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Packers Have Life, Down Eagles 27-13

Two beat-up, desperate teams, one undefeated at home and the other losers of four in a row. The Green Bay Packers, the latter of the teams in that scenario, controlled the game from the opening gun, beating the Philadelphia Eagles 27-13 to keep their season alive.

The simplest way to look at this game is the Packers improved to 5-6, stayed two games back of the Detroit Lions for the division lead and thus, kept their slim payoff hopes alive.

There’s still a long way to go, but the Packers managed to do a number of things on Monday night that they haven’t done in a while, besides win.

We’ll start with the fact that they put together a solid four quarters of offense, the first time they’ve done so all season.

The Packers put up points in all four quarters, largely by using their short passing game and the occasional big play. The big plays came courtesy of Aaron Rodgers (30-of-39, 313 yards, 2 TDs) and Davante Adams, who had five catches for 113 yards and two touchdowns.

The Packers ran just 26 times for 76 yards, with James Starks turning in a plodding, lackluster 17 carries for 41 yards, a 2.4 average. However, it was noteworthy that the Packers had their first rushing touchdown by a running back this season — a 1-yard counter by fullback Aaron Ripkowski in the fourth that gave the Packers a 24-13 lead.

Minus the nonexistent running game, this is the consistent performance we’ve been looking for from the Packers’ offense all season. Most impressively, the Packers were 10 for 14 on third down, one for one on fourth down, they didn’t turn the ball over and dominated the time of possession (35:23 to 24:37).

The Packers’ defense is what had to get it done though, isn’t it?

On this night, they did. It certainly was helpful that the Eagles lost probably their only serviceable wide receiver — Jordan Matthews — early in the game and played without their top running back — Ryan Matthews.

That left Eagles’ quarterback Carson Wentz with running back Darren Sproles and tight end Zach Ertz as his only reliable playmakers.

Sproles was still an issue, but luckily, his biggest play was wiped out by a penalty.

The Packers didn’t exactly ring it up in the sack department, tallying two before a couple in garbage time ran the total to four. However, the pass rush did enough — largely through the blitz — to pressure Wentz into rushed or poor throws.

This clearly has to be the best game the Packers have played this season.

It was a complete game. Even punter Jacob Schum dropped a wedge shot of a punt down at the 1-yard line, while Mason Crosby kicked three field goals.

We’re not going to overreact to the win because frankly, why did it take the Packers until week 12 to put it together? Maybe they only plan on winning when they absolutely have to.

No room for error, but a definite reprieve from their death sentence.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Chad Lundberg November 28, 2016

    We’ll see what happens folks. Like I said, it very well could be too little too late, but 9-7 can probably win the division. Detroit would just have to lose to us and two other teams. Minnesota continues to dwindle. I understand anyone’s pessimism, but for me there’s just enough to cling onto.

    1. PF4L November 28, 2016

      9-7 will win, and it will be Detroit.

      1. Chad Lundberg November 28, 2016

        Yeah. Maybe.

    2. icebowl November 29, 2016

      Impressed with offense….

      Defense, particularly secondary still extremely porous. Wentz ran wild, Russell Wilson will have a career rushing day in 2 weeks.

      Its all about avouding late season injuries and peaking at the right point. Offense coming together, lots of room for improvement in secondary, it needs to happen for them to make it…

      Averting PF4L attack re chances of draining the coaching swamp… even if they miss post season Barring any huge blowouts in the remaining 5 games nothing will happen going into 2017 season…. theyll justify it with injuries….

  2. TyKo Steamboat November 28, 2016

    It’s so funny when you’re a fan of a team & you feel the pulse…
    This team still has no heart outside of Monty McMahon’s boy, Datone Jones…
    Look guys. The back-breaker was losing to the Colts at home…we lost to the “Elmer Fudd” of the NFL in Chuck Pagano. we looked like garbage. It was the difference between 5-6 & 6-5 which is all the difference in the world. I love beating the ShEagles… but Rodgers was still a bitch tonight4 & Matthews is done. The “I’m the best” commercial was so gay. I fully believe its a mindset thing

    I would be soooo happy with 6-5. F*ck those commercials

  3. PF4L November 28, 2016

    I was impressed with Rodgers, Jordy, and especially Adams who should have gotten at least a mention in this article. Say what you want about Adams, but he was a beast tonight.

