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Eliot Wolf will Be Staying with the Packers

The San Francisco 49ers were planning on giving Green Bay Packers director of football operations Eliot Wolf a second interview for their vacant general manager position. That interview will not happen.

Wolf has reportedly withdrawn his name from consideration.

This was the first opportunity the Packers gave Wolf to interview elsewhere. They granted the same opportunity to director of player personnel Brian Gutekunst, who is reportedly the frontrunner for the 49ers’ job. Gutekunst, Minnesota Vikings assistant general manager George Paton and Arizona Cardinals vice president of player personnel Terry McDonough are currently the only known remaining candidates.

Why would Wolf bow out?

You can start with the Packers giving him another raise, which has become an almost annual tradition. The 49ers’ situation doesn’t appear to be a terribly desirable one either. A number of coaching and GM candidates took themselves out of consideration prior to Wolf.

That probably starts with owner Jed York, who doesn’t seemed to be liked by anyone.

Whoever ends up being the GM will be stuck with Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan as head coach. The 49ers made that decision prior to securing a general manager, when typically the GM is hired and then chooses the coach.

There has also been speculation regarding the future of Packers’ general manager Ted Thompson. It has been suggested that he might take on an advisory role after the season and relinquish the top job. That would leave an opening for Wolf, possibly Russ Ball or perhaps even Kansas City GM John Dorsey to step into.

Our guess at this point is that the Packers either made assurances to Wolf or Thompson isn’t going anywhere.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. KILLER January 19, 2017

    Often the worse the takeover situation the more time a GM has to turn it around so it is not necessarily a bad job. It is certainly nice weather and view out there. Also, look at how long Baalke lasted despite all his shenanigans and outrageous failures. A GM will have a long lifespan there and will have an opportunity to make a difference. There is no where to go but same or up.

    As a GM I would look at whether an owner has patience, stays out of transactions, spends to the cap (basically, thereabouts — as in, not a cheapskate). Shanahan is one of the best coaching candidates out there so I don’t see many candidates saying “Aw, Hell NO!” to that selection. Also, it provides even more job security. If the coach is successful the new GM supplied him with good players to make that success possible. If he fails as a coach… well, the GM did not choose him did he?

    Really, new GMs take over messy situations much as do new coaches.

    I do find it interesting that the GM search is down to 2 Packer executives (now 1) and 1 Vikings executive. Generally a battle between 2 Packers and 1 Viking is a pretty fair fight with a slight edge to the Viking, of course. {chuckles}

    Will York want an executive from a team that struck gold with one player and is entirely dependent on that one stroke of good luck? An executive from a team that seems to have little acumen for free agency? An executive from a team full of criminals and cheaters? If the answers to those questions is “Yes” then York will hire Gutekunst.

    Or will York choose an executive from a team that uses all possible avenues to build the team? With a track record of success from all those avenues? If so, Paton will be the choice.

    1. Ferris January 19, 2017

      Let’s play list team criminals. I don’t think you really want to play. And then let’s test the all avenues possible to build a team. How is that going for you and your quest to win a Championship? Then we can talk about the record of success from all those avenues…OK that conversation is over.
      The ONLY measurement of success is CHAMPIONSHIPS. Let’s talk about those. You go first….another short conversation.

      1. KILLER January 19, 2017

        As per championships we could quote Monty/PF4L/Mordecai here that with Rodgers the Packers should have won multiple championships yet only have won one. So, according to your own founder and two-headed Ettin of poor reporting and single-headed nasty troll of masturbatory posting, the team and organization has UNDERPERFORMED surrounding Rodgers. So, is Monty a liar (OK, we know he is but I mean about this one actual thing) or is Wolf part of a regime of under-performance? Choose one FERRIS. Or both. But at least one.

        As per criminal records (conveniently — for you — leaving out the PED abuse and drug tests failures) the Vikings have one. George Edwards, the D coordinator got a DUI. Or the equivalent. The Packers have Perry (secondary coach), Letroy Guion, Sam Shields, Datone Jones, Geronimo Allison, and Demetri Goodson just from the current roster (Goodson is on IR). This conveniently leaves off people like Andrew Quarless, Jarrett Bush, and Mike Pennel.

        So, yes, I do want to play. And I just won!

