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Packers Fall to Washington, Just Like We Expected

Was there really any other outcome that was possible here? That the shitbag Green Bay Packers — our fucking embarrassment of a football team — wouldn’t lose to the Washington Redskins?


They did just that. Just as they were supposed to.

This time it was a 42-24 loss, that… I just don’t know. Trying to describe the fucking shitdickery that I see every week in a different way is right next to impossible.

Perhaps the human vagina that is Ryan Wood can do it better than me?

I fucking doubt it.

No one can put a bow on this fucking pig.

Pierre Garcon likes to rip foam wedges of cheese in half on the sideline. Normally, I’d point out the fact that Pierre Garcon couldn’t hold my big Irish cock with half of his shitdick hand, but I can’t do that right now.

Because the Green Bay Packers are exactly who we thought they were — a fucking joke.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Dan November 20, 2016

    I’m not even mad, this really frees up my Sundays moving forward.

  2. NachoDan November 20, 2016

    The defense is a flaming sack of dog shit.

  3. icebowl November 20, 2016

    Agree w Colinsworth – Can’t pin this on #12….
    Secondary is a fucking disaster. Fucking three bombs (into the wind).. Guaranteed gonna see this shit in remaing 6 games as opponents watch tapes of this shit storm…

    Defebse would’ve done as well, if not better if Capers had fielded 3 Chuckie Woodson and 2 Reggie White Fatheads instead of that sieve corps….

    Im with you Dan. Wife is ecstatic- eliminates any excuses to sidestep Honey-Dos….

  4. fire ted mike and Mark November 20, 2016

    This was expected but fuck. It’s just brutal. I’m fine with it if it gets rid of McCarthy but I see no reason to wait. Start the changes now and Fire capers. Constantly blitzing dix and he’s a piece of shit that can’t get home. McCarthy calling a timeout before half again was brilliant. Most of all that piece of shit Thompson has to go. Yeah McCarthy and capers call stupid shit and the schemes need a change but these are teds fucking guys out there. I don’t want to hear excuses about injuries. Yeah they have a ton but the injured and healthy guys are pieces of shit. We can’t build a team just through the draft if you constantly miss with your picks. And hold on to them just because they were high picks. Then there’s the love of getting undrafted players. I’m sure shields and lacy would somewhat help but it still woulda been the same shit show. Datone jones is trash. Haha is trash. Clark? Ryan? R. Rodgers? Hyde? Gunter? Could go on and on. These guys all suck. Thanks a lot ted. Even Matthews. Idk how injured he is but it really seemed like there was no effort or “juice” from his ass tonight. Just run right at the guy or run way wide and give up. It really sucks and will be worse when January rolls around and I have to see the shitty cowboys, Seahawks, giants and queens in the playoffs. Only way I’m gonna begin to feel better is when Thompson is gone and we can start to get rid of guys and rebuild. At this point I’m assuming it’s a foregone conclusion that mike and dom are done. The only hope is after we give up 35+ points to philly, Houston and Seattle that’s gonna be enough for ted to leave. I just hate the guy. I think the thing that pissed me off more than any play tonight was when they showed Mark and ted in the booth. This fucken sucks. It’s embarrassing.

    1. Skinny November 20, 2016

      Sad part about our ILBs. We could have had Sua Cravens in the 2nd round last year. A lot of people were projecting him to the Packers. Ted wanted more 4.7 guys at ILB.

    2. PF4L November 20, 2016

      The easiest way for change, is for Ted to step down, put Wolf in his place and he will do the rest of cleaning the house. The reason i say Wolf is because he’s already in place as the heir apparent. He also has his Fathers ear.

      1. fire ted mike and Mark November 20, 2016

        Agree. I just can’t see the team improving much if mike goes and ted stays.

        1. Mike November 21, 2016

          You have to remove both barnacles. Its a joke Thompson isn’t shown door TODAY

        2. Anti-McCarthy Fan November 21, 2016


          FIRE TED MIKE AND MARK could you please comment on this petition and let me know what you think about it.

      2. Deepsky November 21, 2016

        According to rumors, Wolf is being targeted by other teams and wants out.

        1. Packers fan November 21, 2016

          Well Deepsky, I think we need to start a petition to let the Eliot Wolf Era begin in Green Bay. Could you please start it at http://www.change.org and copy this down:
          “Since the Packers are 4-6 after yesterday’s loss and the season likely about done, it is time for the Eliot Wolf era to begin. Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson’s time is up so it’s time to move on to Eliot Wolf. And if Wolf is hired, let him decide on MM’s fate.

