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Dom Capers: Packers’ Defensive Coordinator for Life!

That appears to be the way Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy sees it.

Despite yet another season in which the Green Bay Packers’ defense finished in the bottom half of the league (22nd) and another playoff run derailed by that same unit, defensive coordinator Dom Capers is going nowhere.

McCarthy seemed to confirm that on Thursday. He has already met with Capers and offensive coordinator Edgar Bennett privately for several hours.

When asked specifically about Capers, McCarthy replied thusly.

“This is no time for drama. Dom Capers is an outstanding football coach. That doesn’t change. He had a tough challenge in front of him this year. Once again, the coaching staff dealt with a lot. I think clearly you look at how this team was motivated, how they prepared, the things we were able to do, the adjustments that were made, was all part of it. So a lot of good things came out of that.”

We would point out that the Packers looked less than prepared in their final game. We’d also point out that their defensive scheme in that game was as asinine as it could be.

Soft zone against this offense?

Yeah, that’ll work!

Finally, we would point out that we’ve been having this same conversation since 2011. What happens when the Packers get into the playoffs? The defense ultimately finds a way to blow it for them.

But listen, it couldn’t possibly be either of the two constants — the coordinator or his scheme — that are the root of the problem!

It has to be the players and injuries and maybe evil forces. You know, things that are completely variable from year to year.

Because Dom Capers is an outstanding football coach. He hasn’t changed since the 1990s, but he’s outstanding nonetheless.

And that’s why Dom Capers has been elected Green Bay Packers defensive coordinator for life!

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. MMTTDCSUCK January 26, 2017

    The Buffoon is clearly on another planet . . . The arrogance is unparalleled. Good luck Aaron Rodgers! You are not getting any help from these hapless fucks!

  2. icebowl January 26, 2017

    Not unexpected, its a classic good ole boy network – “publicly” owned is a joke …

    As i stated before, it’d be different if team were privately owned – i.e. if Jerry Jones were running this organization, DC and TT would’ve been long gone…

    I suspect that this time next year they will have a real problem justifying staying in their position…..

    NFC North is wide open, Det and Minn are one key draft pick away from winning division, Bears, w early picks & sans Cutty will be better.

    Add known tough schedule and the post season run will be over, with a bigly ugly 6-10 record to show for it….

    And, to add insult to injury, they give up their future with the loss of Elliot Wolfe in the process….


    1. Kato January 28, 2017

      Wolf is guaranteed to be a good GM?

  3. arthur lee January 26, 2017

    Can’t believe it and hope this isn’t true. What the hell is wrong with these people. the defense is crap and will be crap again in 2017. I mean I purchased stock in this frickin organization, so I got a say. Capers is through as a coach, he’s out of touch, and results should speak for themselves. I’m tried of this same ole bs.

    1. PF4L January 26, 2017

      I’m sorry to tell you. You don’t have a say my friend, But you did get your wallet picked.

      1. Empacador January 27, 2017

        I hate this fake stock bullshit narrative. It isn’t picked if one gives of their own volition. People that gave money to keep the Packers viable received a great ROI. And those of us who didn’t purchase any stock got to come along for the ride as well!

        First, they get to keep watching the Packers have successful seasons. Like how successful the recently concluded season was declared by McCarthy. You can’t buy this kind of entertainment. Or maybe you can.

        Second, they got a nice commemorative stock certificate with their name on it worth exactly what was paid for it, no more and no less. I’m sure some of these “owners” were gifted their shares, so they literally paid nothing for their stock. It has never been implied anyone holding stock had a say in anything on how the organization is run.

        Like you say often PF4L, stay in school kids. Reading comprehension is our friend.

        In all seriousness though, as someone who contemplated buying stock each time it had been offered but didn’t, I’m grateful I get to have the Packers as part of my life, no matter how infuriating this current regime is. I am thankful for those initial plank owners that purchased stock starting back in 1950 and helped keep the Packers financially sound. Were those people back in 1950 labelled as “idiots” because they supported something they felt strongly about? Many of those same people passed along their passion and loyalty for the team to their families, long before Brett Favre thought he could define what a true Packer fan is.

