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Packers Fall to Titans, Are Officially Dead

The Green Bay Packers went and played the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. They lost that game 47-25.

The Titans put up 21 points in the first quarter. It was 35-16 at halftime.

The Packers are now 4-5.

I honestly don’t have the words anymore.

Do you have the words?

If you do, please deliver them to us.

The only good thing that can come from this season at this point is if Buffoon and Big Ted get shitcanned. Of course, that’s a pipe dream, so long as Ginger Gap Tooth is in charge.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. David November 13, 2016

    Time to look for a new coach and general manager.

  2. sdSpec November 13, 2016

    I just realized your avatar was a pic of you banging your head against the wall.

    1. PF4L November 13, 2016

      That’s artistic posing. L.A. STYLE BABY!!

  3. ARS85 November 13, 2016

    I’ll keep this short. McCarthy has clearly lost the team. Nobody cares. Team is never prepared. It’s painfully obvious. Regardless of how bad the division is and how close they are to first, it’s over. This is not a good football team. It’s a bunch of good pieces with absolutely no direction. Nothing will happen. McCarthy will keep his job into next year and so will Ted. So everybody enjoy this team rotting away. Fucking disgrace…

    1. PF4L November 13, 2016

      I am neither shocked, or dismayed for that matter. It is what it is. Some of us call this process (losing) a necessary evil.

      I choose not to have a defeatist attitude about possible coaching and management changes after the season. No, changes are not guaranteed. BUT….. a segment of us Packer fans realize we have a better chance for change under a losing season than we do with a winning season, then losing in the playoffs.

      I don’t know about any of you, but having a winning season in the NFC North, then losing in the playoffs is an old movie that i don’t want to watch anymore.

      The time for change is now, not 2 years from now, or 3 years from now…….NOW

      1. ARS85 November 13, 2016

        I agree I would rather lose the rest of the year and have change than make the playoffs barely with no shot to win it all. The issue however is will there be change if they bottom out? Yes the chances are greater but will it happen? I have a hard time thinking it will and it makes me sick thinking about it. There is zero accountability with this franchise and this act is wearing thin.

        1. Skinny November 13, 2016

          I could see us turning it around somewhat and then having everyone say. What fire Mike, why? He finished strong. That’s what scares me. We win a couple games late and everyone declares it all fixed for next year. Fuck that, I want changes made no matter what. I’m sick of this shit.

        2. rebelgb November 13, 2016

          Great fucking post. Spot on!

      2. icebowl November 13, 2016

        Spot on PF4L….
        As Viqueens join Packers in swoon the Lions are in best position to “Seahawking” their way to winning NFC North – possibly as a sub .500 team.

        NFC rivals are not “fan-owned” so I suspect Zimmer and/or John Fox could be available to step in as replacements for half of the ineffective Packer’s Gang of Four at end of season. As I proposed a while back, getting to the point where only hope of avoiding ascent to revival of Packers 80’s is hiring a Theo-Epsteinist type…..

        Hate to mix reality with politics but let’s Make The Packers Great Again …..

      3. Mike November 14, 2016

        100% agree with you. Should have been done after Seattle Champ game collapse. I have nothing more to add. Its hurts beyond belief to watch this, and it sucks this train wreck is scheduled for National TV next 2 weeks. Wish they could flex’em out

    2. Skinny November 13, 2016

      Imagine a fuckin at least semi athletic TE on this team. Holy shit it would be a fuckin god send. Delanie Fuckin Walker, say that name again to yourself. That fuckin guy would be All Pro on the Packers. And the sad part is, we probably nixed a visit from him when he was a FA.

  4. gort November 13, 2016

    3 hours and 40 minutes of my life gone and the only play worth watching was the opening kickoff.  Boy, the Packers played that one well, or my vote for the MVP of the game is Joe Thomas.  Did a great job to win that one play – too bad the organization lost the next 59 minutes and 59 seconds of the game.  Yes, the whole organization lost that game.  Some major changes must happen.  The personnel decisions are questionable – 2 full backs on the active roster – WTFFFFFFFF.  The coaches appear to have lost the team. Their game plan sucks and lacks imagination.  The players play with no energy, no fire no enthusiasm.  Most appear to be simply going through the paces.  This team is no longer capable of elevating themselves to .500.  I do not see more than 1 more win this season, and that assumes that the Bears can be defeated at Chicago.  Just a few weeks ago, the “talking heads” listed the Packers as a top 6 or 7 in the league Power Ranking.  NOT.

