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Sam Shields, Eddie Lacy Done with Makinton Dorleant Activation

We didn’t even consider the possibility that the Green Bay Packers would use their designation to return from injured reserve on anyone other than Sam Shields or Eddie Lacy. Perhaps this is a sign that they’re giving up on the season. They activated rookie cornerback Makinton Dorleant from injured reserve instead.

You might also suggest the move came because the Packers are desperate for cornerback depth. After Demetri Goodson’s knee blew up last week, he is expected to go on injured reserve. Dorleant would take his place on the active roster.

That notion probably doesn’t hold much water, though.

The Packers already have one undrafted rookie cornerback — Josh Hawkins — who they don’t use on defense. Dorleant is also an undrafted rookie and he has even less experience than Hawkins. Dorleant missed a large portion of training camp and hasn’t had any regular season action.

As for Lacy, he said last week he was nearing a return and still thought he could play this season. The Packers obviously thought not and, since this is the last year of his contract, we may have seen the last of Lacy in Green Bay.

Shields, meanwhile, expressed optimism that he would return the minimum eight weeks after going on injured reserve. That would have put him back on the field in December, much sooner than Lacy’s January timetable.

Considering Shields is still dealing with something related to a concussion he suffered in week 1, his career is probably over.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. TyKo Steamboat November 23, 2016

    Just between me & all the other regulars here on TP.com … I don’t think Eddie Lacy eats Campbells chunky soup
    Now, yes, he himself IS chunky. But I’m pretty sure he is in a fast food drive thru for the 2nd time today as I type this

    Now… lets all pray the ViQueens sign him to a long, expensive, non-incentive laden contract.

    That fat f*ck cant even get 15 yards up field without huffen & wheezen

    Get your precious money now, feed bag

    1. Skinny November 24, 2016

      The sad part is you’re right. I believe he was in shape in late spring. But I don’t think he did shit over the summer again. Looked as big as ever and still couldn’t run long without crappin out.

  2. Remedy November 23, 2016

    Shields is done. Shields has been done. Could’ve had Haden. Fuck everything.

  3. MJ November 23, 2016

    Maybe the Packers want to lower Lacy’s price by reducing his on field opportunities this year. We may have him on the cheap for a year long “prove-it” contract. As for Shield, well, his brain health is probably the biggest concern, very likely his career is over.
    I had forgotten we had Hawkins, so the Dorleant signing made sense. But given how badly the CB corps is playing, maaaaybe this new guy can be an upgrade. Easy to be an upgrade over our current guys.

  4. gort November 23, 2016

    Eddie ate his way out of a promising career.
    Sam should retire while he can still remember his own name and the names of his wife and kids.
    Put Makington on the “53” now and the “46” on Monday. Trial by fire. Game experience now is essentially an extended tryout for the 2017 roster. Who knows, maybe the kid is a gamer. Stranger things have happened before.

  5. Bobby D November 23, 2016

    Actually not easy to fuck up a team this badly when you have and inherited HOF qb’s like Favre and Rodgers. Old fruitcake Ted through shitty draft after shitty draft and the reluctance to fill obvious holes through an occassional free agent signing or two has turned this team into one of the worst in the league. Incredible! And it gets worse…cause asshole Murphy won’t fire him., even though 5-11 is a real possibility. Capers will be the sacrificial lamb in the off season and the white mentallly deranged rodent and fat boy will be back next year.

  6. Killer November 23, 2016

    That’s it. That is iiiiiiiiiiit.

    It is official: The Packers have given up on the season. They know they will not make the playoffs. Think about it. Even if you thought Lacy AND Shields would not be ready for game 17, what about the 3 weeks of play-off games?

    Not only that. They now intend to lose as many games as possible. Piffle has been rooting for 6-10. I think that is ambitious.

    I think behind the scenes TT has been given assurances and he has given assurances to MM. Job security guaranteed, no hope for play-offs, it is now all about positioning for the draft and next year.

    This means you’ll see EVEN MORE stupid play calls especially at critical times if the Packers accidentally get ahead or get too close late. And even more rookie’s and undrafted free agent types getting tons of playing time.

    Ha ha! It also means Piffle’s wish will not come true and the Evil Duo of TT and MM shall return next year!


    1. PF4L November 23, 2016

      11/18/2016 at 4:51 pm
      But listen killer….What main viking blog do you comment in, and what is your username there?

      11/19/2016 at 9:24 am
      That is a secret Mont-, err, I mean, Piffle.

      So, just to clarify…..It’s ok for you to come to our site and post, but it’s not ok for us to come to your site to post?

    2. ferris November 23, 2016

      It’s official …Vikings fans are deranged even more now that they snapped a 4 game losing streak. Killer they are not a Super Bowl team and you know it. I know someone who gave up on a season…Norv Turner. I wish Capers would do the same there would be a parade. IF the Vikings make the playoffs, we all know what will happen. It’s just a matter of who blows it…Anderson, Favre, Walsh, Denny Green, Darrin Nelson, (you remember) Daunte Culpepper, 41-0 game. If I had 3 hours I could continue.

      1. PF4L November 23, 2016

        Whoa, whoa, whoa…….Slow it down. Viking fans have no room for reality based logic. If a viking fan thinks miracles can happen with Bradford and the 32nd ranked defense, who are we to burst the balloon of never never land.

        1. PF4L November 23, 2016


  7. Howard November 23, 2016

    Shields needs to take care of his brain and family. If Shields is ever cleared to play he will not play for the Packers. I would excpect Shields to be released before his approximate 1 million combined roster and workout bonuses are due in, I believe the spring of 2017. Packers will still have a little over 3 million in dead cap hit. Good luck to Shields.

  8. PF4L November 23, 2016

    I never thought either of these 2 guys were coming back this season, if ever. For obvious reasons.

    I understood that Lacy could have come off IR Dec 15? But can you imagine him rolling his 265- 270lbs onto the field after inactivity?. Although probably a nice guy. Lacy is a 14 year old in a man’s body. He had life by the balls, and ate it away.

    With Shields i feel bad for him, but with his history, 4th concussion. Packer brass does not like rolling the dice with guys like that. I’m not saying he wont play again, but doubtful it’s with the Packers. Unless Ted is desperate enough. Shields should be set for life with over 30 million earned if he hasn’t been spending his millions foolishly.

  9. PF4L November 23, 2016

    McCarthy: “We’re gonna get to where we want to go.”

    Talk about an opening for a reporter, holy shit. Nobody followed up with shit…lol

    I mean…follow up with something like….”Isn’t the Super Bowl where you want to go”?

    or…”Mike, where is it exactly you want to go”?

    Jesus Christ, light a match to his ass a little, what a bunch of candy ass reporters.

    1. Skinny November 24, 2016

      Ha. That’s just classic McCarthy. I wish a reporter would have deadpanned after he said that. “For Thanksgiving.”