          I think it’s time for a new era and it’s time to get Rodgers his second ring here.”

          Thanks Deepsky hopefully that should get Wolf in GB.

          1. PF4L November 21, 2016

            1) Petitions are a waste of time and do nothing.

            2) We won’t need a petition.

    3. Zwoeger November 21, 2016

      Did you see that expression on Mad Mikes face? Looked like he was thinking shit I have to do something know but I don’t want to, what now.

    4. Icebowl November 21, 2016

      Lombardi sweep, West coast offense and now the Capers Sieve Secondary….

  5. Skinny November 20, 2016

    To steal a line from the Rob Schneider character in Necessary Roughness. Covers the microphone with his hand. “SHIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTT!!”

  6. TyKo Steamboat November 20, 2016

    I sat here with my Ukrainian girlfriend… mind you, shes 20 & has only watched about 4 Packer football games. As most foreigners, she confused because on Saturdays college football aires & on Sunday, pro

    She asked me, gently & sweetly in broken English as she is still learning, if the Packers were “A Saturday team playing Sundays for fun”…

    That was her honest question. Of course, I had to keep my cool. I was chill all night as I have low expectations & I’m tryen to tap that shit lets be honest

    But, yea, we are mistaken as being a pro bit team. Good night everyone

    1. icebowl November 20, 2016

      Great post Tyko…
      Enjoy more time w your smart girlfriend instead of watching this “Saturday” team for the remainder of season…

  7. icebowl November 20, 2016

    McCarthy post game: “Six losses. That’s the reality. We understand the urgency that’s in front of us.”

    “We’re going to rally & stick together. This is a great group of men. I don’t question that part, but we need to perform better”

    Rodgers : “We’ve put ourselves in a tough spot. We’ve got to find a way to get a win next week. We’re in a tough stretch”

    “Nobody in football should be called a genius. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein.” – Joe Theismann

  8. 1265Lombardiave November 20, 2016

    The Packer’s 2017 planning party better begin tomorrow. “And with the 8th pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, The Green Bay Packers select…”

    1. fire ted mike and Mark November 20, 2016

      Hopefully ted isn’t involved in the planning party. Otherwise, the pick will be another o or d lineman from the pack 12 that was a projected 4th rounder.

      1. rebelgb November 21, 2016

        Agreed. We are gonna have the highest draft pick we have had in years. We simply cannot have TT in charge of that pick. I dont care if I have to go to the local gay bar myself and kidnap the guy so he misses the draft.

        1. Mike November 22, 2016

          100% correct. Cadaver Ted will waste the pick on another Justin Harrell. Thompson doesn’t know his ass from hole in the ground!!

  9. PF4L November 20, 2016

    For anyone looking for change, this is exactly what needed to happen. I’m not pissed they lost. It’s a necessary evil. As a matter of fact, it has to happen some more, and i have no doubt it will. I see a 6-10, 7-9 season.

    I’m looking for change in upper management soon, not 1 year from now, or 2 years. Fuck, i’ve been waiting for a few years. Change doesn’t happen with the team winning. Anyone truly looking for change, is cool with this.

    1. Mike November 21, 2016

      I’m with you. Its tough but needed. what I will lose my mind over is, If we hear Ted & McSlob are coming back in 2017. That I couldn’t take. Murphy needs to show some balls & clean house, instead of laying there, legs spread like a 10 cent Ho!!!!!!!!!

    2. KG November 21, 2016

      I think “cool with this” might be a little of an overstatement… I have resigned myself to the fact that this years packers dumpster fire is not going to change, and that MM and TT and probably the other MM need to go away right now. I would even be okay with it if they were canned right now… but there is no way I could ever be cool with this.

      1. PF4L November 21, 2016

        If you feel like both MM’s and TT need to go now. Reality dictates you have to be cool with this. Winning voids any chance for change.

  10. PackAttack November 20, 2016


    We can beat our heads against the wall all day about McCarthy, and by no means am I a “Mike McCarthy supporter”, but when your this fucking bad —- I’m sorry but you can’t pin this on him. I hate the fat fucks arrogance and play calling more than anything else on the planet (except for Democrats) but this 2016 Green Bay Packers team is just fucking bad and that falls on Ted Thompson.

