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Oh My God, the Vikings Color Rush Uniforms…

It’s true. I did not watch the Minnesota Vikings play the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday Night Football. I do not watch sub-standard teams play football, unless that sub-standard team is the Green Bay Packers.

So I just now was reminded that the dicks at the NFL are still forcing that Color Rush uniform nonsense on us. And oh my god, what a goddam atrocity the Minnesota Vikings uniforms were.

All purple.

It’s bad enough that these clowns wear purple to begin with, isn’t it? You’ve heard the jokes.

Why are the Vikings’ uniforms purple? Because they always choke!

Anyway, these are so Minnesota Vikings aren’t they? Literally the worst uniform I have probably ever seen in my life, just like the Vikings are the worst organization in all of sports.

Totally fitting.

By the way, the Vikings lost, just as we predicted and now the Green Bay Packers control their destiny when it comes to Minnesota.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. PF4L December 2, 2016

    You predicted it? Are you fooking serious? This is what Joseph wrote, in what you describe as a…..”prediction”

    “Let’s say they lose to Dallas this weekend.”

    That’s a prediction? Really?

    You want predictions about the vikings, scroll back to mine when they were undefeated.

    Here, let me predict the Lions/Saints game……….The Saints should beat the Lions if they score more points than the Lions.

    I’m sorry i’m not nice enough to ignore some of the bs you guys write, but wtf are you thinking when you claim shit like that?

  2. Killer December 2, 2016

    Your jealousy of the Vikings is showing. After the Browns many argue the Packers uniforms are the ugliest in the NFL. The colors are basically 7-Up. Or Sprite. Not bold. Not strong. Not compelling. Not attractive. Not fun.

    The G on the helmet is horrible. A bad font and one of the ugliest letters in the alphabet (p is also quite weak). But what choice had they? What could they change it too? A picture of someone putting a block of cheese into a cardboard box?

    The Cowboys blew out the Packers whereas the Vikings nearly beat them. Elliott ran all over you guys while the Vikes controlled him. Vikes had some bad breaks and some very bad ref calls and non calls and still almost won — even without their #1 QB, their franchise RB, their #1 and #2 RTs, their #1 and #2 LTs, their starting center, a star DT, AND their freaking Head Coach!

    PREDICTION: Vikes sweep the final 4 games and make the playoffs and beat the Packers in GB.

    1. PF4L December 2, 2016

      The Cowboys did everything they could to give that game to the queens. You want to blame the Zebra’s? What about Elliots 40 yard run called back for a phantom holding call. Losers blame the refs and injury’s, so you fit right in.

      Ever consider the reason the queens lost, is because when faced with 3rd and 18, you gain 6 yards on a short pass dump off and have to punt? Or because the favorite viking offensive play scheme is called ” 3 AND OUT”? Your right Miss, those fucking refs cost you the game. LMAO

      Gee, without your #1 rb, your rushing game has improved hasn’t it?

      Ms. bradford of 2016 is easily outplaying Ms. bridgewater of 2105, isn’t she?

      You have good reason to predict 4 wins in a row. I mean, they won 1 game of their last seven. What could go wrong?

      Here’s the good news….I’ve already contacted Goodells people. And i’ve talked them into sending the queens a bright shiny new purple ribbon to hang in the lobby, for going 5-0.


    2. Karl December 2, 2016

      Killer, the Vikings “nearly” beat the Cowboys as much as you nearly used the proper form of “too” when referring to a potential helmet logo for the Packers.

    3. KG December 3, 2016

      it’s still hilarious watching the vikings implode every year.

    4. icebowl December 3, 2016

      Still trolling, Killers got no life. Sad !

  3. Howard December 2, 2016

    Collinsworth with a chuckle made the most insightful comment about the entire Viking history with six words after the Vikings first field goal. “They celebrate field goals around here”. Yes they do. They can never reach and achieve the ultimate goal but they are good at celebrating consolation prizes.

  4. PF4L December 2, 2016

    Listen guys….We might want to ease up on killer a little bit. I’m sure she feels bad enough after all the false hope the queens gave her. This has to be almost as hard as finding out your mothers career choice is prostitution. So this is the 2nd hardest thing that killer had to deal this year.

  5. Killer December 3, 2016

    One can learn a lot from what battles others do not choose to fight. I see you all agree with me that the Packers uniforms are uuuuuuuugly and indefensibly so.

    Yes, the Vikings were much gutsier and much more competent in battling arguably the top team in the NFL and we did it in the worst of situations. Not even including the absence of our great HC who also calls the defense, ESPN did a study and found that the Vikings have the worst injury situation in the NFL this year. Even so we nearly beat the Cowboys whereas the Packers were blown out by them and literally stepped all over on by them.

    I know you guys don’t like to hear the truth but it is out there and I like bringing it to you.