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Mike Daniels is Being Tuned Out and Packers Are Lacking Leadership

We’ve always enjoyed the fiery personality of Green Bay Packers defensive end Mike Daniels.

It’s nice to see that someone appears like they actually give a shit. So when Daniels blew up in the locker room following the team’s loss to the Indianapolis Colts, we thought it was great.

Unfortunately, it appears a lot of the guys on the team didn’t. In fact, according to the Press-Gazette, most of the team has tuned Daniels out. Here’s a sample of what players had to say about the incident.

These came from players who wanted to remain anonymous.

“For me, after a loss, yelling is not going to do anything at that point, you know what I mean?” said one player. “That’s not the right time to do it. Of course everybody is pissed off that we just lost. If somebody is going to yell, it needs to be the coach. The coach needs to yell. Mike Daniels is going to do what he wants, though. It used to bother me but now I just close my ears to it.”


“He’s going to do it whether you want him to or not. That’s just the way he is.”

“He’s just a different character, man. He’s just different. One thing he does is he goes out there and plays his ass off, so you can’t really say nothing to him about that. (The yelling) is just something you’ve got to deal with. You don’t have to listen to it. He’s going to say what he wants to say though.”

Then here are guys who actually let them use their names.

“You don’t really need that,” safety Morgan Burnett said. “These are grown men with families. Man, there’s a respect level. You can get your point across without having to get in a guy’s face. You can get your point across many different ways.”

“A lot of people in here have kids and families, so you’re not just going to yell at nobody. You’ve got to kind of take a different approach with that. I think that’s the biggest thing from being in college to being in the league,” safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix said.

So what’s the leadership solution here?

What we were able to take away from this is that Packers do need vocal leadership, but not in the yelling at guys after the game kind of way. More in the respected veteran who chooses to pick his spots kind of way.

Charles Woodson has always been the template for that. It was noted by at least one player that Josh Sitton, who the team released just prior to the season, was another guy who provided that type of leadership.

Unfortunately, it appears the Packers no longer have that type of leader on the team.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Marty November 12, 2016

    Clinton dix is the biggest pussy on the team. He blows a wide open sack and is now crying at Mike Daniels for yelling? At least someone actually cares on this team. What a joke this has become

  2. Chad Lundberg November 12, 2016

    This is just all around bad news. McCarthy’s PC mindset has completely infected the players to point where they are just emotionless robots. I want MM gone now more than ever, this is NOT a team that hungers for another Super Bowl. It’s bullshit.

    1. Howard November 12, 2016

      Your comment reminds me of something MM did in 2009 after the playoff loss to Arizona. MM after the fumble return for the TD in O.T fell down on his knees. In his press conference either that night or the next day MM apologized for his display of emotion. I always thought it was odd to apologize for showing emotion during a football game. You are right MM has developed a team that for the most part is void of emotion.

      “If you can’t get emotional about what you believe in your heart, then you are in the wrong business” – Lombardi

  3. Ted Hawthorne November 12, 2016

    That’s why Sitton was released. McCarthy and Thompson don’t want to lead, but
    they don’t want anyone else to either. Thompson is too busy counting the budget
    surplus (his real goal). What a smerking, passive-aggressive jerk. The Packers
    are fucked. This will be a LOSING season. You heard it here first.

  4. Killer November 12, 2016

    Leaders and leadership are considered cancers by McCarthy.
    That is why he got rid of Sitton and that is why he will never come down with cancer.

  5. Mike November 12, 2016

    Wow. Bunch of pussies. If I was Mike I’d demand a trade. You think the guys in Seattle would cry about someone yelling? Coach won’t do it so someone has to. This organization is becoming a joke and it’s because things never change. Idk when we’re gonna clean house with the gm, coaches and some players but it’s getting harder and harder to follow this team and I bleed green and gold more than most. It’s just so frustrating that we aren’t better when we’ve got a good qb and decent cap situation. I’m sure guys would like to come to gb and contend for a title. I’m gonna be livid if we lose tomorrow.

    1. ay hombre November 12, 2016

      I’ve bled green and gold my whole life and I stopped watching this team three weeks ago. I gotta tell you. It’s pretty fucking liberating.

      Fire McCarthy. Trade Rodgers. Trade Matthews.

      I’m seriously tired of these fucking pussies. They don’t deserve the right to dictate my Sunday or my happiness 6 months a year.