  5. GB West November 13, 2016

    Holy fucking shit! What a mess! Shit can Fat Mike and Tits Thompson! Epic free fall! Even Gap tooth needs to see the truth in what’s going on. Wow!

  6. Chad Lundberg November 13, 2016

    This is not a joke. This is not an exaggeration. This is not even speculation.


    It is OVER.

    1. Anti-McCarthy fan November 13, 2016

      McCarthy is a bitch who should work for Swift Transportation.

      Chad Lundberg please sign this petition we need 200 signatures thanks and reply there as Chad Lundberg. Thanks! Fuck McCarthy I want to cut his head off.

  7. Dave The Lions Fan November 13, 2016


    1. KG November 13, 2016

      the funny thing here dave, is that your lions have had at least two world class players (sanders and johnson) retire early from your abysmal franchise without rings, due to the failure of your organization. even though you are a giant prick of a troll i am still rooting for your “team” to take the division from the queens this year. now please go kill yourself.

  8. Skinny November 13, 2016

    And the pathetic part is Ted can sneak out the back door and doesn’t have to say anything about this shit every week. Cant wait to hear Mike stumblin and bumblin through another press conference this week. This is the lamest Packer team of all time. I cant get behind any of these bastards. I vouch for no one on this team.

    1. PF4L November 13, 2016

      Exactly….When someone hides, and refuses to be seen, and/or interviewed occasionally like Ted. Am i the only one that finds that disturbing? I literally hate nobody in life, but MM and this fuck are really testing me.

      1. rebelgb November 13, 2016

        Agreed PF4L. Thing is id rather have a shit team with a shit QB and root for an upset week to week. This middle of the road baffoonary is way way too frustrating. I cant take it. This team has no identity. None. I dont know what it is, or what to call it. Im not sure what to look forward to or to like or hate. Its a total fuck job.

        1. PF4L November 13, 2016

          It’s the continuing facade of a winning World class organization that the rest of the league envy’s. Only they don’t anymore, because TT and MM are making this team into a laughing stock around the league. Don’t believe me? Stay tuned.

          1. TyKo Steamboat November 13, 2016

            One more thing to add is I genuinely believe every team brings their “A Game” against us
            I believe there is a feeling of “Statement win vs. the Green Bay Packers”

            That & other NFL players always want to destroy the pretty boys that do all the embarrassing television commercials. That is a sure thing too

  9. MR November 13, 2016

    zero fucks given

  10. cyberstag November 13, 2016

    I think from now on instead of Ginger gap tooth we should call Murphy Nero. you know, the guy who fiddled while Rome burned.

  11. Mike November 13, 2016

    Gort and others have touched on everything on my mind. The personnel decisions are just horrible. The coaches have lost the locker room. Players have quit (where’s the leadership from peppers, Matthews among others.)

    Everything is the same old shit and it’s only gonna start to change when new blood is brought in and that starts with a gm and a competent coaching staff. The offense does the same stupid shit till they are down by 14+. The special teams does their part to cost us points or field position. Today was the extra point and muffed punt along with the big return for Tennessee right before half. I think it was way too early to do an onside kick (good call coach) but the execution on that wasn’t good either. Then there’s the d, seems they are regressing each week. The Daniels penalty was huge but that guy has to be fuming right now. Goes back to Thompson and all those high draft picks he’s invested on the d. He’s not worth a shit at evaluating talent and won’t get any free agents. Rodgers falling in his lap is the only reason he’s still around. Otherwise he woulda ran off Favre and been losing ever since. I think this seasons failures will cost coaches their job but I doubt ted is gone. This is turning into a joke and it’s just embarrassing what this team has become. We saw it start last season but none of upper management did anything to address it. What you gonna do Mark Murphy? Blame it on injuries and have a repeat next season or start making changes before Rodgers is done?

