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Aaron Rodgers Masterful, Packers Roll Vikings

The Green Bay Packers just kept rolling. The Minnesota Vikings just kept sucking. Aaron Rodgers was the difference.

The Packers thumped the Vikings by a score of 38-25 to keep their march toward the playoffs alive. That was largely due to Rodgers, who finished 28-of-38 for 347 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions.

Rodgers, apparently wanted to show that the leg injuries were behind him, also ran for a TD.

Most of those passing yards went to Jordy Nelson, who caught nine for 154 and two TDs. Interestingly, with Randall Cobb out, the Packers turned to undrafted rookie Geronimo Allison early and often. Allison caught four for 56 and more notably, has obviously passed both Jeff Janis and Trevor Davis on the receiver depth chart.

While there has clearly been a changing of the guard at the bottom of the Packers’ receiving depth chart, there’s also been one at the top. We’re going to retract our earlier statement — that Davante Adams is the Packers’ No. 1 receiver — and give the obvious credit to Nelson.

The Vikings certainly did so. They started the game with Terence Newman, their No. 2 corner, on Nelson. Well, that didn’t work so well, did it? They had switched their No. 1 corner, Xavier Rhodes, over to Nelson in the third quarter and possibly earlier.

That’s a clear sign of two things. Who the opposition has realized the Packers’ No. 1 is and that Jordy Nelson is really, now, fully back to his old form.

Regardless of all that talk, what Rodgers did on this day is even more impressive since — HUGE surprise here — Mike McCarthy completely abandoned the running game. Despite running for 162 yards last week, Ty Montgomery touched the ball just 13 times (nine rushes, four catches).

The Packers had just 13 designed rushes on the day. That’s not how you win in the playoffs, but we’ll ignore that for now.

Defensively, the Packers certainly didn’t crank it up early.

It took them about a quarter or so to get it going and when they did get it going, Clay Matthews was a huge part of that.

I actually criticized him early in the game, along with the Packers’ lack of a pass rush. The Packers were facing maybe the worst offensive line in football, after all. They did nothing in the first quarter to inspire any confidence in their anemic pass rush.

Someone must have told Matthews. After he knocked down a pass in the first — totally unblocked, by the way — he came out like a ball of fire from thereon.

Three tackles, a sack, two passes defended, and three quarterback hits.


Great game. That’s the Clay Matthews we need and want to see. He makes a difference on that defense.

And Nick Perry? Coming back from a broken hand with a club, who we thought would be ineffective? Two sacks — a team-leading 10 sacks on the season.

Maybe not the most important sacks, but great for Nick Perry and great for the Packers’ defense.

As we all know, the Packers’ secondary is garbage.


Read that again.

Adam Thielen — 12 for 202, two touchdowns. Remember when Stefon Diggs went for career highs in week 2. There’s shitbag Adam Thielen’s career high.

Just play against the Packers’ secondary and you will be great!

Nonetheless, the Packers did what they needed to do on this day. They relied on a great Aaron Rodgers, their pass rush got home and they stayed away from the Vikings’ great returners.

One game. The Detroit Lions. Win and any losing streaks early in the season are all moot.

The Packers will again own the NFC North and make the playoffs.

Merry Christmas, you heathens!

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Chad Lundberg December 24, 2016

    I don’t fucking understand this stupid ass secondary. It really really feels like they’re capable of playing so much better than this but just refuse to give it 100% effort. Seriously, what the fuck is going on? If they were to just play well like they should, this team is the Super Bowl favorite. And then Ladarius gets injured so can we just get a fucking break already???

    At least we won today. Here’s hoping things continue to turn around. Merry Christmas Monty!

    1. icebowl December 24, 2016

      Great game for offense, especially #12 and #87….

      Agreed, cornerbacks have alot of talent but are playing like crap…
      Worse thing the team can do is get off to early, small lead – secondary just goes into neutral and lets lead melt away…
      Didn’t think they’d miss Shields this much…

  2. Kato December 24, 2016

    The secondary is a mess. The pass rush is going to have to be special in the playoffs.

    1. Savage57 December 25, 2016

      If I never have to read the words ‘career high’ after a little known, opposing WR or QB blows up against the Packers, it will be too soon.

      1. Zwoeger December 25, 2016

        Usualy it’s only one high or record. Now there were a career high , season high and season longest play from scrimmage.
        Or did I mis any?

  3. PF4L December 24, 2016

    Nice to see tmzpackers back on Rodgers bandwagon. SMH

    Praise should be given on this day, and i shall give it.

