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Packers Now Have Legitimate Road to Playoffs

As dumb as this sounds, the 5-6 Green Bay Packers now have a pretty clear path to the playoffs. That’s thanks largely to the NFC North — arguably — being the worst division in the NFC.

The Packers have to win, of course. They don’t necessarily have to win out, though. The Packers could take the division at 9-7 and that seems to be the most likely scenario, other than the one where they just go back to playing like they did during their four-game losing streak.

The Detroit Lions currently lead the NFC North at 7-4. That’s a two-game lead on the Packers, but the Lions have the toughest road of any of the three contenders.

Detroit has games remaining at New Orleans, at the Giants and at Dallas. If they come away with one win among those three games, they’ll be doing well (or at least about as we expect). The Lions also have Chicago and the Packers at home. The latter comes in week 17 and that may well decide the division.

The Packers have beaten the Lions once already and even if they go into that week 17 game one game back, a win there gives them the tiebreaker via the season sweep.

Let’s say the Lions lose to New York and Dallas and beat New Orleans and Chicago. They’re 9-6 going into week 17.

The Packers get Houston, Seattle and Minnesota at home. In between the Seahawks and Vikings, they go to Chicago. We fully expect Seattle to kill the Packers, but those other games are very winnable. If that scenario plays out, the Packers are 8-7 going into the Lions game. Most likely, a win and they’re in.

The Vikings have the easiest remaining schedule of the three teams here. They play Dallas, at Jacksonville, Indianapolis, at Green Bay, Chicago.

Let’s say they lose to Dallas this weekend. That evens them with the Packers, providing the Packers beat Houston at home. Then all Green Bay needs to do to move ahead of the Vikings — even if they lose to Seattle — is beat them in week 16. Although that would even the season series, the Vikings hold no tiebreakers over anyone in the North. They’ve already lost to the Lions twice, the Bears once and a loss to the Packers gives them four division losses.

If anyone needs to win out, it’s probably Minnesota.

Now, whether we’d actually be excited about the Packers squeaking into the playoffs at 9-7 is another question entirely, but it’s definitely possible.

And just for good measure, before we get too far ahead of ourselves…

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Mike November 30, 2016

    IF ?? Big IF!! If they do it means being stuck with McSlob & Geriatric Ted after what undoubtedly will be another 1 and done. Do we really want that?? My opinion, they better win every home game, and Chicago on road. do not like their chances “at Detroit in a win and in” scenario. If they can win next 4, Detroit’s schedule is tougher and they might be out by week 17. so 9-7 could win division.

  2. Howard November 30, 2016

    Again, there is almost a zero percent chance the Packers will fire a Super Bowl winning head coach after a losing season, or no playoff game, or one and done in the playoffs. Look at NFL history and you will find very few examples of a Super Bowl winning coach being fired after one losing season or no playoff game. The Packers will be less likely than other teams except for the Steelers to fire a Super Bowl winning coach. As far as firing TT it may have higher odds, but has anyone heard that TT is not out scouting college players for the Packers? It is more likely that TT would step down or retire than be fired. Capers being gone has the highest odds of occurring along with one of the offensive coordinators. To me that is just the reality of the team current upper management, team history, and NFL history.

    It is the NFL so you can never say never but the odds are very low for firing MM and TT no matter how the current season ends. I guess for all those who want to see the season end badly for a change you should hope for two bad seasons, then you may see change. Unless TT steps down or retires.

  3. Deepsky November 30, 2016

    Well, I was wrong that Rodgers was done. He’s played very well lately, largely aided by receivers who have decided to catch the ball. I also thought that maybe Adams was going to be a bust and he’s on pace for a 1200 yard season. So I was wrong there.

    So, here’s hoping that I am wrong that the cornerbacks won’t fall apart against better QBs than Carson Wentz. If that happens, then the Packers have chance.

    1. MJ November 30, 2016

      Yep, Rodgers was part of the problem, but he is now part of the solution. It was a matter if having him back. As for the playoffs, if we want to make a serious run, we need a defense, and we do not have one of those. And of course, a running game would also help.

    2. Empacador December 1, 2016

      To be fair, most of us here felt Adams was a bust. Still not sold on the guy until he has a larger body of work, but he very possibly could be turning the corner. Better late than never. So props to him on that if he maintains this level of play.

  4. PF4L November 30, 2016

    I don’t think it takes a Harvard Grad to figure out the Packers have a better chance at changes in upper management this season, finishing 6-10, rather than winning the Division and making the playoffs (won’t happen).

    I guess for some Packer fans. the last 5 years of playoff futility isn’t enough for them, they want to endure another year or 2 of it.

    Guaranteed…. Everyone that is rooting for wins right now and getting into the playoffs, will be clamoring for the removal of TT and MM immediately after the 1st embarrassing playoff loss.

    In the past 5 seasons, we’ve had better teams go into the playoffs than we have this year. This team can’t run, and can’t play defense. Where do you think this team is going even if they got in the playoffs.

    Am i the only one who watched the game thinking the Eagles are a bad team? Since we beat them, and won 1 game finally, out of our last 5, we start talking about overtaking the division and going to the playoffs….lol. You guys are entertaining, i’ll give you that.

    I can’t believe i’m even posting about the playoffs with the team at 5-6. Yes, there is a chance they make the playoffs, i put that chance at 5- 10%. So let’s say they get in the playoffs…..then what?


    1. MJ November 30, 2016

      Yeah, if this team makes the playoffs we are in for the same experience… one and done, and this time since we have no D, it looks like an embarrassing loss to come, to the tune of 40 points. Someone should tell McCarthy that for it to be a shootout, both teams should score in the 30s or 40s. If only one team does, then it’s not a shootout, it’s a blowout.