    Thompson is, and always will be, a fucking joke. The guy is a colossal fraud in every way. He failed to upgrade the Packers during Favre’s better years and is failing to do so with Rodgers now.

    What’s he done to improve the pass rush in the last 5 years? By my count the Green Bay Packers haven’t drafted and developed a dominant pass rusher in six years. He’s tried to shore-up the secondary (I’ll give him that) but the lack of in-season activity has been crippling. Instead of going out and plucking Christine Michael (who adds nothing to an already non existent run game), how about going out and finding help at ILB or CB or safety? What’s he doing to protect Rodgers from annihilation on the offensive line?

    Don Barclay, James Starks, Richard Rodgers, Ladarius Gunter, Joe Thomas, Demetri Goodson, Quinten Rollins and Micah Hyde belong nowhere near an NFL stadium unless they’re sweeping the floors. And they are all “Ted Thompson guys”. How in the FUCK is James Starks on an NFL roster? HOW? Someone explain to me the logic in running the football with James Starks (over Ty Montgomery). There was a reason Starks was left wide open on that 40 yd TD — shows you what Washington thought of him. Running with Starks is a wasted play and it wastes time. Why and how Ty Montgomery is not playing every snap in mind boggling to me (more of a McCarthy thing) but still nonetheless.

    Don Barclay — my god. Richard Rodgers is hopefully gone. Jared Cook was impressive tonight (apart from the fumble) so hopefully Richie Rodgers is long gone after tonight. Dropvante Adams returned tonight — still not sold on him, he’s still a fucking bum.

    The defense might be in shambles, but Rodgers is desperately going to need more help next year. He’s going to need another WR (someone not from the draft) a big body who can stretch the defense and be more of a go-to target. Nelson is old, Cobb is just not good, Adams is a clown, Janis might be the dumbest professional athlete on the planet and god only knows what you’ll get from the Cook/Fat Rodgers foundation. Eddie Lacey and Starks can go home — worst backfield tandem in the game today, hands down.

    What a joke this team is.

    1. fire ted mike and Mark November 20, 2016

      Thank you. I completely agree. Only reason we have starks is because every time he’s a free agent no one wants him so good old ted welcomes him back.

    2. Kato November 21, 2016

      I agree with about 80% of what you said. I would change “democrats” with progressive millenials though. They are the absolute worst.

      1. Fuck off. November 21, 2016

        Right? We are going to be so screwed when they are the ones financially supporting this countries fat ass after the non-progressive, non-millenials fucked nearly everything up. Glad you brought up this great analogy.

        Being intentionally obtuse and overly conservative works. Just ask Mike and Ted. No one ever needs to spend money to get better and pursuit of profits will only make the Packers perennial winners with titletown and the team, as they obviously have been the last several years. Back up plans? Concern for your immediate environment? Employee safety? Who needs them to be successful, as long as your business plan is good and you have one guy you can lean on to overperform? From its football team to its making a murderer legal system, Green Bay is the epitome of winning philosophy these days, and the rich old white men running it agree with you, so I hope you feel like as much of a winner as they do right now. I know, we can get the teams to pay the refs salaries, and that way some refs will always vote for our team no matter how fucking stupid or backwards the play is. It totally works. It’s called gerrymandering.

        I’ve been a fan of GB for 30+years. This comment thread, current environment, and this team all suck a bag of cocks. Go elect another senator Joe McCarthy and pretend you’re actually not tools because _____________ (presumably that argument will be “at least green bay isn’t as bad as joe mccarthy, even though they both came from wisconson with tremendous support). Nothing builds a wantonly oblivious culture like insecurity. So how about th
        at pack? How about those politics? How about all those mexicans stealing football jobs? If you’re gonna troll, do it right. Low hanging fruit is for Vikings fans.

        Sorry, that’s tonight.

        1. Cuban November 21, 2016

          I get it, all trump voters are undeumacated right. You know what i love about liberals, its that they are all so fucking stupid, they actually believe they are more intelligent. I’ve got a question, what do you get when you have a classroom full of students who repeat everything they hear word for word? I’ll give you a hint, my aunt has a bird that can do the same trick. Thats not an education its called indoctrination.

          As far as the claims that all trump voters are racists, which is another rallying cry of the left, which group of racist pieces of shit automatically assumed he had the latino vote because since he insulted mexicans he insulted all latinos.

