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There’s Now Speculation About Jim Harbaugh Coaching the Packers

Jim Harbaugh has been a successful football coach everywhere he’s been. The Green Bay Packers may be in the market for a new coach after the season.

Peg meet hole.

Yes, there is now speculation about Harbaugh coaching the Packers.

There are two questions that need to be answered. First, will the Packers actually fire Mike McCarthy if the team keeps losing? They should, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t. You can certainly make a case that injuries and a lack of talent have torpedoed this season. Thus, it’s either Ted Thompson’s fault or bad luck.

Second, would Harbaugh leave his alma mater — the University of Michigan — for another shot at the NFL?

That’s a question we can’t answer, but for the right job and right amount of money you’d assume he’d consider it. A glamour franchise with a really good quarterback? That probably qualifies as a desirable job.

The thing that I can’t really get my head around is Harbaugh’s personality. If you recall when he coached the San Francisco 49ers, the guy always seemed like kind of a turd to me.

But I guess if you win football games, that doesn’t matter as much.

What say you? Yay or nay on Harbaugh?

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. ferris November 22, 2016

    Will never happen. But I vote yay, this team needs a douche in charge.

    1. Nick November 22, 2016

      Yes injuries and lack of talent have hurt McCarthy this year but what about the debacles that have been the last few years in the playoffs? I will take a pass on Harbough,he is a headcase and a headache the franchise does not need.

  2. Kato November 22, 2016

    No. I think him and Rodgers would maybe clash

  3. kj November 22, 2016

    even Lombardi couldn’t coach the garbage heap of players Thompson gets

  4. PF4L November 22, 2016

    If you could even consider this a story worthy of discussion. Which it’s not, for the following reasons…
    1) We don’t have a head coach vacancy
    2) Has Jim Harbaugh said he’s open to leave Mich. and get back in the NFL?
    3) Mike Florio is a hack
    4) This story has about the same substance of debating who’s more real..The Easter Bunny, or Santa Claus.
    5) More Green Bay Packer clickbait for Mike Florio.
    6) This writer is proof, that you don’t need talent to have a career in sports writing. Which also gives hope to a few writers i’m familiar with.
    7) Mike Florio is a hack.

    Lets assume i have a shallow mind, not capable of distinction between fiction and reality. And i wanted to participate, thinking this story was somehow discussion worthy.

    I don’t care if Harbaugh wins games. I’d rather the Packers win with a man representing the Packers on the sideline, not someone who goes off on whiney tirades, prancing around the field like a spoiled child who didn’t a cookie, crying to the refs if he doesn’t like a call.

    Plus he has the stench of Chicago in him. I’m still not over the fact the Packers signed Jim McMahon to be a 3rd string QB behind Favre and Peterson and win a Super Bowl ring. For what, holding Peterson’s jock?

    1. Dave The Lions Fan November 22, 2016

      So let’s get this straight: You wouldn’t want Harbaugh to be your HC because he “goes off on whiney tirades, prancing around the field like a spoiled child who didn’t get a cookie, crying to the refs if he doesn’t like a call”?

      YOU are obviously spoiled by all the winning that the Packers have done in recent years because Harbaugh is one of the best football coaches on the planet. He would instantly make the Packers a Super Bowl contender again.

      BUT, because you don’t like his personality and the way he acts on the sideline, you don’t want him to coach your team? That’s fine with everybody else because you will keep on losing.

      Gotta love these new Green Bay Slackers!


      1. PF4L November 22, 2016

        Calm down Nancy, save the choking for Thursday.

        1. Dave The Lions Fan November 22, 2016

          Lol. Can’t argue with that one. We do have a history of choking away division leads and losing games that we have no business losing. I am also skeptical about my Lions winning the division this year. We’lol see.

          However, the Lions have been clutch this season and I hope it continues against the Vikings on Thanksgiving.

          But I will still say to the 4-6 Packers….

          CHOKE PACK CHOKE!!!!!
          CHOKE PACK CHOKE!!!!!

          1. PF4L November 22, 2016

            I will admit, the Packers have choked in recent years. You really got me there.

            But lets also admit, to choke in games that matter, your team actually has to play in…..games that matter.


          2. PF4L November 22, 2016

            I’ll make you a deal Gomer…..

            The next time the Detroit lions win….oh, lets say a NFC North Banner that you can hang like the vikings did, then come talk to me.

            Citing the fact they haven’t won the NFC North Division since 19fucking93….

            I’ll wait.

      2. Killer November 23, 2016

        That personality description of Harbaugh is actually a much better fit for describing Rodgers.

    2. icebowl November 22, 2016

      ^^^^ !!

      1. PF4L November 22, 2016

        I don’t know where other teams fans get off coming at me and thinking it’s gonna end well for them.

        Lets just state the facts, i’m a highly successful Green Bay Packer fan.

        1. Dave The Lions Fan November 22, 2016

          PF4L is the baddest man on this site!!! Yeah!!! You got me man. What the fuck was I thinking trying to talk shit to a professional online trash talker.

          And how about your comment about the division title!!!! Wow, you showed me. How am I supposed to compete with the almighty PF4L? I guess I’m not.