        1. Ferris January 20, 2017

          Let’s go all time criminals. http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2014/09/16/vikings-lead-nfl-in-number-of-arrests/ Your detailed knowledge of everything Green Bay is unbelievable. I don’t have any detailed Minnesota knowledge because I’m a Green Bay fan. And the pathetic I won! at the end of your rant is something a loser says. Maybe the NFL will start giving out the participation trophies for your team soon, there is plenty of room in the case for them. Only one Championship for Rodgers= under performance …what does that say for the Vikings brain trust since the inception of the organization? Let’s trade a #1 and a #2 for Bradford so we can not make the playoffs. But hey he has a high completion percentage.
          Please go away, you won’t though because you have nothing else to do in your life.

          1. KILLER January 20, 2017

            As per all time criminals that would then bring in married Packers who molested underage babysitters (Mark Chmura) and repetitive drug offenders (like Johnny Jolly), serial rapist (Darren Sharper *Granted he was later a Viking as well but attributed the highest volume of his rapes and the beginning of that activity to being a Packer), and, incredibly, even an actual serial killer(!!!) Randall Woodfield the so-called “I-5 Killer” likely responsible for 44 murders and over 100 other rapes and robberies.

            I have to tell you, because you don’t seem to know: Unlike the Packers there are no Vikings serial murderers or underage babysitter molesters.

            Like many Packer fans you source your arrogance by living in the past, while also ignoring actual facts. Personally, I find it irrelevant what a former player from 1974 did with ANY team (other than you now MADE it relevant). I live in the present and near past if it is relevant. At present (this here 2016 season) the Packers have 7 criminals and drug abusers and also have 2 players who almost certainly cheated and may still cheat via PEDs. Vikings have the aforementioned George Edwards, DUI, and the infamous AP — who is very nearly no longer a Viking. And no hint of cheating or PED abuse by anyone. If you include all of last year as well the count does not go up at all for the Vikings but now the Packers also have miscreants like Andrew Quarless, Jarrett Bush, and Mike Neal.

            It is like a Snickers bar: Any way you slice it you see peanuts. In this case the “peanuts” are sure evidence that the Packers are the more criminal of the two organizations. By far. No contest!

            As per the “I won”: You wanted to play so I played. And I won. I had to make a point of it in order to defend my team so no one would have any remaining uncertainty as to your false insinuations. I also had to make it real obvious in order to get it through your thick skull. But it did not work! I still did not make it through the thickness.

            A few more notes and corrections:

            1. The under-performance was in connection to Monty’s statements. Also, it was in connection to having Aaron Rodgers on the team. So you can’t then compare it to the Vikings because, DUH, Rodgers is not on the Vikings. Did you realize that? Just to keep you fully informed = Aaron Rodgers plays for the Packers, NOT the Vikings. Clear yet?

            2. The Vikings did not trade a 1st and 2nd for Bradford. They traded a 1st and a 4th. You said they traded him in order to not make the playoffs and gave a 1st and 2nd. They traded for him in an attempt TO make the playoffs. Had they won the Super Bowl this year then it would have been a 2nd instead of a 4th. The Bradford trade was gutty and wise and great value. Nothing is guaranteed in life or football but it gave the Vikings a chance we otherwise would not have had. What would TT have done if Rodgers knee completely fell apart in preseason, destroying his year and possibly his career? A big fat nothing. And the Packers would have gone 5-11. Bradford, in a new offense with new terminology and teammates and little time to prepare and with almost no support from the run game and with the worst pass pro o-line in the NFL threw fewer interceptions than Rodgers — by # or by percent — and had a much higher completion percentage than Rodgers. That is incredible. The season Bradford put in under those circumstances is a more amazing feat than any one season of Rodgers! Instead of an unknown for our starting QB next year or being forced to take one with our #1 pick and hope he will be decent in 4 years we have one of the top QBs in the league, whose QB rating was only slightly behind Rodgers’ — even though Rodgers rating was artificially inflated by TDs, a completely worthless QB stat. Now, if the Packers, half a dozen years ago when Rodgers was in his prime, traded him away for a 1st and a 4th would you think the Packers or the other team won that trade?

            3. I could not help but notice you did not have the guts to answer whether Monty is a liar or Wold is part of an under-performing regime. Or both. Remember, those are the only logical choices: A. Monty is a liar. B. Wold is part of an under-performing front office. C. Both. What is your answer?

