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Eddie Lacy Still Hopes to Return This Season

The odds don’t really seem to work out in his favor, but Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy says he still hopes to return this season.

Lacy posted an update on his site that included the following.

“I am hoping I can come back late in the season, but we’ll see how my rehab goes. I’ll be back soon.”

The odds for a Lacy return don’t seem to be in his favor for a couple reasons. First, his timetable. Lacy’s recovery time is reportedly supposed to take him into early January. The Packers have just one game in January and it’s the week 17 game on January 1.

That would seem to be pushing it, if the timetable is accurate.

There’s also the Sam Shields quandary. The Packers’ top cornerback is also on injured reserve because of a concussion.

While there’s certainly a possibility that Shields may just call it a career, he expressed a desire to return when the Packers put him on injured reserve. In fact, he said he hoped he be back in eight weeks, which would allow him to return after week 14.

Lacy was put on IR the same week as Shields, so he could technically come back at the same time, but his recovery would obviously have to be ahead of schedule.

The Packers then have a choice to make. They only get one return from IR designation.

Both their defensive backfield and running game have been awful without these two players.

It may not even matter, of course. The Packers could go be so far gone by week 15 that they don’t bother to bring either player back to the active roster.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.


1 Comment

  1. TyKo Steamboat November 19, 2016

    Of course he “needs” to come back. Dough Boy needs to “Get to that 2nd contract” as stated in his Sports Illustrated interview.
    What’s worse is he has a lower body injury as opposed to upper body. Which means, of course, no cardio. So he’ll continue to be nice & slow & obese
    We got Christine Michael. Whom is a better player.
    So sad to watch Lacy’s Rookie highlights & realize at could have been. He was a monster 3 years ago.
    But… Money is all that is important for him. He made that clear 2 years ago in his SI interview calling Frank Gore his idol. … (Frank Gore with no rings, BTW)
    That campbells chunky commercial is such a goddam embarrassment… fag
    That’s his new nickname “Chunky”
    I hope this guy gets signed by the Bears or ‘Queens as he will surely go into the tank after some idiot team offers him a contract.
    Hopefully everyone realizes he is Trent Richardson