      1. Savage57 November 13, 2016

        Congratulations! If the fate of a football team can dictate 6 months of anyone’s personal happiness, they have way bigger issues to deal with. Question for you, though. If you quit watching the team, and are enjoying your liberation, why come here and spend your newly discovered liberty pissing in the wind about something no longer relevant to you?

        My recommendation for anyone with such fucked up priorities comes from The Book Of Favre – Take two weeks off, then quit.

        1. PF4L November 13, 2016


        2. elafave November 13, 2016

          Pretty sure he was using a little hyperbole there.

  6. Pack Attack November 12, 2016

    I guess i know why peppers and ha ha got into it on the sidelines last year.

  7. Killer November 12, 2016

    TT and the Packer org. are always chortling about profits. But why? Isn’t the team owned by the people… who do not get any cut in the profits….? These profits supposedly go to buying up big chunks of Green Bay real estate. Why? Why not spend on free agents or a stadium with actual seats instead of that overgrown high school bleacher thing? Isn’t that what the “owners”, the people want?
    Follow the money.
    They had enough money this last 15 years to buy half of Green Bay but their land purchases are only a small chunk of fit. Why? TT, politicians, rich bastards, board of directors buy the land and then resell it a few years later at hugely inflated prices. They already know what lands the team will “suddenly” decide to buy.
    By the way, even if they had not been crooked, and honestly wanted to buy Green Bay… is that really what the “owners”, the people want? Oh please, team, buy up our town. Own our land. We can feel great about that…..
    Way back when they began selling lots more stock the original stock owners were given thousands of added shares. But why? After all, you get no cut of the profits, right? I’ll tell you why: the original stock holders are rich bastards and they still want voting control over the team. That’s right, they can move the team anytime they want by utilizing their majority. Teh original stock holders — and still majority stock holders — are kept a secret. Do you think they are Joe Average and his wife, Josephina Average? Or do you think they are like Richie Rich with big estate with their own personal Ferris Wheel?
    Which truly makes the sale and purchase of Packer stock one of the greatest frauds of all time. Fans literally give their money to the team instead of charity, get nothing in return (other than a lie that the team cannot be moved), and the money is not used to help the team (sign free agents, use that salary cap) or fan enjoyment (a legit stadium, for instance). It goes to making rich bastards even richer.
    The Packers are a tool to pull money away from middle class Americans and put it in the bank accounts of the already incredibly wealthy.

    1. PF4L November 13, 2016

      Welcome back Hillary.

  8. Micdrop23 November 13, 2016

    It’s hard to figure which group is the bigger whiners; the players who couldn’t handle constructive criticism or the sad lot of posters who think a 4-4 team is the end of the world. You two deserve each other.

    1. Empacador November 13, 2016

      You must be new here. 4-4 isn’t even close to being the end of the world. The derp prior to this season was the beginning of the end.

    2. PF4L November 13, 2016

      4-4 or 4 -5 isn’t the end of the world my friend. To some teams fans, that’s called successful, I’ll assume you’re one of those teams fans.

      To me, a 4-5 team is a path necessary to once again have a 13-3 team.

  9. Kato November 13, 2016

    This is even more fucked than I imagined

  10. PF4L November 13, 2016

    Although Charles Woodson certainly had great moments of leadership, and we all loved him for it. In the modern day Packer era, the template for leadership was none other than Reggie White. He was Mr. Everything, on the field, or in the locker room. Besides his leadership on the field, Reggie was the law off the field. I don’t care if you were Leroy Butler, Antonio Freeman, or even Brett Favre. If you fucked up, you were brought into the court of Reggie White, where he presided as Judge and Jury. He would hand down the sentence, and the team would move on.

    1. Kato November 13, 2016

      Good post

  11. PF4L November 13, 2016

    BTW…..One hour before game time and no prediction article? Whad up?

    1. Arcturus November 13, 2016

      They’re probably waiting to hear from the real Packer genius, you.

      1. PF4L November 13, 2016

        Awe…Yes, Hillary lost. It’s gonna hurt for awhile.

        Hang in there Nancy.

  12. Cheese November 13, 2016

    Fuck Clinton-dix and limp dick Burnett. It’s that emotionless assholes fault we lost the nfccg because he went down after that interception when he had at least 10 yards of open field in front of him. Nick Collins don’t pull that shit because he’s not a pussy, he takes it to the house and salutes his dad with more emotion than this whole fuckin team has.

  13. elafave November 13, 2016

    ??? NFL players need “safe spaces” now. Fuck you!