  12. Danforth Cuntingdon-Smythe November 13, 2016

    This loss is exactly what is needed for any change to take place. We might be able to rationalize the loss to the Vikings, a team at that time firing on all cylinders. We might be able to rationalize a loss to Dallas, a team with the best running game and best O-line in the league. We might be able to rationalize a loss to Atlanta, a team with a pretty good offense.

    We could be very hard to rationalize a loss to Indy, a really bad team who was going nowhere prior to coming to Lambeau. Perhaps just bad luck. But losing twice in a row to below average teams provides absolutely no doubt that this team is going no where.

    This is not running into good teams, bad luck, or a coincidence. This is team which is consistently outplayed, under prepared, or understands that it is going nowhere with Buffoon as head coach and is playing to have him replaced at the end of the season.

    It all starts with Buffoon. Say what you want about Thompson, but he put a roster together which was five minutes from the Superbowl in early 2015 at Seattle. Buffoon shit the bed on that one. Then when Rodgers needs to get to within field-goal range in under a minute, he lets Rodgers loose and he does that. But since then, Buffoon has not learnt his lesson. He only lets Rodgers loose when we are too far behind for it to matter.

    I know they are being paid millions of dollars to perform, but why risk injury when you have a coach who doesn’t plan or play for winning? I only see one more possible win, against Chicago, but outside of that, nothing. A 5-11 record with one of the easiest schedules in the league should lead to a purge of Thompson, Buffoon and Capers, the latter two who managed to make Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson look like Hall of Fame caliber quarterbacks while wasting the prime of our HoF quarterback, who knows he is not going to another another Superbowl with Buffoon as HC.

    1. TyKo Steamboat November 13, 2016

      wow man. Well stated in regards to the Losses.
      Really though, we quit
      The loss to Indy at home was brutal. 5-4 would be acceptable all things considered. It seems a world away fro 4-5

  13. Sanguine camper November 13, 2016

    Wow what a train wreck the Packers are. I predicted at the beginning of the season that MM had lost the team and the players would mail it in. I think the Sitton fiasco was the last nail in the coffin. O ce the players saw how the only tough SOB on the team that played with injuries was treated, they lost interest.

  14. Killer November 13, 2016

    We saw the Packers true run defense. Titans do average 144 yards a game on the ground on average. Or did. More now. Packers allowed 162 yards on the ground.

    I had to chuckle when they reported that at half time — down 3 TDs — Aaron said he fully expected to win the game. That was not confidence. It was a mix of arrogance and self-delusion.

    Lang injured. Well, good thing you don’t have that cancer known as Josh Sitton holding back the team. Man, if he was still on the team, all cancerous and all, the team would probably be winless. Now that Mike Daniels has shown more leadership after last game than MM has his entire life it is only a matter of time before he is identified as a a cancer and run out of town as well.

    Rodgers was in prime frowny pouty blame others mode. It is not really a mode: It is the true Aaron. They should make a cologne called essence of Aaron. It would smell like sour rot.

    Aaron threw 31 completions. So did Sam Bradford. But Aaron faced a weaker pass D and attempted 11 more passes than Sam. And threw twice as many interceptions…..

    1. rebelgb November 13, 2016

      “They should make a cologne called essence of Aaron” – Killer. LOL:OLOLOLOLOLOLOL Epic!

      I could understand a little Brett Favres arrogance towards the end of his career. They guy had done some amazing shit and everyone talked about him like he was a God. If your a dumb hillbilly that shit may pump your head up a bit. But Aaaron, well Aaron is California stuck up asshole and its only getting worse as he gets better. Which seems to be a California traite.

  15. icebowl November 13, 2016

    I’m with Monty on this – speechless ….

    Only thing to add is that Eagles and Redskins WRs are drooling to play this team that doesn’t have enough offensive power to offset the prowess of the sieve that they call a secondary….

    Only upside – it wasn’t against the Bears – those of you old enough may remember this shitstorm :

    Bears 61, Packers 7: December 7, 1980

    “Walter Payton rushed for 130 yards and three touchdowns as the 1980 Chicago Bears dominated NFC Central opponent Green Bay. The Bears outscored the visitors 33-0 after halftime and finished with 594 yards of offense, overcoming 10 penalties to blow out the Packers in a cakewalk even though Chicago would finish the season under .500.” – http://www.cheatsheet.com

    To try to kill the pain I went through this slideshow of real fuckups a few dozen times to try to kill the pain before Mr. J. Daniels kicked in….


