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Aaron Rodgers: I’m Not Missing Games

He didn’t want to talk about the injury, but Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers handled the latest one like he did the previous one. He suggested he wouldn’t miss any time.

“It just happened a few hours ago,” Rodgers said after the game, “so (I’ll) give you a better update on Wednesday. … I threw a touchdown pass and my calf started hurting me. That’s football. You deal with injuries, you know. … I’d like to talk about the win, you’re talking about my injuries. I’m not missing games, so … we’ve won three in a row.”

Rodgers injured his left calf in Sunday’s win over Seattle. That comes on the heel of a right hamstring injury he suffered against Philadelphia two weeks earlier.

The hamstring didn’t appear to limit Rodgers against the Seahawks, but the calf certainly did. As the game went on, the limping became more pronounced and his mobility became more limited.

Rodgers left the game early in the fourth quarter with the Packers leading by 25.

With the Packers in a tight playoff race and still alive for the NFC North, we would expect Rodgers to do everything he can to play. However, if the Packers were to rest Rodgers to let the injury heal, this would be the logical week to do so with the 3-10 Chicago Bears on the schedule.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Randall_CobFan December 12, 2016

    Let’s keep it rolling into Chicago, Go pack go! Rodgers as a pocket passer is still better than most nfl qbs

  2. PF4L December 12, 2016

    As far as resting Rodgers against the bears, i was thinking the same thing. But for those who think magic is happening this season, i think you have to play Rodgers.

    If it was my decision, i would start Hundley and keep Rodgers active and ready to come in when needed. But it’s yet to be proven that Hundley can beat anyone outside of pre-season. But it would be fun to watch him get a chance.

  3. PF4L December 12, 2016

    I also want to acknowledge some good performances. I’m always around to pinpoint various deficiencies, so it’s only fair to give credit where and when it’s due.

    The 0 line did a really nice job, especially in a game where Rodgers didn’t have mobility. If the line didn’t hold up, we’d be having a different conversation today.

    The defense deserves a lot of credit for the last 3 weeks after shitting the bed the 4 weeks before that. When you hold 3 NFL teams to 12 ppg on average, you are doing just about everything right.

    In the interest of keeping this post positive, i’ll refrain from commenting on the run game, and MM’s continued buffoonery until another article.

    1. rebelgb December 12, 2016

      PF4L glad your keeping it real man. Im the same way; I owe some prompts. I thought Aaron was dead in the water, he played like the Aaron of old. MVP shit man, just too good to be beat. Davonte; ive hated this guy since he came on the team, yet he is manning up and playing lights out. What the hell? Not gonna give Fat Mike any credit though. This has become Aarons team.

      1. Empacador December 12, 2016

        I have to give props to Adams as well. Hopefully he maintains this level of play. I do like seeing the different personnel packages being used on offense and defense. The question is what the hell took them so long? Lowery has been very impressive the last couple weeks as well. I’m still not getting my hopes up for a repeat of 2010 simply because I am not a fan of McCarthy at all. However, maybe Ted might decide to call it a career, that could make a difference. Remains to be seen.

  4. SIM December 12, 2016

    Rodgers did the same thing two years ago that he did last night. He Demonstrated how great of a pocket passer he is. From here forward I would Personally would go with the 2014 gameplan save the nfc championship meltdown and see how far we go. As an aside, seeing how dangerous Rodgers is without his mobility is nothing but good news given I would love to see him play another 5+ years.

    1. PF4L December 12, 2016

      I think if you asked Rodgers, he’d love it if he never had to leave the pocket, unless the play was a designed roll out. I don’t think anyone ever thought he wasn’t a great pocket passer given the time and targets to throw at, other than a few fans thinking his career was over.

      Rodgers doesn’t buy time with his feet, or roll out of the pocket just for the hell of it. He does it out of necessity. It’s just one aspect of his game that makes him so good. You don’t take away Rodgers mobility before it’s time, age will take care of that. Very few, if any QB’s in the history of the NFL have/had the dynamics of Rodgers footwork, throwing pin point bullets on the run, outside of the pocket, or the effortless wrist flick pass throws like to Adams yesterday. Not to mention how many 1st downs Rodgers has picked up on his own to extend drives.

      Think of it like this……Some fans that were saying Rodgers career was over, when his passer rating was in the 90’s, when he threw for 31tds, and 8 picks….are fucking spoiled. Spoiled only because Rodgers has set the bar so high above most any other QB’s past or present. You don’t hear shit from those fans anymore. Let me put it another way…if our next QB’s worst season is 31tds, and 8 picks….BRING HIM THE FUCK ON!! We’ll take him!!!!

      Three things i know….

      1) The 2015 season, and part of the 2016 season, proved that Rodgers lowest point in his career puts him only….above average.

      2) Overall….Rodgers has no weak aspect in his game. No part of his game that anyone would say he isn’t great at. He fucking does it all, at a higher level than most ever have.

      3) If Rodgers had to quit or retire for whatever reason tomorrow. As a Packer fan i’d feel lucky and blessed, that we had him here.

      1. PF4L December 12, 2016

        OOPS…almost forgot…. Rodgers doing all this while he’s still with Olivia Munn? How can that be? And all that other gossip little girl bullshit this site post.

        Explain that shit TMZpackers.com. Put on your big boy pants Mordecai, lets hear from you now. Or would you rather just stay in your sister’s closet playing with her dolls?

        Much like the fans who were declaring Rodgers finished. You hear nothing but crickets now.

        1. Killer December 12, 2016

          But the crickets are saying Rodgers is still a jerk and a creep.

          1. PF4L December 12, 2016

            Interesting….but i’ve never heard any story’s about Rodger’s beating the shit out of a 4 year old child.

            But Rodgers did just sign autographs for $100 contributions to the Salvation Army. He’s also matching every dollar donated.

            Want to know what else that creepy jerk did? He ordered a shit load of pizzas for everyone there who waited in line to donate.

            As usual killer, your viewpoints are spot on. Rodgers is a creep.

            Now…do your family a favor and go kill yourself.

          2. Tucson Packer December 13, 2016

            No Killer, those crickets you hear are in response to the Viqueens raising that divisional championship banner. Celebrate mediocrity! Go blow that horn, it’s a skill you all learn so well, I am sure you even perfected. Please, no details.

    2. DJ December 12, 2016

      I think his injuries have been a blessing. His feet are obviously one of his greatest weapons but there has been an over reliance on them lately & that has had a domino effect on his fundamentals & decision making. Remember, he isnt 27 anymore, he’s 33yrs old. He cant just overcome poor mechanics anymore & thus his accuracy suffered, he held the ball longer, there was no timing or rhythm, and he was quick to pull the eject button & run. Now having limited mobility…its cleaned up his throwing mechanics, the ball is coming out quicker, & its forcing him to commit longer to his progressions. He’s now having to pull the trigger as opposed to thinking there might be a better option later in the play. And with better mechanics his accuracy has been deluxe…allowing the offense to get rhythm and a confidence they didnt have earlier. Of course, protection is/was a factor too…but I really believe being hobbled got him back to basics & that is a good thing.