    The Eagles, just didn’t have anything offensively. Wentz and Sproles tried to make it a game, but it wasn’t near enough. Plus the Packers were killing the 3rd downs, extending drives and took control of the clock.

    I gave the Eagles too much credit. Now watching them play, i see why they are a sub .500 team.

    The running game is still the same. The rb’s gained 46 yards on 21 carries (2.2 ypc) with Rodgers and Montgomery adding 28 yards on 7 attempts. Christine Micheal got a whopping 1 rushing attempt. I mean….why bother if that’s all your going to give him.

    What’s with Peppers and that dumb ass facemask to extend the Eagles drive? How long has he been doing this? Then, has a perma smile planted on his face after. Like wtf is your problem dude? Then he gets a sack in the last minute of garbage time and he’s posing his biceps and prancing around like he was just named the MVP of the Super Bowl. Enjoy your 8 million. Now leave.

    Anyway….again, happy for ARod, Nelson, Adams. and we won and we are now 5-6, whoopdeefuckingdoo.

    1. Kato November 29, 2016

      I think it’s time to bury the hatchet with Davante Adams. He has played harder than a lot of the players all year, and has put up good #s more times than not. Monty won’t admit it though. A lot of people like comparing Adams and Allen Robinson. Well, compare the numbers, Adams is having a better year statistically than Robinson. And WTF was Jayrone Elliot thinking when he downed that punt at the one? There is no way he knew he was not in the end zone. His teammates were right there to down it. Poor awareness, luckily there was no conclusive video evidence to say he didn’t touch the ball while he was in the end zone

      1. Howard November 29, 2016

        Kato, agree about Adams. Adams has been running crisp routes and he has not been dropping those difficult but catchable balls like his second TD. The play that topped Elliot for being unaware was from Adams. Adams should not have ran out of bounds on third down with about three minutes left stopping the clock. It all worked out, but those type of plays can come back to bite you against better teams.

    2. Zwoeger November 29, 2016

      ” …especially Adams who should have gotten at least a mention in this article. ”

      “The big plays came courtesy of Aaron Rodgers (30-of-39, 313 yards, 2 TDs) and Davante Adams, who had five catches for 113 yards and two touchdowns.”

      I would call that a mention.
      Liked his game too.

      1. PF4L November 29, 2016

        Yea, sometimes i don’t read articles, especially killers. This one i scanned.

  4. PackAttack November 28, 2016

    No run game — no fucking problem. Don’t need a run game to win —- didn’t need it in 2010 either. Don’t need it now.

    Mark my words…Pack continue to throw and use Rodgers like an MVP — they’ll run the table and finish 10-6. This offense is much better with Rodgers throwing 40-50 times per/game….look at the numbers!! He’s your NFL MVP if he keeps it up. Fuck the run game.

    Pack beat Houston — Brock Osweiler is ass
    Pack beat Seattle — That Seattle team who lost 14-5 to Tampa Bay this weekend, I’ll take Pack offense at home
    Pack beat Chicago — this is a gimme
    Pack beat Vikes — Sam Bradford? Hahahaha, ok
    Pack beat Detroit — in Detroit to win division and keep the Lions in the cellar of the NFL


    1. PF4L November 28, 2016

      Alrighty then….cut this guy off!!….No more kool-aid. Someone call this guy a cab.

    2. Kato November 29, 2016

      No, no, no. You are acting like we just beat the patriots. We beat a mediocre at best eagles team starting a rookie qb. That hardly proves your point. If they employ that same bullshit game plan of throw throw throw, they will be blown out of lambeau by the seahawks. Mark my words, the packers will not win a meaningful game (aka playoff game) employing that strategy.