  16. icebowl November 13, 2016

    “We’re 4-5, so everything we want to accomplish big-picture wise is still right there in front of us,” McCarthy said. “But the reality is we need to get a little healthier and we’ve got to play better. We’ve got to play better. We’ve got to play better and win the next game.”

    And McCarthy said that’s not about effort or enthusiasm, but rather execution.

    “We had too much fight today,” he said. “Obviously had 12 penalties, so we knew coming in that this officiating crew was very high as far as conduct, personal conduct, their focus and so forth. We had 12 penalties today and that definitely didn’t help us.”

    1. PF4L November 13, 2016

      Too much fight huh? The majority of those penalty’s came from the O line. Last time i checked, holding penalty’s come when your being tossed around like a stuffed bunny at the County fair. Not because you had too much fight.

  17. Anti-McCarthy fan November 13, 2016

    Can we make comments on this petition. We have 109 signatures we need 200 http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/fire-mike-mccarthy

    Please reply to me what name you replied as.

    MMTTDCSUCK make a long rant on that petition as MMTTDCSUCK. Thanks!

    1. Cuban November 13, 2016

      Completely useless petition, even if they were to pay any attention to it, there are about 7 anti-mccarthy names, brett favre, vincent lombardi. Do you really expect that to be taken seriously with some of the stupid names on there.

      1. PF4L November 13, 2016


  18. Howard November 13, 2016

    The NFC North is the weakest division in the NFL, and the Packers are the least physical team in the weakest division. This team cannot win as the weather gets colder. All the things that are needed of a December and January team do not exist on this team. No run game. No tackling. No physical presence on defense or offense. No emotion to speak of, well except for that late Datone Jones sack that he appeared to be overjoyed with. Jones said it all in his actions. This team has to many players only concerned about individual achievement not team achievements (wins).

    The biggest problem is this team plays scared, and by scared I mean most are in fear of injury. This starts with MM (maybe TT?) and goes down through the players. As I have stated before this really took hold last year after Nelsons injury in the preseason and MM doubled down on it this preseason. You cannot win in the NFL when you play in fear of injury. You cannot win in the NFL when you do not show a physical presence. As Lombardi said in part, football is about two things tackling and blocking. Both are physical actions and this team does not know the meaning of physical football.

    The Smoke and mirrors are gone. Well at least the mirror is broken and we will see soon if MM and Capers are still blowing smoke out their asses. If they do hopefully someone in the press calls them out. If for no other reason to clear the stench in the air.

  19. gort November 13, 2016

    Love the description as a train wreck. That explains why I watched to the end.

  20. Big Gay Clay November 13, 2016

    Well I had the luxury of attending the game today and man there was no energy. I’ll tell you it’s a sad day when Packer fans outnumber the home team 2-1 and can’t even make it competitive. I take back my comment from a couple of weeks ago. The offense is NOT back and pretty pathetic. Not to mention our defense who made Mariota look like an All-pro, SMH.

    1. icebowl November 14, 2016

      Welcome to the club..

  21. Kato November 13, 2016

    I was in Chicago for a beer festival this weekend and was super fucking hungover. The packers did nothing to improve that. I left a couple hours ago to go home and on my way out of town I saw a couple police cars and a car crashed into a house. I thought it was very symbolic of the packers.

    1. rebelgb November 13, 2016


  22. elafave November 13, 2016

    You know… the NFL has lost me, period. I am over being mentally and emotionally affected by the outcome of grown men playing with a ball who really could give a flying fuck about us. Yes, the current political climate has drastically affected my opinion, but I have felt this way for a long time letting my fervor and fanaticism override my intelect. I used to have a “love the Pack, hate the NFL” approach… that’s changed.

