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Joe Callahan is Back on the Active Roster

It’s been a hell of a year for Joe Callahan.

He made the Green Bay Packers as an undrafted free agent quarterback from a Division III school, got released during the season, signed by the Saints, released, signed by the Browns, released, signed back to the Packers’ practice squad and now, Callahan is back on the active roster.

The Packers promoted him on Saturday. The move was obviously made as insurance for Aaron Rodgers’ injured calf.

Rodgers hurt his calf against Seattle last week and although he’s expected to play on Sunday, he hasn’t practiced this week and was listed as questionable on Friday’s injury report.

Callahan will serve as the third quarterback behind Brett Hundley.

The Packers released inside linebacker Carl Bradford to make room for Callahan on the roster. Bradford had appeared in four games since being called up from the practice squad, but had just one tackle.

Despite a strong preseason, it quickly became apparent after his call-up that Bradford was overmatched on defense. He played just 10 defensive snaps and played none the past two weeks.

It seems pretty clear now that the Packers will never get anything from the former fourth-round pick.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. PF4L December 17, 2016

    This move should give us more indication about the severity of the calf injury. Besides the fact that Rodgers didn’t practice all week. Not a good sign.

    1. Kato December 18, 2016

      Best me to it. This raises all sorts of red flags. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him miss today’s game.

    2. icebowl December 18, 2016

      He better play-Only reason I’ll be sitting in Section 152, Row 8 – freezing my friggin ass off….

      1. Kato December 18, 2016

        A girl I have been dating turned down tickets! I could have been there today freezing my ass off. Soldier field is literally 30 miles from my place

        1. Savage57 December 18, 2016

          “The girl I used to date.”

          1. Empacador December 18, 2016

            Ha ha ha! That’s harsh!

  2. Vijay-jay December 17, 2016

    I always wonder why they don’t just trade down in the draft all the time, collect more picks and choose more players since it’s obvious that the draft is a crapshoot.

  3. Empacador December 17, 2016

    Wait, what? Is Martinez ready to play again? Wasn’t it decided Bradford had earned his way on the team coming out of training camp, only to get released, then subsequently brought back to the practice squad, and finally promoted to the active roster after they cut Perillo?? Sure glad they pulled Makinton Dorleant off IR as a trusted, valued contributor to the secondary/defense. Their roster moves really make you wonder if Ted is senile.

    1. Kato December 18, 2016

      Yeah, same thoughts went through my head. How the fuck does a fourth round pick get cut and some street free agent be kept? They are as healthy at corner as they have been all year. Was Bradford really that bad? Despite MM’s faults, I think he is a good coach, and I am thinking this more on TTs shoulders. Carl Bradford: wtf. Khyri Thornton:wtf. Remember when he picked two tight ends in the draft a few years ago? Wtf happened to them?

      1. Empacador December 18, 2016

        Well, I did see Dorleant on the field today for 1 play at least on special teams, #20. Didn’t see him actually do anything but at least he was active and on the field. Anyone else notice the “sneaky” non reverse to Janis? He looked like he was half assing it when he was running it, not running hard like the last few weeks when he was actually called on to run it.

        1. Howard December 18, 2016

          Dorleant knocked down the Hail Mary pass at the end of the half that Hyde intercepted. That was the only time I saw him on defense.

  4. NachoDan December 17, 2016

    Who gets cut in Cleveland?

  5. Howard December 18, 2016

    The quick signing of Jordan Tripp probably made Bradford expendable. My guess is the Packers believe Tripp is, or could be more instinctive and athletic than Bradford as a linebacker and is a better special teams player than Bradford. We shall see. Tripp has been injured a lot since he came into the NFL.