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Mike McCarthy Claims Packers Are Going to Run the Football

That might as well be a headline in The Onion. Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy came out this morning and claimed his team is going to run the football.

The funny thing is, McCarthy has been saying the Packers need to run the football all year long. He continually hammered that point when Eddie Lacy was healthy. The most Lacy carried in a game before getting injured this season was 17 times.

After Lacy went down and then James Starks joined him, things got much more unbalanced. We talked about Aaron Rodgers’ league-leading stats over the five-game stretch prior to last week’s win in Philadelphia. The Packers passed a little over 80 percent of the time during that stretch.

Things changed slightly in Philadelphia. The Packers called 22 designed runs vs. their 45 designed pass plays. That’s a little bit better balance, but 17 of those carries went to James Starks. Starks averaged just 2.4 yards per carry in that game and is averaging 2.5 on the season.

Disgustingly atrocious is what those averages are.

The Packers’ leading rusher on the season is still Lacy, with 360 yards. Aaron Rodgers is second with 285 yards.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. If the Packers are going to run the football — we’ll believe that when we see it — and they’re going to have any success, they need to look beyond James Starks. He clearly isn’t getting it done.

Those options would be Ty Montgomery, who was successful as a back when Starks was sidelined, and Christine Michael, who has been given but one carry since being claimed from Seattle.

We’re all for running the football, but let’s come up with a game plan that’s actually going to be successful in doing so.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Skinny December 1, 2016

    So he is pretty much guaranteeing we lose. Earth to Mike, keep passing the ball!

    1. Kato December 1, 2016

      In cold inclement weather in Green Bay? We don’t play in a dime you know. Besides, you have to be able to run the ball effectively in the NFL in order to win meaningful games

      1. PackAttack December 1, 2016

        No…no you don’t! You people need to wake the fuck up and figure it the hell out, this isn’t the 1960’s anymore where you need to establish the run game and win the battle in the trenches — this is a PASSING league and you score points by THROWING THE FUCKING FOOTBALL. You pay Aaron Rodgers $20M per/year to throw the football, not hand it off to James Starks. The ball should be in Rodgers hands 85% of the time. Those aren’t subjective opinions, those are facts. Look at Rodgers numbers right now and the improvement in the passing game since Fat Lacey went down. Rodgers is an MVP candidate again (finally) why?? Because THEY ARE THROWING THE FOOTBALL.

        You need a good run game to win in December? What the fuck, who the hell says that? Oh okay, because that’s what New England always has right? They have such an established run game with Le Garrett Blount and Dion Lewis. There’s a reason Tom Brady is the greatest QB of all time, he throws 600 times per/year (EVERY FUCKING YEAR) is there any coincidence why? Does Drew Brees need a run game? Doesn’t look like Oakland can run worth a shit this year and they look pretty fucking good. Doesn’t look like Denver can run worth a shit either — they’re okay too. New York Giants have the worst run game in FB — they’re 8 and fucking 3!!! Seattle can’t run worth a shit either — they’re 7 and fucking 3. New England had the 30th ranked run game in the NFL last year, the world champion Broncos weren’t even in the TOP 15 IN THE FUCKING LEAGUE. I could sit here all day and all night, PROVING to your dumb ass that you don’t need to run the football to be a successful offensive in the NFL. ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU HAVE AARON FUCKING RODGERS.

        And no, your not going to get your QB killed, Brady throws 600 fucking times a year (so does Brees) they look just fine to me. Stop with this whole “find a run game” bullshit. That’s all it is…BULLSHIT. We’ve got James Starks who’s arguably the worst athlete in the history of professional sports, if you seriously want the ball in his hands more than twice a game, I question your legitimacy as a component human being. Christine Michael? My god, guy has been cut by everyone except the homeless shelters — no thanks. So what the fuck are you guys talking about?

