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Eagles Trolled Packers with 4th and 26

It’s one of the most painful playoff memories if you’re a Green Bay Packers fan.

2004 NFL playoffs. Packers up 17-14, 1:12 left. Eagles’ ball, 4th and 26.

Game over if the Packers make the stop. Instead, that POS Nick Barnett blows the coverage, let’s the totally subpar Freddie Mitchell get behind him, Eagles convert, go on to win.

You had one fucking job, Nick Barnett!

And that’s one of several reasons I will always hate Nick Fucking Barnett.

That’s beside the point here, though. The Eagles remember that game too and they decided to remind the Packers about it tonight. Check out the down and distance on the scoreboard.

Well played, you suckbags.

In case you want to relive that crappy play again, here you go.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Savage57 November 28, 2016

    It was Bhwoah Jue.

  2. Killer November 28, 2016

    It is pretty funny but I am against trolling. I’m also against dwelling on the past. Instead they should just cycle through clips of the Rodgers’ family saying how they miss their brother, saying fame changes you, and Rodgers throwing that tablet like a brat. That would relevant because Rodgers is still a jerk.

    1. PF4L November 28, 2016

      If your against trolling, then why is it ok for you to post here, but it’s a secret when asked what viking site you post at?

      i’ll ask again even though you ignored the question 6 times already.

      What viking site do you post at?

      And if you won’t answer, why is it ok for you to post here, but we can’t post on your blog?

      I’m hoping you’ll man up, but it’s not expected.

  3. PF4L November 28, 2016

    11/28/2016 at 3:37 pm
    “It is pretty funny but I am against trolling. I’m also against dwelling on the past.”

    You’re against trolling, and dwelling on the past huh? Did you really write that?

    Is that why you couldn’t stop writing about the employee that McCarthy got fired back in 2009? You must have posted that 10-15 times.

    Is that why you can’t post enough of Rodgers being a bad person? You must have posted that about 20-30 times.

    Is that why you couldn’t stop writing about Mathews being on PED’s about 15-20 times? Even though there isn’t any evidence of credible proof?

    Here’s what’s funny asshole. you’re the epitome of a troll.

    Find some other place to peddle your fiction and bullshit.

    1. PF4L November 28, 2016

      Monty must like your post for some odd reason, but if it was me, i would have ip banned your ass months ago, not for coming here as a viking fan, but just for the bullshit you post that leaves no doubt what a total keyboard douche boy you are.

      Now write some more novels about how great the vikings are this year….OH SNAP!!….They lost 5 out of 6. Guess all you can write now is how much of a jerk Rodgers is…..right?

      1. Kato November 28, 2016

        Lol. Yes

  4. Kato November 28, 2016

    Why the fuck would I want to relive this moment?

  5. KG November 28, 2016

    you stay classy eagles… especially you Doug motherfucking Pederson. don’t forget the only super bowl ring you will ever have came as a 3rd string packers quarterback. cocksucker

  6. Mike November 29, 2016

    Phillys a SHIT-Hole. Darren Sharper also blew that coverage on 4th 26. If you view that play, I still say as I did then, Ass-clown Mitchell was short on that catch. IT WAS A HOMECOOKING SPOT