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Deep Ball Has Returned for Packers

On Saturday, Green Bay Packers’ fans saw something they hadn’t seen much of all year: the deep ball.

All five Green Bay touchdowns were aided by long passes. The team’s first touchdown was helped along by a 21-yard pass to Jordy Nelson. The second TD featured Jordy’s 48-yard catch, and culminated in a 20-yard TD catch by Davante Adams. Another long throw, a 33-yarder once again to Jordy, led to the third TD. Geronimo Allison’s 32-yard catch aided the fourth TD. The team’s final TD followed a 30-yard heave to Jared Cook.

That’s six passes of 20 or more yards. Throw in the 19-yarder to Adams and a 15-yarder to Allison, and you have 186 yards on eight throws – amounting to over half of Green Bay’s 348 yards on offense on the day.

In this season’s first 13 games, Aaron Rodgers averaged over 8 yards per pass attempt only twice. In the past three games, however, he’s averaged 10.7 (Seattle), 8.1 (Chicago) and most recently 9.1. When the eagle spreads his wings, this team soars!

With that kind of aerial bombardment, the Packers were able to handily win, even though the Vikings had two minutes more in time of possession, more first downs (22-19), more than double the rushing yardage (93-40), and almost 100 more total yards of offense (446-348). Minnesota ran 74 offensive plays, while the Packers had only 58, and that was with a two turnover advantage.

The Packers clearly came into the game with a plan to expose the Vikings’ deep secondary, and Nelson and his mates executed it nicely. Rodgers displayed accuracy on these throws that hasn’t been shown since 2014. I give the coaching staff an A+ for preparing an excellent offensive game plan.

As the postseason nears, Rodgers and his revived deep passing attack should make the other top teams in the league wary – and it’s enough to have fans dreaming big dreams!

Rob Born

Smart drafters don’t select the best available players, they fill a team’s positions of greatest need.



  1. PF4L December 26, 2016

    The Dream Is Over: The Case Against Olivia Munn

    Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is playing bad football. It would seem to be psychological and could be traced back to girlfriend Olivia Munn.

    That, from the article written by E. Wolf. He, of the Favre petition fame.

    Saw that article on the current homepage. Entertaining to look back and witness the writings and thoughts of the galactically stupid. There have been plenty of these articles written by people showcasing their intellect, maturity and writing talent. They know who they are. Now that he’s back to MVP form they are all currently licking his ball sack. Of course, until the team falls apart again. Which then of course, will be Olivia’s fault.

    Thankfully Rob doesn’t partake.

    1. PF4L December 26, 2016

      BTW Rob…Did you happen to catch all those pass completions in the middle of the field?

  2. gort December 26, 2016

    Also, there were several across the middle. Maybe the threat of a deep passing attack will draw the Detroit secondary a little bit deeper at the start of the game. I would like a more balanced offense. More first downs and longer TOP will keep Stafford (and our defense) on the sidelines and watching the master.

  3. Howard December 26, 2016

    You would think that if practicing against the best makes you better then this Packer secondary should be one of the best. Except the No. 1 defense is probably practicing against the scout team, Hundley, Janis, Davis, and practice squad guys all the time. Maybe the No. 1s on defense would be better served practicing against the offense number 1’s more often?

    1. Dennis December 26, 2016

      On another note the Seahawks are finding out what Karma is.

    2. PF4L December 26, 2016

      Howard…Maybe the secondary can hire Bradford in the off season to practice against. Because not only did they make him look like the best. The NfL has him as the best QB for week 16 after throwing for 382 yards and 3tds. At Lambeau field no less.


  4. Deepsky December 27, 2016

    How does Rodgers go from having a 88 QB rating the first 5 games to a 120 QB rating the last 5?