Here Are Aaron Rodgers’ and Clay Matthews’ Special Shoes

Aaron Rodgers MACC Fund cleats

The NFL is letting players were specially-designed shoes during this week’s games to support a charitable cause. Among the players participating in the campaign are Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and linebacker Clay Matthews.

Matthews, of course, only if he actually plays…

Rodgers got himself a pair of custom Adidas for the Packers’ game against Houston. One of them is green and one of them is yellow. That’s not only the Packers’ colors, but also the colors of the MACC Fund, which Rodgers is supporting.

Those are the shoes you see above. Apparently, when not in use, they hang on a fire hydrant in east Berlin.

Matthews’ shoes will be a pair of red, white and blue Nikes that support Cure Duchene. Duchene is a form of muscular dystrophy.


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