Clay Matthews Has Another Setback, But Can Still Promote Things

Clay Matthews the best

We expected Clay Matthews to play on Sunday. Clay Matthews expected to play on Sunday. Of course, Clay Matthews didn’t play on Sunday.

Matthews missed his third game of the season with a hamstring injury. He first pulled up lame and missed week 3 and he’s now missed week 8 and 9 as well. Say what you want about Matthews, but you’ve seen the Packers’ pass rush has been bad the past two weeks without him. They have just two sacks in each of those games.

So what’s the deal?

Matthews suffered a setback late in the week.

“Clay looked good in practice Thursday [but] had a setback and was unable to play,” Packers coach Mike McCarthy said.

There have been no expectations set for Matthews this week. However, a setback could certainly mean a player may be sidelined for several weeks.

This is a recurring theme, which is the most frustrating part. Yes, Matthews plays most of the time. He’s played in 106 of a possible 120 games in his career. So in other words, Matthews shows up for work 88 percent of the time.

However, he’s missed games in each season that he’s played outside linebacker full-time, except his rookie year.

Why has he missed most of those games? If you said “because of a hamstring issue,” you’re today’s big winner!

It’s another tiring ongoing storyline with these Green Bay Packers, but not to worry! Just because Clay Matthews can’t play football doesn’t mean he can’t promote things. And at least he was on hand to do plenty of that this past weekend.

That’s rather comical considering Matthews was unable to rise to the occasion on the field. Or, who was watching the game and saw this spot?

Again, fairly comical, especially when he utters the line, “I’m the best!”

The best at pulling your hammy, maybe.

Maybe it’s time Matthews retired from football and just focused on commercials.

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Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!

11 Comments on "Clay Matthews Has Another Setback, But Can Still Promote Things"

  1. Chad Lundberg

    You know filming only takes like, a DAY right??? And we see maybe 2-3 per player a year? This is more overblown than Olivia Munn. I know everyone is frustrated right now, but for God’s sake, is there anything you guys WON’T criticise???

  2. SC Gal

    You sound jealous as ever Mordy. Clay is a better LB than you are a writer. Like Chad said its takes almost no time to shoot a 30 sec commercial. Face it you are never going to be like Clay or be with Clay. Maybe you should fold this rag and focus on whatever else you do.

    • Arca

      … or you could not read this “rag” and move on to whatever better rag you deem worthy.

  3. Savage57

    Let him make as many commercials and as much bank as he can while the getting’s good, BUT, it would be nice if the guy would do a couple of things on the field to take the sting out of that $12M per year salary the Packers are pissing away on him.

    Between him and Peppers you have $20M flying out the window and jack shit coming back in.

    • Unsupervised Child

      Very true. Time to trade him while he’s still worth future draft picks.

  4. JD

    Absolutely right, time to retire, let’s get TJ Watt from Wisconsin next year, he seems to be all over the field.

  5. MJ

    This is the commercial that seems like a taunt to Packers’ fans. No, sir, long gone are the times when you were the best.

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