        Aaron Rodgers is the BEST QB in the game — if you really want to win, you throw, throw, throw and throw until the game is out of reach and then you can kill the clock with Starks when it’s 35-14 then….there’s your pathetic run game. For now, I’ll take Rodgers CAREER HIGH numbers in passing — and take the roll this offense is on. You guys can go back to grounding and pounding with Starks 2.2 avg per/attempt and enjoy losing and being embarrassed by trying to “establish the run game”.

        It doesn’t work in this offense…I’m sorry. If you want a run game you need

        * a better offensive line
        * a running back who matches this system ( not a fat ass overweight bowling ball who needs 20+ carries to be effective) you need a Devonta Freeman-esque back who can catch out of the backfield and explode w/ quickness who can play in an up-tempo, no huddle offense capable of playing on 3rd down
        * Starks and Lacey are slow and between the tackles runners. Great. That doesn’t keep the safeties from playing over the top, in fact running with those two clowns does nothing to setup play action. So why bother?

        If you want to run the football, you’ve got an off-season and big philosophical change to go before heading in that direction. You can’t fix that in a week, nor should you want to.

        Dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever heard/read is this bullshit surrounding a run game. My god people, grow up.

  2. Kato December 1, 2016

    Lol. How incompetent is Michael if he hasn’t overtaken Starks and has one carry in two weeks? Why was Starks signed instead of Forte?

    1. PackAttack December 1, 2016

      oh I dunno…maybe because they don’t give a shit about the run game when they pay Rodgers $20M to throw the football. Why doesn’t Tom Brady have a legit RB1? Why doesn’t Brees? Oakland? Giants? Seattle?

      No one gives a flying fuck about the run game. No one. Arizona has the best overall RB in the NFL right now. David Johnson, guy is a fucking stud and he plays in the worst fucking offense I’ve ever seen. WHY? Because Carson Palmer can’t throw the ball so they suck.

  3. PF4L December 1, 2016

    Man….I’ll bet the Texans are holding special meetings after hearing McCarthy say that. I can just imagine the fear after the Texans coordinator and players heard McCarthy was going to UNLEASH their running game on them.

    And some people wonder why i don’t mind the Packers losing this season for an increased chance for changes.

    These…are the days of our Packers

    1. PackAttack December 1, 2016

      Yeah, Cushing is having trouble sleeping right now thinking about all those ground and pound yards the great James Starks is going to have this weekend. That 2.2 yards per/carry is just scaring the shit outta the league. Who could sleep thinking about Starks?

  4. Zwoeger December 1, 2016

    Nice McFluffy , do you have a game plan for that?

  5. Howard December 1, 2016

    Against very good defenses like seattle and the Vikings employ you need to be able to run the ball. If you just show pass you are going to get QB #1 killed. Does anyone remember the first half of the fail Mary game? To me it doesn’t matter if some of those runs are short passes, however you have to make sure you have the opposition with very good defensive lines and defensive backs believe you can and will run the ball. In addition weather can impact the passing game that forces teams to go run heavy.

    No matter what some feel about wanting to see the Packers lose out to see change and I can see the logic in all three positions. I don’t think anyone wants to see QB#1 injured because the team cannot at least show the resemblance of a run game, specifically since Rodgers may not be able to protect himself as well with a hamstring issue in a pass heavy offense against very good Defenses, and two of those are coming up. I believe MM is looking to the run game more now to protect Rodgers and that is a good move by the head coach. Change in management, and I doubt it would be MM, will not be so productive without a healthy Rodgers next year.

    1. Mike December 1, 2016

      If the organization would have realized this 5 years ago, Rodgers would have 2-3 more rings? They did it with Favre for years & now Rodgers. They’re blatant refusal to equip these HOF QBs with talent around them. Last great RB we’ve had is Ahman Green!! McSlob can talk running the ball ll he wants. Packers have NO RB. Dalvin Cook will be in draft this year, anyone think Cadaver Ted will go get him????????? ted will be to busy reading his Colonial Penn Life Ins policy.