  5. fire ted mike and Mark November 28, 2016

    A win is a win and it definitely feels better than the past 4 weeks. However, getting to see philly it’s apparent they are who we thought they were when the schedule came out. A team with a rookie qb and no real weapons. The offense seems to be rounding into form, minus the running game. Idk what the point in adding Michael was. Maybe to get info for the Seattle game. Special teams played a good game. The d was decent but can’t say they are better now that guys are back, given their opponent. Same goes next week, no reason the pack should lose to Houston at home. 6-6 will give hope but I still dont have much faith in that d. 7-9 or 8-8 and no playoffs can be the outcome. I doubt changes (maybe capers) will occur. I’ll be hoping but I won’t believe it till I see it.

  6. Mike November 29, 2016

    Nice to win finally. But if they go back to Lambeau & blow easy win over below average Texan team this “W” will mean nothing. I want FATMIKE & Ted fired regardless how this plays out

  7. Killer November 29, 2016

    This win means TT and MM will stay. Talk about a Pyrrhic victory….

    1. PF4L November 29, 2016

      And the vikings play Dallas next. Then they will be losers of 6 of their last 7 games.

      Please continue to tell us how good Sam Bradford and the vikings are. You don’t seem to talk much about them anymore.

      Now, go crawl back in bed with your mother.

      1. Mike November 29, 2016

        Good one!! I see Fag-Bus dropped killer, that Lavender, Penis logo fan “Q that BLOW horn” back on the board. Surprised hes not busy hangin 3rd place, 4th place North banners??

  8. Zwoeger November 29, 2016

    So the Eagles have a HC even dumber then McBuffoon.
    -Spilling a challenge for 2 yards on a non crittical situation.
    -Not targetting Randall constantly. I mean when they were down at there goal line Wentz was signalling for everyone to see who’s he going to throw to and still Randall can’t cover the guy.

    Guess I was not the only one to see Mathews jumping to sides where he didn’t has to tackle.
    One blow at his body and he immediately starts taking care of number one.

    Nice to see a win though.

    1. KG November 29, 2016

      you know what? I’m getting tired of the claybaby’s shit too. he hand his gimpy hamstring and sprained vagina can hit the street for all I care

      1. icebowl November 29, 2016

        He’s turned into porcelain…..

        1. fire ted mike and Mark November 29, 2016

          Made me laugh on that scramble wentz had for a first down. Looked like clay was looking around more worried of getting hit than making a play to stop wentz. Guys gotten soft.

          1. PF4L November 29, 2016

            That was disturbing.

  9. Smoking Jay November 29, 2016

    It was an great win, and it was nice to see the offense put together a nice performance for all 4 quarters. And that was against a pretty good defense on the road! The Packers should be able to take care of business against Houston next week, and the Seattle game could go either way (Seattle is overrated to me, so being at Lambeau I like the Packers chances). That will set up the last 3 division games which the Packers will need to win. With 5 games remaining, if the Packers go 5-0 or 4-1 they should win the division. The Lions and the Vikings have difficult games left and the Packers will have the tie-breaker advantage with a better division record. it could all come down to week 17, with the winner of that game taking the division title.

    1. PF4L November 29, 2016

      Ok, lets say you’re right. Lets say the Packers go 5-0 and somehow win the division.

      THEN WHAT? Then we go lose in the playoffs?

      So…what about that is gratifying? Whats the payoff of winning the Division? A banner?

      Job security for TT and MM?

      Losing in the playoffs for the 6th straight year?

      It sounds to me like you want what we’ve always had.

      Here i thought a few of us wanted some changes.