  5. TONY November 30, 2016

    The funny thing is, The moment Ted Thompson AND/OR Mike McCarthy get fired, there will be teams lining up to hire them.
    “Be careful what you ask for” warns every Eagle fan after they joyfully jettisoned Andy Reid after a long run of success.

    1. PF4L November 30, 2016

      We’re not the NFL talent headhunters. There are people in the NFL circles that have far more information about future candidates than we do. They get paid to head hunt, it’s their job.

      I don’t care if other teams line up to hire TT and MM. Neither one can take Rodgers with them.

      Who’s available that’s better than TT or Mike?
      Kind of like bear fans all these years, asking who is better than Cutler.

      Some of us don’t share that defeatest attitude.

      1. TONY November 30, 2016

        Defeatest attitude?
        Who here is hoping The Packers lose most of the rest of their games so there will be a change at the top?
        Now that’s a defeatest attitude!
        Oh, hope we lose so Ted and Mike get fired and we finally get A TOP 5 pick in the draft.
        Let me play your game.
        Not only is that a defeatest attitude, it’s a fucking bullshit attitude.
        Throwing in a few cuss words to emphasizee the dumbass stance.

        1. PF4L November 30, 2016

          Listen…My mind isn’t simple enough to explain it to you i guess.

          Thinking a couple layers below the surface is not a crime my friend.

          But good luck in your endeavors.

    2. MJ November 30, 2016

      For the HC position there are some interesting OC and DC coordinators. Both NE’s look good. McDaniels said he would be interested in being a HC again. About M. Patricia, I don’t know of his availability. But the point is, there you have two names, and I work on nothing related to football.

      1. PF4L November 30, 2016

        That rockhead thinks i have a defeatest attitude because i want change at the top.

        But apparently that genius seems to think if we just keep on doing things the same way, we’ll get different results.

      2. Empacador December 1, 2016

        I said last week I think Patricia would be a great fit and exactly what the Packers need. I think McDaniels would be too hands on much like McCarthy is. Won’t matter anyhow, McCarthy probably has a stay of execution. He is, after all, a highly successful NFL head coach…

  6. Cheese November 30, 2016

    “Packers now have a highly unlikely, but legitimate chance at another one and done.” Aren’t you guys excited?!?! If only we can catch up to the Lions before they win the division all our dreams will come true. Then we can start hanging 2016 playoff banners to honor our amazing one and done achievement.

    1. PF4L November 30, 2016

      lol…I know i’m excited!!


      BRING IT!!

  7. Empacador December 1, 2016

    Listening to the radio after the game Monday night on my way home from work. Whoever the dude was that was on with Vic Ketchman, the guy lost his shit when a caller said the Packers weren’t going to win the division let alone win a playoff game. I know Ketchman is kind of a snarky douche but he actually seemed somewhat reasonable on the radio, like tempering his enthusiasm. Whoever his cohort was, immediately went into defense mode after shutting the caller off and threw out the “Remember 2010??” rant.

    I see more posters in here clinging to that notion suddenly as well. Winning 1 single, solitary game out of the last 5 against a shitty opponent suddenly turns the Packers into world beaters? Really?? As others have stated time and time again, this defense could not hold the jocks of the 2010 defense. So, in the spirit of not rooting against the Packers, here is hoping they take the North back and participate in the playoffs for the 8th consecutive year. Yeah team! Go Pack Go! Let’s get that participation banner boys!

    *Golf clap*

    Then what? The all too familiar one and done? We’ve seen this scenario play out every single season since 2010. But you gotta believe right? So for all those of you that believe the Packers will somehow pull this out, which I agree they COULD do, then what? WHY are you content with simply making the playoffs but failing to advance to the Superbowl? I’ve seen the term “defeatist attitude” used in this thread. I think the better term is “apathy”. Apathy is a lack of feeling, emotion, interest, and concern. Apathy is a state of indifference, or the suppression of emotions such as concern, excitement, motivation, and/or passion. Every single time the Packers get their asses handed to them in the playoffs, those people that are sitting back accepting that result as “good enough” are apathetic. The people defending this result year after year. I can hear them saying “Gosh darn it, dem Packers lost again, but we’ll get ’em next year! Dat McCarthy, tank God da Packers got dat guy! Yeah der hey, next year by golly!”

    I hate using military analogies for sports but this one fits. Hitler would have won WWII and we’d all be speaking German/Japanese now if the GIs back then were content with winning some battles but never winning the war. Simply participating in the “theatre of war” isn’t good enough. The goal is winning the Superbowl, end of story. Which, in case some morons conveniently forget way too often, McCarthy has repeatedly stated time and time again the only thing that matters is championships, PLURAL, which he has failed to deliver to this point.

    I’m as big a Packer fan as there is, but I’m not delusional. The blind, deluded Homerism on display by some fans and members of the media is astounding. Thinking the Packers are actually going to accomplish something different this year? Insanity is the definition of doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. That blind loyalty to the status quo is insanity at its finest.

    And should the Packers somehow prove us wrong and end up winning the Superbowl this year? Well it’s about fucking time McCarthy, maybe you can take your 2 Superbowl rings and ride off into the sunset and reflect on what a highly successful NFL coach you were. I’ll still be here and will be the first one to admit I was wrong. They don’t have the horses to pull it off in spite of McCarthy like they did in 2010. The “defeatist attitude” in me says I don’t need to worry about having a plethora of crow recipes available however, because the Packers aren’t doing shit. This isn’t 2010.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK December 1, 2016

      This says it all ^^^^^^^^