    But….i warn the thin skinned mama’s boys in here. Make no fucking mistake about it, i’m going to unleash on a few things. that need to be said, later on.

    So grab some milk and cookies or a jug of Packer kool-aid, maybe a nice big box of tissues if you get offended with me making reality based observations. This will be big boy dialogue. Maybe better yet, skip reading my post all together, as i’m not here to ruin anyone’s day. but the truth is the truth.

    Have a nice Day :)

  4. icebowl December 24, 2016

    Merry Fucking Christmas Grinch4L….
    Can’t wait to read your rant…

    1. PF4L December 24, 2016

      I warned ya…(shrugs)

  5. Empacador December 24, 2016

    There’s still time for that group hug. Heathens is a nice touch.

  6. Empacador December 24, 2016

    Anyone else happy to see Cleveland fans got a Christmas miracle and won’t go 0-16? As somewhat a fan of the Chargers from when I was stationed in San Diego, there is a really fucked up dynamic involving that city and team, so I sort of feel bad for them as well. At least the Lions are still the only 0-16 team team in history. Dave The Lions Fan will always have that to cherish. Merry Christmas!

  7. Empacador December 24, 2016

    This beauty just in. Wow.


    If the players really are freelancing, looks like the only people that love them some Zimmer are the fans.

    1. Kato December 24, 2016


    2. Cheese December 24, 2016

      Yeah how did that work out for them? Retards probably should have listened to their coach.

  8. fire ted mike and Mark December 24, 2016

    Glad to see another w. Been bashing clay all year so it was nice to see him show up today. Nice to see the effort and hits on the qb. Flying around, spinning, batting balls. That’s what they need and then some with that secondary. The offense looked good, hopefully dropvante is getting it out of the way now and it won’t be an ongoing issue come playoffs. It was only one, but it was a pretty throw and he dropped it in the end zone.

    Special teams seems to have done their part, main thing is the d. Secondary in particular. That’s the only reason teams aren’t gonna fear playing the pack. Rodgers and company are getting rolling and will be tough to stop, but the d is a major liability. We saw them give up another 200 yard game to a scrub. Losing Gunter won’t help and at This point in the season it is what it is. Like someone mentioned earlier, clay, perry, peppers and co are gonna have to be special come playoff time. Smh at that td Minnesota scored in the second quarter. That was just a horrible angle and play from haha, yet he’s a pro bowler? Anyways, got to officially end the queens playoff hopes and live to fight another day. Can now relax and enjoy Christmas.

    1. fire ted mike and Mark December 24, 2016

      Well, for special teams, would have been nice to see them recover that onside kick. Was a nice chance to practice and prep for that situation which could present itself in a much bigger situation.

      1. Mike Ditka's Mome December 24, 2016

        Can we fire you instead?

  9. PF4L December 24, 2016

    I ran out of fuck off time for now.

    Hope you and your loved ones have a very Merry Christmas and stay safe in your travels.

    God Bless

    1. icebowl December 24, 2016

      Back at ya PF4L…
      Been a blast reading (most of) your stuff…
      Go Pack

  10. Mike Ditka's Mome December 24, 2016

    I love it when all you weather fans shit on the Packers and then try run the table.

    1. Empacador December 25, 2016

      Um, I don’t think being critical of the Packers is the same thing as being a fair weather fan. Urban Dictionary defines it perfectly;

      A fan of a sports team who only shows support when the team is doing well. During hard times they usually bandwagon other teams. They basically have no real loyalty to the team, but still manage to get better seats than you at the game. Strangely they mysteriously vanish at the first sign of trouble. Fair weather fan: “OMG what a comeback! That was amazing!” Regular fan: “How would you know? You left right when Favre threw the pick six in the 2nd and if I recall you didn’t even start rooting for Green Bay until 2 weeks ago.” Fair weather fan: “… GO PACK!” (After the playoff game the fair weather fan immediately became a Pats fan and stowed all Packer memorabilia away.) Fair Weather Fan’s creed: Last to join, first to leave.

      From what I can see, not too many critical Packer fans have left for other teams. We bitch because we care about the team and aren’t content with the status quo, unlike people who bitch about people bitching, (because people like to bitch!) Mike Ditka’s Meme (sic).

      1. fire ted mike and Mark December 25, 2016

        Well said! Pack have and always will be my team. Am happy they are winning games but still have my doubts and would still like to see changes.