      1. Smoking Jay November 29, 2016

        As a fan, I would never wish for a losing season. I would like to see them in the playoffs every year. And if the Packers do make it to the playoffs, you can tell me that it’s a guarantee that the Packers will lose? Come on, anything can happen! Not very many people thought the Packers would win go on to win SB XLV. I cannot proclaim that the Packers will without a doubt make it to the playoffs this year, but I hope they do. And if they do make it, I cannot say without a doubt they will win or they will lose. Anything can happen, but with Aaron Rodgers on the team I like their chances. If the Packers make it to the playoffs and lose the first game, then the discussion can begin about changes. And I don’t think that jobs will be 100% safe after this season if it plays out that way.

        1. PF4L November 29, 2016

          Don’t even compare this team to the 2010 team. That team had a wicked defense ranked 5th in the league and only gave up 15 ppg.

          Yes, anything could happen. And i could also win powerball, because it’s “possible”.

          If the Packers reach the playoffs. TT and MM have 0 chance of going anywhere.

          I gotta ask….Do you still believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny?

          1. Smoking Jay November 29, 2016

            I am not comparing this team to the 2010 team. I’m just saying anything can happen. Especially if Aaron Rodgers and the offense are playing at the top of their game. And if the Packers make it to the playoffs and lose, my opinion is that there is a good chance that there would be change. Why? I have 2 reasons.

            1. If they make it to the playoffs, that fact alone will not 100% secure the jobs. It will not be forgotten that the 2016 Packers had a 4 game losing streak and that the defense has at times made other teams look unstoppable.

            2. The Packers have made it to the playoffs every year since winning the SB. And every year has ended in disappointment in the playoffs without reaching the big game. There has to be at least a chance that there would be a change if the Packers lose in the playoffs yet again. I don’t see it as “0 chance”.

            But for now, I am not going to complain about this team and this organization. I am going to enjoy the ride and hope for the best! Go Pack!

          2. PF4L November 29, 2016

            2 bad teams played. the Packers won.

            Just like viking fans have learned, reality is reality, it just doesn’t disappear.

  10. PF4L November 29, 2016

    Am i the only one who thinks that Cobb is grossly overpaid? He catches the ball, and goes down. No more 1 step quick 180 move for extra yards, that’s gone. The bottom line is last year and this year are his poorest years per receptions, and average. We use to think that once Cobb catches the ball, he could make things happen. Now, we just watch him go down.

    Here’s the real problem with Cobb. If we keep him, we owe him a lot of money. He also has a cap hit of 25.5 million over the next 2 seasons. That’s insane in light of what he produces. the Packers could release him, but they would have over 6 mill in dead money now, and over 3 mill after the 2017 season.

    I like Cobb, but his production has fallen significantly since signing his 40 million dollar deal. We have way too many players with huge contracts and not getting the performance that justifies the contract. Remember Cobb insisting he get paid? Well, he got paid, now what?

    With Shields, Cobb, Mathews, Peppers. The Packers ROI is horrible.

    1. icebowl November 29, 2016

      No need to release him….
      Sure he’d be great trade bait for at minimum a relatively high draft pick.

      ….. that Trader Ted could use to pick up yet another “winner”…..

      1. PF4L November 29, 2016

        I guess my point was….the Packers pay their own…i get that. The problem is, Ted over pays his own players. Just another reason why he needs to go.

        I mean….Who the fuck offers B J Raji 8 mill/year? Especially when he’s shown you nothing on the field to warrant it.

        The only high priced player on the team earning his cash is Rodgers. Jordy is getting closer. Maybe Daniels.

        1. icebowl November 29, 2016

          Point taken…

    2. Kato November 29, 2016

      Agreed. The shields situation sucks because he was still a high effort player that was playing well. Jordy is in his 30’s coming off major knee surgery. I am really not surprised by the lack of big play production. The packers are not getting returns out of Matthews or Cobb.

  11. MMTTDCSUCK November 29, 2016

    A decent game for a change. I enjoyed some of the offensive work. It was good to see some great passing by Rodgers again. S Teams were ok, but that defense is just not very good. But with this win it is now somewhat empty knowing that the “terrible three” may have just saved their careers again for another wasted year . . . Dropvonte does appear to be playing at a high level finally. I am happy for that. I guess the next few games will decide the Packers fate going into next year . . . this one certainly slowed up the process! I do love to see the Packers win one though . . . feeling somewhat conflicted.

