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Clay Matthews and Allen Barbre are Feuding!

We haven’t talked about Allen Barbre this much since he was flailing around like a ballerina in shoulder pads whilst trying to play right tackle for the Green Bay Packers. That’s because, 1. we didn’t know Allen Barbre was even still in the league, 2. we didn’t care one way or the other, and 3. when we saw him on Monday night, we couldn’t even believe it.

Apparently, NFL teams still need really shitty offensive linemen. But Allen Barbre wasn’t shitty on this night! Or maybe he was, but at least he did one notable thing. He knocked Clay Matthews square on his ass.

Matthews separated his shoulder on the play. His pride, we’re sure, also took a beating.

Matthews is now “up in the air” for Sunday’s game with Houston. He’s also a little pissed off. Matthews echoed Shawn’s statements on the matter, saying the block was a cheap shot.

“I wasn’t a fan of it,” Matthews said of Barbre’s block. “I mean, I’ve got a lot more to say about it, but I’m going to say it behind closed doors. It was cheap shot, but it is what it is. I hate it. Unfortunately I landed on my shoulder, and that’s kind of what I’ve been dealing with since.”

The play didn’t draw a flag, so the officials obviously didn’t think it was illegal or they missed it altogether. We would assume the former, considering it was in the direct flow of the play. Did Matthews think the block was legal?

“I don’t know. They didn’t throw a flag probably because I wasn’t a quarterback,” Matthews said. “I know all about that.”

Meanwhile, Barbre, who’s getting his 15 minutes of fame, thinks Matthews should STFU.

“It is what it is,” Barbre said. “Everybody’s got their own opinion, but if I didn’t block him then maybe he would have made the tackle. I’m here to help us win. I don’t really value his opinion on that.

“I didn’t really speak to him or anything about it afterwards. I’m glad he’s not injured. That’s not what I’m out to do. I wasn’t trying to take a cheap shot. He wasn’t even my guy. I just took an opportunity to go make the play better.”

Well, but he is injured, pal.

And if you know anything about Clay Matthews and injuries, then you know he most certainly isn’t suiting up this weekend.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. PF4L November 30, 2016

    How was that a cheap shot? Mathews was about to square up on Wentz. Barbre did what he gets paid to do. I saw nothing in that play that would warrant a flag. If that was our offensive lineman laying a guy out on someone after Rodgers, he’d be a hero.

    If you want to talk cheap shots, talk about Mathews hit on Kaepernick out of bounds (which i didn’t mind). Or talk about Warren Sapp’s cheap shot on Chad Clifton.

    If Mathews wasn’t anywhere near Wentz, you might call it a cheap shot. but watch the play, Wentz was right in front of him.

    It was a legal smack down with no gray area to debate it, and Mathews should stop being a pussy about it. I’ve always been a huge Mathews fan. But he needs to man up, stfu, and start earning his huge paychecks.

    1. Arcturus November 30, 2016

      That wasn’t Wentz, it was a rookie receiver named Treggs. I know how you hate to let the facts get in the way of your opinions though, so let’s pretend it was Wentz.

      1. PF4L November 30, 2016

        Gee, i made a mistake, the same another poster made. But i’ll pretend it was Wentz if you’d like.

        And you can pretend you’re not being a dweeb for catching someone making an honest mistake.

        And then we can pretend you actually had a thought about the article, of any football substance instead of acting like a child, which seems to be what you do best..

        1. Empacador December 1, 2016

          Don’t get too worked up PF4L. I think he is a Bears fan, since his nick means “Guardian of the Bear”. He has been salty and snarky for a couple weeks. This too shall pass.

          1. PF4L December 1, 2016

            lol…Not if he’s a bear fan it won’t.

      2. WLB December 3, 2016

        FACT: He banged Wilson. Cheap shot? Short memories reign here.

  2. Chad Lundberg November 30, 2016

    Legal or not, I was super pissed about it. Home team usually gets a pass in the penalty department. But it was almost as if the refs were favoring the Packers for the rest of the night because they clearly earned it for that hit on Clay.

    Allen Barbre knows how talentless he is so he has to make up for it by hitting his opponent as hard as possible.

    Whatever, I just thought it was fucken lame.

    1. PF4L November 30, 2016

      Mathews was just about to lay out Wentz. You didn’t like how hard Barbre blocked him out?

      This is the NFL. Maybe in the next CBA, the NFLPA can negotiate for softer blocking.