    We make these people rich, yet some of them spit in our nations face. I refuse to support this shit anymore. Along with the inconsistent, maddening bullshit the NFL does as a whole. Rule changes, officiating, poor product… This is coming from someone who’s family has roots in Green Bay, has lived there, relatives with season tickets, attended close to 1/3rd of their home games for the past decade plus, sat in a box for playoff games, had relatives at Superbowl 31 and 32, has insane amounts of apparel, memorabilia, books, and ephemera. I even have a Favre Bar and a Reggie White Bar. That shit is GONNNEEEE. If my wife isn’t to offended about me selling certain gifts, it’s going in a box and all being sold as a “lot”, cheaply, to whichever friend wants it. I believe sport has a great role in having and maintaining a healthy society, but what the NFL is, isn’t a good example.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK November 13, 2016

      I feel your frustrations . . .

      1. elafave November 13, 2016

        Thanks. Also, thanks for not smacking me with the “fair weather” label. I was a kid and early teen for the Infante era and Heart Attack Pack days. I loved them then as much as I did when we won 31 & 45 and Brett’s 4-12 and every maddingly frustrating post-season meltdown. The reality of the cultish quality of mega fandom and the true purpose of cultural distraction sports serves in our country is too much.

        1. Fuck it. November 14, 2016

          The whole NFL feels like its trying to hard to be liked. It’s like that not very hot chick who gets drunk and insists she really shouldn’t be alone tonight even though you know shes basically a bus station skank. The temptation lasts until the light gets good.

          Well, welcome to the light. I don’t need the NFL rah rah’ing and doing flyovers, tearful reunions, and 3 year-olds in camouflage. I dont give a fuck about urban hillbillies bitching about how fair it is for white people or the media taking a tally of who kneels for a song that half the people singing forget the lyrics to. I don’t give a shit about a boob-job with lipstick interviewing a guy who just gave up 200 yards and asking “ho do you feel?”. I just want good football, which is lacking. Why are ratings tanking? Anyone remember Coke and “New” Coke?

          Nothing to see here, you looky-loos. Move along.

          1. MMTTDCSUCK November 14, 2016

            Well stated! This^^^^^^^^

        2. MMTTDCSUCK November 14, 2016

          ELAFAVE Nice assessment! Especially the last part . . .

    2. Skinny November 13, 2016

      You know something, ive felt similar the last couple years. I don’t know if its because I’m getting older and just don’t give a shit or what. I don’t get worked up at all during a game anymore. I really don’t care. I feel like my era is gone. You cant hit anyone, you cant accidently bump a ref without getting tossed. Its a puss league now.

      1. elafave November 14, 2016

        A combination of all that we discussed. It’s not only us lifelong fans, but the “casual fan” that the NFL cultivated over the past 15 years that are tuning out also. Besides the WWE like theatrics, having a marquee player turn out to be a serial killing gangbanger and others extreme domestic abusers didn’t help either, it seems.

  23. ThePumaman November 13, 2016

    So, if TT and/or MM do get canned, who is out there (or on the team) to take their places?

    1. PF4L November 13, 2016

      Well…1) It’s not our job to find their replacements. 2) If Donald Duck was GM, and Elmer Fudd was the Packer coach, the Packers still would have gone to the playoffs in the Aaron Rodgers era playing in the weak NFC North.

      1. The Pumaman November 14, 2016

        1) Yeah, I know that. Just trying to add to the discussion.
        2) Good point.

        1. Mike November 14, 2016

          JOHN GRUDEN PERIOD!!!!! Do what it takes to get him. Possible 2nd choice Bill Cowher? This is the BEST Franchise in all of sport & I really think Gruden would entertain coming back for Packer job, especially with Rodgers there for 6-8 more years.

      2. Deepsky November 14, 2016

        If Thompson is let go or is fired, let’s hope he doesn’t exit the same way that Forrest Gregg and Dan Devine did, destroy the team, then move on.

        Gregg got rid of Dickey, Coffman and others, traded a #1 pick that ended up in prison, then left.

        Devine traded a bunch high draft picks for John Hadl then left. That killed the team for years. In further screwing over the Packers, Starr called Devine and asked him if he should draft Joe Montana and Devine said he was a bust.