          Well, because I’m not a COMPLETE asshole, I will concede that you do seem like a somewhat knowledgeable football fan (emphasis on the word “somewhat”). I also won’t sign off with….well, you know what.

          PF4L, may you have plenty of cheese to eat, endless beer to drink, and as much livestock as possible for you to fuck, seeing as you do live in Wisconsin.

          Ciao brother

          1. PF4L November 22, 2016

            Whoa….livestock fucking…ouch..lol

            Ok, who has the # for the Detroit Lion Fan Crisis Center? Tell them we got a Lion fan losin his shit because of a Packer fan on a Packer website.


          2. Killer November 23, 2016

            Hey, Dave, your team and mine will be fighting it out for the division lead on Thursday and Piffle will be enviously watching (or enviously not watching). It is a good opportunity for him to bring out his schadenfreude to play: If the Vikes win he will be delighting in a Lions loss and, if the Lions win, he will be delighting in a Vikes loss.

            But either way the Packers will be in third, 3rd, THIRD place!!!

            Piffle likes to brag about the past. The best response is the following =

            “Only those too afraid to face the present and future live in the past.
            PS Go ahead and brag how one day a million years ago the Neanderthals caught more Mastodons than the Cro-Magnans…..”

            Dave, I hope and pray neither of our teams have any injuries Thursday, that both our teams make the playoffs and the Packers do not, and, of course, that the Vikings beat the Lions Thursday… and win the division. Apparently Piffle and his crew have no desire to win the division but I still want it for my team. It is just common sense — winning the division puts a team in the best position to do well in the playoffs. But, apparently, that is not important to Piffle and his crew. They just don’t have our competitive winning mentality.

          3. PF4L November 23, 2016

            1 )I will be watching football all day Thursday with a sense of humor.

            2) I think i’m fairly certain that i’ve stated i wanted the Packers to lose this season for the greater good of the team.

            3) The NFC NORTH was supposed to be an improved Division this season, but that isn’t the way it panned out.

            4) The Lions or the Vikings will win Thursday, whoopdeefuckingdoo. That means either the 32nd ranked offense or the 25th ranked offense will win a game. No doubt because the defense scored enough to make it possible.

            ” ….winning the division puts a team in the best position to do well in the playoffs. But, apparently, that is not important to Piffle and his crew. They just don’t have our competitive winning mentality.”

            lol…what the fuck do EITHER the vikings or the Lions know about doing well in the playoffs?



          4. PF4L November 23, 2016

            The lions and more so the viking fans like to talk before they even win anything. Win 5, lose 4, hear crickets, then defense wins a game and hear them roar again….lmao

            The Bear fans use to talk too much also…but the reality of over 25 years of failure after their Super Bowl win took a toll on them. But what Lion and viking fans should realize, at least the bears actually won a Super Bowl….lol

            So after 5 decades of losing in the Super Bowl era. How many more decades of losing in the NFL until the most pathetic lions and vikings fan realize they have NOTHING to say.

            I’ll tell you what children. I feel bad for you. Here’s what i’m gonna do for you.

            1) I will buy both killer, and Dave bus tickets to attend the Packers Hall of Fame.

            2) I will meet you there and pay for you to get in. I’ll give you a personal tour and show you what a winning NFL franchise looks like. You will also get to see the Lombardi trophy live and in person. 4 of them actually (bring a camera).

            3) Afterwards we’ll go to the concession stand and i’ll buy you both some ice cream. Would you like that?

    3. Arcturus November 22, 2016

      Two or three hundred words on a story that’s beneath the superior reasoning skills of P4FL. God what a douche.

      1. PF4L November 22, 2016

        Thank you. Keep on reading and enjoying my post.

        You’re welcome.

      2. Empacador November 22, 2016

        You aren’t a Bears fan by chance are you? You know, what with your superior intellect and snarky comments and all. You’ve been kinda salty the last couple days, and since “Arcturus” means “Guardian of the Bear”, that would really explain a lot, plus complete the trifecta. If not, I apologize in advance for offending your team loyalties.

  5. Empacador November 22, 2016

    No way Harbaugh comes to Green Bay. Personally, I think Matt Patricia would be a great fit.

    1. Kato November 22, 2016

      Interesting name. Haven’t much about him being talked about in coaching circles. He does a solid job in NE

    2. PF4L November 22, 2016

      I could see that. Matt has had the luxury of playing for a team that if they have a weak area, they fix it almost immediately. That’s how New England rolls, and keeps rolling. They will sign skilled playmakers, even if for only a year or 2 to fill talent gaps. Say what you want about the Patriots, but this team is the template of success in the NFL. and a guy like Patricia working under Belichick for 14 years can’t hurt.

      1. Empacador November 22, 2016

        Exactly my thoughts. One step further, he is a defensive coach. I stated before in the entire history of the Packers, they have always had offensive minded coaches with the exception of Phil Bengston and Ray Rhodes. Patricia could oversee the 2 areas, defense and special teams, that have suffered the most under McCarthy. He could re-hire Kevin Greene in some capacity if Greene wanted to come back. He would have to hire an honest to goodness offensive coordinator and let the offensive guys do their thing without having to meddle. Rodgers would probably enjoy being free from McCarthy’s reign of micromanagement.

