach, had 2 franchise HOF QB’s their entire career.

            Instead of McCarthy arrogantly stating how successful he was.

            What he should have humbly said is…How fortunate he was to have 2 HOF QB’s under center for his whole career.

          4. PF4L January 17, 2017

            “You can say McCarthy wouldn’t be successful without Rodgers. Yeah, maybe”

            Maybe?? And MAYBE, because McCarthy’s such a great head coach, he can also win with Vince Young and Seneca Wallace. But then again. maybe not.

            Seriously dude, quit talking so stupid.

          5. Empacador January 17, 2017

            Graham Harrell really flourished under 3 years of McCarthy’s expert tutelage as well. As did Brian Brohm, Ingle Martin, and B.J. Coleman. Hopefully Hundley and Callahan appreciate the blessing they have been given to be groomed by McCarthy as well. For he is the Quarterback Whisperer…All Hail Mike McCarthy!

            On a more serious note, that article MMTTDCSUCK referenced was pretty eye opening on their take of McCarthy. I thought the McCarthy offense was complex, I mean that’s what the narrative is on why rookies don’t play. How many times have we heard that? To have someone say “Mike McCarthy has done everything possible to hinder the Packers chances. From running a rudimentary offense…McCarthy is a big reason why Aaron Rodgers had to play historically well for the Packers just to make it into the playoffs.” is some pretty damning stuff. Maybe that rudiment- I mean complex- offense is why Rodgers was literally telling the offense on the last play before the field goal to win which routes to run. That completely explains why they have to occasionally waste time outs and can’t get their plays in on time.

    4. Empacador January 16, 2017

      Gort, I appreciate your sentiments. The problems you brought up don’t continue to manifest themselves if the head coach evaluates and makes the necessary changes to his staff as needed. Why were special teams always in question under Slocum? Why is the defense always suspect? Why is the offense not going for the kill, but instead resorts to trying to run out the clock starting in the 2nd quarter with a lead? In keeping the status quo McCarthy keeps all these issues from really ever getting fixed. Oh he gives good lip service to fixing these problems.

      They realized they fucked up with Rhodes. And they admitted as such by firing him. McCarthy will wait for 7 years of honest to goodness below par performance before making changes. It will be interesting to see how everyone responds next week if the Packers fail to advance yet again. When does McCarthy become more like Marty Schottenheimer and less like Vince Lombardi? McCarthy has failed to capitalize on his opportunities to this point. Pete Carroll has 2 Super Bowl appearances in less time than McCarthy has. I certainly don’t expect the Packers to win every game, or even every playoff game. It would be nice but unrealistic as the Patriots can attest to. And the 15-1 fart in the wind team as well.

  12. PF4L January 16, 2017

    I have an idea, lets toss McCarthy up in the ranks of the Belichicks and Lombardi’s.

    I’m sure he’s earned it.

    Holy shit.

    1. Empacador January 16, 2017

      Yeah, no shit. Skip Bayless rubbed off on some of the fan base it seems.