      2. MMTTDCSUCK December 26, 2016


  11. Howard December 24, 2016

    A very good day. Merry Christmas to all.

    1. Empacador December 25, 2016

      After the current winning streak a petition, even one with 10 million signatures on it, isn’t getting anyone fired. They get a reprieve yet again this season. With the current structure in place, the sad reality is they are all pretty much bullet proof and we will be stuck with them until they decide to leave of their own volition. Which for McCarthy will be about the time Aaron Rodgers decides to hang up his cleats. McCarthy will want to wring every ounce he can get out of Rodgers so he can tell his grandkids about what a highly successful NFL head coach he once was.

  12. Killer December 24, 2016

    Well, the odds and circumstances were against the Vikings. Still, a very gutsy performance. We have to settle for a split in the series this year.

    We had a great start to the year but I knew it would a very uphill battle with our #1 player out most all year and third stringers at each OT and second stringers at Center and RG all year (except the 2nd string RG was replaced due to injury with a 3rd string Guard today). Most teams in such circumstances would have gone 4-12 or 3-13.

    The Vikings this season and also today actually did much better than I could have reasonably expected. I am proud of them.

    Today I am in particular proud of Sam Bradford and Adam Thielen and Danielle Hunter.

    Bradford, by QB rating (only including QBs who have thrown for at least 1000 yards) is the #7 QB in the league. None of the ones ahead of him have a run game or an offensively line nearly as bad. He also had to learn a new offense and new teammates on the fly. If you were to take into account circumstances then you’d have to agree Sam Bradford, this year, has performed better than any other QB.

    Adam Thielen has been a gem all year. A diamond. From a small Minnesota college Rick Spielman found him. Spielman gets talent from the draft better than TT but also in trades, free agency, and non-traditional sources such as European football, small colleges, and opposing team’s practice squads. I know you Packer fans love to piss and moan about your secondary and, don’t get me wrong, it is very bad. However, if you watch the plays I’m sure you saw that Thielen is just spectacular and if he’d been covered by Richard Sherman or Xavier Rhodes or Aqib Talib or whoever today he still would have had around 12 catches, 202 yards, and 2 TDs. There is no defense against perfect passes thrown to receivers who catch them perfectly. Thielen is tall, fast, has great body control, incredible hands, plays super smart, runs great patterns, is physically strong in catching the ball or in run blocking. Diggs is great and has more catches but Thielen did not even start until about game 6 and has a much better yards per catch.

    Danielle Hunter. Danielle Hunter! 12 sacks! As a back-up! In only his second year! He was drafted super young, just 20 when drafted and only 21 now. (A lot of people criticized Spielman for taking him the 3rd round but I had him ranked as a late 2st rounder. If the 2015 draft were redone today Hunter would likely be the third overall pick behind Mariata and Winston.). He is still a year younger now than most draft picks the day they are drafted and he already has 18 sacks on his young career. When was the last time a back up DE had 12 sacks after game 15? Just amazing! Zimmer has said that Hunter will be a greater player than anyone on the team and is no where near his potential yet. I believe him!

    We lost 9 starters for essentially the full year this year. We had the worst injury situation, by a mile, of any team according to a study by ESPN. Included among those 9 were the QB (most important position in football), AP (our franchise player), 6 1st round selected players (Teddy, AP, Kalil, Andre Smith, Long, Floyd), 6 players who have made the pro bowl, and 6 players all from one position group (the offensive line). This is nearly unheard of adversity. Certainly no Packers team has ever faced as much adversity and certainly no other team anywhere who has ever came close to an 8-8 season (which is likely where the Vikes end up).

    An equivalency would be if the Packers lost Aaron Rodgers, Eddie Lacy, Brayn Bulaga, David Bakhtiari, Mike Daniels, T.J. Lang, JC Tretter, Jason Spriggs, and Kyle Murphy to season ending injuries early in the year or before the season even began. I have little doubt the Packers would be heading into the 16th game praying for a victory so they can end the year 4-12.

    So, I am very proud of the Vikings and look forward to a lot of improvement next year. Besides performing so well on the field in such exceptionally difficult circumstances they have been great citizens off the field and great people, doing a great job representing the state of Minnesota. The envy of the Packers and their fans. They are literally green with envy!

    Anyway, Merry Christmas to all!

    1. MJ December 24, 2016

      Totally mad if you believe the Packers can envy the Vikes. I agree they have been moving in the right direction, but they are not contenders yet. Maybe with better health, maybe with Bradford having an extra year under his belt, they can make the NFC North a little more interesting.