          1. Cuban November 21, 2016

            Also meant to add that the “educated” one in the classroom is the student that actually questions what they are being “taught” and researches further on their own.

    3. Anti-McCarthy Fan November 21, 2016

      Good point PackAttack. I hate McCarthy so fucking much. MM and TT will not be around after 2017 trust me. MM and his best friend Dom Capers has been handcuffing a once in generation QB (Aaron Rodgers) with their schemes. As long as Rodgers is still is in that bum system that MM operates (it may worked before but it sucks now), it will not be better. Rodgers needs a new coach and a great defense (give him the Seahawks defense) if we want another championship. And could you please check this petition out (http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/fire-mike-mccarthy) and tell me what you think about it. You really should copy what you wrote on that petition. So sick of McCarthy and Capers those 2 should go away. Thanks PackAttack!

  11. Ken November 20, 2016

    The achilles heel of the PACKERS for years has been the pass defense.
    Tonight I thought I saw strong pass rushing, but the Red’ line pushed is out leaving QB Cousins a nice little
    safe pocket to fire missiles from. I can’t tell from the TV coverage what is specifically going on when the receivers get past on deep routes. Was it speed? Was it poor foot work? Was it confusion?
    Joe Thomas faked out on one play. Didn’t even touch the guy. No running game to speak of.
    I don’t understand how after years and years the Packers can develop a running game, and a pass protection. It seems like they never solve the fundamentals. And every year its injuries. I think the lineman need to be quicker and not necessarily so much girth which just looks like fat around the waste which has got to slow them down and strain the needs and keep them from moving their feet to keep knees and ankles from getting so many injuries. Over the years McCarthy seems to make decisions to play for the loss or tie. It was unusual to see him go for two 4th down conversions, one helped by penalty. A week ago when asked what was needed to turn things around, he responded with “play better and win.” That is as close to a no answer as it gets. It looks like that is all he brings to the table. The game was entertaining, but I left after that long TD making it 30 something to 24. The suspense was gone. The Packers aren’t getting beaten by elite teams. They must really be bad. I wish we could have some better analysis. Cuss words don’t shed much light on the situation. It’s just a game and you shouldn’t let adversity drag you down. Don’t get too stressed. It’s just a form of entertainment. If you are getting too stressed then you need to diversify and have some other things to do to keep your mind even keeled.

  12. Pack Attack November 21, 2016

    Didnt watch the game. Nbc wasn’t coming in very well on the antenna. Sounds like my antenna was doing me a favor.

    1. Packers fan November 21, 2016

      Pack Attack I hate Collingsworth. He sucks balls.

  13. the real jeff ircink November 21, 2016

    “just like we expected”. great headline – so now you don’t have as much egg on your faces. dagger!

  14. Kato November 21, 2016

    When their running back broke off that long run at the end I was just laughing uncontrollably. I am not sure what exactly Joe Thomas brings to this team. He is supposed to be a specialist in pass coverage, but he is below average at that. And he is a total liability against the run. Liabilities against the run don’t play ILB

    1. Zwoeger November 21, 2016

      In my notes I see Thomas = Randall ( about coverage ability )

  15. sb November 21, 2016

    Nice to see all the “closet” packer fans hiding in their closets again. Not to mention all the packer paraphernalia on the curb waiting for the garbage man. Couldn’t happen to a better team.

    When you all get this upset over a game, you have serious anger issues.

    1. Savage57 November 21, 2016

      Fuck off, douche nozzle.

      When you support a team that actually wins meaningful games, you care a little more..

  16. rebelgb November 21, 2016

    Clay Matthews is obviously not 100%, that or he decided its in his best interest to avoid contact when not rushing the passer.

    Fuck that guy.

    While your at it: Fuck the gay phantom Ted Thompson. The walrus Mike Mccarthy, and last but not least Chris Collinsworth.

    1. PF4L November 21, 2016

      I’ll agree that wasn’t a 100% healthy Mathews. It just shows the level of desperation having him play.

    2. Savage57 November 21, 2016

      Memo to Chris Collinsworth.

      “Dear Chris,

      Please be advised in an effort to both actually retain some viewers and possibly save your life, we’ve made the decision to alter your compensation plan. We will no longer be being you by the word.