  2. PF4L January 19, 2017

    Hi Nancy!!

    Enjoy the Packer/Cowboy game?

    1. KILLER January 19, 2017

      I loved it. I hate the Cowboys.

      + I would much rather have the Packers going TO Atlanta to face the Falcons than the Falcons going TO Dallas. I’m rooting for a Falcon Super Bowl.

      They have the league MVP, who is a QB with an actual soul, and a good guy coach. A Packer win aids them greatly in this endeavor though, of course, nothing other than death, taxes, and Packer arrogant hypocrisy are guaranteed in life.

  3. PF4L January 19, 2017

    In other news….A P was on First Take. where he explained his main goal is to win a Championship. Which is funny, because all i remember about him stating goals was about personal goals of breaking the rushing record. then the following season of telling everyone he was going to rush for 2500 yards. But i guess this child beater changed his goals because of the likely hood of him being a free agent. Man, this dude is hard to read. Such a complicated intellectual.

    As far as his 18 million dollar salary, he said he’s “earned” that. Which makes me wonder why he wasn’t paid that money in past years. Do they still owe him that, because he’s “earned” it?

    This child abuse criminal is going to get a rude awakening when he see’s what teams offer him for a 32 year old injury prone back.

    Kind of like how his 4 year old got a rude awakening when Daddy came for his yearly visit.

    1. KILLER January 19, 2017

      You either have a poor memory or a selective one. He has talked about winning a championship as his main goal literally every single year including his rookie year. As per the individual goals reporters literally asked him how many yards he thought he could possibly achieve in a season and he simply gave his honest answer. I know, I know, honesty is not trendy or respected in Packer-town.

      Anywho, he is basically essentially no longer a Viking. I’m sure you will still harp on it for awhile though while conversely remaining conspicuously silent as per Andrew Quarless and Letroy Guion. etc.

      Monty “Hypocrisy” McMahan….

      1. PF4L January 20, 2017

        I couldn’t seem to find Andrew Quarless on the Packer roster. But i’m sure you’ll harp on him for awhile because he use to be a Packer.

        Letroy Guion. i’m probably wrong. But isn’t he a product of the Minnesota Queens football team?

        1. KILLER January 20, 2017

          I’ll give you a slight nod and a low volume “touche” regarding Quarless. That said, you are the one who goes way out of your way to bring up AP’s wrongdoing when it is not even part of the subject area. Every time I bring up Quarless it is a logical part of the discussion. Also, I think timelines are important here. AP was indicted Sept. 12 of 2014. Quarless was arrested July 4, 2015. So Quarless is more recent news and thus more relevant in regards to time as well as subject. Also, you differentiate based on which is still on the team. Well, Packers kept Quarlress on the team until his contract ran out. Vikings are going to cut AP BEFORE his contract runs out. So, which team then is more tolerant of bad behavior?

          Letroy Guion is a product of Mr. and Mrs. Guion. Do I need to explain the birds and bees to you?

          There is not indication Guion engaged in criminal activity while a Viking for 6 years. After a year as a Packer there is was with drugs, illicit cash, bad driving, and an illegal gun. Looks like the Packer organization was a bad influence on him. AFTER he was arrested and AFTER Guion made a plea deal the Packer organization wrapped him in their lovingly weapon and drug tolerant arms with two (2) more contracts!!!!

  4. PF4L January 19, 2017

    So it seems the Packers offered Wolf a new contract to take his name away from San Fran circus.

    By new contract, i believe that to translates into cold hard cash. Which also tells me, Wolf would seem to be the definite successor to Big Ted. Now the question is…when? My guess is after next season.

    Wolf didn’t receive a new job title because Ted didn’t see the need to spend extra money on new business cards.

    lol…Actually it’s hard to give him a new title…There are just so many “Director of…” job titles.

    1. Adam January 20, 2017

      Part of me thinks that Wolf is keen to the succession plan and may know that it’s not happening this year. His interview strategy may have simply been an attempt to gain inside leverage in negotiating another pay raise to strengthen his salary negotiations when that succession finally takes place.

  5. Kato January 19, 2017

    What a shit show in San Fran.

    Jesus christ if the packers give the GM job to Russ Ball, this team is fucked. It will be the equivalent of the bears giving decision making responsibilities to Red Phillips