    2. Squeezy December 1, 2016

      Get a tissue. Do you cry when Matthews has laid out QBs when they have been out of bounds or after a TO when play continues? No wonder packers management is soft as a marshmallow, when you’re fan base are snivelling pansies that cry over hard football plays, I guess you cater to them.

    3. Squeezy December 1, 2016

      Only way that Barbre play would be better is if Barbre would have taken Matthews wallet after the assaulting, and given that money back to the Packers!

  3. Howard November 30, 2016

    Matthews when he hits a QB try’s to take him out. Barbre had to block Matthews because Matthews would have hit Wentz with extreme prejudice. Barbre hit Matthews about the only way he could unless he went low. Going low would have been a cheap shot. Even though Barbre came close to hitting Matthews in the head or neck area it looks like he hit him in the shoulder. The league office will rerun the play several times. My guess is no fine for Barbre.

    1. Howard November 30, 2016

      I don’t think Matthews would have reached the receiver. I thought it was Wentz. Barbre still had no choice but to block Matthews. Based on the speed of the receiver Matthews was probably further away from making the play than one might think.

  4. gort November 30, 2016

    The cheap shot aspect is that the hit was almost from behind to an essentially defenseless player. I also thought that it was very similar to the Warren Sapp hit on Chad Clifton. I read the following on Wikipedia (so it must be true):
    “As a result of his injury, Clifton missed the rest of the season, was hospitalized for almost a week, and could not walk unaided for five more weeks. In 2005, the NFL Competition Committee agreed on new guidelines for “unnecessary roughness”, making hits such as that suffered by Clifton illegal.”

    If that rule is still in place, then a fine may be coming. There have been lots of fines issued on plays where no penalty was called.

    1. PF4L November 30, 2016

      Clifton’s hit was about 15-20 yards away from the play and Clifton was in a light jog, he wasn’t in pursuit, Mathews was about 5 feet away and closing.

      Huge differences between the two.

  5. Killer November 30, 2016

    The title of the article does not seem accurate. Matthews seems to be doing a one-man feud really.

    Matthews said it was a cheap shot but also said he wasn’t sure if it was legal or not. Are there legal cheap shots?

    He also says he has a lot more to say about it but will do it behind closed doors. Then he goes ahead and talks about it! What will he say to WHOM behind closed doors? Not Barbre many states away. So… what? Piss and moan to his coaches or his woman? Or just talk to himself when no one is around? Just ridiculous.

    Fact is= not a cheap shot. Looks like a shoulder struck the Matthews armpit area on the front side. If that is a cheap shot then everyone does a cheap shot just about every other play. Might be a cheap shot… maybe in soccer. But, this is football, Ms. Matthews.

    Piffle makes a decent point that a Packer lineman making the same block would be celebrated and fiercely defended if the opposing team’s fans whined it was some kind of cheap shot.

    Although the article title was erroneous the final sentence was nigh brilliant.

  6. Killer November 30, 2016

    A GIF of this will be my new screensaver. Thousands of chuckles await!

    1. Savage57 December 1, 2016

      No one gives a shit…

      1. noyb December 1, 2016

        Apparently you do by responding.

        1. Unsupervised Child December 2, 2016


  7. Squeezy December 1, 2016

    As Warren the Cheap shot and prostitute connoisseur Sapp told Mikey Charmin….put on some pads!!! Put on some pads!!!!

    1. Squeezy December 1, 2016

      Not to mention as Packers fans we all know Clay delights in destroying QBs whether it’s a hard legal hit or a slimy cheap shot as we have seen. A fact that no doubt Allen I can’t block Barbre knew of. I would crush that non steroid using, shitty body, broke dick hard if he was going at my QB. Can’t say I feel bad for clay.

  8. PF4L December 1, 2016

    This is NFL football.

    Sometimes your the hammer, sometimes your the nail. Get up, dust yourself off, and move on.

    There’s no crying in football.

    1. WLB December 1, 2016

      But unfortunately he is a whiner and will probably wimper to anyone else, except the media, who will listen. He also wanted college rules when they lost. Really? Anything else the NFL can reconstruct to make it more favorable for you?

      1. Unsupervised Child December 2, 2016

        So, so true. #ClayWhinerMatthews

  9. Unsupervised Child December 2, 2016

    Can’t remember the last time Clay played with as much gusto as Barbre did with that hit. Time to cut / trade Clay for some cap space, but the Packers only keep him because of his name.

  10. Sally December 10, 2016

    Barbre is so jealous of Clay Matthews because Clay is one Hunk of a Good-looking man.