  17. Zwoeger November 21, 2016

    CC was right about one thing saying AR did’nt see open players( like with that second 3 and out 1st q) or just missed them.
    Janis got lost somehow even at ST. Where are the times he stood in front of them the moment they cached a ball after a punt?
    Was anyone thinking of a come back or even a TD at 11 points behind and 3 mins to go? I certainly not.
    Hundley could find and target open players but they refused to catch the ball.
    I used to wait till monday evening ( living in the Netherlands ) to watch the game with some beers and pizza and my home or away cap and away jersey on. 4 games ago I started watching mid day cause I did’nt want to spoil my evening.
    Good descision as it turns out.

  18. Zwoeger November 21, 2016

    Ow and how about most points allowed since 1958 in a 4 game strecht.

  19. Packers fan November 21, 2016

    Yes the Packers are not what they used to be and I want to say, I will no longer comment on this website. All they do is cuss and say stupid things about the Packers such as “f*cking joke”. There is a better way to say it than using the F and S words; they are bad or they are not the team they used to be. There is better places that I would comment on. This is NOT one of them.

  20. Mike November 21, 2016

    This Corporate Ownership thing SUCKS ASS, always has. The packers always take forever to do what needs to be done. You win 1 Title and they want to drop their pants and take it up backside for 30 years, and give them Carte Blanche anywhere in City. They never excite the fan base with a splash hire like Jon Gruden or Bill Cowher?? “CHRIST” Give the Fans something to get excited about, especially this year. WHO THE F%$K will give a rats ass ’bout this team next year with Walking Dead Ted & Filthy Unwashed McSlob back????????

    1. Icebowl November 21, 2016

      My sentiments exactly M. Any team with a real owner would’ve already reacted – as seen by recent coaching changes in all NFC North teams EXCEPT Green Bay…. TT is the heart of the problem, had drafts, no valid free agent signings – he is easily replaced by anyone with even minimum knowledge of NFL. – Murphy is controlled by the Gang of Three- he’s too comfortable – likely he won’t do anything…..
      We’re slipping back into The Dark Ages for Packers fans, I’ve been there before and can only say “……The horror…..”

  21. ferris November 21, 2016

    I can’t wait for Thanksgiving Day to watch my new favorite team the Detroit Lions. The first place Detroit Lions that is. They may be losers but they have always been ready to fire the coach. All Green bay needs is a coach named Cooter to get back on track. Maybe Calvin Johnson was the reason they lost all these years.
    Oh wait reality check…it makes no difference what NFC North team wins the division, there is no NFC Super Bowl team within 1000 miles of Wisconsin. It’s Dallas and Seattle and nobody else. Man that is painful to say, I bit the inside of my cheek just typing it.

    1. fire ted mike and Mark November 21, 2016

      Lol. Exactly. I hate those two teams but I must say I am kinda jealous, they have built through the draft. If only we could do the same. Dallas was one of the worst teams last year and they tuned turned it around with 2 rookies. They have taken chances on guys like Gregory, McClain and the lb from notre dame but they’ve also hit with other guys. Same goes for Seattle with Wilson and that d. Tt had Rodgers fall in His lap and has done nothing to make this team better. Maybe early on he did well, however now it appears Dorsey, Schneider, McKenzie were the ones finding talent. Collins, Finley, shields, etc are done. Nelson, is getting older, Daniels can’t do it alone on the line and Matthews has lost interest and is more worried about not getting injured so he can make more commercials. New blood is needed everywhere.

  22. Howard November 21, 2016

    Everybody has said it all regarding MM and TT. I just want to add this defense makes the 2011 defense look good. After last night I just think MM and TT will make a move on Capers before the end of the season to try and save their jobs.

  23. Jack November 21, 2016

    And to think this team was rated as an elite team going into this season!! I feel bad for Jordy. The guy worked his butt off to come back from a serious knee injury expecting a successful season and he has to deal with this mess. Rodgers is like a 15 yr old who got his first hickey and now he is in la la land. Munn is toxic boys, I keep telling you that.

    1. Icebowl November 21, 2016

      Just out – Russians hack Munns emails
      ….She’s on Bears and Lions payroll and married to a Mark Wilf, – Zygmunts brother…..
      Murphy in talks to counter-offer…..
      Whew, everythings gonna be ok…

    2. Icebowl November 21, 2016

      Update – whole Packers secondary and half the D-line has been secretly seeing her….
      That explains everything……

  24. Kato November 21, 2016

    This team has more issues than just the defense. There are issue a offensively as well. Rodgers played well for the most part, but he also made a few glaring mistakes, most notably not recognizing the blitz when they had third and goal and Kerrigan sack him. The offensive line did the correct thing by downblocking. Rodgers needed to either have Starks go to the other side of the formation, adjust a receivers route for a quick hitter, or just call timeout. It likely wouldnt have made a difference in the outcome anyway, and really Rodgers has be pretty much perfect for them to be in a position to win.

