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So Much for Datone Jones Coming On This Year

Some of us were pretty excited at the prospect of former first-round pick Datone Jones making an impact this season. It would be his first full season at outside linebacker, a position he looked great at in limited action in 2015.

That’s not happening.

Jones looked decent early on — as did the whole Green Bay Packers’ defense — but he’s just not producing, which has been his M.O. since being drafted in 2013. Jones has just nine tackles and doesn’t have a single sack this season.

Last year, he made the excuse for his lack of production by saying he wasn’t getting the snaps. He was right. This year, he is getting the snaps. Jones has played 312 snaps and should surpass last year’s total in the next game or two.

Pro Football Focus grades Jones at 60.6 this season, down from the high of 73.7 they gave him last year.

So what’s his excuse now?

He doesn’t have one.

If we can say anything for Jones, it’s that he does put pressure on the quarterback from time to time when he’s in the game. However, what we all seem to remember more than anything is Jones hitting opposing QBs late or borderline-late.

You could say the Packers got lucky that another former first-round pick, Nick Perry, finally came on this year after showing little to nothing during the first four years of his career. Lightning did not strike twice.

Datone Jones is nothing more than a role player at best. And he’s a bust at worst.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Big B December 2, 2016


  2. Sanguine camper December 2, 2016

    He’s a bust. First rounders are suppossed to make an impact.

  3. MMTTDCSUCK December 2, 2016

    Another player from the “post McKenzie, Dorsey and Schneider” draft years . . . This is something that matters IMO. I believe that it shows a very pedestrian TT drafting without the help of those three.

  4. Kato December 2, 2016

    Bust based on draft position. Having his worst season in a contract year, yikes.

  5. Deepsky December 2, 2016

    From 2005 to 2011 Thompson drafted or obtained cheaply (Kuhn, Shields) a total of 11 players who became Pro Bowl players.

    Since 2011 there has only been Eddie Lacy.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK December 2, 2016

      Exactly! Dorsey was director of college scouting from 2000-2011. McKenzie was there from 1994-2011 and Schneider was there from 2002-2009 as personnel analyst, then Director of football operations . . . That pretty much sums up who was helping TT out. Since then? E. Wolf? This appears way too coincidental to not hold some level of validity.

      1. Cheesemaker December 2, 2016

        Agreed. I used to think TT would be better off just trading away his first round picks and getting a bunch of later picks. But after the DickRodg & Khyri Thornton picks, I stopped thinking that would be a good idea…

  6. MMTTDCSUCK December 2, 2016

    Here are a few of the replacements for Dorsey, Schneider and McKenzie. Not much to be impressed with.

    Jon-Eric Sullivan begins his 13th season with the Packers and first as the director of college scouting after being promoted on June 16, 2016. Sullivan previously served as a college scout covering the Central Plains region (2008-11) and the Southeast region (2012-15) after working as the team’s National Football Scouting representative to the annual NFL Scouting Combine and authoring evaluations of all prospective seniors in the Southwest region. So this is most likely the guy that keeps TT picking these “fucks” from the west coast.

    John Wojciechowski ; Prior to coming to Green Bay, Wojciechowski spent the previous nine seasons (2003-11) as the Northeast area scout for the Dallas Cowboys. BTW, those were some LEAN YEARS talent wise for Dallas . . . More speculation, but it has to start somewhere.

    1. Kato December 2, 2016

      Nice research. I threw up in my mouth a little.

    2. Howard December 2, 2016

      I think Sam Seale is the Packer West coast scout. I had to ask after the 2016 draft because of so many west coast picks. I believe Ron Wolf brought him in as a scout.

  7. MJ December 3, 2016

    In D. Jones defense, he has been played out of position. He is more a 4-3 DE than a 3-4 DE or a 3-4 OLB. That falls on Ted for believing he is smarter than everyone and picking guys that play position A to make them play position B. That idea wastes at least a year for the guy to learn a new position at a pro level. The goal of the draft is not just having cheap players. It is having cheap players that CAN CONTRIBUTE before their first big contract. If they come out by the end of their rookie contracts it is almost the equivalent of bringing in a free agent.

    On the other hand, Jones has had time to relearn the new positions (DE at first, then OLB), and that has not been the case. It was reported that he is not the sharpest knife, so he could be either very slow to transition, or simply not as talented as Ted though to begin with.

    1. Ted Hawthorne December 3, 2016

      MJ is correct. Jones is a 4-3 DE. So is Perry. I pointed this out 2 years ago.
      The real question is the very weird insistence of TT in drafting and playing
      guys out of position.

      1. MJ December 3, 2016

        Oh, Ted is smarter than everyone else in the league. He makes a soccer winger play WR and he can turn a second base into a DB. How many point-guards do we have in our secondary?

  8. MJ December 3, 2016

    The same thing about position changes applies to Perry, but Perry has adapted and when not injured, he was serviceable to good.

  9. Mike Ditka's Mom December 3, 2016

    The NFL is littered with first round busts. Stop acting Thompson is the only one who doesn’t hit one outta the park every draft year in the first round.

    1. MJ December 4, 2016

      That by itself is not the problem. It’s his refusal to acquire players by other means (draft and develop, remember?), therefore if that is your only way of building a team, you should certainly strike on more of those picks if you pretend to field a competitive team. Couple that to the fact that he used to keep people based on draft status, instead of making it a fair competition for all team members (how do explain AJ Hawk, Brad Jones, Morgan Burnett being handed those contracts some years ago?). And even after whiffing on such contracts, those guys were the de facto starters, lest some GM looked foolish. I remember the LB coach mentioning that “as far as I know, Brad Jones is my starter”. Then, on paper it looks as if he struck gold with every single pick (“see? We kept a lot of our guys, they must be good, I’m a draft genius”). Offering Raji 8M a year, anyone? Fortunately, in the past two years he seems to have somewhat straightened the ship, being less prone to stubbornly stick to his guys irrespective of their performance.