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Clay Matthews Might Show Up This Week

This season has pretty much been garbage as far as Clay Matthews is concerned.

Twenty tackles, four sacks and multiple injuries. Lately, Matthews has been rendered useless or right next to it by an injured shoulder.

In two of the last three games, Matthews has failed to register a single statistic. Not even a tackle.

On Thursday, Matthews expressed hope that this week might be different. He says the range of motion in his injured shoulder is returning and suggested that would allow him to do more on the field.

“It’s one of those things where the timetable for this is not really set in stone,” Matthews said. “It’s more so about getting strength and the range of motion back. I felt, despite what the numbers would indicate, especially last week, I felt like I started getting some ability to throw back in there and to kind of let it withstand the rigors of battling with some of those offensive linemen. I’m encouraged about that.”

Matthews also said he’s close to 100 percent, although he is still expected to have surgery once the season ends.

The Packers could certainly use a more effective pass rush from Matthews. Too often this season, the defense hasn’t been able to effectively pressure opposing quarterbacks. The one-sack game against Chicago was a prime example.

That allows opponents to pick apart the Packers’ suspect secondary.

Hopefully a healthier Matthews and the return of Nick Perry can help remedy that.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. PF4L December 22, 2016

    He can tell us he’s almost 100%. That’s all candy and roses if he can come back and perform.

    But i’ll say what i said in the past, when he’s hurt, and isn’t effective at all, DON’T play him. What is there to lose if he’s not producing. Give a healthy player a shot and let him heal. You don’t get trophy’s or participation ribbons for getting on the field if you don’t belong there.

    1. Empacador December 22, 2016

      This. The perfect time to give some young guys or rookies much needed game experience. They can’t do any worse than a guy that isn’t producing.

  2. Winsome December 23, 2016

    He says the same thing but with slight variations. He hasn’t been 100% in a long time so what else is new. Time for the new healthy rookies to get a chance. This guy is just done, why can’t anyone see that?

    1. Unsupervised Child December 23, 2016

      Time to get rid of him and get someone who can and will do the job he’s getting paid millions to do.

  3. MMTTDCSUCK December 23, 2016

    This whole team is managed poorly. This is a glaring example of it.

  4. Unsupervised Child December 23, 2016

    Clay hasn’t had a complete season in years and is always hurt. Only thing keeping him on the team is his name and that didn’t even get him into the ProBowl this year. Time to get rid of him while he’s even worth a draft pick or use the millions we won’t be paying him for someone who wants to play.