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Nick Perry Had Surgery, but Will Return

We found out Nick Perry won’t be playing this week earlier today with what Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy termed a significant hand injury. How significant?

We now know that Perry had surgery to repair several broken fingers.

Perry suffered the injury last week against Houston and he returned to finish the game with a club on his hand. That appears to be what he’ll end up playing with when he does return.

A number of players have suffered the same fate and returned to action fairly quickly with the club, including Jeff Janis earlier this year and Clay Matthews in 2013. That’s the good news.

The bad news is no one has ever proven terribly effective with a club, at least in our recollection. Perry has already put together his best NFL season in just 12 games. While that says something about his effectiveness in the past, it also says something about what he was doing this year.

Perry leads the Packers with eight sacks. He leads the outside linebacker group by a huge margin with 48 tackles. He’s also the team’s best edge defender and the only one that’s consistent against the run.

In terms of guys on the defense you don’t want to be missing or don’t want limited, Perry is somewhere in the conversation with Mike Daniels and Clay Matthews for No. 1 on that list.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.


1 Comment

  1. PF4L December 7, 2016

    On Monday…McCarthy is still playing games not disclosing injuries.
    He won’t disclose what injury Perry suffered, but acknowledge from a reporter that x rays were taken during the game.

    On Wed…McCarthy is still playing games not disclosing injuries.
    “Perry has a significant hand injury,” coach Mike McCarthy said. “He will not be available this week. We’ll reassess on Monday and see where we are for Chicago.”

    I don’t know what McCarthy thinks he’s gaining, by sidestepping things he knows. But when ask about injury’s, even throughout the week, he never gives a clear answer, it’s always some bs response like they’re still evaluating, or he hasn’t discussed it with the medical staff, always some bs.

    Here’s the truth….A competent doctor can diagnose broken fingers within 1 minute, without x rays. But McCarthy would rather talk to us like were all 5 year olds. McCarthy said they’d re-evaluate Perry on Monday. Guess what fuckhead, his fingers will still be broken.

    So here’s what will happen, they’ll fit him with a club, send him out on the field against the bears. That’s what a desperate team does..

    Joseph is absolutely correct, no one is effective playing with a club. Not Mathews, not Cullen Jenkins. Does anyone remember what a joke it was watching Morgan Burnett trying to play with a club? Are you kidding me?

    These are NFL players. Trot Perry out with a club on his hand, he’ll be lucky to get 1 tackle.