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Packers Did Indeed Pick Up Christine Michael

We talked about what we considered a remote possibility that the Green Bay Packers would claim running back Christine Michael on waivers, on Tuesday night. They actually did just that and were awarded Michael on Wednesday.

Michael, who was the Seahawks leading rushing this season with 469 yards, was released by Seattle on Tuesday.

The move makes all kinds of sense for the Packers. They are now seemingly refusing to give the ball to Ty Montgomery and James Starks has been unproductive, averaging only 2.4 yards per carry this season.

The running game is a mess and the Packers are throwing the ball 71 percent of the time, the second-highest total in the league.

Why didn’t we think the Packers would make a claim? Well, like I said, it makes all kinds of sense.

I can’t recall the last time Ted Thompson claimed a player on waivers during the season. It just hasn’t happened very often, but perhaps that’s a sign of how desperate these Packers are.

Michaels totals with Seattle would be the best on the Packers’ current roster. His six rushing touchdowns are six more rushing touchdowns than any Packers’ running back has.

While his 4.0 yards per carry isn’t great — Eddie Lacy was averaging 5.1 before he went down — Michael was also playing behind a bad offensive line.

When healthy, the Packers’ offensive line is a far superior unit to Seattle’s. Michael just might himself more running room in Green Bay.

That is, if Mike McCarthy even bothers to hand him the football.

In order to sign Michael, the Packers put running back Don Jackson on injured reserve. Is Jackson actually injured?

Not to our knowledge, although he was inactive against Tennessee.

And finally, even if nothing comes out of this at all, at least the Packers took something the Vikings wanted.

The Vikings are one of the few teams who average fewer rushing yards per game than the Packers — a league-worst 69.8. They lost the waiver claim because they have a better record than Green Bay.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Empacador November 16, 2016

    He has to be an upgrade over Starks, right? Right??

  2. TyKo Steamboat November 16, 2016

    This was a fine move as a staple for the rest of the season. I called it. We literally have 1 shaky RB. Now 2 options
    Montgomery is NOT an RB…

  3. The Pumaman November 16, 2016

    MM will give him 3 snaps, then TT will cut him.

    1. PF4L November 16, 2016

      When they find out he’s a head case.

  4. PF4L November 16, 2016

    In defense of Starks, he gained 4.7 ppg and was looking pretty good. But what can he do when he only gets the ball 7 times.

  5. GB West November 16, 2016

    Meh. Fumbles a lot and he definitely Is a head case! Desperate times…

  6. Skinny November 16, 2016

    Super Bowl Baby! We’re back!

  7. PackAttack November 16, 2016

    Terrible move. Christine Michael? Really? How many times has this guy been cut by Seattle now? He wads cut by Dallas, Washington and now Seattle cut his ass twice — great fucking move!

    First off, this offense isn’t built to run the football — I’ve gone over this in detail many times over before. Green Bay actually had something working there with the short passing game and Ty Montgomery for a few weeks before completely falling off the wagon against Indianapolis and Tennessee. What the hell is wrong with using Ty Montgomery? What was wrong with that concept —- it worked and from what I can tell Montgomery was the most efficient back the offense had!

    James Starks is absolutely worthless. I’m sorry. Ty Montgomery is hands down a better, more explosive athlete than Starks — but for some reason Starks is “the guy” for McCarthy. What the hell is Christine Michael going to bring to this offense that Montgomery wasn’t? “Oh, he’s a true running back and had success in Seattle behind a shitty offensive line — so he’s good for us!” No, not quite. Apart from it taking Michael almost 3 years to learn the Seattle offense, the guy had 2 (maybe 3) decent games for a run heavy Seattle offense this season. He doesn’t catch many passes and his run blocking is HORSESHIT. Physically & athletically, I’d take Montgomery over this clown any day of the week.

    Do you really think opposing safeties going to play up to stack the box now to stop this clown? FUCK NO! I’ve said it for 6 years now — defensive coordinators do NOT GIVE A SHIT if someone other than Aaron Rodgers had the ball in their hands, the only player defenses fear is Rodgers. Giving the ball to James Starks or Christine Michael is a welcomed sight for defensive coordinators.

    This is “suppose” to be a West Coach offense with a fast paced rhythm and up-tempo scheme. Guys like Lacey and Michael who require 15-20+ touches per/game to be efficient and “wear defenses down” isn’t the Packers style, nor is it an efficient way for the type of QB they have. I don’t see how Michael helps with this when he can’t run block and isn’t effective catching passes in the screen game — that SHOULD be Montgomery’s job.

    You can’t run the football when your defense is as bad as Green Bay’s is. So regardless of where this all goes — it’s a moot point.

    You want to solve the run game problem? Play Ty Montgomery! Case fucking closed. Running him out of the backfield creates match-up problems (especially when defenses go dime and nickle packages against GB), that puts Montgomery 1-on-1 with a linebacker or open underneath somewhere in man-to-man coverage. He’s a better pass catcher, faster and more explosive than both Starks and Michael. Easy fix.

    Fuck Christine Michael — it’ll take him 3 years to learn the GB playbook.

    1. Kato November 16, 2016

      Um, the packers have thrown the ball on like 75-80% of their plays the past three games and lost them all. You have the defense at least somewhat respect a running game in tgis league or you are fucked

  8. Chad Lundberg November 16, 2016

    Maybe I’m just desperate, but I have a hunch this could loom large and in a good way.

    1. Savage57 November 17, 2016

      Considering the only other alternative is resignation that running the ball is off the play charts, I’m hoping you’re more prescient than desperate.

  9. Kato November 16, 2016

    4.0 ypc is above league average. Quit crying.

  10. Mike November 17, 2016

    Happy they did something!!! Probably turn out to be Temp Band-Aid?? Then Tightwad Ted will cut him. Shocked Ted was awake in time to put in the claim. Must have coincided with Soup-Time?

    1. Kato November 17, 2016

      If he had an old lady I would say she picks him and takes him to Panera. Ted could have a woman that we don’t know about.

  11. Deepsky November 17, 2016

    Michael is about as close to what the Packers need as is going to be out there. He is a good one-cut back who has played in a zone blocking system, one that probably blocks worse than the Packers line. He’s probably the fastest back the Packers have had since Ryan Grant.

    Still, he’s a castoff from a bunch of teams. I suspect if he doesn’t drink the Packers koolaid 100%, he’ll be gone.

  12. PF4L November 17, 2016

    It’s a shame Matt Forte wasn’t available this off season.

    1. Kato November 17, 2016

      Why did you have to bring that up?

  13. Vijay Swearingen November 17, 2016

    Team SUCKS! Go Pats!