      1. PF4L December 24, 2016

        Ahhhh, the maybe list….
        1) Maybe….the players could follow the coaches game plan. Instead… they have a shitty locker room filled with tension and dissension.
        2) Maybe…..next year the team won’t lose 8 out of 10 games.
        3) Maybe if the vikings start 5-0 again, a viking fan won’t talk so damn stupid, and they’ll listen to certain Packer fans when they are reminded what happens when reality reveals itself.
        4) Maybe…..in the next 10 years or so the vikings can win a 7th playoff game since 1991.
        5) Maybe….a viking fan will realize that in the NFL, every team has injuries, not just the vikings.
        6) Maybe…a viking fan will learn, that no matter how many excuses she can think of, it means absolutely nothing, because you haven’t won anything.
        7) Maybe…You’ll remember a Packer fan telling you as you were gloating at 4-0, 5-0….to win something first, then start chirping.
        8)Maybe….you’ll discover that no matter how long your novels are…that alone does not make the vikings a relevant team , winning does.
        9) Maybe…..someday you’ll discover, that when your team is melting down in defeats, and you insist to try mocking a team that is and has been clearly superior to your team. That doesn’t make you sound clever, it makes you sound like a child.
        10) Maybe…..someday, God, age, getting a hobby, a partner or a life will grant you the wisdom, of how foolish your time is spent in another teams blog, which clearly doesn’t want you there.

        Merry Xmas killer.

        1. PF4L December 24, 2016

          “Thielen is tall, fast like a gazelle, has a great body (control), incredible hands, plays super duper smart, runs great patterns, is physically stronger than superman, has super smooth skin, fantastic nails, a great wardrobe, fantastic hair, attends church and his mom is a good cook. -killer

          1. Killer December 25, 2016

            The last two I did not know — good info Piffle. The 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th from last are only noticed by people like you, Piffle, and, of course, Aaron Rodgers. You and Aaron really are peas in a pod.

        2. Killer December 25, 2016

          Once I read #1 I realized you were talking about the Packers.

      2. Killer December 25, 2016

        Not contenders? They won the North last year. What does that make the Packers then by comparison? Scrubs? Washed up? 3rd rate?

        Also keep in mind that when healthier than now — but not as healthy as the Packers — they are better than the Packers as seen in the victory over them earlier this year. Also keep in mind even with the MASH trauma unit injury list the Vikings were ahead of the 3rd place Packers in the division almost all year. Also keep in mind that the Packers, literally, had the easiest schedule in the league. Given a less soft schedule they may have lost 3 or 4 more games.

        I see a few things next year.
        * Rodgers seems to have his mojo back and has been quite good recently. The rumors he is back in the arms of his former personal man servant may be true. But what if those guys break up again? Also, Rodgers will be another year older — though QBs do have a very long shelf life.
        * TJ Lang will most likely leave in free agency. That is nothing compared to the 6 offensive linemen (3 1st rounders and 4 former pro bowlers) who the Vikings lost this year. Still, it would be a loss and Lang is one of the Packers best players — 4th best actually.
        * The Vikes, if they let AP leave, which they should, will have about 52 million in cap space. But no 1st round pick. Teddy’s injury was horrific and he may not play again. Either way he needs at least another year. Bradford with another year in the system and hopefully a better o-line and run game should be even better. Honestly, I will be thrilled if he just stays the same. He is not the issue.
        * Our O-line must be better next year. Kalil at full health at LT, Boone at LG, Easton/Berger at Center, maybe sign Lang for RG, and then let Smith, Long, and Sirles battle it out at RT. If this one position group could become — through upgrades and health — even average it would mean 3 or 4 more wins. That alone.
        * Vikes are set at QB, WR (I just love Diggs and Thielen), TE (Rudolph is great), KR and PR (we have the best pair of returners in the league: 4 TDs and Patterson has the top KO average by a mile), we have some of the best kick and punt coverage in the league, we fixed the PK position (which cost us a couple games this year we otherwise would have won), and we have a great coaching staff.
        * Incredibly the defense has room for improvement. Most of the players are young and are improving each year. We had a huge hole at DT due to Sharrif Floyd out all year. We’ll let Floyd go freeing up about 6 million in cap space and hopefully fix the hole in free agency or the draft. Our D did very well but truly can do even better.
        * We’ll have an easier schedule next year and the Packers will have a much tougher one.