    2. PackAttack December 1, 2016

      HAHAHAHAHAH okay. That’s how Tampa Bay beat Seattle last week right? The run game?

      Nope. two words….MIKE EVANS!

      Pass game beats Seattle idiot….not the run game.

      1. Howard December 2, 2016

        O.K show me we’re I wrote that run game beats Seattle? Still waiting? You can’t. No what I wrote is you need to have a resemblance of a run game or short passing game to keep your QB from getting killed. I did not write that you can’t pass to score.

        So since you watched the Seattle and Tampa game as I did you must have missed that Tampa ran the ball 35 times. 5 of those runs were by Winston their QB. So running plays by Tampa Bay running backs was 30 times. Pass plays by Tampa against Seattle 28 times. 30 planned runs, vs 28 planned pass plays. That does not fit your pass the ball 80% of the time narrative does it? Of course the others thing that does not fit your recent narratives is your last years comments that Rodgers was washed up as a QB and should be jettisoned by the team. You do remember those comments after the Viking game and others. My quote is not your exact quote, however I would be sure those exact quotes can be shown to all if needed. Have you ever admitted you may have been extreme in those comments? I did not see an admission that you may have been wrong then? So if you were extreme then how can anyone take you as not being extreme now? Well except for the fact that your example of Tampa does not fit your narrative, and neither does your example of New England or New Orleans. Both teams as most teams do run the ball even if their running game is not great. It among other things keeps their QBs alive. By the way New England is ranked 5th in rush attempts per game this year at 29 per game. New Orleans is 11th at 24 per game. Most teams pass to score no question. The run game does play an important part among other things in protecting you offensive line and thus your QB

        You do have some legit points, but your extreme points of view show who may be the one who is wrong.

        1. Kato December 2, 2016

          Doubt you see this Howard since this thread is buried, but you are a fucking genius. Packattack, dude, STFU. You are a moron. The packers had the success they did in the 2010 postseason BECAUSE of the run game. James Starks was super effective. The eagles game. He also helped the packers out against the bears immensely in the NFC championship. Remember Rodgers wasn’t exactly great in that game. Lol.

          1. PF4L December 2, 2016

            Kato…Didn’t you also proclaim that Rodgers was done?

          2. Kato December 2, 2016

            PF4L- admittedly, yes. I still don’t buy that he is necessarily back to the player he was however. He hasn’t really been effective against a good defense in a long time, and he has been putting up these numbers against mediocre defenses. I mean, didn’t you see what Barkley did to the Titans last week albeit 10+ drops by bears receivers.

      2. Howard December 2, 2016

        01/03/2016 at 9:17 pm
        I’m sorry to say it —- but it’s the hard cold truth. Rodgers is finished. He just doesn’t have it anymore. The killer instinct. The precision. The throws in tight coverage. The plays. The “it factor” — it’s gone. He’s the new RG3, Colin Kaepernick, however you want to shape it. The guy is beyond a capable performer at this point. Blame Olivia Munn. Blame Rodgers ego. Blame Rodgers work ethic. Blame his attitude…..whatever it is, the guy flat out fucking sucks and he has for awhile now.

        1. Howard December 2, 2016

          So Packattack could you maybe have been a little extreme in your view and comment? Was Rodgers finished then?

          1. PF4L December 2, 2016

            So i’m not the only one who remembers who all said this shit?….lmao

          2. PF4L December 2, 2016

            09/19/2016 at 5:43 am
            We Packer fans have to wake up and smell the coffee.

            Rodgers isn’t the same guy. He’s done. He’s no longer even an average quarterback. His once uncanny accuracy and confidence are gone.

          3. PF4L December 2, 2016

            If you ask me, i think it’s the bitches fault!!

  6. Mike December 1, 2016

    I PRAY nightly Ted will not be running anything in Green Bay come Jan 2!!!

  7. Empacador December 1, 2016

    Sure you will, Mikey. Sure you will. But keep humping that chicken as the gift that keeps on giving, a highly successful NFL head coach…