  24. MMTTDCSUCK November 13, 2016

    This season, last season, the NFCCG, C K a few years back, TT losing his real draft personnel (Schneider, Dorsey, and McKenzie) has been enough. The reason that they were able to sustain the Buffoonery up to this point was the mojo had not left the building from the draft personnel and their draftees until the last few years. Buffoon, TT and DC rode the coattails of those draftees plus Aaron Rodgers until the cows came home. Well, they are home and because of it, this team is done. No real killer D linemen, mediocre ILB’s, the lamest TE’s in football and game time coaching at it’s worst. What we have is a cluster fuck of growing concern. The QB is off the chain (thanks to these lickspittle coaches), the players are going through the motions because they know they are under coached and have most likely been taunted unmercifully by opposing players who know what their next play is going to be even before it happens. Fuck those fucking fucks . . . Get someone in there that is full of drive and love of the game . . . NO NOT E. Wolf! He has been around that fucking TT “The Frugal GM” too long! He is most likely tainted. They need to clean house and set that fucking “ALFRED E. NEUMAN” look alike Murphy right on the curb alongside those three other fucks.

    1. Howard November 13, 2016

      Mike Daniels in a post game interview said in part, “we need to look at the game film. Some times what you think is a problem during the game is something different when you watch the film.”I have always respected your opinion about getting rid of coaches even though I have not agreed entirely, however if there was ever an indication that coaches are not performing their duty during the game Daniels statement is it. If the coaches are so damn football dumb to not see what the other team is doing and make adjustments during the game then they need to go! It is a disservice to the Greenbay Packers to have to wait till after the game to make adjustments.

      1. MMTTDCSUCK November 14, 2016

        Amen Howard.

  25. Cheese November 13, 2016

    How does a team go from being one of the most potent offenses in the league to being complete and utter shit? Even when it has almost all of the same players. Losing to two sub .500 teams two weeks in a row, and getting completely pounded by one of them. The colts game wasn’t close at all either. Plus GB BARELY beat the Jaguars. The Jaguars! This team is a total joke.

    1. Anti-McCarthy fan November 14, 2016

      McCarthy ruined the team. Check the petition out and sign it as Cheese.

      Link: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/fire-mike-mccarthy

  26. Shawn November 13, 2016

    (Two Asian guys attending to Lambeau Field)
    First Asian guy: (In Chinese or some shit) These guys are pretty shitty.
    Second Asian guy: (Nods)

    1. rebelgb November 13, 2016

      “Problem is your an asshole Mike Mccarthy!!!”
      MM” “Who said that?!” Looks around…
      Packers team on sideline all looking other way…..do to do….

    2. Killer November 13, 2016

      …And then MCcarthy had them both fired for sincerely wishing the team “Two knock be lose neck time”.

  27. Mike November 13, 2016

    Losing season might be enough to get rid of capers and McCarthy (most likely just capers) but I doubt tt goes anywhere. He’ll bring on a head coach and D.C. No one has heard of. All the losing will get us a high draft pick and he’ll take an o lineman or a player we’ve never heard of and coulda gotten in the 4th round. The days of the pack winning and being contenders could be long gone and that’s all on management and coaching for assembling this team. Never thought I’d say this but it looks like 5-11 this season.

    1. rebelgb November 13, 2016

      He will take a 250 pound TE in the 4th round who runs a 5.2 400 and a DE who weighs 260 but once played ILB in High School. Then he will finish with late OL picks who are under sized, have short arms but are full of tats and have a “mean streak”.

      In FA we will give Ricky WIlliams a shot at a comeback.

      1. Mike November 13, 2016

        Lol. Sounds about right.

      2. Killer November 13, 2016

        Cuttingly observant. So funny because it is so true.

      3. MJ November 13, 2016

        Heck, but some of those eventually become serviceable, like in five years.

      4. Mike November 14, 2016

        We need to run Cadaver Thompson. DO NOT let that F^%KHEAD make any more decisions!!!!!! This roster is loaded with his F%$K-UPS. You go after Gruden & then attach a GM Gruden likes, can work with and we go from there. NO MORE, Shermans, McCarthys, Thompsons. We will never pass Pittsburgh, SF, Dallas with Super Bowls we continue to hiring INCOMPETENT, FKG IDIOTS!!!

        1. Anti-McCarthy fan November 14, 2016

          MIKE I agree about McCarthy. You will love this petition trust me http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/fire-mike-mccarthy

          Could you please let me know what you think and could you tell me what name you signed it as. McCarthy is a bitch. Thanks MIKE!

  28. PF4L November 13, 2016

    News Flash: When you give up 111 points in 3 games in the NFL, you might lose all of them.

