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The Green Bay Packers are a .500 team after eight games. Gone is the at times dominant defense we saw early in the season. Back is the offense that just can’t score points. Flared up is the hemorrhoid of a special teams unit that alternates between serviceable and a disaster.

These are your 2016 Green Bay Packers, folks!

The Packers were embarrassed — or at least they should be — by an Indianapolis Colts team that came in at 3-5 on Sunday. Both teams were banged up, but at least the Colts came out like they gave a shit.

The Packers didn’t and they can go go to hell. Most of them, anyway.

Here’s the important stuff we didn’t cover yesterday.

Defensive Adjustments

Some people complained that the Packers’ defense was too vanilla in the loss to Atlanta. The Packers rarely brought or got any pressure on Matt Ryan and he picked them apart. I can partially understand that. They were beat up in the secondary and they chose to double Julio Jones for most of the game, as they should have. So they rarely blitzed and played it safe in the defensive backfield. That allowed the Falcons to double the Packers’ seemingly only viable pass rusher, Nick Perry. Ultimately, that game plan didn’t work and the defense was largely the culprit in that loss. This week, the Packers went the opposite way. They decided to blitz the hell out of Andrew Luck and let their still beat-up secondary largely fend for themselves. That put guys in single coverage quite a bit. Interestingly, the results were pretty much exactly the same. Although the Packers got two picks off Luck (they were only able to convert one of them into points, which is another issue) and were in his face much of the day, they only recorded two sacks. That’s the same number they had in Atlanta, when they couldn’t even sniff Ryan for most of the game. Plus, since Luck was able to get rid of the ball quickly, he was able to convert big plays, especially on third down, when his team needed them. You can thank the Packers craptacular secondary, which has been a huge disappointment all season. I’ve touted LaDarius Gunter before, but he was terrible on Sunday. Similarly, outside of Mike Daniels, where were the Packers’ pass rushers? Nick Perry was credited with half a sack, but the other 1.5 came from defensive backs. Julius Peppers, Datone Jones, Kyler Fackrell? Hello!? Whatever you think about Dom Capers’ schemes or adjustments, players need to execute. The pass rush needed to get home for this game plan to work on Sunday, since the secondary is total crap. They didn’t and thus, the result was the garbage you witnessed. On the other hand, Capers certainly could have dialed back the blitz and tried to cover someone as the game went on. It’s kind of the chicken and egg here. The game plan is only as good as the players executing it, but the players are often only as good as the coaches coaching them. There’s probably a lack of talent and execution on both levels when it comes to the Packers’ defense.


I am so sick of talking about Buffoon and his buffoonish decisions, so I will make this brief. Issue No. 1: deferring to the second half. The 2016 Colts are known for one thing — starting slowly. They have been outscored in the first half by a wide margin and they’ve failed to come back in the second half more often than not. Knowing this, the logical thing to do when winning the toss would be to take the ball. If you score on the opening drive, the Colts are probably already thinking, “here we go again…” Of course, the fat prick of a gravy-filled Buffoon coaching our team is far too arrogant for logic. Issue No. 2: going for two down 31-19 with 7:40 left. Yes, I understand a conversion puts you within 10, but the Packers still needed another touchdown regardless. You go for two when you have to go for two, i.e. in this case, that would have been after the second touchdown (providing it was scored). Kicking the extra point in this situation puts you in the same position as converting the two points — you’re a touchdown and a field goal away from tying. Failing to convert the two, as the Packers did, means you need two touchdowns. So, had the Packers kicked the extra point and then gotten a field goal on their next drive, they’re down eight, i.e. a TD and a conversion to tie. I hope you’re following me here. This is basic football stuff. Not basic enough for Fat Mike the Buffoon, though.

Kudos to Randall Cobb

No one expected Randall Cobb to play on Sunday. He was deemed a long shot because of a hamstring injury during the morning news reports. We were all surprised when he was active and we have since learned he was only supposed to play in the event of an emergency. Well, having no offense was clearly emergency enough. Cobb didn’t play in the first half, when the Packers put up a pathetic 13 points. They rolled him out in the second half and he came up with two catches for 14 yards and a touchdown. Not a big game by any means, but those were key catches when the Packers were trying to mount the comeback. It’s also nice to see someone on the team is tough enough to gut it out through a hamstring injury.

Return of the Tight End

The Packers’ tight ends have been an afterthought all season. They didn’t have a single catch against Atlanta. Well, Buffoon and Aaron Rodgers must have remembered they existed this week because they actually were a substantial part of the offense. Richard Rodgers — DickRodge — had his best game of the season with six catches for 64 yards. Justin Perillo — Long Hair, Don’t Care — added two for 18. Jared Cook will be back on the field soon. It will be nice if he can get some balls in space, although one game of tight end production will remain an anomaly until we see more.