        Even though there is the perception we come across as spoiled, entitled, whiny Packers fans sometimes, nobody has it better than us. Well, we COULD have it better as in more success, but as we all know, that would require some changes that aren’t forthcoming anytime soon. As this article reminds us all too well.

        1. PF4L January 27, 2017

          I have always been pro stock, listing the numerous positive reasons.

          My comment above is true, except for getting his wallet picked.

          I was attempting to be humorous in context of the current situation.

          1. Empacador January 27, 2017

            No need to explain, I was only making a general statement. It’s all good. Florio and the comment section over on PFT like to talk about the fake stock constantly. Because they are morons and actually think everyone who bought stock are a bunch of rubes.

  4. GBP January 26, 2017

    All you need to know about Capers is available for anyone to see, just view a replay of Atlanta’s first TD. Look close, that genius Capers called a 3 man rush in the red zone and if Ryan hadn’t decided to flip the ball into the end zone he could have walked in standing up. Think that’s bad? Consider this, Capers consistently calls a 3 man rush on 3rd and long and has a 98% failure rate. Don’t believe me? Fine, research it, I have been keeping track for 5 years now. The man is an inept fool and all the defensive talent in the world can’t hide that. Aaron Rodgers career is being wasted so maybe it’s time for McCarthy to go since he refuses to acknowledge Capers is no good.

    1. PF4L January 26, 2017

      Gee, someone posting that Fat Mike, who is in charge of the coaches, should be fired for the absolute refusal to change and improve the weak area of the team, year after year?

      Logical thinking, go figure.

  5. PF4L January 26, 2017

    Easy people…easy.

    Cooler heads will prevail. Mark Murphy didn’t get to where he is by sitting on the sidelines doing nothing.

    I’ll bet he’s eating dinner right now with Fat Mike, explaining to Mike that changes are going to be made in the best interest of the Green Bay Packers and that he can go back and refill his plate as many times as he’d like. He’s probably explaining to him as i write this, that Ted will be replaced. That Dom will also be relieved of his duties. That a new GM will take charge whose plans may or may not include Fat Mike.

    Have some faith in the top man of the Green Bay Packers. Don’t under estimate the extreme power and fortitude of this seemingly meek gentleman. When the doing needs to get done, he does the doing, or something like that. Mr. Mark Murphy is President of the most successful, most storied franchise in the NFL. That brings with it awesome responsibility that Mr. Murphy takes seriously. If you think for a second, that this man is just going to sit on his hands while Rodgers get’s another year older. Think again people!!

    Make no mistake my friends…everyone is accountable for their job performance.
    No one gets a free ride at 1265 Lombardi Ave. That isn’t the way Lambeau did it, that isn’t the way Lombardi did it, and that isn’t the way Wolf did it.. And it sure as shit isn’t the way a Legend like Mark Murphy will do it.

    You, are Green Bay Packer fans. When Mark Murphy gets done making changes, winning Lombardi trophy’s, you might find yourself voting him into the White House to solve the problems of the world as well. Mark Murphy is a problem solver, and a winner. Get ready for change Packer fans. Get ready for Lombardi Trophy’s. Raise your head with pride. Know that very, very, very, very soon. Rodger Goodell will be handing the Lombardi Trophy back to the Packers to take back home to it’s birth place because…..

    Mark Hodge Murphy is in charge.

  6. PF4L January 26, 2017

    How did i do Rob? Did i spin that enough? Not enough?

    1. icebowl January 27, 2017

      Shit, PF4 you had me going…
      Kept having to scroll.up while reading on to ensure that was written by you…

      Figured youd either finally snapped or had gone into a drunken stupor after the Steamin Shit Show in Atlanta ….

      Good to see you’re OK, dude.