    1. PF4L November 29, 2016

      That conflicted feeling will be cleared up soon.

  12. MJ November 29, 2016

    A few words on Adams: he is now a WR3, playing against CB3s and having success. I hope that does not turn into Ted paying him WR1 money after 2017 (assuming Ted is still around). But I can see it: his agent saying “look at the numbers my boy has posted, he deserves WR1 money”, and Ted dishing out the cash. Why? Besides those numbers (against CB3s), he is one of Ted’s guys, so hiring him makes Ted look like a draft genius (“see the talent I found? See?”) padding those stats about players drafted vs players kept around.

    1. PF4L November 29, 2016

      Ted can’t pay him WR1 money. Because Jordy and Cobb are already getting it.

      I’d have no problem with the new GM dealing Cobb and his contract, moving Adams to 2, promoting montgomery to #3 and the slot.

      1. MJ November 29, 2016

        And then, Montgomery would attract WR2 type attention, making Adams the very good WR3 he is meant to be.

        Well, not WR1 money, I give you that, but Ted overpays for his own guys. Hope he is not the one in charge next year.

  13. MJ November 29, 2016

    About our top 3 WRs : Nelson is not a WR1, but something like a WR1.5. Cobb and his WR1 money are now close to a WR2 in talent. Adams, has become a very good WR3, but that’s it for him so far. The three of them make a good corps, as long as Cobb and Adams are not forced to play WR1 and WR2 respectively.

    1. PF4L November 29, 2016

      WOW…Nelson at 100% is no doubt a 1, and he’s very close.

      Cobb has fallen off a cliff in his 2 worst seasons per average.

      Adams is starting to school Cobb on the art of getting separation and running slants.

      1. MJ November 29, 2016

        Remember, Adams gets WR3 attention. When covered by CB2s he struggled (or either played injured, which really falls on McCarthy if true). He wasn’t getting any separation while facing more attention than he can handle.
        Regarding Nelson, he was a borderline WR1. Now, not a chance. Has lost some speed, though he is well above WR2 talent. Thus the 1.5.

        1. Kato November 29, 2016

          Not all the time. If you have watched the past month or so, Adams has been matched up on #2s often. Cobb has been seeing more nickelbacks. Pay attention in the next game and you will likely see it unless Houston employs a different strategy.

          1. PF4L November 29, 2016

            Kato’s right. Adams gets #2 defensive corner. slot receivers are covered by corners who don’t have the speed to cover the outside receivers.

  14. Zwoeger November 29, 2016

    The big difference in offense was AR willing to throw in tied spaces to covered recievers stead wandering around with even open recievers. Wondering if Riiiip can be the new yel at Lambeau iiiiiii sounding not as loud as oeoeoeoeoe.

    1. PF4L November 29, 2016

      If i can comprehend your grammar, and if we watched the same game, i’d suggest that the receivers were getting more separation than ever, sans the td pass in the end zone to Adams.

      1. icebowl November 29, 2016

        That’s the game I saw…
        Not taking anything away from #12 and WR corps but Still trying to figure out what Philly’s game plan was on D. They had to have suspected a shitload of screen passes if they watched any replays of last few games… Other option – GB secondary met its match on porosity with Eagles….

        Their offense had a plan, (not that they needed one against GB secondary) letting young Carson run, hit the GB D in the gut…. he makes a few more of those long passes and they’d be looking at 5-8….

        Lamar Miller slowing down and Ossweiler playing poorly should lead to a win v. Houston. Russell Wilson and Seattle will be hard to beat if they “only” score 27 points… Sherman and Co. will be tough to allow more than that….

        At this point, with Det and Minn teetering on tanking the fate of this team lies mainly in its own hands…