    In other news….after sitting high on their perch at 5-0, our neighbors to the west have now lost 4 in a row, i didn’t get my request last week. But for my 4th try….. can we lighten the mood and have an article to make fun of those fucks? Or would all you writers rather we just keep swimming in our own sea of misery?

    Thank you for understanding

  29. TyKo Steamboat November 13, 2016

    I have always had McCarthy’s back. The reason is because the Packers have always played with heart as long as I’ve remembered in his tenure.
    This is the 1st team I’ve viewed since the Ray Rhodes season ever quit. Now I simply don’t care. What’s funny is this will come down to the last week too. Ugh. So painful to watch Mariotta kick our ass
    Especially after an opening onside kick recovery & their starting LT (Lewan) ejected
    It cant get easier to start than that way

    1. Mike November 14, 2016

      2005 Sherman Team quit also.

  30. MJ November 13, 2016

    Some writers on this site claim that we should stick to running the football. No! We run more, we punt more.
    Our line is outright bad at run blocking. Yes, we may have those occasional long runs that skew the average (and then Monty claims “oh, Lacy has 4 ypc! he must be good”). You only get one first down if you break a 20yds run, and then get stuffed for the next three. We used to have a long passing game, but Rodgers’ accuracy loss and Nelson’s speed loss limit us in that department. Our only effective weapon is the short/intermediate passing game with 4 to 5 receiver formations. And yes, maybe get Montgomery out of the backfield from those formations, but keeping the defense guessing where he will line up, so they do not get comfortable for long leaving a LB or a DB assigned to him.

  31. gort November 13, 2016

    Someone asked who is out there. Other teams seen to find effective managers as coaches. The time is now to bring in some fresh blood, fresh ideas, fresh discipline, fresh enthusiasm. Do what other teams have done and hire an assistant GM from a good team. Time for TT to go now, bring in a new GM now, and let him (or her) start the evaluation process for the coaching staff. Who is the new GM? I dunno, but his “alter-ego” is probably not named Gort.

  32. gort November 13, 2016

    Damn typo – should have said “effective managers and coaches”

  33. fire ted mike and Mark November 13, 2016

    Even though a losing season gives the hope of change, I’ll be rooting for these bastards all the way till the end until they are officially eliminated. However, after watching the Seattle pats game it’s clear gb isn’t anywhere near those teams level. Coaching, effort, talent, etc.

    That was a good football game to watch with good d, nice plays on o and both teams fighting all the way to the end. The complete opposite of the packers. Fun game to watch but also pissed me off more that we have Rodgers and can’t seem to get it together on o. The d… special teams….coaches…players effort…gm doing his job….not even gonna get started on those. Are the packers hiring? Everywhere I’ve been, you do your job or get fired. Seems like over there you can do nothing and stick around. Well, if your in the good old boys club. I’m sure they’ll cut a special teams player this week and hope that’s what the problem was like they did last week.

  34. Vijay Swearingen November 13, 2016

    Don’t pretend we all didn’t see this one coming with this regime. What a turdburger!

  35. icebowl November 13, 2016

    DeMarco Murray threw a friggin’ touchdown against them ….. !!!!
    What’s next, a 300 pound defensive lineman rushing into the endzone from the 2 yard line …. (oh, wait that happened already – The Fridge)
    Packer’s gear’s been put away for the rest of the season…..

  36. Kato November 14, 2016


    This is interesting. I don’t know about ANYBODY. I am convinced the McCarthy led packers died in the NFC championship against Seattle.

    1. PF4L November 14, 2016

      Kato…You maybe right, part of the teams spirit might have died in that game, Although that was an emotional disaster for us fans to endure. Psychological speaking for the players, that had to break this team in ways were not aware of.

  37. Mike November 14, 2016

    anyone else noticed Quentin Rollins pull up on Murrays TD Run?? You say “PUSSY”. Also leave it to the Rocket Scientist McSlob to go for overly obvious onside kick when we tried claw-back. That’s it McFATASS, we have NO DEFENSE, so give it back to them at mid-field. INCOMPETENT COACHING

    1. Anti-McCarthy Fan November 14, 2016

      Fuck McHippo I hope he gets his head cut off. Or send him to Swift Transportation.