        I think the Vikings are the favorites to win the division next year and the Packers, if everything falls just right for them and they have a lot of good luck, may be able to avoid the cellar and lock down third place in the division.

        1. Pack December 25, 2016

          You must be having Christmas at the beach, cause you sound like you got sand in your vagina.

        2. icebowl December 25, 2016

          She just won’t leave it alone !
          Go as far as “Not”…
          Waiting for PF4L abstract….

        3. MJ December 25, 2016

          Yeah, and on top of that, if the planets align, then the Vikes will stop being the laughstock of the NFL. Too many “ifs” on your argument, Killer.

    2. ARS85 December 25, 2016

      Ya losing teddy Bridgewater is the equivalent of the packers losing Aaron Rodgers lololol….. That’s spot on. Send your resume to espn

      1. Killer December 25, 2016

        Not what I wrote, ARS85. Please try to pay attention.

    3. icebowl December 25, 2016

      Dude, you forgot one…
      Add this to the record books:
      Longest pile of BS ever recorded on TP.com

      Stopped reading after “Well, the odds “…
      Took me forever to scroll thru to relevant comments…
      Read your executive summary PF4L. I have to give you credit for actually wading thru that crap… Assume you did it while staying up to try to see Santa…..

      Killer – go play play with your Adrian Peterson doll, try on Patriots or Cowboys uniforms for it………..

      Go Pack

  13. Neder December 24, 2016

    Killer (hahahaha), I’m not sure why you post this Pro-vikes stuff here……..I hope you are chuckling to yourself when you say we are green with envy about all aspects of your Vikes. It’s comical. You guys really kicked our asses in the 70s and 80s tho. I’m still hurting from those beatings.

    Anyway, The Packers had way more injury woes in 2010 than Vikes do this year, except they didn’t quit and blame “Exceptionally difficult circumstances”. They didn’t run rouge plays because they think they know better than the coaches. They didn’t take plays off or half-ass games. They banded together, stepped up and won the SuperBowl.

    Also, you are proud of how your vikes defensive backs hatched their own game plan behind the coaching staff’s back that failed miserably?? Mutiny, I say. Your coach has totally lost that team. Players think they know better and don’t listen to what he says. 8-8 Pride, Baby. Kick those Bear’s azz. You can do it!! No other team in the history of the league has had as many injuries and still has a chance to go 8-8. SMH.

    Lastly, if Speilman is soooo superior to Ted, why hasn’t that translated into winning the big game? He also has the benefit of selecting earlier in the rounds than the Packers do…….consistently. You had 9 first round pix over the last 5 years. Rhodes and Smith are the only keepers. That’s not brag worthy.

    It always makes me smile reading what you Vikes fans hang your hats on. “Mitch Berger was a better punter than anyone the Packers have ever had”……. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!! I really love that you think it’s better to have more Central/North Championships than World Championships and SB wins. Classic. Yes, I’m envious.

    You go ahead and keep pleading your case tho. I’m sure we are all real interested in your exaggerated circumstances that led to your team completely falling apart thru no fault of their own. It’s much more than just a handful of average players missing some time. Please don’t argue AP is anything better than average anymore either. He’s also not the best ever, so don’t argue that either. How many titles did he help you win? That’s part of being the greatest ever, unless you are a Minnesota fan then you can just make what ever argument suits you.

    I too look forward to the Vikes getting better next year. I don’t want any more excuses from the most excuse making fan base in the NFL. You made excuses for AP smacking his toddler son bloody with that tree branch, didn’t you? On his scrotum, you excuse maker!! Real pride. Nice job.

    1. Kato December 25, 2016

      I would argue as an impartial fan, that Anthony Barr is also a very solid player. A running back also doesn’t have to win titles to be among the best to ever win the position. AP is probably in the top 5-10, easily. Barry Sanders, Earl Campbell, Gale Sayers didn’t win very many big games much less a super bowl,

      1. Empacador December 25, 2016

        Eric Kendricks looked pretty impressive yesterday. Anthony Barr may be solid but he didn’t outplay Kendricks.

        1. PF4L December 25, 2016

          He looked really impressive, especially when Lane Taylor moved to his right so Kendricks didn’t have any obstructions rushing the QB.

          1. PF4L December 25, 2016

            Does anyone know how he got his other sack?

          2. Empacador December 25, 2016

            Kendricks had 2.5 sacks, 3.5 tackles for loss and 3 QB hits. That wasn’t all on Lane Taylor. Matthews, Thomas and Perry combined were about on par with what Kendricks did solo. Credit where credit is due.