Two Guys

First, I want to say that Jake Ryan, at least at times, looks like a beast. Considering the shitty inside linebacker play we’ve grown accustomed to, this guy is a refreshing change of pace. ESPN credited him with 12 tackles on Sunday and Pro Football Focus gave him the second-best grade on the Packers’ defense at 83.7. Second, I want to say, give the damn ball to Ty Montgomery for Christ sake! I understand Buffoon despises running the football, but Montgomery carried seven times for 53 yards on Sunday. He caught three for 38. That’s 10 touches for 91 yards. You don’t have to be a genius to see you’ve got a running back (or hybrid weapon) that averaged nine yards each time he touched the ball. Of course, Fat Mike is not a genius. It is well established that he is the exact opposite, a blathering Buffoon.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Nick November 7, 2016

    I would like to make a suggestion can you please make it 10 more thoughts,I love your insight and would not mind more thoughts and I depth analysis.

  2. Nick November 7, 2016

    I would like to make a suggestion can you please make it 10 more thoughts,I love your insight and would not mind more thoughts and In depth analysis.

  3. Nick November 7, 2016

    Now as far as buffoon is concerned I have been on here many times criticizing his play calling and time management skills. But I respected him as far as having the team ready to play well even that is out the window now,I so hope he is gone at the end of this year

  4. Chad Lundberg November 7, 2016

    Mike Daniels was apparently FURIOUS and cussing up a storm after the game. If there’s a chance this thing will turn around (and there isn’t much chance considering buffoon downplaying everything), it lies with Mike telling everyone to step the fuck up. Dod Gamit do I love Mike.

    1. PF4L November 7, 2016

      Yea, i heard about that also, would be nice to get some details on that.

      Apparently, Jeff Janis also verbally got into it with his….helmet. Reporters could hear Janis yelling at the face shield of his helmet for not catching the long bomb from Rodgers. The face shield was reported to use the glare of the lights as the excuse for the ball bouncing off it.

      So where’s the pass rush? The Colts are on pace to give up over 60 sacks this season. 2 sacks at lambeau isn’t getting it done.

      Hopefully Peppers and Datone Jones can play next week against the Titans. If those 2 played yesterday, we might have won that game.

  5. Xlvordie November 7, 2016

    Monty you are such a generic football idiot..basic football stuff?

    As I said in the last artice waiting to go for 2 does nothing..except leave you with less or no time on the clock if you don’t convert. If they couldn’t convert with the momentum they has when they did try why would you think the would have later?

    1. PF4L November 7, 2016


    2. Kato November 7, 2016

      Lol. God this is funny. IT IS BASIC FOOTBALL KNOWLEDGE TO NOT GO FOR TWO THERE! I asked another coach what he would have done in that situation and his answer was, wait for it, KICK THE PAT!

  6. Xlvordie November 7, 2016

    And I better not be corrected on my spelling of simple words that a normal human obviously knows how to spell.. trying to fight off ads for meow mix while typing is a challange.

    And I would formally like to announce my vacating of this site. It is full of bullshit writters, stupid comments, negativity, and a horrible amount of ads.

    Everyone on this site thinks they are they are blessed with awesome insight and witty sarcasm. Spending your Saturday night watching a dork like chris colinsworth does not grant football knowledge you the knowledge or ability.

    Other than rob……every writer and 98% if the commentators on here and fuck off.

    Fuck you total packers..fucking sell out attention seeking faggots

    1. PF4L November 7, 2016

      Sorry to see you go.

      Good luck with anger management.

      Stay in school kids.

      1. Mike November 8, 2016

        GOOD RIDDANCE to that Alphabet Soup sphincter. Dudes a DICK. Must have gotten his Pool-Boy Job for Caitlyn Jenner back??

    2. Kato November 7, 2016

      Thank god. Hopefully there are no more homophobic slurs here. Stupid comments and negativity. Hah must have been new. There are a lot of ads though, I will give him that.

      1. PF4L November 7, 2016

        I haven’t seen an ad on here in a long time, i stopped that insanity awhile back.

  7. gort November 7, 2016

    First, I like the meow mix ads. I am a reformed cat hater. Now, I think that they taste great with BBQ sauce.

    Next, I said a couple weeks ago that that 8 and 8 is what I expect. Based on yesterday, not sure if that can be done. Yesterday we got out-coached and out-played, and today out-managed. Saw that TT selected DB Jermaine Whitehead as the scapegoat for busted kickoff coverage and replaced him with another fullback. WTF – most teams don’t carry 1 fullback on the active roster and now we have 2?

  8. rebelgb November 8, 2016

    Monty fuck you with the Ads. I actually had an Ad on top of an Ad (no lie) while an Ad was on the bottom of the page. ADD to that the fact the website is slow and runs like shit and my God!

    You take the PAT and go for 2 only when its absolutely the last choice; every fucking coach in football other than Fat Mike knows that.

    You can hear it in the players, this coaching staff is done. Noone is listening anymore. The gay ghost TT and the gravy filled fat ass MM have both got to go.

    Again Monty, fuck you with the Ads.

  9. Empacador November 8, 2016

    You can also use “f*ck overlays”, not sure what other browsers it works with, installed as a Chrome extension. It “adds a context menu to delete sign-up/sign-in overlays that prevent you from viewing a page”. Figure out how to use uBlock Orgin or something similar as well, there will be no more bitching about ads.

    1. MMTTDCSUCK November 8, 2016

      This ^^^^