      1. PF4L January 27, 2017

        lol…ok my man, sometimes you just have to sit back, and have a laugh about it, i figured the line about Murphy sitting on the sideline doing nothing, would give it away ….thanks :)

  7. Danforth Cuntingdon-Smythe January 26, 2017

    Getting to the conference championship was the worst thing which could have happened. If this team went 6-10, these three fucksticks wold have been fired. But no, due to the eight game winning streak, it will be the same result next season. TT will draft a former golfer who had half a season on the football team in D-III in the first round; QB12 will put up 50 points in three quarters but Fat Mike will take his foot off the pedal and Capers’ defense will allow Jared Goff, Brock Osweiler, or some other non entity to put up 650 yards in the final quarter, leading to the greatest comeback in NFL history. Remember, this team made Colin Kaepernick look all-pro, so why not make someone also?

    1. PF4L January 26, 2017

      They do…You’ve heard of Blake Bortles? Samuel Bradford? Mathew Barkley? Marcus Mariotti, etc.

      1. Danforth Cuntingdon-Smythe January 26, 2017

        I forgot. So fucking angry right now. Capers’ has made Kaepernick, Bortles, Bradford, Barkley, Mariotta, look like all pros, and Osweiler had two TDs against GB. What a shower of shit.

  8. PF4L January 26, 2017

    “Getting to the conference championship was the worst thing which could have happened. If this team went 6-10……….”

    Gee, that sounds eerily familiar to me for some reason.

  9. PF4L January 26, 2017

    When asked specifically about Capers, McCarthy replied thusly.

    “This is no time for drama. Dom Capers is an outstanding football coach.”

    Atta boy fat Mike…Get defensive right away. Show that reporter who’s in charge!!

    fuck, if you have too…tell him how successful you are also.

  10. Howard January 26, 2017

    So, the D coaching staff dealt with a lot. the D was motivated, they were prepared, the things they were able to do, the adjustments that were made. So a lot of good things came out of that.- MM

    So if it wasn’t for the genius of the defensive scheme and coaching this defense could have been worse than 31st in total pass defense and 32nd in yards per pass allowed in a passing league? I am about as old and senile as TT but even I know in a 32 team league you don’t get any worse than 32nd. How the fuck can anything good come out of the 31st pass defense? I don’t care if there were injuries something is severely wrong with the defensive coaching staff and scheme.

    1. PF4L January 26, 2017

      lol….let me break that down …

      Dealt with a lot = injury excuse

      Motivated = they really wanted to play well, but didn’t.

      They were prepared = We showed them what we wanted, we watched film, they suited up and took the field.

      the things they were able to do, the adjustments that were made = didn’t work

      So a lot of good things came out of that = If any of you question me on any of that, i’ll reach down your throat, yank your heart out, and UPS it to your wife.

  11. Cheese January 27, 2017

    “He had a tough challenge in front of him this year. Once again, the coaching staff dealt with a lot.”

    Excuses excuses. This same shit has been going on for years. And how did he rise to the challenge? Oh that’s right , he didn’t. I’m going to start calling Capers Mr.Thirtytwo for his “outstanding” 32nd in yards per pass allowed.

    1. Cheese January 27, 2017

      Just like the defensive stat line for the Falcons game, they managed to “run the table” with all zeros. OUTSTANDING!

  12. Cheesemaker January 27, 2017

    MM is now the coaching equivalent of a battered wife syndrome sufferer. He/she keeps ending up in the emergency room, but he/she is so afraid of change that he/she keeps going home to the batterer.

  13. PF4L January 27, 2017

    Mike McCarthy after the drubbing the 49ers put on the Pack defense in the playoffs. Over 300 yards rushing, 579 total yards and 35 points in the 2012 playoff season. Apparently, after a beatdown like that, in McCarthy’s world a reporter does not have the right to question him on Capers.

    Fat Mike: ” I think it’s ridiculous that i have to answer that question frankly, and i’m appalled by it.”

    Lets all bow and kiss the feet of this fat arrogant pompous prick.

    1. PF4L January 27, 2017

      *45 pts