  38. Deepsky November 14, 2016

    This was the worst defensive showing in Packers history that I can remember. The TV guys reference the Giants Packers game in 1986 because the Pack was behind 21-0 in the first quarter, but that score was because of a Giants special teams touchdown, not defense.

    Not wanting to hit guys is a clear sign no one on defense wants to play and the team is lost. Maybe the team doesn’t want to play for Rodgers and Matthews ability to make commercials. McCarthy will be fired.

    1. Kato November 14, 2016

      I thought the playoff loss to the 49ers was pretty awful. 180 some yards rushing to Kaepernick. Ugh.

    2. Anti-McCarthy Fan November 14, 2016

      I agree Deepsky MM will get fired if Packers miss playoffs. He could also resign if they go 1 and done in the playoffs. If the Packers even make the playoff, it will be because the division the Packers play in is fucking trash. If we could sign the petition to fire McCarthy here http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/fire-mike-mccarthy that would be great. I really want McCarthy fired if you could sign the petition as Deepsky that would be great. Chad Lundberg signed it so could you explain how you see MM getting fired on that petition. Thanks Deepsky. Hope you can reply. Take care bud.

      1. PF4L November 14, 2016

        I appreciate your passion dude. But where are you going with this petition thing? You think 200 signatures collected on a blog is going to get anyone fired? You can keep peddling this petition and bothering people to sign it like you were a carny worker trying to hustle your game on the midway at the County Fair. But at the end of the day, it’s a huge waste of energy.

      2. gort November 14, 2016

        “Playoffs? Playoffs?”, said Jim Mora

  39. Norb Gossens November 14, 2016

    Why do we pay millions to the sissy boy with the glass hamstring? Clifton had a wrecked back – and played again and again. Lang’s hip is shot – he tough’s it out. Receivers all of a sudden can’t get open? REALLY. The starting O-line, Rodgers, Daniels, Perry, Burnett, Clinton-Dix and Crosby are the only starting calibre players now. Trade the overpriced crap for lots of draft picks and let ’em play. Back to the S.B. in two years.

  40. Zwoeger November 14, 2016

    Man I’m getting more relaxed every week knowing we’re gonna lose after seeing 10 mins of play.
    Had a great sunday night though seeing Max Verstappen in the F1 coming back from p16 to p3 within 20 mins or so after a poor decision from the team leader to call a pits stop that threw him back from P2 to P16. Can’t beat the two mercedeses, the better cars, then.
    I know nothing to do with football but everything with fighting back.

  41. Deepsky November 14, 2016

    McCarthy will get fired. He’s lost the team.

    I don’t think Thompson gets fired. But Ted is 63. I think he’ll be pressured into retiring, maybe kept on as a consultant as E. Wolf takes over.

    1. Anti-McCarthy fan November 14, 2016

      Deepsly did you wrote that in the petition.

    2. PF4L November 14, 2016

      Ted Thompson hasn’t earned the right to stick around as a consultant. The less consultanting by Thompson, the better. We already have seen the roadmap to losing. Ron Wolf stayed around as a consultant. But lets not get it twisted, Thompson is no Ron Wolf. Ron Wolf didn’t hide himself, he made himself available to the media, win or lose. I respect that, and read into that what you will. Because i give no fuck about Ted.

      If anyone want’s the Packers to open their check book, and get Ted a nice going away present. Maybe buy Ted a nice big brass bed, buy him the most comfortable mattress’s money can buy, the pillows of his choice. I say have at it. He deserves to continue having comfortable nap time.

  42. Mike November 14, 2016

    I’d give Cadaver Thompson, ‘Walk in Tub”, Acorn Stair lift, Colonial Penn Ins Policy, just to get that CORPSE OUTTA GREEN BAY!!!! God he SUCKS & I want to smash his face & the TV every time they actually show him awake in press box. How can Green Bay not get rid of that ass-cheek zit.

    1. Anti-McCarthy fan November 14, 2016

      Tell them MIKE make sure you rant in the petition here about them and that bitch MM. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/fire-mike-mccarthy

  43. Bucko January 6, 2017

    Drinking a beer, reading the comments! Hella good shit! Table ran! Hahaha!