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Detroit Lions

What the Lions Are Saying About the Packers

We knew it would come down to one game for the Green Bay Packers. It will also come down to one game for the Detroit Lions.

Week 17, Green Bay at Detroit for the NFC North.

The Lions could have punched themselves a playoff ticket by beating the Dallas Cowboys Monday night. A win would have given them a wild card berth and even if they lost to the Packers in week 17, they still would have been in the playoffs. Instead, Detroit got smoked, 42-21.

The Lions can STILL get in as a wild card if the Redskins lose to the Giants and they lose to the Packers. The scenario is the same for the Packers. If they lose to the Lions AND Washington loses, they’re still a wild card.

But everyone wants the division here. Win and in and you don’t have to worry about what anyone else does.

And look, since the Packers-Lions game is now in prime time, everyone will know what their fate holds before kickoff. The Redskins and Giants play in the afternoon and that’s the only game that anyone needs to pay attention to. Best case scenario for all is the Giants beat Washington at home.

So how are they feeling in Detroit after getting stomped by Dallas?

Optimistic, it appears.

That is, unless you’re a fan.

Interestingly, the Packers are already 3-4 point favorites in this game, depending on where you look.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. icebowl December 27, 2016

    It was bound to happen – Looks like Det’s late comeback luck has run out….
    Should be an interesting game – especially if Foreskins win.

    GB (particularly D) only plays first half and Det (but for yesterday) seems to come alive late in second half….

    Has all the makings of a game where winner is team that has ball last…

    I’d be running hail mary drills with DickRodg and Janis throughout the week…

  2. Deepsky December 27, 2016

    I originally thought Detroit’s offense would pass all over the Packers on their own turf, but surprisingly the Lions passing offense is only average. Still, some receiver on their team will “have a career day” just like happens every week against the Packers secondary.

    Rodgers had his best game of the early season against the Lions, while the offense was still shaky, so I suspect with a better responding receiving corps and a possibly legit running game, he’ll at least do the same.

    This could be a shootout.

  3. PF4L December 27, 2016

    I give the Lions credit for having so many 4th quarter comeback wins this season. But they won all 9 of their games by a total of 45 points. Meaning their average margin of victory is 5 points per game.

    In contrast the Packers 9 wins total 99 points, or an average of 11 points per game.

    The Lions are 9-6, but have a minus 5 point differential. It’s my contention, that Detroit could easily have been 5-11. The Lions are average on defense at best. And in the bottom 3rd on offense.

    I see no reason how the Packers lose this game sanz a defensive meltdown.