    1. PF4L November 21, 2016

      He missed Kerrigan, or someone missed an assignment. Collinsworth opinion is not gospel, he’s been wrong plenty.

      As far as the offense, yes, there are are problems. The line is not a great run blocking unit. Also, lets not pretend the 0 line isn’t getting pushed back in Rodgers face. I will concede that the 0 line is under stress due to the disparity in the ratio of passing/run plays.

      If you can’t run the ball in the NFL, you are gonna have problems no matter how good your pass game is. Having Rodgers lead the team in rushing is not having a run game. Neither is using wr’s in the backfield. It’s a band-aid for a absentee GM.

      All told, except for the beginning, Rodgers did a great job. He also made a couple plays that other QB’s just don’t make. Did Rodgers miss a pass or two? Yes….i’m sorry he isn’t fault free.

      I give no fuck what anyone says about Rodgers. He’s still makes plays that make football fans across the Country think..how the fuck did he do that? Rodgers didn’t lose anything, or forget how to play QB.

      Very nice game from Cobb and Cook. the fumble was unfortunate, but for just coming back, it was a great performance.

      1. Icebowl November 21, 2016

        Agree #12 was not the issue…. Take away that Cook strip and we’d be talking about possibility of seeing them in post season… Odds of making it now drops to 7% per NFL records of last 26 years….

        1. PF4L November 21, 2016

          lol….the last thing i want to see is this team go to the playoffs. what i want to see is change at the top. Going to the playoffs is self destructive for us fans, as it has been the past few seasons.

          Per PF4L records, i drop the odds of this team going to the playoffs at 0%.


          1. icebowl November 21, 2016

            I can go with that….
            Btw next weeks impending loss to Eagles will put them at exactly 0% per NFL

      2. Kato November 21, 2016

        The off target throws don’t bother me that much, unless it’s more than a couple or they are in big spots. Tom Brady is off target here and there.

        The Kerrigan sack was an egregious mistake. Yeah, I hate collinsworth as much as anyone, but he was correct on that play. That is elementary blocking schemes against the blitz. The offensive line slides the blocking down to get the ILBs and let the outside guy go free. The shortest path to the qb is up the middle so that is always the priority in blitz pickup. The blitz the redskins ran is fairly common and they really didn’t disguise what they were doing. Typically, you have a fight end over the outside guy and it isn’t a big deal. However in that situation that guy needs to be picked up by the RB. The problem is Starks was obviously on the wrong side of formation and you never want the running back to have to cross in front of the qb to pick the guy up. Maybe Rodgers gambled that they were bluffing, but that was obviously a mistake.

        1. PF4L November 21, 2016

          It may have been starks responsibility, idk. But the fact idk, is the reason i’m not real judgemental about it.

  25. Howard November 21, 2016

    So with the DBs looking so bad I guess Hawkins has no place to be on the field. How can he do any worse than what is out there? To me most of those long pass completions looked like lack of speed. Hawkins has speed so, it may be time to give him some experience. If he is not ready to gain some game time experience then maybe he should be cut?

    1. PF4L November 21, 2016

      Speed can still be beat. The problem is, when you have injurys, and your depth is rookies, UDFA’s and 2nd year players, problems are bound to happen. Ted jumped the gun on overvaluing Randall and Rollins. Ted still has 10 million under the cap, both House and Hayward could have been kept. But Ted wanted to go on the cheap. So this is what we got. Teams with depth overcome. Teams with no depth blame injurys.

      Speaking of speed, has Janis been cut yet? Holy shit.

      1. Kato November 21, 2016

        I am kind of over Janis myself. The guy just doesn’t have it.

      2. Howard November 21, 2016

        Nobody said speed can’t be beat, however speed can overcome some other deficiencies. So you don’t think Hawkins should be provided an opportunity? And no, one series against Detroit is not an opportunity. It is not like the other DBs are really getting it done. If he can’t cut it get rid of him. Might as well see what you have for the future. Is that really a problem to give the guy a chance? If everyone is such poor talent evaluators with the team maybe he would be an upgrade and no one knows it.