        1. PF4L November 22, 2016

          Top to bottom, You got it nailed.

  6. PF4L November 22, 2016

    LMFAO……I had to post this gem. This is from a Mike Florio reader. Also the average level of intellect a Minnesota Viking fan possesses. I’m wondering if this viking fan also has an inflatable mascot outside his housing project.

    codythao35 says:
    Nov 22, 2016 3:45 PM

    Packers wishing he would coach them. Not when he knows Erin is all about himself. It wouldn’t matter bc Vikings will still own the north. Jim can’t beat Zim. Zim=zip. Jim=jelly soft, just like the Packers are.

    1. Empacador November 22, 2016

      THAT guy, along with 7-8 others over there post in EVERY single Packer thread the same, tired garbage. There are a couple of delusional Packer fans that bring shame to Packer fans everywhere, and post in all threads Viking as well. But you really can appreciate fans of other teams calling out guys like cody repeatedly for being the biggest, delusional fan base and largest collection of trolls on PFT. Guys like cody will go so far as to make these same types of comments about the Packers in stories about other teams/players often enough that other posters are constantly on them about what the hell that has to do with the current story. Something about fans of certain teams ought to stick to their team only, but censored because it’s NBC.

  7. ay hombre November 22, 2016

    I think with more evidence, it might one day show Jim Harbaugh is the greatest coach to ever live. He’s been that good.

    It will never happen. But I love the idea. Fucking love it!

    You think the candyass shit would continue? No way.

    Bring it.

    1. PF4L November 22, 2016

      The greatest coach to ever live, when given the opportunity to win a Super Bowl with 1st and goal at the 7, get’s it done. Jim failed.

      Interesting to note that Jim wouldn’t even speak to his brother for months after the Super Bowl. He’s a petulant child.

      “Who’s got it better than us”? Every team that’s won a Super Bowl.


  8. Cheese November 22, 2016

    If Clinton-Dix, Burnett, and the rest of the locker room can’t stand listening to Mike Daniels trying to light a fire under their lazy asses, there’s no way they would mesh with Harbaugh.

    1. ay hombre November 23, 2016

      Then send them packing then. Clean fucking house.

  9. icebowl November 22, 2016

    The whiney turd ain’t worthy of wearing green and gold ….
    Rather take my chances with status quo…

  10. I Steal Fish November 22, 2016

    harbaugh isn’t willingly leaving michigan. not NOW not EVER!!!

  11. gort November 22, 2016

    KJ has it right. The real problem starts at the GM.
    Why would anyone want the job with TT choosing the players?

    1. PF4L November 22, 2016

      Great point.

  12. MJ November 22, 2016

    Assuming for an instant that the rumors were possible…
    Harbough is a coach for maybe two or three years. He achieves success, but he ends up getting people exhausted in the process. It is a coach profile that I’ve seen a few times in soccer.

  13. GB West November 22, 2016

    Fire Tits Thompson! Then we can talk about hiring a coach. Hopefully a defensive one.

  14. Mike November 23, 2016

    Unless all Packer Nation creates so much hatred toward Murphy, McSlob, Walking Dead Ted, and make things uncomfortable, Bags on Heads at Lambeau, Signs, banners let world know how fed up we are!!! etc….or Nothing will change . Murphy has zero balls to do anything, Ted walks around like a SMUG Cadaver who owns team, and McSlob is just the 3rd party clueless BUFFOON. You want 2017 to be like this year? Do nothing and I guarantee nothing will be done. Ted will F^%K UP another draft, NO free agents will be brought in, it will be usual “Tumbleweed” scenario in off-season. McSlob will tell us hes cleaning things up “BLAH,BLAH,BLAH.

  15. Mike November 23, 2016

    I prefer Jon Gruden, I think “Chuckie” is perfect for The Pack. Love his attitude, firery nature. I would take Harbaugh cuz he wins & ANYBODY, ANYBODY is better than that FAT F#%K from western PA. But we all know Green Bay can’t hire a Good coach(Lombardi exception), its just not in their nature. No one tell me Holmgren either!!! he tanked the 1998 season and cost us that Superbowl against Denver, when Packers were far superior team to the DONKIES. I can never forgive him for that.

  16. Mike November 23, 2016

    You can’t count on Green Bay media to pressure those 3 clueless shit-heads. They’re too busy covering church bazaars and dogs chasing Frisbees.

  17. Killer November 23, 2016

    Thanks, Bonham. Your sarcastic reference to the Packers being a “glamour franchise” was one of the funniest things I’ve ever read. Every time I think about it I laugh. I only read it ten minutes ago and I’ve already laughed a dozen times! You have a brilliant sense of humor. It is even funnier when I think about how a lot of these readers probably thought you were serious. Ha ha! What a great joke on your readers. You have courage!

    1. Mike November 23, 2016

      The Packers are The Flagship Franchise of the NFL. You’re probably laughing cuz you finally looked in Mirror??

  18. Mike November 23, 2016

    Bonham was 100% accurate