          3. PF4L December 25, 2016

            Yea, i watched the game. Thanks

          4. PF4L December 25, 2016

            I didn’t say he didn’t have a good game did i?

          5. Empacador December 25, 2016

            Nah, we’re good. Merry Christmas.

    2. Killer December 25, 2016

      Did anyone else hear that buzzing sound?

      1. Killer December 25, 2016

        That buzzing sound calls itself NEDER. Weird. It also talks fondly about scrotums. Weird.

        1. PF4L December 25, 2016

          Neder makes some valid points, but one correction is warranted.

          The vikings never kicked the Packers ass in the 80’s.

          The Packers kicked queen ass head to head 14-5

  14. NachoDan December 24, 2016

    Vikings are a bag of shit and will continue that tradition. Merry Christmas you beautiful Packers.

    1. Killer December 25, 2016

      Puzzle me this:

      If a “bag of shit” is 1-1 vs. your team, what does that make your team?
      If a “bag of shit” has more pro bowlers than your team, what does that make your team?
      If a “bag of shit” has a much tougher schedule than your team and a much Much MUCH tougher injury situation and was ahead of your team most of the year, what does that make your team?

      Choose from the following answers:
      A) Fermented bag of shit.
      B) Rotted bag of shit.
      C) A bag of shit’s shit.
      D) All of the above.
      E) None of the above, it is just that NACHODAN is a very poor sport chock full of poor sportsmanship.

  15. PF4L December 25, 2016

    12/22/2016 at 8:41 am

    “To quench your thirst type into your search engine “Minnesota Vikings” and enjoy.”

    I did just that killer, here are the results it gave me….

    Apparently the Packers annihilation of the vikings eliminated them from the playoffs
    Apparently they have a child beater on the team.
    Apparently the vikings never won a Super Bowl.
    Apparently the Wilfs were convicted for fraud and ordered to repay 84 million they stole.
    Apparently in the last 14 years, the vikings started 6-0 and missed the playoffs, then again started 5-0 and missed the playoffs.
    Apparently they haven’t won a NFCCG since 1976.
    Apparently there are a lot of video’s of viking fans losing their shit over an interception.
    Apparently viking fans don’t see a bright future.
    Apparently there was some boat incident involving a lot of drugs and paid prostitutes and rape.
    Apparently the vikings are a team that parents can be proud to take their children to see and admire, and look up to.
    Apparently the vikings have a history of players taking PED’s and being convicted of rape.

    Did i miss anything?

    1. Killer December 25, 2016

      Like usual you missed a lot and misinterpreted a lot and lied a lot. That is what you do Piffle/PF4L/Monty/Mordecai. It is who you are.

      1. PF4L December 25, 2016

        I’m sure i missed a lot of child abuse, drug convictions, PED suspensions, rape convictions, fraud convictions.

        But it was just a quick search.

        1. PF4L December 25, 2016

          Lets take this time to RELAX as Nancy gets her dial up internet working again.

          1. icebowl December 25, 2016

            ….or stops playing w her new AP doll…

          2. PF4L December 25, 2016

            Well that’s just fantastic ice, now you hurt killers feelings…c’mon man!!…what’s wrong with you?

            It’s freaking Xmas.

        2. Howard December 25, 2016

          Merry Christmas PF4L. You also forgot the obvious Killer outright lie.
          The Packers and Vikings every year play the same home and away schedule against the same teams except two. This year those two teams were:
          Vikings- Carolina (6-9) Arizona (6-8-1)
          Packers- Atlanta (10-5) Seattle (9-5-1).

          Packers had the tougher schedule not the Vikings as claimed by Killer.

          1. PF4L December 25, 2016

            Howard….You can only pile so much on a guy before you break his spirit. So i like to be careful i don’t go over that line. What can i say, i’m a caring humanitarian.

            Thank you, and enjoy your Xmas also Howard.

          2. Empacador December 25, 2016

            Don’t forget the constant PED accusations without merit. Repeating the same lie over and over doesn’t make it so. Merry Christmas!

    2. icebowl December 25, 2016

      Excellent research PF4L….
      You are a true aficionado of Queens history…

  16. PF4L December 25, 2016

    Ok, i have to go someplace i’d rather not go.

    But i leave killer with this….

    What do you call nuts on a wall
    Wall nuts
    What do you call nuts on a chest
    Chest nuts
    What do you call my nuts on your chin
    My dick in your mouth

    Have a great day :)

    1. icebowl December 25, 2016