    2. Empacador November 21, 2016

      Maybe they convert Janis to DB. I got nothing.

  26. PF4L November 21, 2016

    There are more media reports today, one slanted that inside the organization, it’s believed that Teds seat is hotter than McCarthys. Now, assuming Wolf took over, it’s highly possible he keeps McCarthy on, especially if he has a strong relationship with him. Of which, i don’t have a clue.

    If i was forced to choose between the two, i’d rather see Ted hit the road. Maybe he would tell McCarthy to get a real offensive coordinator that calls plays, so McCarthy could oversee the whole team. Because special teams and defense are a joke that need serious attention.

    1. Kato November 21, 2016

      I would rather see Ted go myself. He has drafted one, MAYBE two pro bowl quality player in the past four years.

    2. Empacador November 21, 2016

      Didn’t we already see what McCarthy was capable of last season when he gave up play calling to oversee the whole team? If Wolf seriously wants out, this just got a whole lot more interesting. These blowout losses are really illustrating how bad the Packers are. If anyone from the team utters they aren’t that far away, they should be immediately fired for cause.

    3. icebowl November 21, 2016

      Yup TT is the biggest problem …..
      …. right now

  27. Mike November 21, 2016

    Alfred E Neuman Murphy, needs to earn that hefty salary he makes and FIRE Ted Thompson. Time to quit riding the “Pep Rally” Bus, and worrying about putting in decorative lamp posts outside Lambeau!!! EARN YOUR MONEY MURH or hit the road.

    1. PF4L November 21, 2016

      Mike, i’m guessing of course, but…..right now, i’m inclined to think that it is Ted that’s going to fall THIS YEAR. I’m basing that on the Packers have had to sit Elliot Wolf on the backburner. but…because of this shitstorm of a season, i cant help but wonder if they just don’t ask (TELL) Ted to call it a day, so Wolf can slide over before being scooped up from another team.

  28. Kato November 21, 2016

    PF4L- I am not blaming the loss on Rodgers, I was merely pointing out that isn’t without blame. When your defense is giving 21 points in the first quarter and making an already fairly one dimensional offense even more one dimensional, that makes things very tough. Agreed on points about the run game. I do not understand keeping Starks when Forte was available for slightly more. (1-2 million more if I recall correctly) I don’t understand why there are two fullbacks on the roster now. I don’t understand not drafting a receiver with above average speed that can succeed in MM’s ISO route offense.

    1. PF4L November 21, 2016

      I know, its all good.

    2. PF4L November 21, 2016

      Exactly Kato…If they don’t sign Starks, for 1 million more they could have had Forte. Plus they could have kept House and Hayward. With those 3, Ted might have saved his job. But….when you decide to buy cheap, sooner or later you got to pay the Piper.

  29. Killer November 21, 2016

    It is a bright beautiful Monday.

    Rodgers played great last night but he is still a bad person anyone should be embarrassed to root for.

    Matthews looked like a zombie out there except he had less speed and focus than a walking dead.

    Cook was impressive. Barclay. Good God! The Sitton betrayal is coming back to haunt.

    Someone wrote that the Vikings had the second longest losing streak in the NFL but I just checked and it is the Packers.

    1. Tucson Packer November 22, 2016

      How long is the Vikings losing streak in Super Bowls?

  30. PF4L November 21, 2016

    One more loss, one day closer to changes. One nice thing about the NFC North. The Packers having a losing season is a very rare occurrence. In the last 24 seasons, the Packers have had 2 losing seasons. Winning 2 Super Bowls in that time

    While the other 3 teams in the NFC North in that same time period, losing seasons are not only common, but losing is an accepted way of life. Those 3 teams have won a collective total of 0 Super Bowls in that time. But to be fair, a team has to get to a Super Bowl, to win one.

    Green Bay Packers…..Setting the bar of excellence, not only in the NFC North, but in the NFL.


    1. Killer November 21, 2016

      Only those too afraid to face the present and future live in the past.

      1. Killer November 21, 2016

        PS Go ahead and brag how one day a million years ago the Neanderthals caught more Mastodons than the Cro-Magnans…..

        1. icebowl November 21, 2016

          I’ll be thinking of you while watching Butterball lead the lions to victory on Thursday…
          And helping them start a new losing streak..

  31. Bucko January 6, 2017

    Going back and reading these articles and comments is entertainment at its finest! Hahahaha!!! Thank you gentleman!